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Aries Man and Scorpio Woman: Dating Experience

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Can the ram and the scorpion form a strong relationship to accompany their searing passion?

Can the ram and the scorpion form a strong relationship to accompany their searing passion?

The Attraction Between Scorpio and Aries

Aries and Scorpio have a natural magnetic attraction to one another, whether it be Aries man and Scorpio woman or Aries woman and Scorpio man. And if the respective natal charts have positive aspects in the right places, this could be a fantastic relationship.

But a word of warning to the Aries man—Scorpio woman is not a female to trifle with. Aries man has had lots of experience with women, and he always comes out on top, but the Scorpio woman can eat him for breakfast and spit his backbone out without so much as a hiccup. He'd best be careful when falling in love with her.

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Aries Man

The Aries man is an open and friendly guy. And if he's in love with you, he'll tell you everything about him, because he's sure you'll want to know everything about him—why wouldn't you? He's perfect, after all. And in return he'll expect to know the same about you—cos you're perfect as well, or he wouldn't have bothered with you in the first place. Most women will happily chat his earlobe off, because that's what women do.

But not Scorpio woman. She's aloof and mysterious and this can really drive an Aries man mad with worry. What's she hiding? What's the big secret? In truth, there might not be any, but Scorpio woman will still enjoy keeping whatever non-secrets she has private.

Aries man will be able to tolerate this for a time, particularly in the boudoir where the two generate volcanic heat, but as soon as the love fest is over, he'll start to wonder again. This could put him over the edge at some point, and Scorpio woman needs to find a way to keep his ego and confidence intact or this relationship will not work.

Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio female can be very gentle and docile. She may seem like an angel at times, even. But if you cross her she can be hell personified, and a man who is not ready for this Jekyll and Hyde turnabout could wind up with white hair by the time her conniption is over.

Aries man is brash and aggressive, but he's equally sensitive and his memory is long-lasting—so if Scorpio woman lashes out at him, she'd best make sure she doesn't get too personal or too cruel, unless she wants to break up with him. And even then, it might be nice to spare his feelings somewhat, cos Scorpio woman, you can be really mean at times. That said, the bedroom chemistry can offset all of these things, and it may be a good idea to agree to never go to bed angry.

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