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30 Things a Leo Does When They Have a Crush on You

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

When a Leo likes you, they'll try to make it clear to you.

When a Leo likes you, they'll try to make it clear to you.

Signs a Leo Likes You

When a Leo has a crush on you, it should be noticeable. Leos are fire signs, and fire signs are generally not afraid to be forward. Fire signs like to express their feelings, not hide them. Fire signs are known for their bravery, charisma, and competitive nature. A Leo who likes you will make a move. If they're hiding their feelings, something else is in the equation.

Leo craves the spotlight, and they want to take their partner into the spotlight. Leo wants to get to a point where you accept them, and they can broadcast that love to their pride.

1. Leo Stays Close to You When They Like You

If you're in a group setting, Leo will be near you. Leos stay close to what they desire. A Leo who likes you will sit next to you, walk alongside you, and stand nearby. Their presence will be known. They're looking for ways to be close to you physically, and they hope their proximity will create a bond with you.

  • Leo doesn't hide their affections. They're not the type to stare from afar. They have a hard time hiding their feelings. If they like you, they're in your vicinity.
  • If your Leo is nearby, they may try to find excuses to touch you. They might guide you through a crowd by placing their hand on your back.
  • You may feel like you and your Leo are in your own little world while you're hanging out with friends. He'll make lots of conversation asides to you.
  • You won't lose him to a crowd. He won't vanish out of sight.

2. Leo Lets Out Their Zany Side

If Leo is comfortable around you, they might express a more weird side of themselves. They're going to try to get you to laugh. They do what they can to create a memorable connection.

Leos are known for peacocking: they display themselves in ostentatious ways to attract attention. Leo wants to know if you like them, but they also want to stand out from the crowd.

They know that if they like you then there are probably others that like you as well. Leo will work extra hard to make a strong impression. Expect something grandeur from a Leo who has a crush.

3. Everyone in Your Close Circle Becomes Important to Them

The lion sign can be somewhat tribal. They'll make a concerted effort to get on the good side of your family, friends, and pets. They want to be liked by all in your inner circle. This works in their favor because if people you love think the Leo is a good person, they may recommend that you date him/her/them.

Leo also wants to prove that they can love and respect all the people who are important to you. They try their hardest to be a crowd favorite when it comes to your list of suitors.

4. Leo Will Touch You

A Leo who has a crush on someone, and feels like there is a good vibe, will look for an excuse to touch them. They may play with your hair, hold your hand, or give you a hug. If they feel like you're reciprocating their energy, they'll likely give you more affection.

Fire signs tend to be active people. They like to express themselves with their bodies. They enjoy open displays of affection.

5. They Make Absurd Requests

Perhaps they don't really know what to say to you, but they do want to interact. They might ask you something crazy, like if you'll help them procure a certain bow and arrows in another state.

Maybe they'll want your opinion on something unexpected like who is your favorite Middle Ages king. They could ask you to come over to their house to help them determine which celebrity looks like the odd stain on their wall. They'll look for any excuse to interact.

Again, Leos want to make a memorable impression. They'll come up with pretty strange things to try and get you to be by their side.

6. Leo Dresses Up More Than Usual

I find a lot of Leos are pretty comfortable in their own skin. I don't consider them the most dressy of the signs; however, if they're expending a lot of energy to make themselves look better... it's most likely because they're trying to make a good impression. They're pulling out their fashion charms to try and allure someone or something. He might wear a suit and tie. She might wear a flattering red dress.

They love to wear warm colors like red, orange, and yellow. If they're going to be bold and try to make an impression, they're going to wear something bright or eye-catching. They might wear funny patterns, big earrings, or flaunt a funky hairstyle. Muted colors are a signal that they're not that interested.

7. Texts Messages Unlike Any You've Ever Read

Leo's text messages when they have a crush can be a little strange and whimsical. They might go on about a long camping adventure, they might get really forward and openly flirt. The Leos texts might not be consistent, but they'll be interesting. They'll again try to charm you by making an impression that stands out among the crowd.

If your text messages with Leo seem pretty standard or stale, I would doubt they have a crush on you.

8. Leo Shows Up to Things That Are Important to You

It could be your birthday, your graduation, or an odd party idea you came up with centering around Victorian teas. Leos tend to enjoy social occasions, especially ones that are fun. If they know an event is important to you, they'll be there. They will also have a great entrance, a charismatic way of connecting with others, and an overall positive vibe. Leos don't skip events if they know they could impress their crush.

9. Leo Straight Up Tells You

Leos don't hide their feelings; they will flat out tell you they like you. It may come out of nowhere. They may just say it and not really think about what other things might be happening at the same time.

They'll confess to you how they really feel once it hits their mind. They don't like mysteries. They're also impatient, so they might not wait for the perfect time to tell you. They like you... and that's enough to do something about it.

When a Leo likes you, they'll do what they can to make a positive impression. They'll do what they can to maximize the specialness of their time with you.

When a Leo likes you, they'll do what they can to make a positive impression. They'll do what they can to maximize the specialness of their time with you.

10. He Invites You Over for a Meal

Leo might try to impress you by cooking something for you, or they may have you come over to cook alongside them.

It would be to their heart's joy to have you over at their home and to eat food with them. Everyone knows the stomach is the shortest way to the heart.

11. She Lets You Adore Her

Leos love compliments. They especially love when someone compliments them. Leos are suckers for flattery. If they like you, they'll definitely be open to your compliments. They love wit and wordplay. They also like funny compliments, so tell them things like they have nice elbows, their smile reminds you of a beautiful flamingo in flight, or the way they open cans is the envy of raccoons.

Leo must be adored, and if you're not giving them compliments, they might not know you like them back.

12. Their Eyes Say It All

When a Leo likes someone, their pupils will be dilated. Their eyes will be as big as boulders. They'll have no problem giving you eye contact. They most likely have a smile to match their giant eyes.

Leo takes pride in his moneymaker, his face. He wants you to like his face, so he'll make sure you can see it. Also, if their eyes light up, they're most likely going to approach you. Leos don't like to hide in corners and shadows. They don't watch you from a distance, like a Scorpio.

13. They Dance With You

If there is good music playing, and the Leo is getting into the rhythm, they may dance with you. If they have a crush on you, they may ask you to dance with them. If you seem to be jiving with the music, they may want to jive with you.

A Leo who likes you may want to take over the whole dance floor with you. Most Leos I know love to dance, and they love to show off their moves with a partner who is on the same wavelength.

14. They Invite You to Things

They ask you to go hiking/camping with them, they invite you to see their best friend's band performance, they invite you to a protest, they invite you to try a new hamburger at their favorite restaurant.

A Leo who likes someone will be inviting. If they like spending time with you, they're not going to sit on that for kicks and grins. They'll want to pursue spending time with you.

15. They'll Bring You Gifts

Leo will want to impress you, so they'll bring you gifts that you'll always remember.

  • Roses are the standard route, Leo will get you a bouquet of birds-of-paradise.
  • Chocolate is also a standard gift, so they might take it up a notch by giving you a brownie shaped into a dinosaur.

They're not necessarily looking for practical gifts, just something you can remember them by... and make you wish they were close.

16. Surprises!

Leo isn't exactly predictable or conventional. If they like you, they may come up with an elaborate way to gain your attention or time. Leo wants you to be amazed by them. They want to show that they have depth. A Leo who likes you will probably catch you off guard. Leos aren't boring, and they're definitely not boring when they like someone.

17. They Stay Up All Night Talking to You

Whether in person or on the phone, they find talking to you enlivening, so they may spend hours upon hours talking and listening.

You'll likely have to find a way to close the conversation, so you can get some sleep. A Leo who has a crush on you is invigorated by you. That means you give them what they really crave: energy.

18. They Ignore You

If they've shown their affection, and you haven't really reciprocated, they may take a break from you to get their head sorted. They may decide to pursue other interests. Send them a text to try and connect and hang out. Give them more energy, and if they respond in full, they probably still like you. If it feels like they've turned on the mute button, they've probably moved on... if they did once like you.

19. He Gets Jealous

If Leo gets jealous, he will do what he can to win your attention back. He doesn't want to play second fiddle. He doesn't want to be less memorable than some other dude. He will be bold and do something to try and gain your favor. He may get desperate and do something really weird.

20. He Offers You His Jacket

The two of you are walking along a street. It gets cold, so he offers his jacket.

Bonus points if he lets you keep the jacket overnight, and he doesn't ask for you to immediately return it. Compliment the jacket if it smells good. ;)

21. She Leaves You Notes with Lipstick Stains

She might write you a note and then kiss it. She might spray it with perfume. She'll do something suggestive with her note to get your attention and to see if you'll play or be into her games. Her notes will stand out because their exciting, original, and bold.

22. They'll Follow You

I'm not talking about a stalking situation. Instead, let's say you're hanging out with a group of friends. You and your friends go to several different places throughout the night. Almost everywhere you go, the Leo is attached to you at the hip. The Leo is watching and noting your every move. They find the clever little things you do funny. They try to figure out what are your interests and how to vibe with you.

23. He Kisses You

Leo is often the one to make the first move. Maybe he will give you a polite kiss on the cheek. If he is smart, he will give you a soft and simple kiss that isn't too overbearing. He'll test the waters with a kiss. If you reciprocate, expect things to heat up and fast.

24. She Frequently Pops Up in Your Social Media

She likes pictures of you, she comments on things, and she sends you random messages. Someone who is consistently interacting with you on social media either wants to be a friend or something more. People don't just send random messages and other social media currency for the fun of it. There is some intention behind it.

Leos will use humor to connect with someone they like.

Leos will use humor to connect with someone they like.

25. He Comes out of the Woodwork to Help You

You've got a problem, you call your Leo, and he gets there in a jiffy. Leos jump to the rescue when they're called by someone they like. A Leo who likes you will figure out your problem even if they don't really have the experience to solve it.

They're determined to figure out how to solve the issue to impress you. They want to show their worth to you.

26. They Show You Something Unique and Only to You

They have something special they show you. It might be a hidden place on a trail, it could be a star with a story attached to it, or a birthmark they hide.

Leo wants to invite you into their magical world, and the invitation is almost always something special that's inclusive that others don't get to see. Leo will want to make their partner feel special, so they offer something different to them than their friends.

27. He Brings You into His Social Group

The lion will invite you to his pride. You'll get to interact with his friends and the people who are closest to him. Consider Leo a king or queen: they only select a certain few to come into their castle. Leo wants to see how you interact with others. They want to see how you interact with them when surrounded by others. What decisions will you make?

Remember: Leo's ruling planet is the Sun. They like for things to be out in the open, not hidden. They like social energy, they like open displays, and they like excitement. They're not the mysterious type.

28. They Show Their Loyalty

Leos are known for their loyalty. They will prove that they're focused on you, and they'll do what they can to earn your trust.

Leo cares a lot about their pride, and those who are in their pride, win their loyalty. The person they like the most will receive the most loyalty.

29. They Get More Romantic

When they like their crush, they get very sweet about them. They might whisk you off to a candlelit dinner, lead you through a land of twinkling lights, or recite lengthy poetry to you. They might serenade you, bring you to a place you've always wanted to go, or reenact your first date with them. Leo has a strong desire to pull your heartstrings.

30. They're Friends Know about You

Leo will make it clear to others that they're interested in you. People will see the two of you interact, and they'll formulate their own opinions. If they can tell you two are really vibing, they'll know their Leo friend has a crush. Their friends will be supportive of you, and they may hint that the two of you should get together.

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