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How to Get Along: Cancer and Scorpio

Christofer has been a counselor and contract administrator, and he's studied astrology with his mother since the '70s. He has 8 grandkids.

Are these two zodiac signs compatible?

Are these two zodiac signs compatible?

Cancer and Scorpio Overview

Scorpio is Water and Fixed. Cancer is Water and Cardinal. The water involved with these two could be a dampener, literally and metaphorically, or it could cause both signs to be awash in positive and life-changing growth. With these two caring about so many of the same values and being willing to invest their considerable personal power and intensity to anything they try, this connection could be something to behold.

A Commitment to Protection

One of the compelling parts of their match is that the Scorpion (Lizard, Eagle, Dove) has an almost impossibly strong commitment to protect the things it cares about and to win in a conflict. The Crab, with their homes in and around the ocean, tends to skitter back into their protective place if they are hurt. Scorpio promises to guard safely the hurt heart of the Cancer. Is the Cancer weak? Heavens no. They just tend to move for safety if they've taken a negative blow or if danger rears its head. They feel they have too much to lose. They would plan on returning to the battle after they have assembled their forces. The Scorpio does not think of what it can lose; it immediately and intensely sharpens its stinger and goes for the win.

Harmonizing Differences & Passionate Intensity

Often, we spend a vast amount of time talking about what signs do not understand about each other. With these two, it is fascinating to see how they harmonize their differences. First of all, most signs are either intimidated, puzzled, or confounded by a Scorpio's intensity. It hums away. One can almost hear the turbines turning over and over, as the child of the Phoenix and Resurrective Power stands there and exudes vivacity. The Crab appreciates that. Cancer feels inner intensity. Scorpio feels the same. The Crab sees the Scorpion as an ally. They both greet the world with their defensive and offensive prowess presented to the world. Scorpio is more outward. Cancer is more inward. Scorpio values the warmth and kind mothering of Cancer. Scorpios are likely to warm up to Cancer's brand of intensity.

Compatibility Areas of Interest

  • Positive Postulate: One of the few times that Cancer can really rest, on the inside, is probably with their Scorpion partner, mate, buddy, or associate. Scorpio, hardly ever really at ease, could achieve a sense of calm with the watery, loving enchantment of the Moonchild. And how do they look to others? A picture of secure, powerful, kindly, and inwardly secure poised people.
  • Romance Recommendation: A deeply satisfying romantic world could be created by these two. If it were not so, it could be made so by the creative energies of two committed individuals. Cancer could draw on the hot and bubbling energy of Scorpio’s Fixed well. Cancer’s moving, watery energy could enliven both of them in the dynamic flow of the spiritual quest for unity and transformation.
  • Conflict Quotient: Conflict for these two intense people would be a battle in which brevity and short duration would be prescribed. They would want to move straight to resolution, quickly past recrimination, and straight away from invective or bitterness. Deep hurt should be avoided at all costs. The fact that these two could easily do all of these things is the very reason that this could be the most crucially important part of their relationship.
  • Peace Parlay: Life is repetitive and mundane in the end and so is romance itself. This factor asks the question: "Can we be bored together over the long term?" Keep in your mind’s eye the picture of a hot tub when just the smallest of bubbles were making their way to the top. Picture two happy people with refreshing drinks in their hands, their eyes closed, and their bodies completely relaxed from the burden of being the intense people they are. They should seek peaceful boredom until they can’t stand it anymore.
  • Keep Up the Interest Graph: Scorpio and Cancer could develop all kinds of underworld, watery, oceanic, and subterranean interest in their multifaceted lives. Any party who was contributing to a lack of interest would have to be guilty of severe neglect.
  • Seven Year Itchiness: There are some signs that, by their nature, are more stable in their love interests and family concerns as time goes on. Others are not. Real compatibility difficulties would volcanically erupt earlier than the dreaded seven years. If they did make it to the 7th year, they would probably have many issues resolved by then, and thus would be under the category of real happiness. Infidelity would probably only be an outer sign of an inner lack of real connections, or better said, a presence of broken, unhealed, failed connections that were harmed in the toil of attempting to come together.

AstroCompatibility Possible Rating

  • 80% Positive Long-term
  • 70% Short-term

The Crab and the Scorpion would definitely enjoy meeting and getting to know each other initially. Once time passed, the gradual recognition that they had something really special would begin to grow and grow. Because these are intense players, the danger of problems could always be there. But this is a real positive.

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