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30 Things a Pisces Does When They Have a Crush on You

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Trust me, you'll know when a Pisces likes you!

Trust me, you'll know when a Pisces likes you!

Portrait of a Pisces

Pisces types are known for their creativity, wisdom, and their empathy. It can be tricky to tell if one has a crush on you. Sometimes their emotions bubble over and make it very clear that they like you, and sometimes they repress their feelings, so they don't get hurt.

Those with a Pisces Sun sign are kind, mysterious, otherworldly, and brilliant. The water element rules them, they're the last sign of the zodiac, and they represent the end of winter. Pisces types are born from February 19th to March 20th.

Pisces is about love, harmony, and going with the flow. They want to be friendly and self-sacrificing. They're naturally compassionate and understand the connection between themselves and other people. They are one of the most generous signs.

Biggest Fear

Their biggest fear is that they're too otherworldly, and people will misunderstand them. They're afraid they're not meant for this world and don't belong here because they're so nice and creative. They fear they'll be pushed out to sea and into the edge of oblivion. Because of their unique talents, they sometimes struggle with knowing where and how to belong — and this dissonance with the world can trip them up when it comes to romance.

Highly Perceptive People

Pisces types get why people have extremes. They understand terribleness and wonderfulness. This sign is gifted because they're the last sign, and they have witnessed all 11 of the other signs. They can tap into other people's energy and mimic them.

Needs Extra Safeguards

They can deny their ego so that people receive what they want. Pisces has to be careful that they put themselves into relationships with people who are loving, understanding, and respectful.

  • Pisces types are very accepting of people's flaws and faults, so they can get themselves into situations where people take advantage of them.
  • Pisces is notorious for taking on partners that they think they can fix or will eventually change for the better.
  • Pisces can get deeply hurt and disillusioned from toxic relationships. Following a breakup, they will likely hide to heal.
Have you noticed any of these signs?

Have you noticed any of these signs?

30 Signs a Pisces Has a Crush on You

1. They're Sensitive to Your Needs

The Pisces recognize what someone desires. They want to help you fill up spaces where you feel empty.

They're concerned about your happiness and want to help you achieve your dreams. Pisces prioritizes dreams and desires. They want to help make their wishes come true when they like someone. They're very comfortable working with people on wish fulfillment.

2. They're Self-Sacrificing

Pisces are often seen as the martyr in Western Astrology. When they love someone, they're willing to let their ego go out the window. They'll sacrifice their time and needs for someone who has captured their heart.

They'll go the extra mile to give you grace; they'll go the extra mile by selling their possessions; they'll go the extra mile by sacrificing some of their dreams. Pisces gets compromised. They get that life will change. If they love you, they think living a life with you is better than living alone while chasing their wistful desires.

A Pisces will sacrifice what life they know as a single person for someone they really think is special. They believe transformation is part of the process of a healthy romance. Pisces will embrace change to find true love.

3. They Defer to You

Pisces will seek out your input. They want to know what you think and feel before making a decision.

It's important to them that someone they like gets fair representation — whether that's about what food to eat, where to go, places to live, or what to do for the weekend. A Pisces who likes someone definitely wants to know their thoughts and feelings. A Pisces who doesn't care about you won't care about your perspective.

4. They Try to Reach Toward Your Emotions

Pisces, and all water signs, have natural intuition when it comes to emotion. They sincerely want to know how you feel. So if you're upset, Pisces will respond to you and try to help you with your emotional breakthrough.

A Pisces who doesn't respond to you emotionally definitely isn't interested in you. I can guarantee that 100%.

5. They Enable You

When they like someone, Pisces can let their ego go out the window. They'll enable their partner in both good and bad ways.

  • They'll encourage you to find yourself.
  • They'll laugh at your jokes.
  • They'll cry when you feel bad.
  • They're not the type to put up a whole bunch of boundaries and walls. They like to let things flow. They want you to feel enabled.

6. They Might be Elusive

If the Pisces isn't really sure how you feel, they may hold back a little. The Pisces try to hold back in some situations because they don't want to overwhelm others.

Pisces is aware that their intuition and emotions come off as big energy. They want to be respectful to others first and foremost. In turn, they may come off elusive, especially to those they like.

They may accidentally create harm and fracture a relationship because they're trying too hard to protect the connection. A Pisces will gingerly approach sensitive issues.

7. They Try to Heal You in Some Way

Pisces is a very soulful person. They see you for who you really are. They may also project sweeter qualities onto you and believe you have sweeter things in you than you really have.

The Pisces want to heal those they love. They want to set you free from maladies and want to bring you to a positive sense of self-esteem.

8. They Call You Their Soulmate

This is a pretty bold move on the part of the Pisces. This sign is looking for someone who has a strong soul connection with them. They want someone who really feels like they're meant to be with them.

Pisces will search high and low for someone who has a kind of psychic resonance with them. If Pisces comments on how the two of you seem to have ESP, an otherworldly sense, or telepathy then there is a good chance they like you.

9. They Compliment You for Your Decision-Making and Diplomacy

Pisces likes people who can make firm decisions without offending others. Pisces likes to go with the flow, and sometimes when they have a partner who also wants to go with the flow, it can create a feedback loop where nothing really gets done.

Pisces likes those who feel comfortable making decisions and have some grounding. They don't want to be with someone who is forceful about decisions and rocks the boat too hard. They like someone who is decisive and polite.

10. They're Idealizing Things

Pisces wants to see the best in people. They put on the rose-colored glasses. They see all your best traits, but when they first love you, they don't seem to see any of your flaws or negative traits.

Pisces will put their crush on a pedestal. They struggle to see imperfections. They struggle to see that you can take bad risks and make bad decisions just as well as you can take good risks and make good decisions.

What a great mixture of personality traits!

What a great mixture of personality traits!

11. Pisces Won't Actively Pursue You

Pisces is not like other signs that can get up in your face about how they like you. Pisces can be difficult to read for this reason because they take a more relaxed approach.

If the Pisces isn't making huge grand gestures, that doesn't mean they're not interested. They're more likely to align themselves with you in a comfortable way. They want to create a friendly connection with you, not one that's dominated by their ego. They're gentle, not forceful.

12. A Mix of Kindness, Sweetness, and Devotion

When Pisces likes you, they dial up the sweetness. They make baked goods for you. They may leave sweet little notes for you to read. They may help you run errands or take care of chores. Pisces wants you to feel supported. They add magic to things to make their time with you more charming and sweet. If the sweetness is coming off corny, then they probably like you.

13. They Try to Rescue You

Pisces wants to get their crush out of bad situations. They're the knight in shining armor. They're the mermaid with mystical talents that lures in sailors. They want to lure you in to save you. Pisces can have a savior complex. They badly want to keep you out of harm's way.

14. They Have a Strong Desire to Merge Emotionally

Do they seem really obsessed with your emotions? Do they want to know what it's like when you cry? Do they seem overly preoccupied with your feelings? They're probably interested in you and would like to merge emotions, so to speak. They want to give off their feelings and receive yours in return.

15. They Spend a Lot of Time with You

All water signs like to spend a large amount of time with someone they like. They will block out their schedule to focus only on you. They're comfortable spending hours with you. They want and treasure your company. A water sign will spend a lot of time with someone they like. That is a major signal on their part.

16. They Share Romantic Things with You

They'll share things like poetry, music, and movies. If they like you, then they want to send you something with romantic vibes. They're testing the waters to see what you think. They like to share things that are emotive and have deep meaning.

  • They're testing your response to these items.
  • They want you to give them items in return.
  • The romantic items may mirror their feelings for you.

17. Mushy with Words

They may not write a novel to you like an air sign would, but they'll text you pretty heartfelt things. Listen to their words. On a scale from 1-10, how mushy/gushy do the things they say sound?

18. They Nurture You

Pisces types like projects. If they see you and think you have potential, they nurture you. They want to strengthen what they see. If they're taking you on as their muse, then they like you.

19. They Go 100%: Body, Heart, and Soul

Once Pisces knows you're reciprocating their feelings, they give you 100% devotion. They'll sacrifice anything for you. They give themselves to you in total.

20. They Stare Deeply into Your Eyes, and with Excitement

Pisces wants to get right up in your eyes. They like to make eye contact when they're in love. They use eye contact to flirt. Pretty eyes especially take them.

Pisces can be extremely awkward!

Pisces can be extremely awkward!

21. High Levels of Awkwardness

Pisces is the most likely one to daydream about their crush. They may fantasize about you in ways that are not healthy. They'll love this made-up version of you to the point that they'll protect it and avoid you.

Knowing the real, you could ruin their feelings and daydreams. They really like you because you inspired this fantasy; the best way to approach it is to give back to them some illusion and play their game. Give them flowers, hide notes for them, give samples of poetry. Go chase waterfalls, go on picnics, and do random creative acts.

22. They Blush

A Pisces might turn bright red in your presence. They like you, and the feelings are overwhelming, so they may run away to hide their embarrassment. They're worried that if they act on their feelings, the feelings will go away. They want to keep liking you. They have a fear of screwing up things with you.

23. They May Also Avoid Eye Contact at All Costs

Okay, so Pisces loves eyes. They use their eyes to flirt. They also may get shy and avert their eyes because they don't want to reveal their hand.

If they're giving you a lot of eye contact or avoiding eye contact, it could signal that they have a crush. If they're open to eye contact, then they're more at ease. If they're averting their eyes, they're trying to repress their emotions.

Keep in mind; however, if you've done something to scare them or make them feel threatened, they could also be avoiding eye contact.

24. They're Available and There for You

When you're going through something hard, they're there for you. They don't just get out of town for the weekend and do their own thing. A Pisces in love will be attentive to you, especially in times of trouble.

25. Asks You a Ton of Questions

The Pisces wants to get to know you and what you like. They want to know what is your favorite of just about anything. Pisces is fascinated with you if they can't stop asking questions.

  • What is your favorite movie?
  • What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  • Who is your favorite writer?
Let them wrap you up and take care of you!

Let them wrap you up and take care of you!

26. They Want to Know About Your Spiritual Beliefs

Pisces is the type that wants to take its relationship to the next level, the spiritual level. They want to interact with you in dreams, get taken to fantasy worlds, and get involved in religious or spiritual ideas.

They want to know if they have compatible spiritual beliefs with yours or what they need to do to be compatible. Pisces types are open-minded, and they'll try out different ideas.

27. They Take Care of You

They cook your meals. They help you fix your clothes when there is a malfunction. They're ready with medicines. They got band-aids for you. They give you chocolate to cheer you up. They especially take care of you when you're sick.

28. Shy and Nervous, but Still in Your Company

If they're shy and nervous and want you to go away, that's different than if they seek out your company and are still shy and nervous around you.

If they have feelings for you, it'll come out when they're around you. If they have feelings for you, they may try to hide it, which comes out as nervous energy.

29. They Risk Everything and Go Bold

Pisces may have a surge of confidence and approach you directly. They may get tired of trying to lure you into their arms with their mermaid ways. If Pisces makes a bold move and confesses their attraction to you, they mean it.

30. They Write a Song About You, They Draw a Picture of You, They Give You a Homemade Creative Gift

Pisces likes to fantasize about those they love. They want to take you into their creative world. They may offer you something from their creative world.

  • They may write about you.
  • They may dedicate a piece of art to you.
  • They definitely like you if they sing a song about you.
  • They like you if they draw your picture and put hearts all over it.
  • They like you if they take the time to make a gift that's centered around you.