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30 Things an Aquarius Does When They Have a Crush on You

Andrea is a dating consultant with specialties in Western astrology, Myers Briggs, and has a knack for reading people and couples.

Aquarius can be hard to read, but everyone who likes someone eventually leaks their interest.

Aquarius can be hard to read, but everyone who likes someone eventually leaks their interest.

Signs an Aquarius Likes You

An Aquarius can be hard to read when they like someone. They come off aloof and don't realize it. They're also private and keep their feelings to themselves. They're very careful about what they hold dear to their hearts.

Aquarius-types are often searching for a soul mate, someone who fits into their lives and strengthens them.

Sometimes Aquarius gives up on the soulmate idea and just dives wildly into the dating world, having fun until they collapse into a puddle. Aquarius wants to have fun; they also want to have independence. They're very careful about commitment because they want to make sure they can maintain their independence, their ambitions, and some sense of privacy. All of this can be confusing to other people.

They have bigger emotions than they let on. People think they're emotionless—and that couldn't be more wrong.

1. Staring at You

When an Aquarius has a crush they'll stare at you rather frequently. They're trying to observe you and see what makes you special. They're also trying to make it possible for the two of you to share a moment with your eyes. You'll catch them staring at you at the most random moments. They're even more focused on you if they flash a smile.

  • Aquarius types like eye contact
  • They may comment on your eyes

2. Wearing Nice Clothes

If this is someone you run into frequently, you'll notice they keep getting prettier. The Aquarius wants to catch your attention, so they'll put extra effort into their clothes. She might wear a nice sundress and matching shoes. He might wear a suit and tie. The hair will look nicer, you might smell perfume, and their makeup is perfect.

3. Feet Pointed Toward You

The Aquarius will try to hide her emotions. One trick you can use on anybody of any sign: watch their feet. We typically don't pay as much attention to where our feet are pointing. We subconsciously point our feet in the direction of what we desire. Look to see if their feet are pointed toward you.

4. Random Long Messages

If they keep communicating with you and leaving you notes, that's a positive sign. Aquarius and air sign types like communication and words. If they like someone, they'll try to connect with you.

  • Back and forth text messages
  • Long messages written on Facebook
  • Letters about their travels around the world
  • Poems
  • Handwritten journals for you / drawings too

5. They Find You Funny

They keep hanging around you because they think you're funny, and they're comfortable laughing around you. They may call you randomly to get a laugh. They may write you long messages in part because they enjoy your sense of humor. Aquarius types love funny people. They like weirdness, they like originality, they like the unpredictable.

6. They Think You're Smart

Aquarius needs a smart partner, if we're being honest. They can be too much for people who don't really like long conversations, riddles, and deep thoughts. They can also go through bouts of quietness. Someone who is smart will better get along with an Aquarius.

  • Smart people are attracted to smart people
  • Aquarius is impressed by wit
  • Aquarius likes someone who can solve problems naturally
  • You need to get on the same brain wave one way or another

7. They Give You Hugs or Other Body Contact

Aquarius types normally don't give just anyone hugs. If the hugs last longer than usual, that's usually a sign of attraction or interest.

If these hugs are also in private and not at a large gathering where everyone is saying goodbye — even better.

8. They're Inviting—They Want to Spend Time Together

If they enjoy your company, if they think you're funny, if you're easy on the eyes, and you're smart—well, the Aquarius probably wants to spend time with you because they find you positive.

That's a good place to be—when they want to spend time with you—because it gives you better odds to develop a connection.

9. They're Awkward Around You

Aquarius is unpredictable. Sometimes they're charismatic; sometimes they're awkward. If they seem to like you but are really awkward, shy, confusing, and stuttering—they might have it really bad for you.

They want a good connection with you, but they're not entirely sure what to do with themselves.

10. They Go Quiet

The Aquarius might be worried that you don't like them back. If they've been talking to you a lot, but you're not really reciprocating, they may keep to themselves.

They may go really quiet because they don't want to bother you. Try reaching out to them and see if you can get a response out of them. The Aquarius may put themselves in timeout, so they don't ruin things.

An Aquarius often starts as a friend. They love the idea of falling in love with their best friend. They believe falling in love with a friend is the best way to a long-term commitment.

An Aquarius often starts as a friend. They love the idea of falling in love with their best friend. They believe falling in love with a friend is the best way to a long-term commitment.

11. They Save Mementos from You

They save something from you that's nostalgic, they like to remind you of a certain memory they hold dear, or they treasure a message and put it on display.

One way or another, they're trying to remember you. They want to remember the magic. They want to hold onto a piece of the past that gives them a reference point to you. Maybe you bought them a piece of clothing or jewelry, and now they wear it all the time.

12. They Make an Art Piece or Write a Song about You

This is a pretty obvious and forward move for an Aquarius. If they took the time to have something made especially for you, then they like you.

Maybe they had mugs specially ordered with a particular design, maybe they wrote and performed a song about you, and maybe they made you a piece of pottery... or a painting. Aquarius types tend to be creative, so this is all fully possible.

13. They Straight up Tell You

Aquarius sometimes gets the moxie to straight up tell someone they like them, they have a crush on you, or the like. If they've gotten to this point, then they really like you. They like to flirt and see where things go; they don't always go the direct route.

14. They're always Close

When you're at a party they drift to you. When you're in a group situation, they usually sit by you. When you're playing a game, they're nearby. Aquarius will be close to the person they like.

15. They Make Food for You

If they invite you over to their home and want to make you dinner, they are definitely on friendly terms with you. They may really like you if you're the only one invited to the dinner. They want to show off their creativity through their cooking or baking. If the night goes long, they're comfortable with you.

16. They Avoid You When You Seem Like You're Interested in Someone Else

The Aquarius will ice you out if they think you're interested in someone else. They'll hide in their feelings. They'll move on to someone else, to another activity, and just life itself. They'll avoid you because, you know, feelings. You likely won't even notice their subtle moves away from you.

17. They Like to Dance with You

They could dance with anyone during an event, but they keep wanting to dance with you. They compliment you on your form. They compliment you on your moves.

18. They Go Along with You for the Ride

The Aquarius can find entertainment with you just by doing errands. They can be whisked off to the far corners of the earth. Or they can be whisked off with you to the post office, the grocery store, or signing up for insurance. If they seem to be having a really good time doing stuff that's pretty boring—they probably like you because you're good company.

19. They Make Random Sing-Song Noises

If the Aquarius is happy, they'll be more comfortable and goofy around you. An Aquarius who has a crush has a lot of energy and it translates into randomness, spontaneity, silliness, and more.

20. They Keep Hinting to You About Something They'd Like to Go See in Town

They know you like that certain band, so they hint that they would like to go see them with you. They hint that they want to check out an art exhibit just with you. They keep trying to buddy up to go see special things as an opportunity to spend time with you, whether as a friend or more.

When a relationship works, it should feel effortless.

When a relationship works, it should feel effortless.

21. They're Suddenly Nicer to You

They seem more engaged in the conversation, their eye has a sparkle in it, they're complimenting you more, they check in with you on whether you did well on something that made you worry, they bake you cupcakes.

22. They Buy You Gifts

Aquarius types often show love by buying the perfect gifts. They'll pay attention to what you like and want, and they'll deliver on it. They like to be weird, and gift giving can be a great way to show off their weirdness and admiration for you.

23. They Do Cute Things out of Awkwardness

  • Fixing their clothes obsessively
  • Putting on their hood and dancing around in circles
  • Messing with things on a table
  • Obsessing over your cat
  • Completely unexpected activities because they can't hold in their emotions

24. Talking Forever

They don't want to end the conversation. They keep you up way too late at night talking about anything and everything. The Aquarius is full of words, so once they get started it's very hard to stop. They open up their hearts through words and then more words followed by yes, more words.

25. Holding your Hand

The Aquarius knows holding your hand is a sign of attraction. Holding your hand might be their first physical move.

26. Impressing your Friends or Family

They do what they can to be on positive terms with people in your bubble. They make sure that they have a good reputation. They want your friends to like them so that you think of them in a positive way. They also want you to be slightly jealous.

27. They Rush in to Help

In a crisis, they'll be one of the first people to jump in to help. They'll be there at the hospital. They'll help you out of a car wreck. They step in to help because they care about you, but also they can't really hold back. They've somehow found themselves close enough to be one of your closest contacts.

28. Smiles, Laughs, Smiles

The Aquarius likes to be happy. They like to be energized. If they smile at you with a sparkle in their eye, then they like you.

  • She likes you if she stares at you and tries to hold back her smile
  • He likes you if he winks
  • They like you if they laugh at random things

29. Asking for Your Opinion

If an Aquarius likes you, they probably think you're smart and respect your opinion. They'll come to you with questions about their art, about their style, about your thoughts on the afterlife. They'll seem like they really care about your opinion and want to INVOLVE you in their world. That's their real intent: involvement.

  • They'll find ways to include you in activities in the most random ways
  • If they're cooking, they may ask you to do something, it could be really small like stirring a bowl of water
  • They'll split up tasks with you

30. They Know What Are Your Favorite Things

An Aquarius who likes someone works hard to figure out what are that person's favorite things.

  • She'll know your favorite ice cream flavor
  • He'll know what is your favorite Disney movie
  • She'll know what kind of music you like
  • He'll know what books you like
  • She'll figure out what is your favorite chocolate

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