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Behind the Attraction: Aries Women and Capricorn Men Compatability

Few Zodiac matches are as complex as Capricorn-Aries.

Few Zodiac matches are as complex as Capricorn-Aries.

What Astrology Experts Say About the Capricorn-Aries Pairing

If you are an Aries woman reading this, my heart goes out to you. Few matches are given as unanimous a doom rating as the Capricorn man/Aries woman pairing. But is such an ominous outlook warranted?

Many experts suggest that Capricorn men and Aries women cannot be compatible due to some fundamental differences in how they approach life.

What we do know is that despite the less-than-positive relationship outlook, these two signs are deeply attracted to one another. It could be said that if opposites attract, Capricorn and Aries are the best example of this.

About Capricorn Men

Capricorn men are born between December 22 and January 20. They are the Christmas babies, and their birth is always celebrated and welcomed! They are born in the middle of winter, which is as all seasons are, a season of change.

But winter differs from other seasons. Winter brings the end, while spring brings the beginning. Both are necessary, of course. It is in winter that life begins to slow down, conserve energy, and use what has been stored.

For this reason, Capricorn men are typically cautious savers who seem to be in constant preparation mode. They are always getting ready for something - retirement, usually. They are very shrewd men who take no decisions lightly.

Capricorn men dislike confrontation and stress, so they will choose low-stress lifestyles that maximize their earning potential and allow them to be seen as leaders (provided stress is kept to a minimum).

They are choosy, too. If a Capricorn man happens to be interested in you, consider yourself lucky. These typically good-looking, well-groomed men are very wary of women and will not enter into a commitment lightly, if ever.

About Aries Women

Aries women are born between March 20 and April 19/20. They are the Spring babies, and they bring new beginnings, good news, and surprises! The snow has melted and things are green again.

For this reason, Aries women are self-starters, happy, and forward-thinking. They seek change, and lots of it. They take risks and they step out from the crowd first. They are natural-born leaders.

Aries women aren't typically strong money savers. They are money spenders! But not to be frivolous or wasteful. Instead, you might find Aries women buying houses or making big investments. They can be frugal, but not typically. Instead, they would rather earn their big money and then spend it. Life is short.

In contrast to a Capricorn man, an Aries woman may have many lovers throughout her life.

If a mature Capricorn man and mature Aries woman do get together, it is probably his first real relationship and her last. And that is where the complications begin.

Why Capricorn-Aries Relationships Fail

Capricorn men and Aries women typically do not make it, but there are reasons for that. As with any relationship, two people can make it work if they try hard enough. Unfortunately, these two are so forward-thinking that they usually don't try to make it work. But what if they could?

1. He's Slow

Ram women will see these goat men as slow and too cautious. Why does it take so long for him to make decisions? Why is he so slow to speak? What in the world is he thinking?!

If you've ever wondered these things to yourself while dating a Capricorn man, you're not alone. This is true from the time they are young to the time they are old. They can be frustratingly slow for Aries women.

2. She's Risky

Aries women go with their gut. Capricorn men make decisions only after much time has been spent thinking about it.

Unfortunately, neither of them realize the virtue in the other's decision-making approach. Capricorn men don't understand how much they stand to lose by waiting, and Aries women don't understand how much they stand to lose by moving too quickly. Neither are able to explain this to the other well-enough.

3. He's a Miser

Capricorn men pinch pennies on certain things while spending enormously on other things. They will skip breakfast and lunch to save a few bucks (and calories) while purchasing a very expensive pair of shoes. Or, they will push for cheap dates ("let's go on a walk") to save some money, without any concern for how the woman feels.

An Aries woman will not tolerate this for long. She will find it perfectly rational, but be unable to hide her hurt feelings at not being prioritized financially. A Capricorn man can sometimes care for his wallet more than his woman.

4. She fights

Aries women put up fights—sometimes nobly, and sometimes otherwise. Either way, putting up their proverbial dukes is not rare. Unfortunately, Capricorn men don't like this trait and can find it tricky to navigate.

Capricorn men are intelligent, patient and wise. They may find an Aries woman's tendencies to argue or ask confrontational questions unwise, and deem her unwise as well.

5. They Both Need to Be Right

Neither partner in this pairing will concede the point easily. After all, Capricorn will feel he has fully thought things through, and Aries women are led by their (never wrong) guts. The goat and the ram will go toe-to-toe for quite awhile.

Only maturity can help this pair overcome the need to win, especially in an argument.

How Capricorn-Aries Relationships Can Work

The very same things that drive this couple apart can keep it together, if they can only stop being stubborn long enough to see how alike they are!

1. What Aries Women Can Do

  • Learn to see Capricorn's tendency to save money as noble and wise. After all, these winter babies were born in a season of saving. Aries women should support this notion and realize that his ability to save will help them both later in life.
  • Enjoy the fact that he chose you. Aries women make many choices every day, and spare no choices on men. Capricorn men are not that way at all. If they ask you out, it's after much thought. It also means that he recognized and saw your flaws and chose you anyway. So no matter how long it took him to choose you, celebrate it.
  • Slow down. Let Capricorn show you how life can be when you just observe instead of charge through every day.

2. What Capricorn Men Can Do

  • Make the first move. An Aries woman does like to chase, but, only with some encouragement. She will not risk her pride on a man who shows no attention. If you're interested, stop waiting for her to ask you out. Or, pitch a date idea to her and let her go with it.
  • Show some affection. Dig deep and show some affection. Hugs, kisses, and hand-holding go a long way. Stop worrying about what other people will think about you. Your smile is excellent encouragement, so don't hide it away.
  • Buy some flowers (or similar romantic items). Yes, we know that flowers and such things are an irrational expense to you. Spend anyway! You would not want to lose the woman of your dreams over $20, would you?

3. What Both Can Do

  • Dream and plan together. Both signs are future-focused! This is an excellent match. Aries loves to dream and Capricorn loves to plan. Aries women should share their dreams with their Capricorn men, who should turn around and help them achieve it with careful planning.
  • Use positive language. Reinforce each other's traits positively. Instead of seeing a miser, Aries should think of the Capricorn man as a saver. Instead of seeing a fighter, Capricorn should think of the Aries woman as passionate.
  • Meet each other halfway. All relationships work better when each partner is willing to compromise a little bit. This relationship isn't doomed to failure unless both partners give up.

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