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A Match Made in Heaven: Taurus and Cancer

Andrea writes on various topics from dating, couples, astrology, weddings, interior design, and gardens. She studied film and writing.


Cancer + Taurus

Cancer is one of the most feminine signs of the zodiac. She moves with the tides of the moon—constant mood shifts, her heart on her sleeve, and constantly finding the emotional ether. Taurus is like a competitive second child who wants to prove themselves. Taurus is born after Aries, the first child who eagerly wants to separate from the home. Taurus will be attracted to Cancer's emotional torrents, something Taurus often feels like it can't create on its own. Taurus has a great deal of pride at being the center of the biggest season of life. Cancer struggles as a sign feeling a huge surge of feminine energy. It is the mother sign. It stays pregnant for nine months till giving birth to Aries and the following children. Cancer in having such a big role in the zodiac, meant to nourish, admonish, and chastise—will catch the attention of Taurus who wants to impress and also wants to have someone dote and nourish them. Taurus has one of the biggest egos of the zodiac, so having a partner who will gush over them can be a plus (or a nightmare if that's the only reason they want a mate).

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Understanding Earth and Water Signs

Astrologers often encourage relationships between Earth and water signs. There's enough difference and similarity that it should fit well. Earth and water signs are considered yin signs, so they should have something in common. They are most reflective, they like to take care of tasks rather than lead through them, and they often feel overlooked or misunderstood. Good things coming for a Taurus and Cancer are: they are both early in the year, making them have similar dispositions, Cancer opens up Taurus' emotions while Taurus offers practicality and foundation, and they both enjoy traditions and family. Taurus may sometimes cross Cancer with its ego. Cancer has a large and vibrant set of emotions, and does not like to be crossed. The water sign is one to wear its heart on its sleeve. Cancer wants to offer vitality, fertility, hope, and emotional depth. Taurus wants to show that it can take care of others with a comfortable home; they are conservative with money, and enjoy exploring their senses. Taurus is going to be thinking through its five senses; Cancer is going to be exploring matters of the heart.

Cancer can take the thunder out of Taurus. Cancer isn't afraid to speak its mind, and so it will let Taurus know if it has gone too far, has been too selfish, or too job-centered. Taurus could lash out for this and in one of two ways:

  1. Taurus might leave the home and focus on other tasks, maybe riding their bike, putting more energy into work, or going back to school.
  2. The Taurus on the other hand could lash out in a direct way as the bull. It may charge at Cancer, and this isn't okay for it to unleash its temper.

You should only date someone who is matured and has a good handle on their temper. A bull charging at you with its tunnel-like vision can get out of hand. Cancer will speak up to this and tell you exactly what you are doing that is wrong, and maybe this sometimes isn't offered at a great time, but Taurus should be accountable to its own actions and temper. Cancer is the crab. Cancer will be crabby when things are out of place. Cancer is more impulsive and flighty than Taurus. Cancer changes their opinions in the middle of a sentence, and acts out frequently on how they feel rather than what things look like big picture wise. Cancer would rather go with their gut than a longterm vision.

Both Taurus and Cancer are comforted by security, stability, and traditions. Too much change can make them feel out of synch. For a Cancer, this could cause huge shifts in mood. For a Taurus, this could cause a collapse in sharing affections.


Taurus needs to know that even though Cancer craves stability, Cancer is highly affected by the moon. Cancer is someone who can feel completely different throughout the day. They change their mind frequently on things they enjoy, and they can be in several different moods all at once. This can wear out a Cancer, and so they need someone who is understanding. Cancer experiences a lot of feminine cycles— whether you are a man or a woman. The moon affects our tides on the planet, and women's monthly cycles are seen as more lunar than solar. Cancer is nostalgic, they hold onto the things and people they consider important, and they love to admonish what has impacted their heart.

As a woman, a Cancer feels all the cycles much more extensively. Giving birth, menopause, your first period, children leaving the home, and body changes—all impact the Cancer with an intense heaviness. They love to give to their partners— they are sensitive to your emotions. They want to love on you, make food for you, and make you feel at home. They feel strongly that they are failing as a partner if you do not appreciate their efforts. They have a strong ambition to create security and wellness. In a lot of ways, a Taurus and Cancer relationship fits where the two people are needing to be satisfied.

A Cancer will feel neglected if Taurus is not giving them enough affection. Taurus may back off on affection to focus on themselves and their ego. This can really hurt a Cancer's feelings because Cancer is highly relationship driven. It most likely thinks about the course of the relationship more than Taurus does. Cancer has big goals for the family and the relationship, and feels threatened if those they love are threatened. Taurus might be confused frequently by Cancer's emotional choices. Taurus is much more conservative and slow to act in some ways. Cancer will not always understand this, and in order to get the conversation rolling, Cancer will display crab like emotions. It will start the conversation from where it is hurting, where it feels annoyed, or where it feels absence in life. Cancer is a pretty raw and real person, so they like to get right to the heart of the matter. This might confuse Taurus who is more about practicality and sometimes doesn't address their emotions soon enough. Taurus tends to bottle its emotions until it explodes.


Love and Embrace Each Other

Taurus needs to be careful to not hurt its Cancer's feelings. Cancer also needs to be careful of whether it is manipulating its partner by overwhelming the relationship with emotion. It would be good for Cancer to take on activities to better enlighten themselves about emotion, whether that's prayer, meditation, studying, creative writing, painting, music, etc. Cancer should also be grateful for Taurus' efforts. Sometimes all Taurus wants is a hug and a compliment. Sometimes Cancer is making moves toward the heart when it should be making moves toward the ego. It's a fine dance, but these two often come together and with success. They share a great deal in common with family values, it is nice that they are relatively in the beginning of the year, and Earth and Water signs make good mixes.

It is important that Cancer feels comfortable to express itself. Cancer will be better understood if they are given the freedom and luxury to express whatever crazy thought they may have. Cancer often ends up getting emotionally abused because their partner will take advantage of them for being vulnerable. Taurus needs to address any concerns it may have gently, and also to really reassure the Cancer that they are committed and loyal. The worst thing you can do to a Cancer is break their heart. They have a heart of gold, and they display it openly, but it is extremely difficult for them when someone walks all over their emotions. They can have a childlike energy about them, while also carrying deep adult emotions.

© 2017 Andrea Lawrence


Uwillneverknow on March 08, 2020:

I’m a cancer girl and I have a crush on Taurus.. What should I do?

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CancerM on January 26, 2020:

Hopeful, I'm an astrologer and I can tell you, that genders do matter. Cancer Males have a battle with their lack of masculinity, thus compensating, which ends up looking very egoistic. The non-awaken Cancer male often tries to compensate with external things such as luxury and cars. They also try to get laid a lot to prove, that they are real men. Once a Cancer Male can come to terms with their core being, they become the kindest and warmest men, who would do anything to protect their home and tribe.

With female Cancers it's a lot more straightforward, since there is not much inner conflict between the gender and the sign.

Hopeful on January 24, 2020:

This doesn't quite match my partner and I but we just started our relationship I'm a Taurus and my partner is a cancer.i seem to be more affectionate and they seem to be more ego-istic is this normal? Also Do the genders of the signs matter?do they affect the compatibly?a confused question from earlier is,what does it mean neck for taurus and hand for cancer?am I missing something?

Christopher on January 05, 2020:

I'm a cancer and I'm in a relationship with a Taurus man. What I've read here is true. The good thing about our relationship is that we know how to give each other space when needed and sometimes he feels down and I try to encourage him that everything is ok. I can truly say that we're blessed to have each other because we went through a lot of hardships in our past relationships before we met each other. We never let a day go by that we don't say we love and take good care of each other. I enjoy coming home to him and we both take turns cooking and spending time together. We enjoy laughing and cherishing our love together. When I'm feeling down I feel comfortable talking with him about it and he knows the exact words to say that lifts my spirits up. We couldn't have it any other way.

Taurus girl on June 07, 2019:

I'm a Taurus and have been with my Cancer boyfriend for a year and a half. I feel like Cancer describes me and Taurus describes him so I'm just confused at this point.

Ann on May 28, 2019:

I do not understand my Taurus but reading this i realise how lucky i am and want to learn more and to understand him

Viktor Galkin on December 30, 2018:

Hello, so I don’t understand what throat for torus and hand for cancer mean, can someone explain?

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on September 12, 2018:

Glad to hear you two complement each other so well.

Cancer girl on September 12, 2018:

I am a Cancer woman married to a Taurus man. Everything was spot on for me. He is the love of my life. 17yrs. I bring what he doesn't and he brings what I don't.

Bull on May 09, 2018:

I am a Taurus with a Cancer women and everything you said was so spot on if felt like you have been watching our relationship :)

Great insights on things that I haven’t necessarily consciously thought about and just great info in General.

I never thought I would find the kind of true love I have now and understanding the Taurus Cancer mix just makes what I could never understand make so much sense. Her feminine mixes with my masculine in a way that completes us both. She has a heart of gold and has been taken advantage of by partners in the past and hearing about it used to frustrate me why even with that happening she still would stay around or care for them... until I realized that is just how she is built. Knowing that makes me know and believe with all of my being that she deserves a man who won’t ever manipulate her or make her fearful that she will be left. After getting her guard down and earning her trust in me and in our relationship I can tell any Taurus or any man that loves feminine energy (good and bad that comes with it), that loves being loved, and who is at a place in their life where they are mature enough not to play games... That the undying love and devotion of happy and secure feeling Cancer is unlike ANYTHING in this world. I would literally start, fight, and do whatever necessary to win wars to keep that Love!

Saurav on May 02, 2018:

Thats exactly with my taurus girl

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on May 20, 2017:

I'm glad you found it interesting!

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on May 20, 2017:

That was interesting to read. I'm a Taurus.

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