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Taurus and Pisces in Romantic Relationships

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Winter and Spring: The Bull and the Fish

Pisces is Water and Mutable. Taurus is Earth and Fixed. These two both like the quiet and the serene. Neither goes out and makes trouble for itself. They have ironic similarities. However, Pisces’ mission is far different from Taurus’. Even though the missions differ, they tend to have ways of converging and overlapping so that these two can benefit each other in sometimes strange and wonderful ways. This is a complicated and intriguing match.

It is said that Pisces are “old souls”, a term one hears a lot these days. But it communicates much. They understand through their Neptunian insight that the subconscious is as real as the outer. They can see the outer as illusory, while other signs, especially Taurus see the inner as illusory. The Bull is well known for their grasp of the material world, and their comprehension of bills and payables and accounts receivable. The lacks, or better put, voids, that each has, tend to fill each other.

Pisces understands the deep “accounts receivable” (karmic issues) of relationships. There is kindness and sweetness in both of these partners, and each can gently help out with their strengths. Taurus can help Pisces with order and organization and the discipline of keeping their world together, so as not to get “flat tires” and their deep cases of the blues, as they try to live their imaginative emotional lives with dignity and poise. Pisces can lead the Bull into the interior world of healing and emotional repair and spiritual quests.

Positive Postulate

These two have the same deep inner rhythms. This portends a pleasing and happy state of togetherness. The Fish does not like nasty little back and forth battles. The Taurus does not like recriminations. Since they both tend to seek out solitude at certain times. They can give each other permission to seek it at the same time. Like one couple says to each other: “It’s time for both of us to seek privacy.” The positive postulate with this union is that the upside is pleasantness and ease - working productively together without too many “way out” agendas, but still plenty of rich texture.

Romance Recommendation

As a warning, Pisces can tend to be inexplicable. They can disappear, literally and metaphorically. They can even be “passive aggressive”. When they demonstrate these inscrutable behaviors, the Taurus can be left with a furrowed brow and a disconcerted disposition. Romance, being at the tidal edge of subconscious and psychic worlds can sometimes be confused and difficult. This is where Taurus can avoid pouting and set the Fish straight as an anchor of reality.

Conflict Quotient

The Taurus says: “Just the facts, ma’am.” The Bull sees truth as pretty hard edged. Because truth is objective and material, it does not like to argue about what it sees to be pretty inflexible. Pisces, seeing the world as they do, headed in two directions at once, can catch truth coming and going and in a constant state of flux. When these two talk about feelings, they are probably better off. When a real hard argument ensues between the practical Taurus and the dreamy Pisces, it can be as if they are on two separate planets. Since they know and care for each other, they already probably understand this, but still their truths can be conflicted and often be far from each other.

Peace Parlay

Life in the end is repetitive and mundane, and so is romance itself. This factor asks the question: "Can we be bored together over the long term?" Boredom can be peace and quiet for the always inwardly stimulated Fish. That can be welcome. The Taurus rests after a hard day’s work and reflects. This might be a welcome scenario for these two. This however, does not mean that life has lost its luster. They rest so that they can approach their world their way today and tomorrow. The warnings are that: Taurus should not grow two dimensional and resent Piscean changeability. The Fish should not swim so far away that the Taurus feels the boredom of loneliness.

Keep Up the Interest Graph

Seven Year Itchiness: There are some signs that by their nature are more stable in their love interests and family concerns as time goes on. Others are not. Seven years can seem like a year or a decade. Pisces, if happy and not beset with inner doubts and vague wonderings, could be very happy with Taurus. Pleasing and comfortable, Taurus’ relationship with the Fish would slip by the 7th year, the Bull feeling no particular compelling reason to change. If the relationship is plagued with problems, the 7 year period could be the stormy cause of a reason to bond back together.

Astrocompatibility Possibility Rating: 75% Positive Long Term - 70% Short Term

Pisces and Taurus could be in open-eyed appreciation of each other right away. Though complexities abound, those complexities tend to be love-building and soul-enhancing.


Lilith on August 26, 2018:

I dont know what wrong with me, im pisces(virgo moon, capri rising, Aries venus pisces mercury and lilith) and im very attracted to one man, he is Taurus and he is attracted to me aswell. At our first glance. The problem is have my boyfriend Leo. He has girlfiend too. I never intensly attract to other people like this before, even the fellow water signs esp Cancer.

Christofer French (author) from Denver on February 19, 2018:


Davis Taurus n Kayla Pisces on February 16, 2018:

This explains us perfectly

Christofers Flow on July 29, 2015:

Dear Kim and Dabe: Wonderful. Blessings on your efforts at loving and caring.

kim and dabe on July 28, 2015:

Wow. Just described us to a t!

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