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30+ Things a Gemini Does When They Have a Crush on You

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

Geminis can be pretty obvious when they like someone. They'll get fixated on the person. They'll want to see the person because they know there will be fun to be had.

Geminis can be pretty obvious when they like someone. They'll get fixated on the person. They'll want to see the person because they know there will be fun to be had.

30 Signs a Gemini Has a Crush on You

Gemini is an air sign who loves to flirt. The twin sign is one of the more relationship prone signs. Gemini types usually don't stay single for too long. They like to have company.

It can be hard to tell if someone really likes you or if they're just flirting. Geminis are big offenders of this. I'm going to try to help you see past this to determine whether the Gemini's affections are true or just for show.

  • Geminis are born from May 21 to June 20.
  • Geminis are the mutable spring sign.
  • The third sign of the zodiac is known for its intelligence, humor, wackiness, and allure.

All the Signs

1. The Gemini Mirrors Your Actions

The number one way the Gemini flirts is by copying you. They'll stand when you stand. They'll laugh at the same jokes. They copy your movements, your mannerisms, and even your style. The Gemini learns how to better interact with someone by mimicking them.

I can guarantee you, if a Gemini isn't copying you to some degree then they're not interested in you. A Gemini always wants to learn more, and mimicry is one of the best methods for learning. They love to copy someone who is different and stands out. Mimicry to them is showing affection. They want a partner who is worth their time to mimic.

  • The Gemini will compare hand sizes.
  • The Gemini will match your voice inflections.
  • The Gemini may be overly agreeable.

2. The Gemini Hugs You

Geminis are generally blessed with fantastic hugging skills. The spring sign rules the arms and shoulders. A Gemini who likes you will give you a good, reassuring, and strong hug.

  • The romantic hug is longer and tighter than the friend hug.
  • The Gemini hug won't make you doubt their affections for you.

I've been in a relationship with a Gemini. I asked him once how he gives hugs to others vs me. He demonstrated. The friend hug was clear; no one could confuse it for someone having a crush.

3. They Think You're Funny

Geminis are known for humor. They're the opposite of Scorpio types. Gemini wants to have fun, so they surround themselves with fun people. Geminis can't help but fall in love with someone funny, whimsical, and dreamy.

If the Gemini seems to keep following you around for humor, then they likely have a crush. The Gemini might invite you to comedic things, have you watch sitcoms, or go to funny movies.

If they're complimenting your sense of humor that's a good sign. The best sign would be if they jive with your humor. If they know how to get on the same wavelength that means you have a natural connection.

4. They Want to Take You on Spontaneous Adventures

Geminis don’t like to hibernate. They’re not the type to hide from the world forever. They might hide from big crowds and things they deem annoying, but they do have a wild sense of adventure. If they like you they’ll want to take you places. They will drive an hour out of town just to follow up on an ice cream recommendation. They may ask you to go on a hike with them to a place they have never visited.

Geminis are looking for excellent company. They like to pair up. It’s in the Gemini’s nature to be in a relationship. They want to see how well you can improvise on a random day and just how enjoyable that day might be. If they constantly like to buddy up with you then they definitely are either (1) crushing on you or (2) want to be your best friend.

5. Extremely Long Texts or Facebook Messages

Air signs are writers. They love to talk. They have a lot to say. Gemini especially loves words. He is ruled by Mercury: the planet of communication. When a Gemini likes someone, they’re texting, calling, writing, and messaging back and forth consistently.

If they’re pouring out their heart in words, this is a really good sign that they like you.

Geminis are excellent for long-distance relationships because they will consistently talk to you and make wild plans.

  • A Gemini in love will write back to you daily, maybe even hourly.
  • A Gemini loves to share messages that are funny, cute, whimsical, and brilliant. They want you to be happy and impressed.
  • Geminis have to let out their words. If they’ve selected you as the object of their affections, then they will release all those tangled up words on you.

6. The Gemini Will Want to Have Shared Interests

If the Gemini likes you, he'll look for things the two of you might have in common.

She'll want to find something enjoyable that the two of you can do together and look forward to doing together. The Gemini may even try to pick up skills you have so that the two of you can share the experience together.

  • Geminis love to play video games with others. Playing a game together is exciting.
  • They'll want to cook with you.
  • They'll dance with you.
  • They'll learn a language with you.
  • They'll play music with you. Seriously, you'll just be playing the piano, and he'll come right up out of nowhere and start playing the guitar. Even if he isn't very good at playing the guitar.

7. He'll Cook a Fantastic Meal for You

The Gemini wants to impress you in any way they can. He knows the secret to your heart is your stomach. Gemini will do whatever they can to show off their cooking skills. They may talk about how they got the merit badge for cooking when they were in Boy Scouts.

Seriously. If the Gemini isn’t trying to impress you with food, do you even want this person around for a relationship? Geminis also make for fantastic cooks. They’re willing to try new foods, they’re smart, and they like to experiment.

8. They Seem to Have Singled You Out

Geminis like to mingle. Mingling helps them find the perfect mate. If they're consistently sending you love beams and focusing their attention on you, then you should take that as a compliment. The Gemini zeroes-in on someone they want to spend more time with. They'll treat you better than they do their casual acquaintances.

  • Geminis don't ordinarily focus. They hop around from one social context to the next. If they keep spending their free time on you then that means you're likely better to them than the social mingle experience.
  • The Gemini will make it clear that they enjoy your company the most. They'll tell you this.

9. Random Gifts

Did the Gemini take extra time to buy you flowers? Did he remember your favorite band and then bought you concert tickets? Did she make you something beautiful out of paint and plaster? Geminis like to give pretty, sparkly, and charming things to people they think are pretty, sparkly, and charming. Geminis don't normally dish out random gifts. They give them out with intention.

Geminis only give gifts to people they see as friends or more. The Gemini is like a crow, which gives out gifts to a select few.

10. He Is Comfortable around You

The Gemini has no problem relaxing around you. He tells you that he enjoys your company. A real winner: he tells you that you can actually understand his tangled up thoughts.

Geminis don't always feel understood, so if they can find someone who can actually interpret their craziness (and correctly) then that is a major win.

Gemini wants you to have the best dates imaginable. They want you to remember them, for things to be creative, and for you to feel absolutely happy.

Gemini wants you to have the best dates imaginable. They want you to remember them, for things to be creative, and for you to feel absolutely happy.

11. She Is Nervous around You

Look, Geminis are charismatic sorts that can be loners. They can also be really comfortable around someone they like or painfully nervous. They're comfortable because they have the gift of gab. They're nervous because air signs tend to carry a lot of energy in their heads. All the internal monologue buzzing in the brain turns into anxiety.

So if the Gemini seems extra nervous around you, that's usually a sign that they're smitten. However, you need to help them feel comfortable otherwise they won't think you like them, and they'll fly away to another part of the universe. Geminis need good feels. They're spring-based signs, so they like for things to be lighthearted, carefree, fun, silly, colorful, and wild. They don't do well in situations that are too grim or too serious. (Geminis are terrible to take to funerals. It's hard for them to be serious and quiet for long periods. A mourning Gemini is a sad, sad sight indeed. Anyway, let's get off the topic of funerals.)

12. They're Clearly Trying to Impress You

I can't say it enough. Geminis want to impress the objects of their affection. The Gemini may memorize an entire speech for you, they'll find some incredibly difficult object to find just for you, they'll paint you a masterpiece, they'll exercise and get the perfect body.

Geminis who like someone will want to impress them. Geminis who aren't interested in someone won't care to make an impression.

13. They Behave Like a Teenager in Love

Look, spring signs have a youthful aura about them. A Gemini smitten will be full of smiles, they'll have sweaty palms, they'll make lots of jokes, they'll give you flowers, and they'll call you late at night. Geminis are actually pretty intelligent when it comes to love. They know it's smart to create a bond that's full of happy energy.

  • They write you notes and leave them in your locker. . . maybe your mailbox.
  • They want to ride bikes together.
  • They want to go walk along the beach and collect pretty seashells.
  • Ice cream dates.
  • Taking their cute date to a dance formal of some kind.

14. You're Smart, Fun, and Unique

That is the trifecta Gemini wants in their partner. They want someone who is just as smart as them. They want to be able to talk about anything. They expect you to talk with them about anything. They need someone with brains who can keep up with them; otherwise, and don't take this personally, they feel lonely. It feels awful when you're on different intellectual levels in a relationship.

Geminis crave fun. To them a life wasn't well spent if all you did was avoid fun. Geminis want to live, they want to do exciting things, they ultimately want to be happy. They're also drawn to the unique. They want someone who sticks out like a sore thumb. Luna Lovegood? That's like the dream girl for all Gemini boys.

15. The Gemini Will Want to Kiss You

The Gemini is obviously looking for the right time to kiss you. The Gemini may have dreamed of doing it for a long time. Geminis like to kiss. If they're not trying to initiate any hugs, kisses, or hand holding, then they're probably not overly interested in you.

If the Gemini has kissed you, and then they want to kiss you again, then clearly they have a crush. Geminis see kissing as an art form; they want to come off as good kissers.

16. The Gemini Will Defend You at Any Cost

The Gemini when they've found someone they really like will be protective of them. Any enemies of yours will be enemies of theirs. They don't like when people mess with the person who brings them joy. Since they mimic you, they'll take on some of your pain. The Gemini can get enraged over someone who hurts those close to them. They will fight for you harder than they likely ever would for themselves. A Gemini in love will have your back.

17. Geminis Give Words, Not Emotions

Geminis are not known for gigantic emotional displays. If they offer the tiniest bit of emotion, know that means a lot. They're not really the vulnerable type. They like to be funny, they make witty comments about everything, they're smart, and they like to hang out. They're not gushy. They're not like water signs.

Geminis show love through words, through acts of service, through touch, spending time with you, and gifts. But they're not big on emotional displays.

18. The Gemini Consistently Makes Plans with You

For someone that likes to explore the world and isn't too keen on settling down, consistency really shows their level of interest. When a Gemini likes someone, they make plans. They'll do what it takes to be with you and to do activities with you that you both enjoy. Gemini doesn't just make plans with anyone. They reserve that only for a select few.

19. They Invite You into Their Geekdom

Geminis are smart. They usually have some geeky interests from Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Final Fantasy, anime, collecting cards, board games, and the like. A Gemini who likes someone will want to share these things with the person. Their hope is you'll like all these things too. They want to explore all the creativity with you. Geminis who don't let you into their geeky ways definitely don't want you near their heart.

20. Geminis Who Act Like a Parent

Geminis nurture those they really like. They make sure you get things done. They nudge you in the right direction. Gemini borrows somewhat from the nurturing qualities of Cancer. Gemini will also borrow from Taurus. When Gemini likes someone, they want to make sure that person's needs are met. They can occasionally be overbearing in this manner. They mean well; they’re not trying to come off as though they’re smarter than you.

Signs a Gemini likes you: (1) he writes you poetry, (2) he says he is practicing magic on you, (3) he bought you a puppy, (4) he copies you, (5) he gives you amazing hugs.

Signs a Gemini likes you: (1) he writes you poetry, (2) he says he is practicing magic on you, (3) he bought you a puppy, (4) he copies you, (5) he gives you amazing hugs.

21. They Tell You

Gemini can tell you he likes you. He doesn't always, but Gemini's can do it. They're not as stubborn as other types who can wait forever or demand that you express interest first, like an Aquarius. If Gemini really likes someone, they can find the courage to confess it. Could they be playing a head game with you? Maybe. But a genuine Gemini will back up what they say with actions and consistency.

A Gemini who is just looking for some whimsical fun may something they don’t fully mean. Consider their confession alongside other signs of interest.

22. The Gemini Gets Serious

For once in this person’s life, there might be someone who they like so much that they’re willing to be serious. The Gemini might get demonstrative in regard to you: big displays, sudden adventures, long weekends together, and giant teddy bears. The Gemini might have a boost in dramatic behavior. Think boisterous and showy like Fraiser or Niles Crane.

23. The Gemini Picks You as Their Partner Consistently

When it comes to school or work, they like to have you as their partner. The Gemini likes to pair up with someone, and they want to have a partner who will be successful with them. They like to have a study partner who can be on the same page as them. They want to have a good work partner who can help them get stuff done. If the Gemini always wants you as their partner, then they definitely have an appreciation of you. The Gemini may also want you to be a romantic partner.

  • Do they want to hang out outside of the assignment?
  • Do they comment on how well you work together?
  • Do they seem flirtatious when you work together?
  • Have others commented on how he always picks you?

If you answered yes to all those questions, then there is a good chance the Gemini likes you.

24. They Are Openly Affectionate

Gemini isn't the type to hide affection. Geminis are very spring-like and romantic. They want to hold your hand, they want to do little things that make you smile, and they like to be charming. Geminis are playful.

25. You're an Aquarius

Check your natal chart. Do you have a lot of air in your chart? This includes Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Gemini has a lot of words going on in their minds. They need someone who also has an absurd amount of internal dialogue. They really want to have conversations. If you don't have a lot of words to share this will make things very difficult for Gemini.

This sign is automatically attracted to Aquarius types. They like people that have something to say. They like originality. They're dying to hear something they haven't heard.

Geminis have a "teach me something new" mantra.

26. They Seem to Predict Your Needs before You Realize Them

The twin air sign studies people they love. They're predicting how you'll feel, what will upset you, and what to do to secure your happiness. Gemini wants you to be happy. They want you to avoid trouble. A Gemini will consider heavily what they can do to make your journey easier. If you feel like the Gemini knows exactly what to do for you, it's because they're putting in the effort to make sure your world is running smoothly. Happiness for you is happiness for them. Sadness for you is sadness for them.

27. They Frame a Note of Yours

If a Gemini really likes you, they'll save items from you. They may frame a particularly funny note. When Gemini likes someone, they want to keep things from them. They might have a shrine dedicated to you. He might save things on his fridge from you, she might save funny pictures you drew, or they might save your clothes in a special box. Items connected to you are deemed sacred, and you can tell they feel that way.

28. He Is Willing to Travel to See You

Distance won't stop him or her from seeing you. Geminis can work with long distance. They'll put in the effort to see you. They'll do what they can to get on the same page as you.

29. She Makes You a Priority

When a Gemini is serious about someone, they don't just flake out on them. They make sure to have follow-through. They consider time with you a high priority. The Gemini makes sure to be available to you and your needs.

30. They're Eager to Please You

Instead of making things about themselves, they care more about your comfort and pleasure. The Gemini feels excitement in knowing that they can bring you catharsis from the world. Geminis in love are givers, not just receivers.

Bonus: They Impress You with Creative Dates

The Gemini wants their time with you to stand out. They’ll take you on magical journeys to museums, picnics in the park, stargazing, and dancing under a chandelier. The Gemini wants you to believe in whimsy. They want you to believe in a spark. They’ll chase after fireflies with you.

This isn’t someone who wants to be cooped up in the house forever. They want to go outside and go to events. (They do like couch time and snuggles but not all the time.)

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