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An Aries and a Pisces Romance: How the First and the Last Come Together


Aries + Pisces

An Aries and a Pisces match—Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Pisces is the 12th sign. This means on one hand they are polar opposites, and on the other they are side by side. Pisces is the end of winter and Aries is the start of spring. Water gives to Fire what it needs to make the flowers grow. I'm going to call this a yin and yang relationship. Aries as the first sign is a born leader. Aries takes charge. It cares about people's feelings, but it's all about getting the ball rolling. It's full of energy and full of will. It shares this gift with the entire year, giving the momentum for the rest of the year to even happen. Without this call to manifest, the other signs would never fall in place. Pisces, on the other hand, is the mentor. Pisces is the last sign making it the wisest. They have seen everything. They have experienced everything. They are the creativity in the dark that gives to Aries to take charge. Without Pisces following its role, then Aries will never get the charge it needs to start the new year. You can see how these two are highly related and necessary.

What's nice about these two signs is they should naturally fall into different roles taking care of different but necessary matters. Aries is a strong yang. It wants to get the ball rolling, it wants to see what it envisions. Remember, Aries is coming from the head. Aries symbolizes the mind while Pisces symbolizes the feet. The zodiac teaches about love through placing each sign on the body. The head has different tasks than the feet, but together they capstone the body. The first thing your parents ask when you are born is if you have all your fingers and toes. Your feet show where your heart is wanting to go, the feet are your direction, they are the servants, the martyrs of a message.

When you think of the Ram, you think of horns coming out of the head. This is what Aries is like. There is all kind of intelligence found in the zodiac. The Aries is quite hotheaded because it has so much mental energy, capacity for headaches, but brilliance to master thoughts. Pisces and Aries being right next to each other can share qualities. Aries is next to the mentor and Pisces is next to the leader... so they will share their knowledge. Neighboring signs will impact your sun sign. I find commonality with those who are my neighbors.

Initiation and Liberation

Aries is confrontational. They like tension, they like push-back, and they don't want someone just pleasing them. Pisces will have to stand up to this, because they are not super in love with confrontation. Pisces will have to be conscious of itself, be ready to hold back as a martyr -- which is what you need. Always sacrificing can be toxic. Yes, Pisces ending the year is a huge blessing that gets Aries started. But that doesn't mean Pisces is without value or has any other purpose outside it. Pisces is all about liberation. Coupled correctly Aries wants to win the battle and Pisces wants to liberate the victory -- they want to include the newly won over land into the entire country.

Pisces is about unconditional love while Aries is about initiation.


Working Toward Higher Ground

Pisces as a water sign is going to want to spread and have everything around it. Water signs don't have a great sense of boundaries. They may confuse friendship for romance or romance for friendship. They need some help setting up those borders and establishing what they mean. Water signs depend on intuition and telepathic energy. They can get overwhelmed by too many words, but I feel the Pisces isn't as vulnerable to this. They don't want to be overwhelmed by a message -- they want to understand it, but if you offer too much it can be too hard to focus.

Aries as a fire sign is the mover and the shaker. They help manifest reality and they help ignite the fire in others. They want people to look at and develop their freewill. You can't face fate if you have a weak freewill. Circumstances will come to you, and Aries is one that's going to push you and prepare you so you can succeed at the fate being offered to you. Aries might not always be conscious that they are thinking of this, but they are all about preparing others for reality. They help shape your will. Pisces might be confused by this since they are considering so much about energy and being in tune with energy that shaping it sometimes feels more like... manipulation. They understand manipulation. Aries can help Pisces to see outside of manipulation and more into what is a proper belief system, what is a proper understanding of grace and love, and what is a proper understanding of taking charge.

These two will refine each other substantially and can learn so much from each other. I really encourage you to have the right lens if you are in this relationship, because there is room for so much growth and so much potential, which is exactly what you need in a relationship. You want to grow old with someone, not stay the same as you grow old. You constantly are working to help the other have a stronger sense of self.

Work Together, Not Against Each Other

Aries needs to remind itself to serve Pisces from time to time so that Pisces doesn't use up all its energy and collapse. Aries needs to give time to Pisces, help heal it, give it affection. Just spending time can be helpful. Don't forget to invest in other ways in the relationship, because Pisces -- and water signs in general -- feel better with validation and when their partner puts in more energy. Aries can put in a lot of energy, but can also forget to do so.

Pisces, you do not have to be a martyr. Things are okay even if you are not sacrificing. Be supportive of Aries and the vision they are accomplishing. Aries will love you for your encouragement. Don't be afraid to be direct with Aries or go into territory that frightens you. Tension can turn into passion quite quickly with Aries, so the confrontation is usually positive and helpful. If it's too much for you; you need to recognize that and deem why. Don't keep yourself in a toxic relationship. You are a wonderful person, so stay strong. Pisces are earnest, giving, and loving. This is a hunter and a gatherer relationship. It is honestly of utmost importance, because this relationship shows that we as humans can survive, we can fight off the obstacles, and we can go forward when we work together.


Aries, remember not to rock the boat too much. Consider when and why you are picking battles. Be quick to apologize and slow to anger. Listen to your Pisces and be open minded. Don't get so headstrong that you are not taking on new ideas. Pisces is the mentor and can challenge you to be a stronger version of yourself -- making you one of the best leaders possible.

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Work on Weak Areas

Pisces can be an idealist, which pushes them into sacrificial love. Aries needs to work on sensitivity. Pisces needs to work on independence. They have a strong desire to merge and cling, but Aries sometimes wants to go out, battle, and take charge. Pisces can take on the emotional state of the room, and Aries can be concerned or cornered by this. Aries needs to give Pisces room to come closer, and Pisces needs to give Aries space at times. Aries is masculine and yang; Pisces is feminine and yin. Understand that you come from different sectors entirely, but together you make royalty. Also, remember you are neighboring signs. You should be able to at times see yourself in the other person.

Talk, say your feelings, be supportive. If you compromise and really study each other, you can go really far. You will be attracted to each other with ease because of the differences. This will help sharpen your weakest points without having to depend on someone else.

Aries don't leave Pisces in the dark. Help them to be independent if they are clinging too much. Aries don't dominate the Pisces, be humble and be a good steward. Bending your ego will make you stronger.


chichi on June 08, 2020:

wow just me and my story

Soumya on April 01, 2020:

Thank you for such a good article! I am a Aries woman he is a Pisces just like really nailed it!

Kendra on March 11, 2020:

This is really helpful in my relationships as I’m an Aries (female) and he’s a Pisces.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on November 07, 2019:

You're welcome!

Karen on June 07, 2019:

Thank you for putting together this article.

IBhusto on May 22, 2019:

Aries are the Truth...

Tread lightly

Sai kumar on May 08, 2019:

Really why Aries are the strongest and pisces are loosers

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