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30 Things a Libra Does When They Have a Crush on You

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

When a Libra falls in love, they'll make a concerted effort to be more consistent with you.

When a Libra falls in love, they'll make a concerted effort to be more consistent with you.

30 Signs a Libra Likes You

It can be hard to tell whether a Libra likes you or not. They're one of the more indecisive signs, and they can come off aloof. Libras are, however, natural romantics. They often look for something bigger than life, and they can't help but flaunt their wit.

Libras are drawn to fantasy and whimsy. This is the type of person who would like to get lost in a woodland paradise or dreamily float down a river in a canoe.

Libras can make things complicated when it comes to dating. They're so social and friendly that people are not really sure what is going on. They're not really the type to cheat, but it can be hard to tell if you're one of Libra's friends or something more. The following list hopes to clear that up for you.

1. They Prioritize You

A Libra in love will want to impress you. They'll drop whatever they're doing to be with you. They want you to know that you're #1 in their book. Libra will spend a lot of time with you, they'll be affectionate, and they'll be charming to the max.

Libra wants to prove their loyalty to you, and in order to do that, they make you a high priority.

2. They Adore You with Gifts

When Libra likes someone, they'll want to buy them gifts or make them gifts. They love to give mementos to people—they want you to remember them.

Libras won't necessarily buy you expensive things. They might buy you a book of quotes from your favorite celebrity. They could show up at your door with a vase of paper flowers that they made.

The Libras I know make it pretty obvious when they have a crush on someone. Their social media will light up with pictures of their crush. They'll leave behind little notes for the world to see.

When a Libra has coupled up with someone, their social media typically indicates it. Libras are relationship-prone signs; they like to show that they have coupled up with someone.

4. They Give you Different Attention Than Their Other Friends

Libras are very aware that they're social creatures. Even the introverted ones have an amazing allure about them when it comes to connecting with others.

A Libra who has a crush on someone will give them special attention. They'll do things in a different way than they do with their other friends. They'll pair up with you during group outings—you'll find them right beside you.

5. They Get Nervous around You

Air signs in general are a little more anxious or turbulent than the other signs. They dance around thoughts like a hummingbird at a bird feeder.

If Libra does have a crush on you, they might get overly excited. They may do embarrassing things they didn't mean to do, or just get really awkward in general. They may have sweaty palms or unusual eye contact.

6. They Make Suggestive Comments

The witty air sign may flirt with you quite openly, or they may drop a few sly hints along the way. They might ask you why you're not dating someone, they may lavish you with compliments, or they openly hypothesize what it would be like to date you. Air signs love words, so when they like someone, it often comes out in their words.

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A Libra may flirt with you by giving you a heart-shaped object.

A Libra may flirt with you by giving you a heart-shaped object.

7. They Leave You Heart-Shaped Things

Libra is for cutesy love. They like romantic things. They're ruled by Venus. Libra is perhaps the top sign to dole out heart-shaped items to their crush.

Here are some ways you could receive hearts:

  • Heart emojis
  • Heart-shaped cookies
  • Heart-shaped chocolates
  • Handdrawn hearts at the end of notes
  • Heart-shaped jewelry
  • Stuffed animals with heart shapes

8. They Take on Your Interests

Libra will look for common ground, and they may start taking your interests under their wing. If you really like music and are known for playing the guitar, they may start learning how to play an instrument, so they can jam with you.

Libra might suddenly get interested in stamps, flowers, soccer, politics, or astrology just so they can jive with you.

Do they sound like they've been reading Wikipedia all day? They might have studied something recently to try and connect with you.

9. They'll Get Overly Excited about Something You Did

A Libra in love will be easy to please. They'll be really excited by the simplest of gestures. If they have a crush on you then any attention you might give them could be a cause for celebration.

The Libra might get really excited if you simply buy them a bag of Skittles. Libra has a sixth sense for seeing how small gestures can mean something bigger.

10. They're Not Afraid to Show Their Weird Side

Libras are very charismatic and charming people. They're also really weird and tend to have unusual interests or preoccupations.

When they like someone, they're comfortable opening up about their idiosyncratic ways. If a Libra is coming off boring or bland to you, they're probably toning it down to try and come off normal. When they like someone, they take off that filter.

11. They Take You to a Nice Restaurant

Your friend may decide to take you to a nice restaurant to almost play out what a date would be like. They may have a craving for a special type of food, and they want to take you to the place where they know it's made.

They're going to whisk you off to somewhere that's special because they want to have a special experience with you. Either they see you as one of their best friends or favorite people, or they're crushing on you really hard.

12. They Confess Their Feelings

Libras are the most indecisive sign. If one takes the effort to tell you they like you, they really mean it. They're no longer on the fence about it. They're willing to put themselves on the line to see if you feel the same.

Libras don't just willy-nilly tell people that they have a crush. They're very careful when it comes to confessions.

13. Cutesy Forms of Touch

Libras don't display their affection like fire signs, which are more aggressive. Libra is more likely to hold your hand, lightly touch your back, or give you a wink. They may give more affection if they're really vibing with you, but I would expect more mannered, polished, and elegant forms of physical communication before Libra gets into a serious relationship.

14. They Initiate Deep Conversations

Libras love to talk. When they find someone who has interesting things to say, they may latch onto that person. They'll ask you lots of questions, offer quirky remarks, and keep the ball rolling. Libra is hungry for intellect, so if you're smart and they keep wanting to talk... consider that a positive sign.

15. They Try Harder with Their Outfits

Libras can be rather aloof when it comes to clothes. Sometimes they just want to wear something that's comfy. Other times they'll wear a stylish number to attract attention.

If their clothes and outfits seem more put together, if their hair and makeup are getting better, and they seem more confident... they might have a crush on you (or someone).

They're trying to impress someone with their style—at the very least, they're trying to impress themselves.

16. They Suggest Going on an Adventure or Daytrip

Air signs like to travel and go places. When they like someone, they'll want to go somewhere with them. Libras want to see if you have the same love for nature as they do. They'll want to explore the world with you.

If a Libra has a crush on you, there is a good chance they’ll invite you to go on a hike, a trip to a nearby city, or the likes.

Libras are known for their love of comfort. They want a partner who can relax with them.

Libras are known for their love of comfort. They want a partner who can relax with them.

17. They Cozy up to You on the Couch

A Libra who is having a crush on someone will want to be comfortable with them. They'll want to cuddle up on the couch with a blanket. They'll want to sit with you in a window seat drinking coffee. They'll look for ways they can huddle and cuddle.

18. They're More Decisive

Sometimes Libras flutter in the wind. They can be difficult to get on the same page. They might not want to share their schedule with anyone. They'll come off noticeably aloof if they haven't made up their mind.

If they're trying to spend time with you, and they're being really consistent, there is a good chance that they have a crush on you. Libras don't concentrate too often when it comes to people. They give their time to people that are in their inner circle.

19. They Laugh at Your Jokes Even If They're Bad

Libra cares about people's feelings; Libra especially cares about someone who they consider the apple of their eye.

A Libra will make absolutely certain that they respond to you in positive and supportive ways. They fear disappointing you or hurting your feelings, so they'll laugh at your jokes, even if they're bad.

Libras will double down on kindness, even if they have to fake their way to be kind.

20. They Show Classic Signs of Falling in Love

Keep in mind, Libras are love addicts. They're ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Libras like to couple up rather than stay single. This means when they like someone, classic signs of a budding romance will follow. This includes candlelight dinners, bouquets, and chocolate boxes. They'll write you handwritten notes instead of text you. They'll want to dance in the moonlight, recite poetry, and kiss your hand.

21. If They Find Something Adorable, They May Give It to You

Libras love to collect beautiful, charming, and small things. If they like you, they may give you odd gifts, like a bottle of rocks from a hike they did with you, marbles from an antique store you visited, or leaves from a tree where you once sat together.

They're the type to give you buttons, erasers, lucky charms, seashells, and coins. If your Libra friend finds something shiny that they like, they may give it to you.

They're air signs, so they're like birds. Libras in a way are like crows that collect shiny items and give them to those they consider special.

22. They Keep Flashing You a Smile

Similar to laughing at your bad jokes, Libras want to make sure you're having a good time, so they project a positive vibe. They'll flash you a smile frequently if they have a crush on you. They're not like Scorpio who would stare at you in a serious and perplexing way that lets you know they're into you.

Libras flash friendly smiles. They want to convey love and sweetness. If they're not smiling, they probably don't have a crush on you.

23. They're Very Concerned When You're Sick

Libra is the type to come over to your house when you're sick to make sure you're okay. They may bring a can of soup or make soup from scratch. They'll monitor you and parent you a little bit. They also see this as a chance to show you that they're good at hospitality. They feel useful in this situation, and they would like for you to feel more comfortable.

24. Supporting You at Events Regardless of Their Interest

Your crush wants to be a friendly presence and around you and your friends. They may go to things to be with you even though they don't really like those things. They might show up at board game night even though they find games tedious. They might go with you to a sporting event even if they have no knowledge about that sport.

When Libra has a crush, they'll like the same team as their crush. Your Libra friend would go to a concert with you even if they didn't like the band playing.

Keep in mind that if Libra keeps doing this, they may eventually tell you they don't like these things, and they were doing them to impress you. They may stop going to these things when they suspect their relationship or connection with you is stable.

25. They Take Your Suggestions to Heart

If you suggest a movie, they'll go out and see it. If you suggest a bakery, they'll buy cookies from it. Whatever you suggest, they're going to do research into it. Again, they're very good at noticing when there is something they can explore that will help them to create a better bond with you. They're very interested in understanding your interests. They like to put themselves in your shoes.

If they dislike these things, they'll likely keep it to themselves... at least for a while. When Libra is more comfortable, they'll offer more of their candor.

26. Spontaneous Flirting

The Libra will do something unpredictable to get your attention and make you feel special. They may sneak away for a time to put on a costume, drink down some red wine, and stand on a chair and recite lines from their favorite book.

Libra doesn't want to sit back and do something boring, at least not all the time. Sometimes they have to unleash their weird side.

27. Nostalgic Texts

They'll want to take you down memory lane to some of their favorite times with you. They'll want to see if you enjoyed those same moments and still hold all of it dear. You may get a text of a picture of some random object from a time when the two of you were together. They might text you an inside joke or something only you will understand.

28. They Invite You to Everything

The Libra will make sure you feel included. They'll invite you to parties and other events, so they can see you. The invitations won't stop. They'll ask you to come over to bake with them, put up Christmas lights on the house, or to have a dance party. A Libra who has a crush will want you to be part of their inner core, so they'll make sure you're included in their day-to-day.

29. They'll Save Things from You

Not only does Libra like to give mementos, but they also like to keep them. They may have a shrine built to honor you. It contains objects you've given them.

30. They Try Harder Than Usual

They're putting in more effort to get to know you. They're addressing you more directly and you can tell they're intentionally trying to bond with you and single you out. Libras invest more in someone who catches their attention. They'll do what they can to hustle and make a good impression.

Libras are known for their laziness and love of comfort, but if they really want something... they'll put in the effort to get it. Overnight a Libra can become a hard worker.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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