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30 Things a Sagittarius Does When They Have a Crush on You

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

Sagittarius is an independent and fun-loving zodiac sign. Dating them can leave people with a lot of questions.

Sagittarius is an independent and fun-loving zodiac sign. Dating them can leave people with a lot of questions.

Signs a Sagittarius Likes You

Sagittarius is notoriously difficult when it comes to matters of love and commitment. The mutable fire sign is aloof, freedom-loving, and flirtatious. The fire sign is known for their spontaneity; they live in the moment. The fire sign is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck.

They like to take risks, try new things, and follow what excites them. Once you think you really understand a Sagittarius, they'll change the game.

Sagittarius can often outsmart their fire sign counterparts, Aries and Leo. They tend to dabble in many trades, so they can come at Aries and Leo with unexpected insight. The fire signs, in general, are forward-thinking and active⁠—they like to be on the move. They're seen as strong opponents on the battlefield:

  • Aries leads people into battle. They charge forward by instinct.
  • Leo is a fighter you don't want to cross who knows how to strategize (think Ivar from the TV show Vikings).
  • Sagittarius knows how to get the upper hand with long-distance attacks—they shoot arrows and get behind cannons and catapults.

What do the warring qualities of fire signs have to do with love? Think of it this way: The way the signs approach the battlefield is parallel to how they act in love. Aries will straight up tell you how they feel and what they desire whereas Sagittarius will play mind games with you and from afar: they test the waters, send you bizarre gifts, and do compelling displays to get your attention. Aries loves to be direct; Sagittarius loves to infatuate.

Sagittarius is arguably the most likely sign to pull you into a long-distance relationship⁠—it will likely be a relationship that leaves you lost and confused. You need to be a confident and secure person to date a Sagittarius.

1. They Seek out Your Company and Ask You to Play With Them

Sagittarius is known for their love of play. They want to play as many games as they possibly can in one lifetime. If they're consistently wanting to play, hang out, have fun, and build memories with you, there is a good chance that at a minimum you're a friend.

Key takeaway: If the amount of time they spend with you keeps increasing, there is a higher chance that they have a crush on you.

2. They Try Really Hard to Make You Laugh

When a Sagittarius is keen on someone, they'll want to get them to laugh. They love humor, they love people with a great sense of humor, and they really like when someone is comfortable laughing. Bonus points if you have a pretty laugh, and you're not prone to having a giant guffaw or ridiculous snort. People usually aren't their prettiest when they're laughing.

Sagittarius will up the jokes, silliness, and mind games to get you to laugh. They don't want things to be too serious, so expect chaotic scavenger hunts and invitations to madness rather than something more serious and contained (like candlelight dinners).

3. They'll Ask You to Go to Activities With Them

Sagittarius as a fire sign will want to be on the go. Sagittarius loves exploring different activities in their city. It's fun to have a buddy who will go with you to different events. If they have a crush on you, you'll be the first person Sagittarius calls to go to any and every place imaginable: ice cream shops, concerts, theme parks, libraries, botanical gardens, museums, HOA meetings, ghost-hunting excursions, and graveyards.

Sure, lots of invitations to random things could be friend territory, but on the bright side... you're not a nobody to Sagittarius.

4. They Want to Play Sports with You

The mutable fall sign wants to get up and move. They'll find somebody who also wants to go running, play Tennis, get into archery, or do any number of exercise-related things. The more activities a Sagittarius invites you to, the more interested they are in you. If they're not doing some of these buddy-like activities with you at all, then they're probably not interested.

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Bonus: Are you a goofball at the gym? Sagittarius might have a crush on you.

5. They're Focusing Attention on You

Sagittarius prefers to be aloof, doing what they want when they want, and being unattached⁠. This is all in an effort to have freedom. One of the most obvious ways that they like someone more than the norm is if they start focusing a lot of attention on them. For a sign that's typically independent and untethered to be consistent about the time they spend with someone is a big deal. Sagittarius doesn't lightly spend a big portion of their time on someone. They'll keep coming back to be with you if they're having a good time.

They need excitement, funny moments, and spontaneity, so if you're not really into that kind of stuff... Sagittarius probably isn't into you.

6. They Keep Introducing You to People

If Sagittarius likes someone and thinks they're really cool, they'll feel a lot of pride in knowing you. They'll enjoy introducing and connecting you to others. Sagittarius wants to show the world that they have found someone special, so if you feel like they're constantly introducing you to friends, family members, strangers, and animals—it's probably because they have a soft spot for you.

7. They Admire You, So They Mentor You

Sagittarius, and fire signs in general, want to admire their partner. If they like someone, they'll see qualities in them that they want to see grow, so they'll mentor you to bring out those qualities. They may offer you unsolicited advice, give you books, take you to museums, or introduce you to people who have similar interests.

Sagittarius has a natural inclination to mentor others. They carry around a lot of trivial knowledge. Their symbol is the centaur, which is associated with scholarship and wisdom. The fire sign will offer their special expertise to someone they like.

Sagittarius will be drawn to someone who makes them happy. They like to be around fun and exciting people.

Sagittarius will be drawn to someone who makes them happy. They like to be around fun and exciting people.

8. You Challenge Them

Sagittarius will flirt, push boundaries, and make things rather difficult in a relationship. They probably won't settle with someone unless they're also challenged and pushed to their limit. Sagittarius wants a good challenge. They will only stay with someone they truly respect. They want to be with someone who is just as strong as them if not stronger. You must be uniquely spontaneous, gifted intellectually, hilarious, and physically attractive... at least according to the Sagittarius' standards of these things.

Warning: It can take years before a Sagittarius settles down with someone. They may not compromise their singularity/spontaneity until the apple of their eye gives up on them and starts flirting and aligning with someone else... at that point, the Sagittarius will do something bold to try and stop the budding romance.

9. Unusual Gifts

Sagittarius is big on making impressions. They're not going to do something typical, so instead of roses, chocolates, and jewelry, you might get a hairbrush that's been wrapped in gold paper. Sagittarius wants to give you something memorable, not necessarily something that actually makes sense or is romantic. You know they like you if they're giving you random gifts for no particular reason. They saw it, they thought of you, so they bought it. Who cares if it's a stack of playing cards with grandmas as dinosaurs knitting sweaters?

10. They Come to Events You Host

Sagittarius loves a good party; they especially like a party that's been set up by their favorite person. Sagittarius won't miss something that's involving you. If you're throwing yourself a birthday party, they'll be there... and they'll come in style.

Sagittarius loves to flirt and make friends. They also like people who are comfortable spending time around others.

11. They Make You Food

You get a knock on your door. Who could it be? You peep through the window and see that it's your Sagittarius friend... they're standing on your porch with a bright purple cake.

Sagittarius will try to cook/bake you something that's out of this world. Again, they'll do something different that's memorable. Sagittarius is always looking to make an impression. Their biggest fear: they were forgettable.

12. They Write a Song About You

Do you know who's a Sagittarius? Taylor Swift, that's who. Sagittarius types love to be creative in the way they lure in potential suitors. Like Swift, your Sagittarius may write a song about you or an entire album. They may also date you like Swift did in her twenties... hopping from different men and leaving the media in a frenzy. Hey, if it worked for her then who cares?

If Sagittarius is trying to do something special for you like write a song, make a piece of pottery, or paint a portrait of you, then yes, they are crushing on you. You're their muse. They want to canonize you. Take it as a compliment and not as something seriously creepy.

13. A Comfortability with the Disgusting

Sagittarius will push boundaries with you to see what are your boiling points, if you're actually a good person, if you can handle sarcasm, and if you can handle their aloofness. They play mind games with love; they're not straightforward when being straightforward is boring. They always have a fringe to what they're doing, and this includes talking about things that are gross. A Sagittarius likes someone if they start going on and on about boogers, dandruff, lint between toes, popping zits, and far grosser things.

Sagittarius wants to have fun, and they want to make sure they can talk to you about anything. They want to know that you don't take things too seriously.

14. They Push Your Buttons

Sagittarius will push things to their breaking point. When they like someone, they want to figure out the boundaries. They'll do things that are annoying to get an idea of how you'll respond.

They want to know if you'll stay by their side when they're annoying. Can you handle them when they're at their creative worst?

Important: Sagittarius practices self-sabotage in relationships and budding romances. This isn't always obvious to them. They test the waters in ways that are both intentional and unintentional. You need thick skin to be with a Sagittarius.

15. Surprise Visits

Your Sagittarius friend was thinking of you. They decided it would be better to just go see you in person. They'll invite themselves over without an invitation. If you're busy or involved in something else, that's not a problem. They'll figure out how to vibe with whatever you're doing. They just want to be in proximity of you.

Consider Sagittarius like Kramer from Seinfeld. If there is a door they can get through to be with you when they suddenly think of you⁠—they'll make an entrance.

16. Things Are Challenging

Sagittarius doesn't want everything to be too easy. Simplicity bores them. If things feel a little tense that's a good sign for a budding Sagittarius romance. They want things to feel natural and complicated, not forced and simple. Sagittarius likes a compelling game, not something they can solve with their eyes closed and their hands tied behind their back.

17. Compliments Become Excessive

Like rapid-fire, they compliment everything about you. It's coming up spontaneously and organically for them, but they have a lot to say about you. Sagittarius will say weirder and weirder of things in relation to you. They might suddenly get a glimpse of your earlobes and can't stop talking about the slope of your ears and how beautiful it is. They might go on about your intelligence, your laugh, the way you set your elbows on the table, or the way your eyes reflect sunlight.

18. The Sagittarius Exhibits a High Amount of Enthusiasm

When a Sagittarius likes someone, they're all smiles. They'll dance, laugh, jump, spin in circles, and hug you. You'll know they're in a good mood. The optimism they bring into a room is undeniable. A Sagittarius is a burst of energy when they've fallen for someone, or if they've found their best friend... or if they've found a really good cheese dip.

19. They're Willing to Make a Fool of Themselves

True story: I had a boss who wrote to her entire staff three very long emails full of pictures of a longtime employee who accepted a job somewhere else. The emails detailed their shared history, the day the employee started working there, hundreds of pictures from the years, and quotes the two had. It wasn't typical for other employees, and it was very obvious that she was basically in a last-ditch effort to profess her love, and she did it rather epically and insanely.

She probably knew that her string of emails wasn't going to work, but she did it anyway. She wanted him to remember her. She wanted him to know she cared and paid attention. She was focused on making a last impression.

A Sagittarius in love will do absolutely ridiculous things that normal people otherwise wouldn't.

20. They Try to Get Along with People Who Are Close to You

They want your friends and family to think they're a fun person. They'll bond with those close to you in an effort to show they're a good person with a good reputation. They'll bond with your dad over football, they'll play board games with your child, they'll gab with your best girls about hairstyles and outfits, and they'll throw back a beer with your guy friends. Sagittarius wants to steal your heart by showing you that they're fun, likable, and know how to get on the good side of those who are in your inner circle.

21. Their Passionate and Curious Side Makes an Appearance

Sagittarius looks for someone who has good physical chemistry with them. Sagittarius is notoriously known for their casualness when it comes to physical intimacy, but let's put it this way: you're in big trouble if they're not attracted to your body. Sagittarius only has crushes on people if they think they're kissable.

22. They Get Emotional around You

Physical intimacy ranks high on Sagittarus' list of concerns when it comes to coupledom. However, physicality doesn't necessarily spell out commitment. They're known for seeing multiple people at once.

What will break the ice for Sagittarius is if things go deeper than a physical bond. If you have a really strong emotional connection this will overpower the physical. If the Sagittarius lets themselves be more emotionally honest, if they go deeper than the jokes and punchlines... then they're smitten. Their facial expressions will show that they care deeply about you.

Sagittarius will couple up with someone who makes them laugh.

Sagittarius will couple up with someone who makes them laugh.

23. They Always Pick You

Whenever there is a group project, the Sagittarius always wants to be on your team. They want to be in proximity of you. They'll do what they can to align with you. They love a good game, duh, but if they have an excellent teammate... that's even better.

24. They Make Suggestive Comments

They might mention they think you would be a good kisser because you have nice lips. ;)

Simply put, they'll lay it on kind of thick. They find it entertaining to express that they think you're hot. In fact, they'll talk you up so much that you probably won't believe them.

Proceed with Caution: Sagittarius is known to flirt for the fun of it. Sometimes they like to flirt in a sarcastic way. Don't take any comments too seriously. My advice is to interact with them the way they're interacting with you.

25. They Dress to Impress

If you notice they're wearing their hair in a new way, putting on a fancy dress, and have brand new shoes... they could be trying to impress you. Sagittarius knows if they're easier on the eyes that it'll be easier for them to stay in your memories. Sagittarius is the king/queen of making strong impressions, not necessarily good ones, but strong ones. Sagittarius wants to invade your mind.

26. They Have a Weird Pet Name for You

An amazing partner needs an amazing name, so they'll call you something strange that's memorable. They want to give you a special name because it makes it seem like you belong to them. They hope by calling you "Broccoli" that the two of you will continue to have fun. For Sagittarius, nicknames are reserved for friends and sweethearts.

27. They Reach out and Touch You

When fire signs desire something, they'll touch it. When a fire sign has a crush, they'll put their hands on the person. They might hold your hand, rest their arm on your shoulder, kiss your cheek, or pull you into a hug. Since we're talking about a Sagittarius, expect weird forms of touch like playing with your feet, pretending to type on your back, or putting ice on your hand.

28. They Take You on a Spontaneous Trip

Sagittarius doesn't want to sit on a couch all day. They're not a cozy-up-to on the couch and bundle up with blankets kind of person. They're more likely to chase after the wind. They'll want you to get in their van and to go with them on a big road trip that's unwritten. They think it's beautiful to go on adventures without clear plans. Sagittarius wants to do wild things for the sake of it.

29. They're Consistent with Messages

Sagittarius is aloof about messages, and writing back and forth takes a lot of energy and commitment. If they're willing to do this for hours on end, it's probably because they think you're fun, engaging, and worth the investment.

30. They Get You a Puppy

So they like you. They like the puppy. They can't keep the puppy/kitten/fish, but you can! So they get it for you. They'll check up on the creature every now and again. You better take care of it right, because they're expecting you to mother it. They want to see if you can handle this strangeness with love and sweetness, or if you'll send the pet to someone else.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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