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30 Things Aries Does When They Have a Crush on You

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

It's not super hard to tell an Aries likes you. They're pretty bold with confessing how they feel, but sometimes they might confuse you with their sarcasm or teasing.

It's not super hard to tell an Aries likes you. They're pretty bold with confessing how they feel, but sometimes they might confuse you with their sarcasm or teasing.

30 Things Aries Does When They Like You

One of the nice things about Aries is they make things clear. They don't hide their feelings or try to play mind games. The fire sign is bold and will make the first move. They're not afraid to confess their attraction to you.

In many ways, it's pretty easy to tell when Aries has a crush on someone. This fire sign is confident and speaks their mind. They like to be direct rather than skirt around uncomfortable or awkward issues. When Aries likes someone, they'll walk right up to them and tell them. They will make a move the first chance they get. They're candid, not coy.

How can things get confusing? Aries may trip you up when they're sarcastic. Plus, they love to tease those who are close to them. They'll also be mean just to make an impression. These flirtatious strategies can leave people with questions.

1. They'll Make a Clear Move to Let You Know They Like You

Aries wants clarity and action, so they'll be straightforward with you. They'll tell you exactly what they're thinking and feeling while also smiling at you, holding your hand, staring deeply into your eyes, or another intimate gesture. Aries isn't the type to sit around and wait and see how things develop; they take action as quickly as possible.

If they think you're interested in them, they'll advance things to the next level. If they get an indication that you're not on board with them, they probably won't bother with you. Aries despises slowness and riddles; they much prefer speed and candor.

2. They Exhibit Competitive Behavior

Aries is a competitive and combative person. They're like Gryffindors from the Harry Potter series: they do abrupt challenges to get people's attention, they're not afraid to get into danger, and they don't always think ahead.

An Aries who has a crush on you may want to see which of you is better at running, jumping, filling out Excel sheets, or Mario Kart. Aries wants to see what kind of actions and reactions they can get out of you. They may invite you into a weird festival of strength challenges, somewhat like Festivus.

3. They Make Fun of You

Aries is the most childlike sign of the zodiac. It's because they're the first sign, so they don't have the wisdom of the later signs. Each sign learns from the previous one; the earlier signs are more innocent and ready to jump into action... the later signs are wiser but more skittish about getting involved.

Aries is like the kid who kicks someone on the field or yanks their ponytail because they want to get their attention. They want to make an impression, they just haven't figured out that they should aim to make a good impression. They often do immature things because they like you, which includes teasing you, doing pranks on you, or annoying you. They think these interactions are fun, and they want a partner who gets their playful style.

4. They Like Debating With You

The cardinal fire sign loves to get into arguments, and they love to do this with someone with an exciting perspective. If you're brainy, they'll notice that, and they'll want to strike up a short game of "Who Can Argue Better?" Now some people will find this game of Aries' rather immature... and annoying. It can get on people's nerves when someone keeps trying to shape things into an argument, or if they feel like they have to have conversations "to win."

Aries isn't a sweet, cuddly, and hardworking Hufflepuff. They're a Gryffindor with a fire in their belly. They're driven to perform, compete for prizes, and get themselves into trouble. They want a partner who is comfortable trekking into competitive and treacherous territory.

5. They Find You Interesting

The cardinal fire sign can't handle being around someone who is boring. Once they find things boring, they'll jet. They will go toward what they find entertaining and inspiring. To Aries, someone who is interesting and clever is like a mesmerizing piece of jewelry. They love people who stand out and have unusual perspectives. They like people who wear bright-colored outfits, and they enjoy talking with a beautiful mind.

Aries is often attracted to air signs and other fire signs. People from these two groups tend to be impulsive, excitable, and creative.

6. You Challenge Them

Aries want to grow and be successful. They take great interest in their hopes and dreams, so if they find someone who can challenge them and make them an even better star... Aries will automatically be interested in them.

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Aries doesn't want to be in a relationship that feels like a fork in the road. They're not interested in having the same dull routine day in and day out... they want spice and dynamite. If you can get some adrenaline out of Aries, then they'll likely enjoy spending time with you.

7. They Try to Impress You

Do you feel like Aries is trying too hard to get your attention? Aries wants to make a strong impression, so they may do odd things to get your eyeballs focused on them. Aries is a sign that will peacock for attention. They're not afraid to put themselves on display in order to make an impression. They're also not afraid to cut someone off who is trying to peacock for you.

Aries may go on about their skills, money, or good fortune to attract your attention. They'll try really hard to make themselves seem impressive, because they know if they seem impressive they'll also seem desirable.

8. They Dress More Seductively

Suddenly your Aries friend is donning red lipstick and a low-cut dress. When Aries likes someone, they'll work a little extra to make themselves look attractive. They'll wear nicer clothes, put on nicer makeup, and actually do something with their hair.

Caution: Raising the bar on their ensemble could be something they're doing just for themselves and not to attract attention. They could also be doing this dress-up game to attract someone else's attention.

One way you can tell they're trying harder to get your attention is if they stare at you a lot. They'll also smile at you and approach you.

9. They Show Off Their Body

Aries types are physical creatures who often make their thoughts known through physical expression and activity. Aries, to attract a mate, will flex their muscles, do pullups, show how many crunches they can do, or show a bit of skin.

If they realize they might not be the best suitor in your circle, they'll go to the gym more frequently... you'll notice their muscles are getting bigger... and they're getting some tone to their body. Aries takes pride in their looks, and they are known to show off their body when they’re around someone they find attractive.

10. They Show You Their Emotional Side

When Aries, who isn't very sensitive or emotional, shows you their sweeter and more vulnerable side, take that as a hint that they're smitten. Aries doesn't go into their emotive side with ease. They're more about asserting their will on the world, so when they're getting soft on you... it's because they like you and in a big way. They don't show their emotional side to everyone.

Tenderness and kindness aren't really Aries' thing, so don't take it lightly if they're acting more like a water sign.

11. They're Playful With You

Aries types fall for people in childlike ways. They're a little naive when it comes to others, so they don't have the kind of fears that other signs do. Aries sees no harm in expressing their intimate desires.

When Aries likes someone, they want to play with them. They want to have fun! They'll invite you to places they think have an exciting atmosphere, and they hope you'll invite them to places like that as well.

Aries doesn't want to feel trapped in a relationship. They'd die if they had to watch paint dry. They want excitement and exploration; they're ready to explore the universe. Key takeaway: If they seem excitable around you, that's a good thing.

12. They're Like an Animal in Spring

Seriously, Aries types are passionate and it can be too intense for some. When an Aries likes you, it might remind you of animals and how competitive they get in spring. From March to May, the birds and mammals go a little nuts as they try to find a mate. They do awkward displays, and they have fights with potential suitors.

Aries will want to lavish affection on you, and they may get themselves into a fight to prove they're the best of the best. Aries has instincts when it comes to fighting off their competition, and you can bet they'll do absurd things to get your attention. To woe you, Aries might go through a series of highly energetic dance moves.

When Aries likes someone, they don't try to hide it. They're up front with their thoughts and feelings.

When Aries likes someone, they don't try to hide it. They're up front with their thoughts and feelings.

13. They Stick Out From a Crowd

When Aries likes someone, they're willing to put themselves on display. They'll do things like a child would to get people's attention: bang cymbals, do jumping jacks in the middle of a prayer session, or put on a red dress and dance the tango without a partner.

Aries isn't going to blend into the wallpaper when they have a crush. They're going to do what they can to project electricity, and sometimes their song and dance comes across beautifully... other times it's funny and weird.

14. They'll Impulsively Buy You Something

It doesn't matter whether Aries buys you something big and grand or little and quaint. What matters is that they randomly saw the item, they thought of you, and they bought it.

Aries wants to impress you, so they'll buy you a gift that they think will make you happy. They might buy something sentimental or practical, who knows? The key is they bought it for you and out of an impulse. They bought it for no intended reason, so it wasn't a gift for a birthday or holiday.

15. They Can't Wait to Talk to You

Aries is so excited to see you that they're overly talkative and bubbly. Aries will want to catch you up on the latest gossip, and they'll be particularly focused on what's happened in your life since the last time the two of you were together. They'll talk about all the fun things they want to do with you from playing video games and riding bikes, to things reserved behind doors.

Here's the thing, if Aries isn't really excited to see you then they're not noticing you nor care about what's happening in your life.

16. They Touch You

Aries is a physical person; they like to express what they're feeling with their body and face. If Aries likes someone, they'll hold their hand, kiss their cheek, give them a hug, or pull them into a dance. Aries will be close to you; they'll stare deeply into your eyes.

Aries doesn't have a problem breaking the touch barrier. If you're not getting physical affirmation from them at all, not even in the form of hand-holding, I would doubt that the fire sign is actually interested in you.

17. They Get Really Jealous of Other Suitors

Certain signs get more jealous than others, and Aries definitely gets jealous. The cardinal fire sign doesn't want to see someone else capture your attention. Aries will stare menacingly from afar when they notice someone is flirting with you. They won't take it lightly when they see you laughing at some other bloke's jokes, they'll get concerned when a handsome young man offers you his coat, and they'll definitely be upset if they know you're going on a date with the new guy in town.

Aries is the type to step in the middle of your interactions with someone else. They'll do what they can to change the flow of your conversation and bring attention to themselves. Aries will see this as an invitation to compete and win over their crush. They're very talented at pushing away potential interests and getting you to focus on them.

18. They Randomly Appear

If Aries has thoughts of you that randomly pop into their head, they'll likely try to find you and see how you're doing. Aries is the type to come over to your house uninvited.

When they're ready to play, they'll come looking for you. The fire sign may stop by your job for a quick chat, they may message you on Facebook without provocation, or they'll call you in the middle of the night because they thought of your favorite ice cream flavor, and they want to see if you want to get dessert.

Aries doesn't need an invitation to check in on you; they simply need a desire to spend time with you. (Aries isn't a vampire. That's more of a Scorpio thing.)

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19. They Aggressively Let You Know They Like You

I don't mean "aggressively" in a threatening way, just that Aries is more forward about their feelings and thoughts than other signs. Aries isn't passive, so when they like you, they'll be frank about it.

You should feel very secure about Aries' interest in you. If you're with an Aries and they're wishy-washy about their feelings toward you, then something is wrong. Please be rest assured: Aries goes after what they want.

I wouldn't wait on an Aries if they're on the fence about you. This isn't really the kind of sign to mull around and be deep in their thoughts. They're not the introspective type. They like to readily give answers and get going. They're impatient, so it would give them serious anxiety to hold back their feelings. If they have a crush on you, they'll confess it.

20. They Send You Flowers Randomly

If there was any sign to cut flowers from a garden, put them in a vase, and then just flat out give them to someone because they felt like it... Aries would be the one to do that. This sign is impulsive. When they've noticed something beautiful and they want to do something about it, there is very little that can stand in their way.

Aries might not do so great when it comes to anniversaries and traditions, but when it comes to random acts of love, they excel. This is why if you get a sudden bouquet of flowers, it means they're interested. They would only give someone flowers because their feelings demanded it. Aries is the type to notice beautiful colors and pleasing things, so they'll give these things to you.

21. Things Move Quickly

Aries, when they like someone, will dive right into a relationship. They'll put speed into things, so they might move into your home in a matter of weeks or months. Of course, they would do something like that when it's age-appropriate and not in high school.

Aries doesn't follow a slow pace when it comes to dating. They like fast-paced songs and rhythm; they might call slow and soothing music a snooze fest.

Takeaway: If Aries is approaching you and telling you that they like you, expect things to move quickly and randomly. Aries doesn't put their crush on the backburner. If they know somebody is ready to jam with them, they won't delay things.

Aries wants to be in an exciting and fulfilling relationship. They want to be with someone who challenges them.

Aries wants to be in an exciting and fulfilling relationship. They want to be with someone who challenges them.

22. They Can't Stop Staring at You

Some signs will stare at people, and then they'll look away because they don't want to get caught. Aries isn't so coy. They'll stare at you, and they'll keep staring at you because they have a crush on you. Aries stares at what they find interesting and what they want to understand.

Caution: Aries, for the most part, will stare at things that get them passionate, which could be something they love or hate. When Aries has an enemy they're studying, they're not going to take their eyes off them. Aries will not get distracted when it comes to love or war. The strongest opponent on the battlefield is Aries and that's partly because of their strong gaze. Aries has no shame in staring at someone they find attractive. To make things more clear, they may smile and give you a wink.

23. They Share Things With You

The fire sign will want you to feel like you belong, so they'll share random things with you to make you feel more comfortable. This is their way of creating a stronger connection. Sharing things with you can be quite simple from food, pencils, paper, and gum... to their coat, car, and house.

Aries can be selfish, so it's not always their instinct to share with others. The fire sign is ruled by Mars, the warring planet. Aries is a warrior at heart; they like to reap the spoils of their conquests. When Aries is willing to share their things with someone, it is a clear sign that the receiving person is in the fire sign's inner circle.

24. They Make Suggestive Comments

I wouldn't really call Aries the compliment-giving type. They're not really into words like an air sign, and they're definitely not into gushy expressions like the emotional water signs. Instead, when it comes to words and flirting, Aries will likely make suggestive comments. This sign would find it fun to say things that make their crush blush.

Aries could accidentally say something rude when they make their suggestive comment(s). They were trying to be clever, but it came out weird... They really need someone who jives with their sense of humor and strange mental urges.

25. They Fight for Your Honor

Though Aries probably is a little more prone to getting into a brawl or a little wrestling than the rest of us, that doesn't mean they'll literally fight any ole crook who has jaded you. Instead, if someone wrongs you, Aries will do whatever they can to fight for your side of the story. They're willing to put someone who crossed you through legal hell, they'll staunchly defend your reputation, and they'll get you out of predicaments.

Aries won't let their partner suffer. They'll do what they can to quell your enemies.

26. They Whisk You Away to Adventures

Keep in mind Aries doesn't want to be bored. Sitting around at home all day doing NOTHING is hell to them. When they like someone, they want to be busy with that person. They want to take you places, they want to go to events, and they definitely want to show you off to others. Aries isn't going to lock you up in some secret chamber and spend endless nights talking about feelings and soul connections... that's something Scorpio would do.

Aries will want to take their crush with them everywhere they go. Fire signs are movers and shakers, so fair warning, they might feel a call to move to another location. Aries can't sit still, so a boring town won't do for them.

27. They Want to Dance With You and Only You

They've singled you out to dance with them. Maybe you ran into each other at a club or you went to prom together. Aries, if they're comfortable with dancing, will want you to be in their arms. They'll want to show the rest of the world that they've found you, and you are gorgeous like a forest goddess. Aries likes to move, they like beautiful things, and they love turning some heads.

If Aries has a preferred dance partner, that person is likely their crush. Aries secludes themselves to one person because they're attracted to them. Attraction causes them to have laser focus.

28. You Mistake Their Advances for Sarcasm

Unfortunately, Aries is so bold with how they approach their interest that people will think they're being phony. It's really easy to think what Aries is proposing is only in jest. It can seem unreal when someone comes out of the blue and just flat-out tells you they think you're hot. Without any real buildup to this, some people will think the person who is confessing their feelings is being sarcastic.

So what do you do in this situation? If you feel comfortable enough, copy what they're doing and give them what they're putting out to you. Maybe call them out on what they're saying and test the waters. Play their games for a while to see if they're genuine. Take them at face value because maybe they really meant what they said.

29. They Ask You Out on a Date

Aries typically makes the first move. If they like you, they'll ask you out on a date. They ask someone out because it's what they want to do. They like you, so they want to see where that can go. It's painfully simple, but sometimes people gloss over this.

You're definitely in a good spot if they ask you out on a second date and any other subsequent dates. If they stop asking you out, it's probably because you bored them or they don't think you're interested.

Now you could ask them out, but then again... they might not like that because they like to be the one making the moves. If they're not the one making the moves, they'll wonder why. Just make sure you keep things enticing, not chill. This sign needs a little bit of friction.

30. They Think You're Impressive

Aries doesn't just form a crush on any old person. They fall for someone who stands out. To them, you're the most interesting person in the room. You're the Sun and everyone else is a planet orbiting around you. Aries wants to be close to you, and it's because you're impressive. They're begging for some of your light.

If they don't find you impressive, then they're not interested. Simply put, Aries is like a moth to a flame—if they're attracted to someone, they can't resist them. They go toward what is interesting, impressive, exciting, and engaging. They won't notice someone who blends in with a crowd.

Would you describe yourself as a charismatic flamingo or a boring ole house mouse? If the answer is you like to stay home and watch the paint dry... then you're a boring ole house mouse, and you will struggle to keep the fire ram's attention.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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