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Why Aquarius & Aquarius Make a Strong Romantic Match (Dating Guide)

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When you double up on the same zodiac, you get quite the powerhouse relationship.

When you double up on the same zodiac, you get quite the powerhouse relationship.

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Two Aquarians? Hot bananas! When you double up on the same zodiac, you get quite the powerhouse relationship. You get double the fun, double the intuition, and double the energy— but you also doubly notice the qualities you both lack.

The immediate connection between two Aquarius signs is that they both have their eccentric ways, are creative, and feel open with each other. They might surprise each other with their weirdness, but they'll most likely find it attractive. They won't have to worry about delving into unknown emotional territory; they can open themselves up to a great world of dream-like, magical affection.

This could be a very insular relationship that really confuses others. Two Aquarians constantly get to play the cards they want, which might make it hard for them to grow. They may also have rough patches because neither likes to talk about their emotions—but what do they care? They will open up about their passions in their own time and will have deep respect for each other. They are a powerful force. They will click and vibe from the start and be weird with each other.

They'll feel comfortable showing off their goofiness, intellect, and their very powerful emotions. As I've I have written before, Aquarius is the water bearer, the emotionally absorbent zodiac. But eventually, the overflow of emotion causes them to break.

Air Sign Relationships Are Powerful

This is a fast-talking relationship. They compete with each other for the sake of growth. Aquarius believes that balance is the key to a healthy relationship. They'll be protective, mysterious, and attractive. They know how to get what they want. It's like having the natural greatness of an Aquarius times two.

They could have some identity issues because they both will absorb a lot of each other's emotions, but since they both need their space and independence, this should naturally correct itself in the relationship.

But in a tornado-like relationship, how do you split a storm into two sections? When an air sign merges together with wind, it can be hard to say where one personality begins and where the other ends. This may be why an Aquarius-Aquarius relationship isn't easy to find out in the wild. It might be too powerful for others to witness.

Aquarius and Aquarius Will Explore Their Emotions Together

Together, Aquarius will explore each other in existential ways. This is why they talk a lot and want to spend so much time together. They want to explore their emotions together, and they are looking for a deep conversation. That conversation can last until late into the night.

They want to create a happy bubble and ultimately find peace on earth. They like to be genuine and want to strip away the world's facade. They don't like to fight—they want to be peacemakers.

Aquarius wants the world to see a more progressive vision of peace. This is a peacemaking relationship that is very balanced and very freeing. This combo will stand out because, as individuals, they already stand out as odd, rebellious, and creative.

You might have a hard time pinning them down or seeing them in traditional social situations. They're like that an aunt and uncle that bring about the oddest, yet most heartfelt gifts at Christmas.

An Aquarius-Aquarius relationship wants to do what they love for long periods of time, whether that's hour-long writing sessions, delving into a new hobby, or long make-out sessions. This combo could likely start as a long friendship, as most Aquarius prefer to start their relationships that way.

The great thing about an Aquarius-Aquarius pairing is the potential for acceptance, which is what the Aquarius wants. It might be difficult to fulfill that need, but since it is both what they want, it can help them be on the same page. They'll need to experience many different new and exciting things together in order to heat up their emotions.

The Seemingly Cold-Hearted Aquarius Is Actually Quite Emotional

Aquarius has a lot of potential for heated emotions—the colder you are, the more potential you can have. People who are more open with their emotions don't necessarily have as much room to grow. Aquarius needs help to open up emotionally.

Aquarius has emotions that are capable of solving galactic problems. Of course, having that kind of energy isn't something you want to experience daily. It doesn't always feel comfortable to be open around others who don't understand your emotions, and it isn't always socially acceptable. This is why Aquarius can get detached.

Society teaches them to hide their emotions, and this is why a lot of them are attracted to Scorpios, who have a lot of emotional range. However, Aquarius needs to be fully open about how they feel in order to be able to handle deep problems that are facing the world. Aquarius-Aquarius can work together to gracefully bring out this emotional side.

Aquarius souls want to be emotionally open.

Aquarius souls want to be emotionally open.

Frankly, many Aquarius souls want to be emotionally open. Though they are not required to do so, they can do a lot with their emotions.

Aquarius may want a zodiac match with someone who won't push their emotions as much because it can be a more stable place psychologically. The relationship can run smoothly, and they can handle more of what they want. Aquarius would then get to decide how much they want to open up emotionally.

But don't you dare say an Aquarius is emotionless because that's wrong and shows you don't understand the image of the water bearer.

What's comforting about a relationship with two water bearers is an understanding of that emotional development. It can be more comfortable and accepting, like looking into a mirror.

Some zodiacs may be able to push Aquarius out of their shell at a more patient, comforting pace. However, their erratic behavior has more to do with how they process their own emotions and how they try to balance them with other factors.

Learning to balance their emotions during childhood develops their mental power and intelligence. All zodiacs have to balance their mental power to the height of their emotions.

When you see a great, healthy mind, it is equal to their emotional strength and the burden of their emotional power. Some personalities find this so intense that they push the mute button on their emotions or logic instead of balancing the two.

Aquarius-Aquarius Relationship Reminders

  1. Open up. Try things that make you vulnerable.
  2. Accept that the other person wants to get to know you and not just use you as a listener.
  3. Dish out genuine compliments. Let your charisma flow.
  4. Ask questions.
  5. Keep the peace.
  6. Try writing love letters.
  7. Play logic games together.
  8. Experiment within your relationship.
  9. Do things just because you can.
  10. Work to create a clean environment. You are both sensitive to messy environments but are not huge fans of cleaning.

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