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30 Things a Virgo Does When They Have a Crush on You

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

It can be tricky to tell whether a Virgo likes you or not. They're modest with how they convey their love. In fact, they signal that they like you by doing things like fixing your sink or buying you a screwdriver.

It can be tricky to tell whether a Virgo likes you or not. They're modest with how they convey their love. In fact, they signal that they like you by doing things like fixing your sink or buying you a screwdriver.

30 Signs a Virgo Has a Crush on You

Virgo is known to be a very difficult sign to read. This mutable earth sign is highly independent and often seeks celibacy or a solitary lifestyle. Virgo isn't as affectionate as other signs, nor do they try to appeal through flattery. Virgo's love is much more subtle, but it's deeply profound.

When it comes to earth signs, the two best ways to tell whether they like you or not are (1) they do acts of service for you to provide for your needs, and (2) they're consistent with you. The sign can be slow to open up, and they're unlikely to make the first move. A Virgo relationship often feels natural and like it developed over time from a friendship.

1. They Frequently Spend Time With You

Virgo can be a loner, so when they spend a lot of time with someone that usually means that person is important to them. Virgo likes to spend time with family, close friends, and their significant other. The mutable earth sign doesn't like to spread their social network too thin. They're not social butterflies with a long list of acquaintances that they seek out.

If you start spending more time with your Virgo friend than you used to, it could mean that they have a crush on you or are developing a crush on you. The increase in time spent together could also mean the two of you are best friends.

2. They Give You Friendly Touches

Virgos are practical people who like to keep things present and grounded. They are the type to reach out and touch people in appropriate ways when they like them. This includes hand-holding, hugs, and placing a hand on someone's upper back.

Earth signs are known for being in their five senses. They process the world through what they see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. They're not very emotional nor loquacious. It is likely that if they're attracted to someone, they'll try to reach them in tangible ways, like kissing their cheek.

One giveaway is if their hugs seem to last longer than they used to. People tend to linger longer in hugs with people that they like.

3. They Enjoy Playing Games With You

Virgos are known as cerebral; they are excellent strategizers. They make for great lawyers and academics. When they have a crush on someone, they may want to play logic games with them. They find it appealing to sport with someone who is on the same intelligence level as them.

Suggest playing a game like Chess with your Virgo friend and see how the game goes. Look for games that are more about strategy and less about colorful pieces or creativity. Two-player games are preferred.

4. They Give You Gifts

The mutable earth sign will likely give you practical gifts as a way of showing you're important to them. If they give you something more creative or romantic, like flowers, chocolate, or jewelry, that's a pretty big nudge from them.

Virgo wants your needs to be provided, so they'll listen to you and try to figure out what you're missing. Virgos are more likely to give things like kitchen appliances, gardening tools, cleaning supplies, or helpful books. They want to help you so that your life is easier. These kinds of gifts should come out of a need to fulfill a purpose and are not necessarily related to a birthday or holiday.

5. They Write a Letter to You

If Virgo has had a crush on you for a long time, they may put their words down into writing. You could receive an actual handwritten letter, or you might receive a long email or Facebook message. Virgos often prefer writing out their feelings to talking. The letter method gives them space if they end up getting rejected.

Writing and reading slow things down. It makes handling a confession of attraction easier to manage. Virgo wants to organize their thoughts and keep them succinct. A letter is a smart way to do that.

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6. Their Manners Are Top Notch

Virgos love manners and etiquette. When they like someone, they try to impress them with their good manners. This sign is often described as chivalrous. They're the type to meet you at the door for a date rather than have you walk to their car alone. They'll open doors for you, pull your chair back, offer you mints and napkins, and they'll be punctual.

If Virgo likes you, they'll make sure to dot their i's and cross their t's. They show up to dates looking clean and refined. They don't really care about things if they're spending time with you and look unkempt.

7. They Cook a Lovely Dinner for You

Earth signs like to appeal to the senses, so if they have a crush on you and they're trying to woe you, they'll cook you a delicious meal. Virgo knows the quickest way to the heart is the stomach, so they're not going to give you garbage for dinner. Virgo wants to show off their skills when it comes to cooking, baking, or grilling.

A Virgo who wants to get to know someone on a more romantic level will invite them over for a meal. They'll also invite you to a restaurant that they've already tried and tested out. Virgo doesn't want to go on a first date to somewhere they've never been; they like for things to be somewhat predictable.

8. They're Very Attentive When It Comes to Your Needs

The mutable earth sign doesn't want to leave someone they like in a stressful situation. If they recognize your falling behind on chores or you had a really late night, they may do what they can to lessen your burden. This sign is aware of how important it is to have a healthy daily routine. They want you to get enough sleep each night, they want you to eat sensible food, and they care if your body is doing something out of the norm.

Virgo is known as a hard worker, so they often push beyond their boundaries and don't get enough sleep or eat right. They'd rather work hard and provide for you than for you to make those sacrifices and suffer.

9. They Seek Out Your Opinion

This sign is highly selective when it comes to deciding whose opinion matters and who can't be trusted. If Virgo thinks you are a source of reason, they'll seek out your thoughts. It's not necessarily a really firm indication that they like you if they want to get your opinion, but here's the thing... if they don't want to know how you think and feel about different things, then they're probably not interested.

Virgo will want to make sure that you feel comfortable on a date. They like to be around people who radiate kindness.

Virgo will want to make sure that you feel comfortable on a date. They like to be around people who radiate kindness.

10. They Put Your Needs Above Their Own

This gets a little dicey because you should take care of yourself and not become subservient. Virgo is keenly aware that they're not supposed to be someone's doormat; if they sense they're in a relationship where they're getting taken advantage of, they'll jet.

What's important to note is that when Virgo has a crush on someone, they'll prioritize their needs. They're not going to dismiss or negate your concerns. They have a tendency to find their partner's needs more important than their own, again because they'd prefer their partner is more comfortable than them.

11. They Fix Your Broken Stuff

The mutable earth sign is the most likely one to either pull out their toolbox and fix your car or pay to have it fixed. Virgo devotes themselves to their partner or love interest, so they're not going to leave you hanging with broken appliances, especially ones that you need to use on a regular basis.

If you tell a Virgo something has broken, like a washer machine, and they don't try to help you to figure out how to solve that issue... I would doubt their level of interest in you. They probably don't even see you as a close friend.

12. They Do The Hard Stuff for You

The sign wants to prove their worth to their romantic interest. Not only will they do chores for you, but also hard ones like shoveling your driveway, scraping ice off your car, chopping down nefarious overgrown flora, and fixing leaking toilets. Virgo doesn't shy away from these things when it's related to someone they love.

The sign finds it much harder to express their feelings in words and can shy away from making compliments or other flirtatious gestures. They're more about tangible actions than abstract flattery.

13. They Ask You For Help

Since they like helping people, they figure someone who likes them will also want to do those kinds of things.

It's a good sign if they ask for your help because it means they trust you and feel safe around you. They don't think you're going to make fun of them and, even better, you could be the missing ingredient to their success.

Virgos are perfectionists. They don't like to admit when they're wrong or that they've run into some flaws in their project. They will only seek help from people who they respect and/or think will be kind to them.

14. They Stay in Your Proximity

Generally, people will want to be close to their crush because they like them. Virgo is no different. If they like someone, they'll gravitate toward them at a party or group gathering.

They may sit next to you, stay in the same room as you, or even invite you into conversations. Virgo will look for people they're close to and who they trust when it comes to socialization.

The challenge is deciding whether you're in the Virgo's inner circle or a significant interest. This distinction isn't easy, so try to look for signs that they're giving you more attention than others.

15. They Put You Through Tests

You might not be aware that they're putting you through tests... or you might notice they're doing this straight away. Virgo is looking for a perfect mate because they would only give up their singlehood for someone that they consider worthy of their time and sacrifices. Virgo will come up with different scenarios, riddles, and quests to see how you fare. They don't dive in all the way when they like someone, they test the waters.

They'll be looking for how you react to things, what you can tolerate, how you treat others, and if your views align with theirs. If they're conservative, they'll have a harder time reasoning out why they should fall in love with a liberal. If they really like the rural side of things, they'll stay away from someone who loves urban life.

Virgo could create a fight to see how you handle conflict, that isn't out of the realm of possibility.

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16. You're a Kind and Caring Person

Virgos are attracted to lovely people that care about others. They often fall for people who are in the service industries. They love an invigorating mind, but they're often drawn more to someone who is really sweet. They want to be with someone who they feel comfortable with, who won't pick on them for being shy, and who will appreciate their hard work.

If you want to attract a Virgo, do so with honey, not vinegar.

17. They Smile at You Often

A person who radiates kindness and brings joy to the Virgo will capture not just their heart but their smile. The mutable earth sign isn't one to hide their smile or give off a cold hard stare like Scorpio. Most of the people I know with a Virgo sun sign are friendly, at least on the surface. They like to smile because they associate it with good manners.

18. You Project Nurturing Qualities

Earth signs are often drawn to people who are mature and show good instincts when it comes to parenting. They like those who have their stuff together, who know what they want out of life, and who have a desire to provide for a family. Capricorn is perhaps the most family-oriented out of the earth signs, whereas Taurus is a bit more of a romantic, and Virgo finds the hermit life appealing.

All three of the earth signs are drawn to people who they think will make good parents for their future children. They like to see when people are disciplined, wise with their finances, and grounded in reality. Virgos don't like a lot of fluff and idle silliness.

19. They Like Making Plans With You

For a sign that likes organization and punctuality, making plans is part of their modus operandi. When they find someone they jive with, they'll want to make plans with them and incorporate them into their day. You know you're in a good spot if Virgo makes an effort to reserve a spot in their day or week for you.

You need to be in Virgo's schedule if you want to make headway with them. Don't expect random situations to develop a romance with them. Get on their calendar.

20. They Like to Ask You Questions

A Virgo who likes you will want to know your preferences, so they'll ask you questions to learn more about you. The mutable earth sign is one of the more inquisitive signs. They're ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, travel, and thoughts.

If Virgo finds someone interesting, they'll have plenty of questions for them. They could ask you anything from what's your favorite sandwich to what are your thoughts on a complicated war. They need to ask you everything they possibly can to sus you out.

21. They Have a Routine With You

When a Virgo likes someone, they will want to establish a routine with them. This could look like a signature way to end a text message thread or a walk in a park every Friday. Perhaps they always have to say a certain thing as the last thing they say before you go to bed.

The sign lives for rituals, routines, and repetition. If they're inviting you into their daily habits, that is a very good sign.

22. Things Move Forward

I know of a Virgo who was in a relationship for four years that wasn't going anywhere. I think they knew it wasn't really right for them, but they held onto it anyway for comfort. Virgos don't really like change, so they may stick around with something that isn't working longer than they should. Once my friend got out of that relationship, they found someone else, and they got married pretty quickly.

When Virgo is certain, things move forward. When the sign isn't certain, things stall and fade out. This can be tricky to tell because Virgo is modest, so there can be a slow pace to things anyway.

23. They Become Hyper Analytical

Any little thing you do or say will be meaningful to them. Virgos often turn into lawyers, so they're very detail-oriented. They notice the little sideways twitch your lips make when you think you know you're right. Virgo will point out random things about you that you might not even know you're doing. This means Virgo is zeroing in on you, perhaps because they like you or because they're testing the waters to see what kind of person you're like.

24. They'll Take Care of Your Pets

The naturally caretaking sign will do what they can to make a strong impression on your pets. Virgo will go the extra mile to make sure your pets are happy. They may take your dog out for a walk, they'll give your cat a bow, and they'll clean your horse's hooves.

Virgos want to display their nurturing side, and they really want you to know they see your pets as a major part of your world.

Virgos are attentive listeners. They want to be observant and responsive to your needs.

Virgos are attentive listeners. They want to be observant and responsive to your needs.

25. They Study With You

Earth signs are grounded in the present, but they also care a great deal about the future. Of the four elements, earth is the most likely one to develop long-term strategies. This means Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn plan things in advance, and they also do diligence when it comes to research. They take the long and slow path to reach their goals, and this often blesses them with longevity.

So what does that have to do with studying? Virgo wants a study partner who will also be good at thinking ahead and planning for the future. Virgo is far more interested in connecting with someone who studies than trying to find a date for prom or an office party.

26. They Share Things With You

Virgo can be pretty selfless, and when it comes to someone they have a crush on, they would give them just about anything... including the shoes they're wearing. Virgo will share anything and everything with you, and they'll be pretty excited to do so. They're a naturally giving person, so you should expect an avalanche of random gifts and also random things that they let you borrow.

27. They Introduce You to Their Family

Virgo doesn't just introduce any old flame to their family. You have passed some level of vetting to get to meet their mom, dad, or siblings. The earth sign doesn't want their family to get too excited about someone if they're not the real deal.

A proper introduction will look like getting a meal with the Virgo's family. You'll be brought close to them for evaluation, not just a cutesy meet and greet like at church.

28. They Make Something for You

Absolutely 100% if they make a handmade gift for you, they're smitten. If they took the time to craft something out of wood and brought it over to your house, then they're hinting pretty hard that they think you're special. If they make something random for you without you telling them to do so, then they've got a crush.

Virgos tend to be tactile people. They like to make things with their hands. It's special if they make you furniture, jewelry, homemade chocolates, or magical creatures made of glass.

29. They Respond Quickly to You

Virgos prize punctuality, and when it comes to someone they like, they'll make sure to be prompt. They're not going to ignore you when you're in trouble. They'll beeline toward you when they know you need something. They're observant, and they're responsive. Virgos aren't aloof, especially in love.

30. They Show Up for Things That Are Important to You

A Virgo who knows you have a recital or graduation coming up will book that on their calendar. They'll be there at your book signing, they'll walk you down the red carpet, and they'll attend your kid's baptism. Virgos will regret missing things that are important to you, and if they happen to do so... they'll profusely apologize.

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