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30 Signs a Cancer Has a Crush on You

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

30 Signs a Cancer Has a Crush on You

It can be tricky to tell whether a Cancer has a crush on you. The sign is known for their coyness. They can be friendly toward everyone, so you might miss the subtleties of their flirtations.

Cancer is also moody, so one moment you might think they're in love with you, and the next moment, you're not sure if they know you exist. The sign can be incredibly passionate, and they can change their mind in a split second. They often find themselves indifferent to things they once loved.

The following list intends to clear up any confusion you might have from your Cancer's interactions. I've listed 30 signs that indicate a Cancer has a crush on you.

1. Their Eyes Flutter With Excitement

When it comes to the crab sign, you can tell they like you when they keep looking your way. They don't have a penetrating stare like Scorpio. They don't avoid eye contact like Aquarius. They're not as bold and in your face as Leo. Instead, Cancer will make bashful glances your way. They may rapidly blink to suggest you've caught their attention. Their eyebrows might jump up and down. They've perfected the flirtatious wink.

When they like someone, they want to have fun. Their eyes will definitely convey that. If they keep looking at their shoes and at the exit, those are bad signs.

2. They Touch You With Their Hands

Every zodiac sign represents a certain part of the body, and for Cancer, it's the hands. When they like something, they touch it. They like to feel different textures. They like to put their hands on people as if to heal them.

A Cancer who has a crush will pat you on the back, slide their hand down your arm, adjust your hair, squeeze your hand, or leave their hand on you. They're suggesting they like you and feel comfortable with you. The touches may feel gentle and graceful. They don't want you to feel like they're controlling you.

3. They Bring You Gifts

While they were gone on a trip, your Cancer friend was thinking of you. They come home and bring you a souvenir to let you know they missed you.

The cardinal water sign is also the type to buy someone they like flowers, chocolates, or jewelry. They want to show that they appreciate you. They want to make sure you know that you're in their inner circle.

4. Watch Their Actions, Not So Much Their Words

Cancer is more likely to show you they like you rather than tell you. They're more comfortable batting their eyes, touching your back, and drawing hearts all over things than saying how they really feel. They want you to see and experience their feelings. They want to know if you have a similar vibe. They distrust words.

To signal back to a Cancer that you like them, mirror their actions. Words don't hold as much weight with this sign. They take your behavior around them very seriously.

5. They Spend Their Time on You

When the cardinal water sign has a crush on someone, they'll spend a lot of time on that person. They'll make a concerted effort to connect with you. They may send you text messages throughout the day, hang out with you when you're off work, or want to be included in your plans. If they're not willing to spend time with you, that's a bad sign.

6. They Care About Your Comfort Level

When a Cancer likes someone, they'll be conscientious. They'll do what they can to make sure you feel comfortable around them. If you're cold, they'll bring you a blanket. If you're tired, they'll find you a pillow. If you're hungry, they'll make sure you have something to eat. Cancer is someone who makes sure that your needs are met.

7. They Care About Your Feelings

The water sign cares a great deal about others' feelings. When it comes to those they really love, whether friends, family, or a romantic partner, they take special care to protect those people's feelings.

This is the type of person to comfort you when you're crying. They'll wrap their arms around you when you're sad. They'll buy you chocolate to make you feel better. They won't leave you in the dark to go through your sadness alone.

Cancer's trump card is feelings. They have an advanced understanding of emotions. If they like someone, they will make it clear that they're emotionally keen.

8. Affectionate Behavior

Cancer normally has more sweet, flirty, and polite physical moves than something that's really bold, forceful, or passionate. Cancer has a distinct way of flirting that's charismatic. They're like cats in that they're picky about who they decide to give their affection to.

Cancer acts like how TV shows portray mermaids. They're shy, have few words to spare, and they have a certain demeanor that lets you know they're flirting.

9. They're Devoted to You

As one of the most loyal signs, Cancer will prioritize the person they love. This is a sign that likes to couple up rather than spend their nights and weekends alone.

They're into monogamy, so they like to find someone who has a similar vibe to them and keep that person to themselves. They can get jealous if the person they love is getting more affection from someone else. This sign can feel excessively burdened when in an unrequited romance.

Cancer can come off really shy when they like someone. They may blush, but they'll still have a smile or open body language.

Cancer can come off really shy when they like someone. They may blush, but they'll still have a smile or open body language.

10. They're Supportive of You

The cardinal water sign will be your cheerleader. They'll compliment the things you do. They'll encourage you to go after your dreams. They like to hear about your projects and what you would like to do in the future. If they like you, they'll take an interest in what you're doing.

Caution: When a Cancer likes someone, they may say they like something that they actually don't. They want to align with you, so they'll say they like your favorite movies, books, sports teams, etc. It can be hard to know if they really like these things because they change their mind frequently. What was once a favored TV show could be tedious to them days later.

11. They Tell You They Feel Comfortable Around You

Cancer is a sensitive and intuitive sign. They don't like to be in a relationship with someone who is overbearing or aggressive. They want to align with someone who is sweet and is okay with taking things slow. This sign will fold and stop playing with you if you come off as too demanding. They like to go with the flow and be around someone with a positive aura.

12. They Come out of Their Comfort Zone

The water sign doesn't particularly like to be in a vulnerable position. It can make them feel uncomfortable to be in a situation where they have no experience.

If they like someone, they'll trust them. They'll come out of their comfort zone because they know they'll be safe with you. They open up with you more, they put down their guard, and they're receptive to your ideas.

13. Things Feel Secure

One sign that thrives when things are stable is Cancer. They have enough mood shifts with their emotions that they really crave structure and sustainability in a relationship. Cancer often pairs up with an earth sign for this reason. Cancer wants things to be balanced and in good shape from their finances, health, education, and job.

They're drawn to people that display security and stability. Cancer feels on edge around people who are chaotic and unstable. A clean, tidy home is attractive to this sign.

14. They Do Acts of Service for You

When they like someone, they'll do what they can to make their special person feel appreciated. They'll do chores for you, like washing dishes, filling up your gas tank, tidying up your room, and organizing your spice cabinet. They'll run over to your workplace to bring you lunch. They'll make sure you have enough milk and juice in your fridge.

Takeaway: A Cancer who is in love will find things that need a little bit of TLC.

15. Cancer Will Work Hard to Establish an Emotional Connection With the Person They Like

If it feels like you're talking to a brick wall, then something isn't working. Cancer WANTS to establish an emotional connection. They'll look for ways to bond with you. They'll allow their emotional side to come through rather than filtering it. They'll do things with you to bring emotions to the surface: play music, write love poetry, talk about nostalgic things, and save mementos.

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16. The Cardinal Water Sign Kisses With Passion

A Cancer who likes someone will work very hard to master their kisses. They'll put a lot of effort and energy into their lips. If they seem like they're phoning it in, then they're probably not that interested in you.

17. They're Protective of You

This person can't stand it when people pick on you. They'll stand up for you when others don't see your worth. They'll keep you out of harm's way. They'll give you items that will help you to be careful. They want to make sure you're safe both emotionally and physically.

18. Cutesy Messages Find Their Way to Your Phone

Cancer loves to perk your day up with a happy text message. They'll pepper their messages with emojis, exclamation marks, and compliments. They'll send videos of cats in funny outfits, GIFs of movie scenes, and pictures of themselves.

They want your texting experience with them to be a positive one. They use texting as a buffer between the next time they get to see you.

19. They Blush and Look Away

You lock eyes with a beautiful stranger at a bar. The person's face turns bright red. They look away because they're nervous. They take that nervous energy and do something with it like grooming their hair, adjusting their clothes, or playing with something on a table. When you approach and start talking to them, they're shy... but they also converse with you. They might twirl their hair around their finger. They smile while talking to you.

Takeaway: Cancer gets nervous and shy when they like someone. They may blush or do something similar. They're the definition of bashful.

20. Cancer Will Plan a Date That Caters to Your Interests

The first sign of summer wants to impress you and make you feel included. They'll look to your interests when planning a date or hang-out session.

Cancer will do a lot of detective work to figure out what you like and how to make your dreams come true. They want you to feel comfortable sharing your interests with them. You'll have a good time because you'll get to enjoy the things you like. It brings joy to this sign when they can satisfy your needs.

21. They Introduce You to Their Family

The first water sign of the zodiac really loves their family. When they like someone, they'll want to introduce them to the people most important to them. Cancer wants to make sure you click with their family. If you don't get along with their family, it could be a deal-breaker.

Cancer wants you to see their parents as your own. The water sign requires that you get along with their children. This sign wants you to be best friends with their siblings.

Cancer is the type of sign to stand close to someone they like. They want to be with them. They do what they can to close the gap.

Cancer is the type of sign to stand close to someone they like. They want to be with them. They do what they can to close the gap.

22. Using Their Artistic Talent to Seduce You

Cancer is a creative sign. They're typically good at something artsy. They may have a beautiful, angelic voice. Maybe they moonlight as a painter. They could have a gallery in town of their one-of-a-kind pottery.

The crab will flirt by doing something artsy. If you've seen The Crown, Princess Diana (who was a Cancer), would put on performances to try and connect with Prince Charles. She put on a huge dance for him. She also did a reenactment of a scene from The Phantom of the Opera. Cancers like to use creative expression to explore and show their feelings. This is a sign that will serenade their crush.

23. They Invite You to Do Something With Them That's Special

Maybe they want to walk along a beach after midnight. They want to search for the perfect seashell. They have a specific park they want to tour in order to find a special rock, flower, or mushroom. They want to go to a field for the fireflies. They ask you to go watch fireworks with them.

There is something special to their request. They're looking to bond over something that may on one level appear simple and straightforward, but it's actually intended to be romantic.

24. Saving Mementos from You

You give your Cancer friend a paper rose that you made. One day when you're over at their house, you notice that they still have that paper rose. In fact, they have a shrine dedicated to you. It's full of special little mementos that you've given to them.

If they're saving things from you, it means they want to hold a special place in their heart for you.

25. They Dress to Impress

When you rely on actions, behaviors, and body language to reveal that you like someone, that means you want to look attractive. A Cancer knows they can steal someone's heart if they wear the right outfit. They'll sit coyly in a corner in their silver sequin dress. They'll wear gorgeous pearls around their neck. Their hair will be on par with mermaids.

Cancer will dress to impress because it makes life easier for them. They're not keen on flirting through wit and words. They're keen on getting your attention by batting their eyelashes and flashing a coy smile. They'd rather link arms with you than straight-up tell you they think you're cute.

26. They Gossip About Other People

This sign loves to read people. They're observant. They also like to talk about what they know. If they like you, then they'll share what they know about others. If they're not interested in you, they'll be more guarded about their info.

27. They're Comfortable Being Moody Around You

The water sign has a million different moods, and sometimes they go through a million different moods in a single day. Cancer can be really sweet and lovely one moment and then wildly upset the next.

When they like someone, they'll be comfortable showing that they're moody. They won't try to fit in a box. They won't hide their emotions. They'll allow themselves to be a mess around you. They're willing to argue with you because they're comfortable. (Though they might not argue with you when they have a crush on you and before the two of you become a couple.)

28. They'll Want to Sit Next to You

Water signs in general want to merge and feel like they're one with their partner. Water is a relationship-oriented element. This means you can tell who they like by observing who they stay near.

Water signs use proximity as a form of flirting. They'll sit next to you, they'll stand near you, they'll follow you into rooms, and they'll pick you to be on their team.

29. They Cook You a Big Meal

In order to get close to your heart, they'll appease your stomach. Cancer wants to show that they're an ace in the kitchen. They'll do what they can to tantalize your tastebuds.

Cancers can be homebodies; they prioritize their time at home rather than spending as much time as possible chasing dreams and goals at work or other places. Cancer wants their home to feel like it's yours. Cooking you a nice meal is one way to seduce you.

30. They Offer to Help You

You're carrying several boxes into a building. The Cancer, if they like you, would offer to carry some of those boxes.

If your car has a flat tire, they'll offer to put on your spare. They'll take care of your cats when you're out of town, they'll pick you up from work when your car has died, and they'll help you figure out what outfit to wear for a big event, like a night out for a symphony performance.

Cancer wants to come across as helpful, this way you'll include them more in your life.

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