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30 Signs a Taurus Has a Crush on You

Andrea has a background in astrology, Myers Briggs, and pop culture, with expertise in relationships and dating.

Falling in love with a Taurus shouldn't be too complicated. They might confuse you with their quiet ways or short responses, but the bull does chase after what it wants.

Falling in love with a Taurus shouldn't be too complicated. They might confuse you with their quiet ways or short responses, but the bull does chase after what it wants.

Signs a Taurus Likes You

Are you pinning after a Taurus? Are you uncertain how they feel about you?

Your Taurus crush may indicate their interest without realizing it. The bull is sometimes quiet, distant, or too focused on work, making it difficult to know if they like you.

Taurus types generally want to be successful, in-tune with nature, and in a stable relationship. They can be conservative when it comes to matters of the heart, but sometimes the bull really knows what it wants and charges after it.

How Can I Tell They Like Me?

First: don't fret too much. Hopefully, the following list will offer you some clarity as to whether your Taurus is interested in you or sees you more as a friend or acquaintance. Tauruses have a long list of traits, tactics, and tendencies when it comes to liking someone.

1. They Buy You a Fancy Dinner

Taurus is an earth sign. They like to live in their senses. They want to appeal to you through sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. One of the best ways a Taurus can really get to know someone is to take them out to dinner.

Of course, friends take their friends out for dinner too. If you’re not sure if it’s a romantic date or a friend hangout consider the following:

  • Where did he take you? Was it an expensive restaurant?
  • Did the tables have candles or flowers?
  • Did you split the check or did one of you pay for the whole dinner?
  • Were they dressed up more than usual?
  • Did they pick you up? Or did you drive separately?
  • Were they flirtatious: touched your hand, winked at you, complimented you a lot, kissed you, etc.

2. They Have Consistent Communication

Tauruses like to be in relationships. They’re not typically loners. When they like someone, they’ll try hard to be consistent. They’re responsive to your messages. They don’t play guessing games. They talk and they listen.

  • Taurus types are not novel writers like air signs. Taurus keeps things tight and neat.
  • Their messages are intended to get you to meet in person. They prefer in-person communication.
  • Their responses could be short, but they’re consistent.

3. They Do Acts of Service for You

Earth signs like to keep things practical. If they notice your car needs its oil changed, your grass is too tall, or a lightbulb has gone out—they'll do something about it.

It's important to them that someone they care about and appreciate has their needs met. They also want to prove that they can help you meet your needs. Taurus types show love through acts of service.

4. They Break the Touch Barrier

Taurus types live in their senses. If they like you, they may politely break the touch barrier. This includes: holding your hand, high fives, giving you a hug, a kiss on the cheek, thumb wars, tapping your toes, or rubbing your head.

5. Plenty of Eye Contact and Staring

Taurus, like many signs, will stare at someone they like. We tend to first reveal we have a crush on someone with our eyes.

  • You'll notice they're watching you at a party.
  • You catch them staring at you randomly, and they either quickly look away or flash a smile.
  • If you flash a smile or wink when you catch them staring, they may approach you.
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6. They Laugh at Your Jokes

A funny person is a very attractive thing. If you're around someone and they keep laughing at your jokes it means they find you amusing. They think you have good timing. They like your company. You add something extra into their day.

If you feel like this person's sense of humor blends well with yours that could be a sign that they like you. A Taurus who finds someone funny will want to be around that person.

7. They Compliment Your Cooking

The way to the heart is the stomach, especially for the Taurus. If you're a good cook, the best way to lure in an earth sign is with food. They like for their senses to be enriched. They want to be with someone who knows their way around a kitchen.

If they flat out tell you they like your food then they probably want more food. Use that as an invitation to cook for them and see where things go.

8. They Cook for You

Okay, now if the Taurus is cooking for YOU then they're straight up trying to impress you. Consider carefully what kind of meal they're making. Was it something that took a lot of prep? Do they like to cook for lots of people? Do they brag about cooking for others. . . or is this something special?

If all they did was make chicken nuggets and macaroni & cheese, you're in the friend zone. If they cooked something that takes more thought, they likely have an interest in you.

Take note: food is part of the flirtation game for Taurus.

9. They Spend Loads of Time with You

Taurus will be available to hang out at night and on the weekends. They'll invite you to go places with them.

If the Taurus isn't investing time in you or isn't very responsive to your messages then they likely aren't super interested in you.

Time is practical to Taurus, and Taurus is a practical sign. If they're not offering you practical expressions of romance then they're likely not interested.

10. They Do Chores for You

Similar to acts of service, but I would consider these smaller in scope. A Taurus that likes someone wants to keep their place and material objects in good condition. They'll take out the trash without you asking them, they'll wash the dishes, they'll do the laundry, they'll clean off the table, they'll walk your dog.

Taurus cares about physical reality. They care about material possessions. They respect your things. If a Taurus is getting everything muddy and messy then it's unlikely that they like you. Taurus loves nature, but they also want a tidy space around them. They will clean up their messes.

Keep things light and positive. Be charismatic no matter the situation and good things will come your way.

Keep things light and positive. Be charismatic no matter the situation and good things will come your way.

11. They Notice Little Things about You

The Taurus will notice the way your nose crinkles when you laugh. They remember that your color blind or allergic to nuts. The Taurus tries to remember your likes and dislikes.

You'll notice in conversation that they've taken the time to memorize things about you. They also make adjustments to please you, like avoiding places that serve food with nuts.

12. Thoughtful Gifts

The Taurus will impress you with gifts. He may buy jewelry, flowers, candy, or chocolates. She may buy you clothing, tickets to your favorite sporting events, or video games.

A Taurus will think about what you like and will match it with an appropriate gift. Taurus wants you to have all the things you want. A gift can also be flirtatious without being overbearing, especially if you don't go for big, expensive items.

13. They Introduce You to Their Friends and Family

If the Taurus has a crush, they'll want you to know their favorite people. They'll introduce you to their best friend, they'll have you meet their baby sister, and they'll take you to places and hangouts where they meet people.

A Taurus takes pride in their relationships. If they're not introducing you to people in their life, take that as a bad sign. A Taurus who values romantic interests—and even friends—will want you to know their friends.

14. They Tend to Sit Near You

When you like someone, you want to be close to them. If someone has a crush on you then they'll try to sit next to you. When you hang out in a group with this person, they'll drift toward you not away.

  • They'll sit next to you while watching a movie.
  • They'll stand with you if you stand; they'll sit with you if you sit.
  • They'll be near you in a church setting.
  • They'll be near you in meetings.
  • They'll sit with you at lunch.
  • They'll sit with you and talk with you after something important has happened in your life.

15. They'll Want to Play with You

Taurus is a playful person. If they like you, they'll want to play games with you. They'll want to show off their video games. They'll want to toss a Frisbee. They'll want to show you their interests.

  • If you both play musical instruments, they'll want to play them together.
  • They'll want to play their favorite sports with you: basketball, football, soccer, croquet.
  • They'll pull out the board games.
  • They want to know what games you like.

16. They Mention They Want to See Something with You

The Taurus may hint that they want to go to a concert with you, a sporting game, or some other fun activity. The Taurus may suggest something like this to test the waters. They want to know if you would be interested in doing something like this as well.

If you seem interested, this could turn into a date. If you don't seem interested, then they'll stop talking about it and probably not mention it again.

They may in the future bring up something else that they'd like to go check out with you. Eventually, if you don't take them up on any of their ideas, they'll probably think you're not interested in them.

17. They Make Something for You

When you have a crush on someone, you do some pretty gutsy things. This includes making handcrafted gifts. They may take a class just so they can learn how to make pottery for you.

Classic homemade gifts include:

  • Drawings
  • Paintings
  • Knitted scarves, hats, or blankets
  • Jewelry
  • Furniture
  • DIY projects with beads, glass, buttons, or any assortment of craft materials.

18. They Compliment You

The Taurus will be taken by someone who is pretty. They like someone who is easy on the eyes. The Taurus often has very traditional tastes.

If they think you're good-looking, they'll likely compliment you for your looks. They'll go on about your hair, your eyes, your beard, your soft hands, etc.

19. They Ask You Plenty of Questions

If you're interested in someone, you ask them questions. It's how you get to know someone. Romantically, the questions shouldn't feel like a job interview. The questions should come up naturally. The questions should be creative.

  • They'll want to know about you and what makes you happy.
  • They'll want to know if you have similar interests.
  • They'll want to know your backstory.
  • They'll want to keep the conversation going.

20. They Get Jealous When They See You Flirt with Others

Taurus doesn't like to be messed with. They want someone who is loyal. They want someone who appreciates them. If they think you're interested in someone else, they'll either try harder or put on the brakes.

Seeing you flirt with someone else could make them really angry. Taurus types can be possessive.

21. The Taurus Is Protective of You

The Taurus will fight for your honor. They want you to be protected at all costs. They'll go loco on someone who insults you. They'll be angry at catcallers, they'll throw a fit if someone has underestimated you, and they'll consider revenge on someone who has seriously caused you trouble.

A Taurus' instincts are to protect. They protect those they love and cherish. The more they like you, the more they want to protect you. They can't stand for you to be hurt.

22. They Look to You before Making a Decision

When someone likes you, they care about your thoughts. They'll want your input. They take your words seriously. They want to make sure your perspective is included.

A Taurus wants to be with someone they respect. They want to have someone next to them that is equal in body and mind. If they don't respect your opinion then they're not interested in you.

23. They Have a Nickname for You

The Taurus wants you to remember them, so they have a special name for you. Nicknames are only reserved for special people. This isn't a name everyone else calls you.

They picked a certain name for you. They use the name frequently. They sound excited when they call you by the name.

24. They're Engaged in Conversation with You

They're not on their cellphone looking down. They're not trying to cut the conversation short. They give you eye contact. They smile. They ask questions. They respond well to what you say. They listen and reply.

Someone who isn't interested in you won't give you all these courtesies. They'll be more focused on themselves.

25. They Have Good Manners

They make a point to be on time. They say "thank you" and "please." You don't have to worry about their appearance or their behavior. You can trust that they'll show up in a presentable way.

Someone who likes you wants to impress you. They want to be on their best behavior for you. The Taurus wants you to be attracted to them just as they are attracted to you.

It's not the end of the world if they don't like you back. Sometimes things are just not meant to be.

It's not the end of the world if they don't like you back. Sometimes things are just not meant to be.

26. They Dress to Impress

Have you noticed your friend looks nicer all of a sudden? Your friend could be buying new clothes, trying new skincare products, or trying new stuff with their hair. They likely are doing this to appear more attractive.

If you notice that they’re trying to be more attractive around you then they probably like you.

If your friend who usually wears t-shirts and jeans suddenly changes their attire for when they hang out with you, then they’re probably trying to take things up a notch.

27. He Keeps Adjusting His Socks; She Keeps Playing with Her Jewelry

We make subconscious ticks when we like someone. Often for men, it’s adjusting their socks and shoes. They don’t know what to do with their hands or their nervous energy. For women, they’ll often play with their earrings or necklace.

  • Do they keep adjusting their tie?
  • Do they fiddle with their buttons?
  • Do they keep adjusting in their seat?
  • Do they run their hands through their hair?

28. They Leave You Sweet Notes

They leave handwritten messages for you to find. They might put a note inside a book you're reading. They may write you a letter. They may want to communicate more over email.

Taurus types can be sweet. If they're not sure how to break the ice then they may leave you a note. Sometimes the best way to get someone's attention is with a couple of words in your own handwriting.

29. They Want to Explore Nature with You

Taurus types love the outdoors. They also have a soft spot for people who like nature. A Taurus who has a crush will want to invite someone they like to go hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, and skiing.

A Taurus doesn't want to stay indoors all the time. They want to be on the go. They want to be with someone who also likes going outside and moving.

Taurus types are not couch potatoes. They flirt by taking people to somewhere. They can't sit still forever.

30. They're Comfortable Expressing Their Emotions with You

Taurus types are generally not the most emotional. If they really like someone they'll let themselves be vulnerable. You'll actually see them cry. Take it as a compliment because they feel safe around you.

If you feel like you're just talking to a wall then your Taurus might not be interested in you. They're not feeling comfortable enough opening up. If they can't give up their emotions and thoughts then they're not ready for a romantic relationship.

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