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30 Things Scorpios Do When They Have a Crush on You

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These 30 signs may help you determine whether or not the Scorpio you have your eye on feels the same way about you!

These 30 signs may help you determine whether or not the Scorpio you have your eye on feels the same way about you!

Signs a Scorpio Likes You

Are you pining after a mysterious Scorpio and finding their emotions indecipherable?

Scorpios usually act pretty foolishly when they have feelings for someone. They can only keep their feelings hidden for so long before they overflow. Most Scorpios will do what they can to hide their feelings and may even maintain some distance from you to try to keep them at bay.

Scorpio is the sign that rules intimacy and privacy—Scorpios hold relationships and certain aspects of them sacred.

The problem is that they like to play hot and cold when they have a crush on you. They try to hide their feelings because their emotions are so strong, and this inner struggle gives them a mysterious demeanor.

So here are 30 signs that a Scorpio has a crush on you.

1. It's all in the eyes.

Scorpios have an unrelenting gaze. You'll catch them staring at you with a fierce intensity. Sometimes they stare, unsmiling; sometimes they realize they were caught and flash a huge smile. Sometimes they want you to know they're staring at you—you'll feel like you're being sized up. They'll seem pretty focused on you despite everything else happening in the room.

2. Scorpios can be aggressive and jealous.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars. (Aries is also ruled by Mars.) Mars is a warring planet, full of aggression and testosterone. So you might be able to tell a Scorpio likes you if an occasion arises where different men or women are competing for your affections or attention—Scorpio will rise to the ranks of apex predators both in war and love.

Scorpions are predators who'll do whatever they can to block others from getting your affections. They get jealous when they see you showing any token of love to someone else. If a Scorpio isn't interested in you, they likely won't play these games or do anything else to win your affection.

3. Scorpios invite people to be closer to them.

Scorpios want to keep people they have crushes on hidden from the rest of the world. They want you up close so they can examine you closer.

Scorpios are also possessive, so if they can have you to themselves for the evening, they see that as a victory. If you're spending consistent one-on-one time with a Scorpio, that's a sign that they like you.

4. They will break the touch barrier.

They might hold your hand, the hugs might last a little longer than usual, or you might feel their hands lightly touch your shoulders. Scorpios are physical creatures. Again, they also are under the influence of Mars, so they can be a little possessive, manipulative, and controlling.

They'll come up with ways to get your attention, whether subtly or overtly. When you have feelings for someone, that energy has to go somewhere. Watch your crush to see if they look at you while making odd movements like fixing their socks or running their fingers through their hair.

5. Scorpios are big flirts when it comes to texting.

They're looking for a way to hook, bait, and reel you into their world. Scorpios text a lot and open up that way. Here's the thing: Let's say you're dating a Gemini and compare them to a Scorpio. You see, Scorpio messages are fairly concise, deliberate, and often trying to reel you in with emotions.

A Gemini is going to write you novels that are all over the place—they're fun, silly, and provide a constant stream of conversation. A Scorpio doesn't really want to sit and chat like an air sign does—they want you. They'll cut straight to emotional phrases like "I miss you," "I was thinking of you," "Do you remember that time," or "You looked really nice in that pink dress."

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6. Scorpios have an intensity and focus unlike any other.

They will put a great deal of energy into their partner or crush. A Scorpio who likes you will pay you extra attention, provide extra support, and look at you more often. A Scorpio may give you secret tokens of affection so that only you know.

7. Your friends might notice the Scorpio acting intense and comment on it.

Scorpios, when they really like someone, stick out like a sore thumb. If your friends seem to think he or she likes you . . . they're probably right.

8. They can be hot and cold.

If a Scorpio suddenly goes cold on you and withdraws, it probably means they did have feelings for you, and now they're actively switching gears and are no longer interested in you. Perhaps they're also curious to see if you'll do something about it if they give you the cold shoulder. Keep in mind that once a Scorpio actually decides it is over, it is, in fact, over.

9. Scorpios will do what they can to impress you.

They see it almost like a game of capturing a prince or princess. They might drive in the middle of the night for 7 to 8 hours just to see you.

10. They make grand gestures to show off their creative side and win your affection.

A Scorpio might write a song about you, paint a portrait of you, or write a story about you. They sometimes make really big, grand gestures to win your affection while showing off their creative side. Scorpios are wonderfully creative.

Also, if you break up or things go really sour, you might become the subject of their sassy, mean, and spiteful songs. Scorpios look for muses.

Scorpios can be hot and cold—they give off an interesting vibe and can be hard to read.

Scorpios can be hot and cold—they give off an interesting vibe and can be hard to read.

11. Scorpios might give off an interesting vibe.

I don't know why, but of the men I've been around, the Scorpios are the ones most likely to give me that ASMR feel. This is weird, but you might feel a kind of pressure or release in your head like you would listening to binaural beats.

I don't know of anyone else who has had this experience, but if you get a tingly sense of pressure or feeling of release when you're around them, then they're probably crushing on you. I don't know if it comes from the intensity on the Scorpio's part in trying to figure you out or if they just know how to make you feel.

12. When they have a crush on you, Scorpios will make sure everything is ok with you.

If they offer you a ride home out of the blue, suddenly seem like they're trying to impress you more with their clothes, or really hold onto your words and react to them sharply, they may be interested in you.

13. They will introduce you to those who are important to them.

A very lovely Scorpio I know, one of my favorites, decided on a whim to introduce me to his family—his parents, brothers, all of them. Scorpios will introduce you to important people and try to make you feel at home to get you on their side. I will admit that of the Scorpios I probably should have dated, that one ranks pretty high.

14. Scorpio tries to be a better person.

Let's be honest for just a moment. Scorpios get into some pretty weird and wild stuff. They have a depth of emotion that's unmatched, and sometimes it's worrisome for them. If your Scorpio is actively trying to filter themselves and have the manners of, say, a Virgo—then that Scorpio is crushing on you pretty hard.

15. They have a wide range of crushes.

Scorpios can love the intense, sassy, and vibrant, or they can love the quiet wallflower. There is some sort of charm or intrigue that draws them to someone. They'll also become protective of this person. You'll see them fighting off your naysayers. They'll get angry on your behalf or even punch someone for you.

16. Scorpios will make a point to be close to you.

When I was a teenager, I was at a party where I didn't feel like I clicked with anyone. I was getting irritated; my feelings were getting hurt—I felt like an outright outcast. Eventually, I sucked it up, went to the dance floor, and acted like I didn't care what anyone thought of me. Truthfully, at that point, I didn't really care.

A Scorpio I had been following all night turned up, and, lo and behold, they started dancing right next to me. If you show that you can take ownership of yourself and have a good, fun, and weird time, you might synch up with a Scorpio. Don't try so hard with a Scorpio—they'll come to you when they're good and ready.

17. They are on the hunt for passion.

Scorpios want to experience everything. They want to find the deepest hum; they want to find the highest pitch. If you have a unique emotional flavor, the Scorpio will keep coming back to you, trying to figure it out and absorb it.

18. Scorpio is a water-based sign, and Scorpios can be touchy-feely.

You'll notice certain things about water signs when they're flirting.

  • They point their feet in your direction. They're trying to zero in on you, so look at their feet.
  • They'll often face you and want to line up to you face to face rather than have their back to you.
  • They'll be expressive with their hands and likely touch you.
  • Also, the eyes—the eyes will be on you.

19. Scorpios will utilize a little bit of mystery.

They may have a love of costumes or appear in disguise. They may try to act like some sort of character—role-playing is one of Scorpio's flirtation devices.

20. They will always pick you.

No matter what group, no matter what situation—they'll always pick you.

Scorpios will do whatever they can to get close to you and spend time with you.

Scorpios will do whatever they can to get close to you and spend time with you.

21. Kissing is an important topic.

If one of the following is true, you probably have a Scorpio crushing on you:

  • They've tried to kiss you on more than one occasion.
  • They've talked about your lips.
  • They've asked you if you're a good kisser.
  • They've rambled about kissing.
  • They've suggested kissing.
  • They've kissed you.

22. Scorpios do not mention other love interests.

If your Scorpio mentions they are interested in someone else, you can be certain they aren't interested in you—for now, at least. A Scorpio lets people know they're in the friend zone by talking about their romantic interests.

23. You're the first person a Scorpio wants to see.

The Scorpio stops by your house just to see you before going to work. The Scorpio shows up to an event they know you'll be at, chats you up, then leaves. Goal accomplished—the Scorpio saw you.

24. The Scorpio is sensitive and reacts to your words.

Whatever you say will elicit some kind of reaction out of them; watch their face. Watch their gestures. Compare their interactions with you to how they interact with others.

25. They desperately want to hear you laugh.

They'll do all kinds of crazy things to try to get you to laugh and find ways to have fun with you.

26. They will try to impress you with their cooking.

Female Scorpios, in particular, love to cook a giant meal for their love interests. Scorpios know the way to someone's heart is often through their stomach.

27. Scorpios have a certain energy signature when they like someone.

You might see them bouncy and excited. They also could be super insecure, cold, and distant. If the energy they give off is flip-flopping between these extremes, you have a Scorpio on a roller coaster of emotions. It may be because they're not sure how you feel.

28. Scorpio tries to hide its feelings.

This is someone who is ultimately very private. If they're showing you some signs that they have feelings for you, then they probably like you a lot more than you realize. They like to test people. They also will pine for someone and then show them disdain in public.

29. They'll stalk you on social media.

Because Scorpios want to be private about their feelings, they'll likely stalk you on social media. It won't be easy to catch them, but if you do, you should take that as a pretty obvious sign that they're interested.

30. Scorpios will ask a lot of questions.

Scorpios ask questions to learn about you and try to figure out who is important to you and how they can get close to you. If a Scorpio is asking you a lot of questions about where you are going, who you are going with, when you will be there, and stuff like that—the Scorpio is very interested in you.

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