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Do Gemini and Capricorn Get Along in a Relationship?

Christofer has been a counselor and contract administrator, and he's studied astrology with his mother since the '70s. He has 8 grandkids.

Are the twin and the goat of the zodiac a good love match?

Are the twin and the goat of the zodiac a good love match?

Why Is Gemini Attracted to Capricorn (and Vice Versa)?

Gemini’s dual airiness and mutability are a strong contrast to Capricorn's earthiness and cardinality. Capricorn cannot understand Gemini, especially after they have had an explanation of the mutable multiple twins. Gemini’s critics cannot do what Gemini does, so they discount it as being frivolous or silly—or, as the nuns said about Maria in The Sound of Music: “a flibbertygibbet, a will of the wisp, a cloud.” Then there’s the resolving line: “How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?”

The Earthy Goat Meets the Airy Twin

The Capricorn does not need to understand Gemini in its earthy practical world—unless, of course, it wants to get along; unless it has a coupling relationship planned. The whole question then is Capricorn’s understanding and appreciation of Gemini. Gemini understands Capricorn already. Gemini can come the closest to pure objectivity. So, it all depends upon Capricorn.

Of course, Gemini will have to be attracted to the goat. We are assuming that. Capricorn’s elegant, somewhat self-serving sense of lordship and authority will care about Gemini for some purpose of its own. Like the Scorpio’s attraction to Gemini, it’s mysterious but transcendent. Astrology would declare that this is most likely karmic or deeply psychic and thus would defy easy explanation.

Positive Postulate

When signs differ this much, I refer to the “transportation and transformation” reference. The two are together to “be taken to a new place, and be changed in a new way.” Life’s purpose is to bring us to new states that we can grow from. These two could, through their almost incomprehensible match, bring love, happiness, and joy to each other and their family as they explored new ways of understanding, not only each other, but in actuality, themselves. This is truly positive.

Romance Recommendation

If they were in a genuine relationship of mutual attraction, Gemini and Capricorn could possibly have a high romance factor. Putting a turn of intrigue on it, they could see in each other, other worlds that they cannot visit but through their partner. This could mean that their love would be always new.

Conflict Quotient

Capricorn’s befuddlement with Gemini might lead to some high volume encounters, but Capricorn’s dignity and historic self-containment would not let things get too loud or uncontrolled. If they had serious encounters, they would probably surround letting each other be themselves. Mercury could lead the Saturn-ruled goat where it might learn something, but for the sake of peace in conflict, a little privacy and complete solitude at the relationship level might do them well.

Peace Parlay

Life in the end is repetitive and mundane, and so is Romance itself. This factor asks the question: "Can we be bored together over the long term?" These two would probably end up seeking a little quietude and boredom. Since Capricorn’s inner schedule is always being updated, and the twin’s brain is alive with high amp activity, they might seek out quiet nights on the veranda.

Keep-Up-the-Interest Graph

Capricorn tends to feel that their inner realm is a fairly satisfying place to be; they might think that the Gemini is supposed to always adapt to them. This could be a trap that the goat might get its foot caught in. Taking one another for granted is a human trait and one that Capricorn could fall into. Gemini would want to always have new interest. The twin should be informed that the Capricorn cares about this.

Seven-Year Itchiness

There are some signs that by their nature are more stable in their love interests and family concerns as time goes on. Others are not. Capricorn's cardinality makes them act, but its conservative restraint would probably make them hesitate. Capricorn is not going to mess up what they have invested in.

Gemini is airborne continuously and is always coming into contact with the outer world; just look at its mileage charts. Gemini is not bound by morality, but they do not relish complicating their lives.

Astrocompatibility Possibility Rating

  • 65% Positive Long-Term
  • 50% Short-Term

Capricorn’s enchantment with Gemini would be the driving factor here. Gemini would be happy to be in love with such a secure and comforting person. If that characterization describes their match, it could last. Otherwise, this most unusual match has an unlikeliness about it.

Questions & Answers

Question: I'm a Gemini and I'll say about 95% of Capricorns I've come across I don't get along with. In some way, they always end up hurting me but blaming me. I do have one Capricorn best friend and we're super close. Why do I keep attracting Capricorns who I differ with? I was in a relationship with a Capricorn and it didn't work out and now I like another dude and they're a Capricorn.

Answer: It's best to explore your question from NOT why Caps seem to like you ------ but (you are the singular person at the center) AND you are the one asking this question. So, the question is not why do I keep attracting Capricorns --- It's what is it that makes you attracted to Caps!

Since we can assume that you don't ask people their sun sign---and if you do ask people ahead of time their Sun Sign, we must assume that you INNOCENTLY. become attracted to a certain kind of person...and then after a while, you conclude its not going to work.

I would propose that you become attracted, then later find out they are Caps, and then you don't get along. This also becomes complicated. i.e. Have you already decided that you actually don't like Caps, and then when you do you unconsciously scuttle the relationship without really being aware of it. So now that you've seen these "complications", I would propose a straight astrological comparison.

Gems are typically talkative, cheerful, apparently merry people who do well socially, especially in the beginning and have charismatic ways that are winning, especially in the beginning.

Caps are serious-minded, organized, almost stern, not particularly talkative, hard-working, conservative with money and on the job. They are clever, have good senses of humor. They can pick at people, (but only in fun). They will almost always come up with an "alternative point of view" in discussion and thus appear to be contradictory or argumentative.

So the Gem is initially appealing, makes the Cap smile, but after a time concludes that they talk TOO MUCH, and concludes that the Gem isn't that smart---they just love to be sociable. Since the Cap can be quiet and stern, you can see why they like Gem in the beginning.

Gemini is cute and talkative but is really sensitive when comments from Cap get cutting or harsh. Because the initial Cap reaction appears to be positive, Gem nibbles closer, then Cap does its usual routines. Gem gets hurt, then protests, Cap says Gem is being touchy and the relationship then becomes a work of effort for both. Hopefully, this helps.

When certain people don't "get along", the complications tend to arise on both sides. The above comparison is only theoretical.

Question: Do Gemini and Capricorns last?

Answer: "LAST" means they did get along before or time ago, as in "used to was".

OK, then they can LAST if the Gem is not unfaithful and honest and truly true to the CAP. If GEM does not fall into flaky behavior.

They can last if the CAP fails to live up to an ideal. If the CAP sees the genuine heart in its GEM. CAP can be cruel, as time goes on, you cannot be cruel to a GEM.

Question: Why is a Capricorn so insecure?

Answer: "Insecure" is a short word describing complexities. Capricorn can appear to be insecure because they want to be accurate. They want to be organized, thoughtful and critical, so they naturally halt a bit when they are analyzing. They look down from their cliffs on all of us regular people and they want to succeed and get along and not to be aloof or standoffish. So. in the rough and tumble of human interchange, they can appear to be "insecure".

Question: Are Capricorns and Leos compatible?

Answer: Right off, I would say not "compatible". However, if you've read me, you know I write about "possibilities". So, I never answer that question --"YESANDNO". Cap can be impressed with a Leonine personality, love Leos smile and Grandiosity. Actually love their boldness and smile and sunny nature. But, CAP, after awhile could tire of all that outer charm. Then Cap would ask about substance, and a resume, and sincerity and judgment.

CAP is real. Sincere. A bit of a jokester and deeply confident in its own smarts and abilities.

CAP does not try too hard to make an impression. The Leo might think CAP boring or dull. Oh, Leo would like the genuine smarts and strong abilities.

They both want to Lead and Succeed. Leo could Lead! Cap could Run things. Give them two offices. How this applies to sex and romance and family is more complicated.

© 2009 Christofer French