Astrological Personality Traits and Relationships of the Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Updated on June 16, 2014
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The Cancer Crab
The Cancer Crab

Here's what you'll learn about a Cancer in this article:

  • The Cancer personality
  • Cancer relationships (romantic or professional/business) with other astrological signs

The Cancer Personality

  • Cancers have a high energy -- one that is often seen more within their mental capacity rather than through any physical activity.
  • Cancers have high degrees of motivation. However, when things are not working easily, they may find themselves retreating and putting the project aside.
  • They are creative and imaginative, always looking for something entertaining to them. This may be a new book, adding sparkles to a notebook, and/or just anything else that strikes them as fun. If you want to smile, have a Cancer as your friend or companion. You can’t go wrong.
  • What makes them unique is that Cancers like to explore the uncommon, the out-of-the-ordinary things.
  • Cancers love to focus on their home, which is tend to be decorated with an eclectic, but always fun, sense of style.
  • You won't find a Cancer to be dark. Yes, they can have their moods, and they can be anxious or nervous, but any darkness does not stick around because the Cancer is too inquisitive.
  • Cancers make wonderful teachers or writers; for they are always seeing things from a different perspective.
  • They are usually introverts, but once they're comfortable in a situation, are lively and outgoing.
  • A Cancer does best when they follow their own intuition, rather than follow what others think is best for them. They can be sensitive, both in feelings and intuition.
  • Cancers may sense spirits, ghosts or otherworldly entities. This can cause them stress, but once they are comfortable with what is going on, they can fine tune those skills to help others.
  • When a Cancer is in a situation that they are unhappy with, you can expect them to retreat, or come out with both claws flying. Cancers can be unpredictable in this manner. In both romantic and business relationships, this does give the gentle soul an edge though because no one really knows what to expect. It is rarely bad though.

In short -- a Cancer personality is to be enjoyed and cherished. Do not feel you are bad if you are bashful, dear Cancer. You are who you are.

Claws Out

Cancer Relationships: Romantic or Business

  • Aries. Aries is the first fire sign, and Cancer is the first water sign. As intense as Aries is, Cancer is sensitive. This isn't a good mix in any relationship, because the Cancer will be hurt and intimidated by the Aries' openness and brashness -- an Aries will be frustrated by the sensitive feelings of a Cancer. Both will be annoyed and bothered by the other, so it's best to avoid such a union. There may be ruling planets or other aspects of an individual chart that could bring light to how this relationship could work. If it works, it'll take a lot of patience and understanding from each side.
  • Taurus. Taurus can be a good match for a sensitive Cancer. Both the Cancer and Taurus want the stable home life -- they want things predictable. This can be what brings about a blissful union for these two. Taurus can also bring out the shy Cancer and Cancer can calm the temper of a Taurus. In both the business and romantic arenas, this could be a peaceful, successful union. On the other side though, Taurus likes things to be just so. They have a particular way of wanting the house to be, which may clash with Cancer’s eclectic side. If the Cancer is too emotional, Taurus may seem too harsh. It's still, however, a relationship worth giving a try.
  • Gemini. A Gemini is always on the go, and always looking for an adventure, which may exhaust the delicate Cancer. On the other hand, this can also bring the shy Cancer out of their shell. Gemini will work very well with Cancer in the workplace because they both love creativity. Cancer may not speak up as often as Gemini, but that won’t bother either one of them as long as they understand the end goal. Gemini may feel that the Cancer is too tiresome or that the Cancer wants to stay at home too much for this to be a good romantic relationship. However, as long as there is understanding between the two, this can work. What makes this union a success is the creativity of both parties.
  • Cancer. Cancer and Cancer; can two moon signs and two moody people make things work? Yes, they can. Cancers want things to work -- they want a solid life, stability and freedom to be creative. Chances are, the creative juices will be flowing in the same direction. If not, then they'll complement each other. Whether it's work or romance, this union will blossom and grow. Nothing can stop the creativity and magic between these two.
  • Leo. Leo is the strong, possessive lion. Cancer may feel overwhelmed by the Leo, though their charismatic ways are attractive. As the relationship grows, Leo may find the Cancer to be silly and flighty compared to what the Leo sees as appropriate. Leos like power, they like strength and may find the gentle Cancer lacking in both. Cancer doesn't really lack, of course, but it will appear that way to the Leo. If the Leo understands the Cancer and accepts that their power comes from different areas of the psyche, this union, business or romantic, can work. It'll be a challenge, though.
  • Virgo. Virgo and Cancer are a wonderful pairing. Both are creative, good teachers, writers and perhaps even artists. They can see things on the same plane as the other; they understand the unique way of thinking that makes them different. Virgos love information, to read, and to figure things out. The mysterious Cancer is just what the Virgo is looking for. Both signs tend to be shy, but can be outgoing with the right person. In business or romantic relationships, this union is gold.
  • Libra. As a party person, the Libra may not understand the quiet, money conscious Cancer. Libras like to be out socializing, while Cancers worry too much about the bills at home; or, if they have kids, leaving them for any length of time. Libra wants to shine, be among people and not worry about such day-to-day tasks. Libra may find that a Cancer will dull their flame, in making them realize that life isn’t always about having fun. This may dampen the spirits of the Libra and frustrate the Cancer. This union is better suited for the workplace, where both can do their own thing. But in terms of romance, a friendship may be more ideal than a romantic relationship.
  • Scorpio. The Scorpio and Cancer can be extremely compatible both in the workplace and romantically. Scorpio wants all the things that Cancer want -- a home, stability and creativity. Scorpio needs the Cancer’s quiet demeanor to bring them back to reality now and then, while Cancer needs Scorpio’s exuberance to bring them out of their shell. Romantically, this union can be amazing. On the other hand though, Scorpio may intimidate the timid Cancer. This depends on the ruling planets and how close to the cusp either sign is. This union, in other words, it's worth a shot.
  • Sagittarius. Because Sagittarius are intellectual, brilliant and engaging, this will draw the gentle crab in and delight them with all the information -- only for a while, though. After a while, the Cancer may feel that the Sagittarius is too intense and Sagittarius will feel the Cancer to be flighty. Sagittarius like facts, Cancer are spiritual and follow their intuition. This can lead to many heated discussions, leaving Cancer exhausted and hurt. This may not be the best union for work or romance. In the workplace, if Sagittarius and Cancer do not spend hours side by side, this may be a good union as they both are creative and like to do research.
  • Capricorn. Because Capricorn are money-wise, this personality trait will appeal to the frugal nature of the Cancer. Capricorn are engaging, entertaining, and intelligent. Cancers may find it hard to resist a Capricorn. Although Capricorn like to be in charge, the Cancer may not mind, as this gives them more time to read their book or work on a craft. Capricorn may be a bit intense sometimes for the gentle Cancer, but Capricorn will be quick to see the hurt feelings and try to fix the problem. This can be a very good union, both in the workplace and romantically.
  • Aquarius. The Aquarius is very intentional and intuitive. The intuitiveness of the Aquarius will be very interesting to the Cancer, and this may be the guiding factor in a very good work relationship. Romantically, though, Aquarius are very independent and Cancer want to share. This may leave the Cancer feeling neglected. Aquarius do not mean to hurt the gentle Cancer, but their tendency to come across as aloof will confuse and upset the Cancer, leaving the Aquarius wondering what happened. Both are thinkers, both are intuitive. However, often times, neither can understand the emotions of the other. Romantically, this may not be the best match. However, in the workplace, this can be a dynamic union. The unique thought processes that both share can bring creativity to the table that will bring about great success.
  • Pisces. The Pisces are every bit as intuitive and sensitive as the Cancer. This is a perfect match. Pisces are gentle -- they have sensitive feelings and understand the Cancer’s moods too. The bond between these two signs is almost psychic. They can speak to each other without saying a word. Whether it is in the workplace or romantic, this relationship will be nothing less than magical.

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