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The 12 Definite Signs That Your Ex Wants to Get Back Together

Noah loves to write about relationship and relationship advice. His mission is to change people's lives and relationships to the better.

If you're wondering whether or not you ex wants you back, this article might be able to help you figure it out.

If you're wondering whether or not you ex wants you back, this article might be able to help you figure it out.

Traces of desire and love are often left behind after a relationship ends and can be easily recognised. In this article, I go over several signs that may indicate your ex wants to get back together with you.

If you can identify at least two, if not more, of these signs, it could indicate that you might have a chance with them. This is the foundation for coming up with the right plan to reconnect with your ex to repair a once-broken relationship.

This information is not a simple guide to show you how to have a successful relationship. It is also not a get-your-ex-back guide. It is simply to help you understand more about what they might be feeling and provide some guidelines that might be helpful for you as you try to proceed.

The 12 Signs That Your Ex May Still Want You Back

  1. You still have feelings for them.
  2. You and your ex stay in touch.
  3. You talk frequently.
  4. Your ex contacts you first.
  5. Your ex waits a few weeks to get their stuff back from you.
  6. They contact you more than you contact them.
  7. They frequently show up where you are.
  8. Your ex calls you for random reasons.
  9. They seem comfortable with you when talking or ask about your social life.
  10. Your ex can't look you in the eye.
  11. They ask you if you're okay or if you're dating anyone.
  12. They act differently around you.
  13. You continue physical intimacy with them on a regular basis.

If You Want Your Ex Back

Here are some quick tips if you want your ex back. These are all easier said than done—but their purpose is to make sure you don't give over all of the power and decision making in the relationship to them.

  1. Do not be the first one to contact them. Let them reach out to you. (Especially if they broke up with you.)
  2. Do not offer to give them their stuff back. Let them ask for it.
  3. Do not sleep with or be physically intimate with them because this can get tricky later on.
  4. Do not initiate contact with them more often than they initiate contact with you.

Sign #1: You Both Still Have Feelings for Each Other

The longer you were in the relationship, the more of an emotional impact it will have on you when it ends. When you commit to a long-term union, you share memories and experiences that will forever be a part of you both.

In the time immediately following a breakup, it is natural for you to put all of your focus on the negative things in the relationship. However, it is very important to realize that the emotions and feelings you had for your ex will not go away immediately. Your heart is not a light switch. The emotional bond will still be present.

Focus on the Good Things About the Relationship

Getting your ex back will depend on the balance between how long you will keep allowing your feelings to grow versus your wish to allow them to disappear.

The relationship didn’t have to last long for it to have made a lasting emotional mark on you. Many people think that just because a relationship was short-lived, their ex could not possibly want them back again because there wasn’t enough time for deep feelings to develop. Try to put the bad things out of your mind and focus on the good things – like what made the two of you fall for each other in the first place.

How Your Ex Might Contact You and What It Means

Way of ContactingWhat It Might MeansSignal Strength


Just trying to stay in the loop about your life without any commitment



Same as email

Weak – Low


They are very interested in your life


In-Person Meetup

They still have unresolved issues with the relationship

Very Strong

Sign #2: You and Your Ex Stay in Touch

Do you keep in contact with your ex? If so, how much, and how do you make contact? The way your ex contacts you after the breakup can tell you if they're still craving a relationship with you. The more direct their communication, the better.

Often times, an ex will use texting or email to contact you. This may seem like they are just being nice and trying to keep a friendship going, but it can also mean they're keeping an eye on your life and what you’re up to. This form of communication is the easiest way they can keep you in their life without having to make any quick decisions about the fate of the relationship.

If you are getting phone calls from your ex, they have chosen the most direct form of communication—this is a great sign. This is very up front and keeps you in real and direct contact, making it feel as if the relationship really isn’t over for good. Of course, meeting in person is always best, but if they want you back it will come to that point.

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And finally, making physical contact is always the best outcome. This means that they are not ready to let you go. They may want to stay broken up, but they are also doubting the decision in the first place. This is where the face-to-face meeting is the most helpful. Seeing you may just help them make up their mind.

Sign #3: You Talk Frequently

How often your ex contacts you is a sign of how much they actually want to be with you again. Someone who still wants you in their lives will make a way to keep in contact. If they keep in touch after the breakup, it is a strong sign that they are unsure they made the right decision in leaving you. Another thing to look at is who makes contact more often? Is it you or your ex? If they get in touch with you out of the blue, you may be back together soon!

Don't Contact Them First

A sure way to help things along is to make sure you are in their mind at all times. There are a couple of ways you can make this happen. Even if your ex has not initiated contact yet, this doesn’t mean it's over. Right after a breakup there is something like a period of mourning because a breakup is one type of death. They may need some time to think things through before making contact. Let them have this time. They need to have time to allow themselves to miss you.

Talking frequently with your ex can be a sign that they're not yet ready to let go—or maybe don't really want to in the first place.

Talking frequently with your ex can be a sign that they're not yet ready to let go—or maybe don't really want to in the first place.

Sign #4: Your Ex Contacts You First

As long as your ex is second guessing their choice to leave you, they will try to keep in touch. Knowing this, the sooner they make contact, the more you know they miss you and are not sure of their decision.

If your ex is the one to contact you first, you have a great sign! This can mean that they feel that they rushed the decision and are now in great doubt. Often times, an ex will make contact for a non-specific reason, such as just wanting to say hello or find out how you’re doing. These may sound like lame excuses, but just think of what they mean! What they are really trying to do is find any possible reason to contact you.

If you are the first one to make contact, you may find yourself the weak party. If you were the one who was dumped, this is especially true. You don’t want to come off as desperate or needy, so try your best to wait for them to contact you first. If you get that communication a few weeks after your breakup, this is a great sign. They need the time to see if they have a change of heart.

Sign #5: Your Ex Waits a Few Weeks to Get Their Stuff Back From You

One of the biggest reasons that exes see one another again is that they have to get things back from each other. This is your best shot at seeing how they feel about you after the breakup. You can’t avoid meeting because you need your things back, so look at it in a positive light because it is an innocent manner of running into you!

If they are still feeling emotional towards you, they will be in no hurry to break off contact. The best case scenario is that they come for their things, and in a few days they call to say they forgot an item. It is likely they “forgot” on purpose so they had an excuse to come back over.

If they want their stuff back right away, this can mean that they are still feeling hurt, bitter, angry, etc. They likely are feeling hotheaded and thinking with the pain in their heart. This is especially true if things ended very badly. So, if they wait to get their stuff for a few weeks, it is a much better sign. No matter which way this step goes, it's possible that they are still not sure what they want, and that is always a sign of hope.

Don't Rush Things and Don't Be Desperate

If it is your desire to have your ex back, never be the one to return their things to them. Once you do, then it is really over. If you want another chance, don’t burn this bridge.

Now for a positive thing; if you don’t rush things, it will play out in your favor. Desperation is not attractive and will drive them further away. Take out some time for a no-contact vacation from your ex to allow you both time to think and miss each other. The emotions are too raw right after a breakup.

Don't offer to give your ex their stuff back until they ask for it.

Don't offer to give your ex their stuff back until they ask for it.

Sign #6: Your Ex Contacts You More Than You Contact Them

Even though the levels of communication will be varied, it is always a good sign if your ex is the one making the most contact. There are many ways that they can do so; texting, calling, emailing, social networking, or simply showing up. If your ex is starting up more and more communication with you, then take this as a strong sign that they are clearly thinking of you and missing you!

When you are the one doing the contacting, make sure you have a solid excuse to do so. It will be difficult, but you have to do things that will make them miss you and make them wonder why you’re not contacting them all the time. This will make them contact you even more!

Now, if you are the one who does most of the contacting, it is not the best way to go about things. It may seem like you are chasing after them and that lowers your chances of getting them back. If you are sending messages, the replies you get may only be sent so as not to be rude and you don’t want to have your ex in your life out of pity. If you just have to make contact, do so once and then see where your ex takes it from there.

Sign #7: Your Ex Frequently Shows Up Where You Are

If your ex is popping up in the same places that you just happen to be, this is a sure sign that they are feeling jealous and want to keep an eye on you. These chance encounters are a great sign they want you back! The bottom line is, if they keep showing up where you are, it is either a sign of jealously or regret. Either way, it is good for you.

Many people who were once in a relationship have the same friends. This means you will likely see each other in group gatherings. They may not be checking up on you in these instances, but watch out for their body language. You will be able to tell how they are feeling by their body language, expressions, etc. Pay close attention to these things without being too obvious that you are paying attention.

When seeing you after the breakup, they may not know how to act with you. This may make them keep some distance. This doesn’t mean that they are not interested in you anymore but it does mean that they now have the chance to start missing you.

An ex calling for random reasons—or for no reason at all—hints at the fact that they might still miss you.

An ex calling for random reasons—or for no reason at all—hints at the fact that they might still miss you.

Sign #8: Your Ex Calls You for Random Reasons

Your ex typically won’t call you for no reason or out of the blue. Usually, they will first find a good excuse to make contact with you. Pay attention to these “reasons” and you will be able to figure out what they are really thinking by contacting you.

Four Reasons They Might Call

  1. They want their things back: If they made just one call for their things to be returned, this may not be the best sign. They may want a clean break from you and don’t feel comfortable with you anymore. The main reason they may feel uncomfortable or uneasy around you is that they are worried that things are still too fresh and they may buckle on their decision and go back into the relationship without thought. Try to figure them out after the breakup so you know how to approach them in the best way without making them uneasy.
  2. No real reason: On the other side of things, your ex may keep calling without any real reason for doing so, like asking about your mom, or something like that. They are not really calling to check on your mom! They are calling to talk to you and felt that they needed to come up with some kind of excuse, no matter how lame it may be. They want a reason to connect with you but don’t quite know how to go about it! Again, this is a very good sign.
  3. They "found" someone else: Now this part may sound weird, but honestly, some exes will call to let you know they found someone else. Chances are that they haven’t and are just trying to see how you will react to make you jealous. If they know you’re jealous, they know you’re still into them and that is what they wanted to know in the first place; asking directly would be too easy! If this happens, try not to get angry, remembering that it probably isn’t the truth. They are already questioning the breakup!
  4. They want your advice or opinions: Finally, one of the best signs is your ex calling you for your advice or opinions on things. This shows that they still care what you think and that they want a reason to contact you. If they are calling with a trivial question, they are not just calling for your answer. They are calling for your voice. They miss you and are thinking about turning back to you.

Sign #9: They Talk About Themselves or Ask About Your Social Life

The way your ex talks to you and what they talk about will tell you a lot about how they are feeling. They will have a certain aura about them and their attitude will speak volumes. Hiding strong emotions in the presence of someone you have cared for is virtually impossible to do.

There are several different ways that your ex might react to you when you talk. They might:

  • Be dismissive: This is not a great sign
  • Talk about themselves: This might mean that they're comfortable around you
  • Talk about their life: This could be a bad sign. They might be moving on!
  • Ask about your social life: They probably want to know if you've found someone


Often times, your ex will not feel comfortable talking with you, even if it is a simple chat. The reason for this may be that they want to keep distance between you two, sending a message that says getting back together is not an option. This is usually true if they were the one who was dumped by you. There is no sign that is stronger of your ex not wanting to get back together then if they are totally dismissive while talking to you. But, the dismissiveness may be because they are nervous around you now. You know them best so it is you who will know which is which.

Talking About Themselves

If your ex is constantly talking about himself or herself, it may come off to you as self-centered. But think about it like this; if they are talking about themselves, this can mean that they are perfectly comfortable around you—comfortable enough to share personal things. This is a good sign. Keep in mind though, that there are several reasons why keeping your ex as a friend is not a good idea. Watch out for falling into the trap of going from lover to friend. This is a bad zone if you want them back!

Talking About Their Social Life

Play close attention to the talks you two have. If you are hearing them say things about their social life a lot, watch out! They may be preparing to move on or already have—putting you in the friend zone. Or, they are making sure you understand that just because you’re talking doesn’t mean you’re back together or will be back together.

Asking About Your Social Life

If your ex asks about your social life, it is likely they are trying to see if you are seeing a new person even if they are not prepared to take you back right off the bat. It is, however, a sign that they don’t like the idea that you may be seeing someone else.

If your ex can't look you in the eye, then it might be because they still have feelings for you.

If your ex can't look you in the eye, then it might be because they still have feelings for you.

Sign #10: Your Ex Can't Look You in the Eye

There is much you can tell just by the way your ex behaves around you. If you pay close enough attention to what they say and their mannerisms, you can tell how much they still feel for you. If they are acting in a friendly way, they are likely trying to appease the situation between the two of you.

No matter how the breakup went down, acting friendly shows that their aim is to create comfort around you again. If they cannot look you right in the eyes, it may be that they are afraid to because it makes them feel conflicted about how they still feel about you. Again, this is a good sign.

Try to look at it like this: if they didn’t care about you anymore, eye contact would be simple. Avoidance means that either they regret letting you go or that they don’t quite know what to say to you. Either way, it is a good sign.

Sign #11: They Act Differently Around You

A change in behavior is another sign that your ex may want to rekindle your relationship again. Some changes will be noticeable right away, while others will take some time to surface. Stay vigilant so you can spot these changes when they happen. Honestly, there is no good reason that you two can’t be friendly around each other, but remember, showing friendliness doesn’t always mean something. However, if the behavior change around you is a radical one, it is definitely a good sign.

When you do see your ex again, they may either be pleased to see you or they may seem like they are in a bad mood. Either can be a good sign. If they are happy to see you then they probably miss you. If they act all moody, they may be upset because they feel conflicted about the breakup. Either way, try to stay positive.

If your ex asks if you're dating anyone, it might be because they still have emotional attachments.

If your ex asks if you're dating anyone, it might be because they still have emotional attachments.

Sign #12: They Ask You If You're Okay or If You're Dating Anyone

If your ex isn’t putting any effort into moving on from you, the breakup is something that they are questioning. What questions should you be on the lookout for?

Are You Okay?

The first is the “are you okay” question. If they are checking to see if you’re ok after the breakup, they still care. They also want to know how you are dealing with the situation and if you have plans of moving on without them. If they know you’re ok, it may bring on two feelings. For one, they may be relieved if they know you’re ok and/or moving on. Or, it could be that they are worried that you will move on.

Are You Dating Anyone?

If they ask about your dating plans, it is because they fear that you are ready to see others. What this basically means is that they are seriously doubting the breakup. This is the point where you can easily convince them it may have been a bad choice.

But, don’t give away too much in the beginning. If you seem mysterious, that’s a good thing; it will keep you on their mind more. They may want to have the single life but they also want to have you. This is the point where they will choose one or the other.

Bonus Sign #13: You Continue Physical Intimacy With Them on a Regular Basis

Being intimate after a breakup can be a tricky business. It can actually put a dent in the plans you have for winning them back. Even though it may seem innocent, or even the most natural thing in the world, it can be the worst mistake you can make.

Think of it this way; you already have them in contact with you and it is possible you two are even friends. And then, you fall into bed with each other—what could possibly be better? Now the question is, what incentive do they have to get back into the relationship? They are getting sex and all without the drama of a relationship! Why would they take on all that pressure again when they can have their cake and eat it too?

After all this has been said, keep in mind if you slept with them once then you will do it again. But, if you want to look at it on the bright side, maybe it keeps happening because the two of you are so strongly pulled to each other and cannot stay away. This can lead to a full reconciliation. Also, simple flirting or even full blown make-out sessions with your ex can be a good sign. The more interest that is being shown, the better your chances are. Take care not to misinterpret what is happening though. It could just be a one-time thing, and then your heart will be broken even more.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Marielle Flores on April 18, 2020:

I don't know if he loves me until now or he is just loving me as a friend,because we had a promise before the break up that,we will be together soon if we meet because we long distance relationship..i don't know if he loves me until now,or he wants to comeback with me,ahmm i can't understand cause he had someone else,but they are now already broke up,but even when they still have a relationship,we had a secret conversation,in the first place,yeah he still cares and like something flirting,and i don't know what does it mean,and we don't chat in his official account,cause his girlfriend will be jealous,so he create another account,that me and him knows,so we can have chat a.s.a.p...but i dont know if he still loves me,and he will force me to find someone else and i said no,cause i'm tired,but the truth is he is the one why i can't found someone else,i don't know if he is forced to questioning me that for some meanings that they want to comeback to me.

Maverick22 on February 11, 2020:

My ex gf does have feelings for me and I have feelings for hard to say cause it was a long distance relationship between us.We don’t talk to each other or call each other.she married I don’t if that is true.

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I don't have a boyfriend anymore

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icryalot on May 10, 2019:

I actually had a long distance relationship with my Korean crush friend so...the problem is that I'm an arab girl and our religion is different from each other he told me that he respects my religion and he confirmed to tell me that he likes me too and asked that if I would be his girlfriend but...I couldn't say yes cause of our religion or what do his parents think of him liking an arab girl, so the next day his parents had a conversation about me and more..., but then he told me that I couldn't do a long distance relationship with...but then he said maybe we could just be friends and after that we argued about this stupid conversation which is about our different religion, suddenly we had a fight, then I came back to talk to him and check if he's doing Well in his life, turns out he joined the military service cause of he wants do something different, I'm really hoping that could get along with him soon

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My boyfriend broke up with me on Valentine’s Day it was.... weird and when he did he always texts me and talks to me and try’s to make me say I like him but I don’t and I need some more help to get over him or make him get over me. How do I go that?

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I broke up with my ex and i realized it was a mistake but by the time i realized it was too late, but he wants to be friends with benefits.. what dies that mean, what do i do

Charneka Jackson on February 09, 2019:

I love it is making me have some good deep deep relationship with my ex thank you so much

Wow on December 01, 2018:

I do not look back wards & have any loving memories what so ever. My ex is like gum on the bottom shoe. I can only wish him happiness. further why go back when the relationship lack any real love. He just wants a puppet. And be in the center lights. Ugh.

Isabela on August 27, 2018:

My ex said this “I don’t even know you anymore and don’t ask why” what is that supposed to mean

Gabriel on July 04, 2018:

I doubt it. Because, the females who rejects me, even if i'm not in a relationship with one of them, they'll still do the same thing, they'll never change. I refused to believe all these signs, because if any of them loved me, then, they wouldn't have hurted me in the first place.

ATimson00 on February 10, 2018:

I'd say these signs are very accurate. Although even if your ex isn't showing these signs, it's still possible to get back together.

I think first and foremost you have to ask yourself if it's really what you want. If you still feel in love with your ex, I highly recommend checking out Brad Browning's stuff. He has a whole guide on how to get your ex back and it's brilliant. You can find it at:

lebo on February 05, 2018:

If he still loves me I dnt see any reason not to give him a chance

pat on December 31, 2017:

Let's face it, a woman is either family orientated old school style or like the new majority of dysfunctional products from the growing broken families she is not. (thanx to American family law) Nothing you can do except date them for as long as you want and never give them the legal ties to your life and security

bonnie on November 13, 2017:

after 42 years i still think he does. bBut Peyronies Disease can sure make a man seek divorce!

Michael Ireland and Ada baker on November 09, 2017:

So myself Ex girlfriend when back together again Ada baker her places when’s shopping for dinner I was my laptop still all day I did not message her and call her on Facebook my falit back together without her what’s I do

Paz Andrade from Spain on August 15, 2017:

i had these experiences when we had a chance to get back together but it was just really not meant to be

Dre on June 20, 2017:

Muh gf light skin/red bone. Wen we had split up afta 5 yrs. She wuh drunk n suckd off 6 white dudes at a party same nite we broke up. Den dat weekend she went to da club n leff wid a group of white dudes again n they all 4 smashed. Took turns wid her. Den sunday she had went to da beach. She met some guys dat had a tatt shop. She had got alotta ink done n paid for it by g-bang da owner n 3 of da artists. She kepp on doin dis da lass 2 months. But i call n text her erryday. She say she love me n wanna take things slow. I love her so much. She pregnant n said da baby mine. I believe her cuz she say she 10 weeks. N we had broke up only 9 week now n she said the other guys meant nothin to her n she love me. She say the other guys wore condoms n was mostly oral n anal. But idk for sure da baby mine. But i love her n it dont matta. She say she after work she gettin a tatt. Den wana go out to eat w me saturday nite afta she leave da tatt shop. She say she not sleepin wid any of dem no more..

Single and hurt on June 19, 2017:

Hi there my ex and I have been dating for just over 2 years and living together for 2 years. We still living together as places are expensive. I have no family as I moved to his town for him and me for us to be close. He acts normal with me chats and does stuff around the house that he never did before. He said he missed me when he went away for 2days. I'm confused what is he thinking. I don't want to say it's hard for me as we still live together and don't want bad vibes. Please advise

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Ap on June 09, 2017:

My husband left me for third time again in 6 years we have four children together first time he left was for 9 months second time he left whilst pregnant was for month this time around 6weeks things did go really bad just lost family member three months ago now this been 14 days of not mentioning the relationship I'm getting mixed emotions from him we are both at fault in this relationship but he doest understand I'm going thru bad time my self and he is with his op however relgiousley because he said divorce in Islamic words if he doest return back with in two months the husband relgiousley we are no longer marrid I'm really scared the signs are there but he moaned about me posting pic of my self on social media and then said I should be respecting my self but it was just face picture of me because we have daughters then he was watching me in what's app so I deleted last Friday called me up talking about our hole 6 year marriage he herd me cry he said u need to get grip ur life then after that met him to drop the kids of then went around the next day he still wants me to come up to family's ect he not stopping me I'm just really confused I stay calm infact I don't do what I used to do I act happy as tho I'm hurting inside he texts me regarding the kids I keep it simple at short then he states leave it in gods hands if we r ment to be everyone says he should try again as marriage ain't easy the first five weeks was really bad as I wanted my name cleared of man speaking bad of me when we just contacted him as friends nothing more told my husband everything and truth he said I don't trust you ect even if u build that trust it enough to save your marriage anyway the guy admitted the truth so I was glad my name was cleared but in the other hand my hubby doest like people talking bad of his name or me ect have I really blown it?

Deb on April 11, 2017:

I am going through a breakup also. It's been a month or so, we are in contact and talking about reconciling.

I have to say to the other people that posted comments, maybe you're single because you can't write and are very hard to understand. All of you are terrible at the english language. If you put as much effort into your english and writing as you do your relationships, you're all in trouble. I am not the best, but geesh.

chichi on March 30, 2017:

on point perfect. ....most of that is exactly what am experiencing with him. Thank you

heather on February 26, 2017:

So my ex recently popped up on my phone and he sent a friend request on social media. Before accepting or not, I messaged him on he had added me? I couldn't get a good response. We ended up talking more throughout the night like personal life--how he was doing and how was I. He always brought up memories-- remember when... He knows that I've been in a new relationship for four months, my new relationship is great! But the ex... He's always telling me this new guy isn't good enough for me or anything. I assumed he was missing me so I asked, and of course, the answer was a no, but respecting my new relationship I left my ex on read, and the ex still bugs me! What does this mean?

Josh on February 21, 2017:

My grlfriend broke up with me today, and i feel broken

Diamond on February 18, 2017:

I saw my ex while I.went to play basketball at the park with all of my cousins then all of a sudden he comes up to me and said hi then he asked for 2 hugs then when I left he told my cousins that he likes me what should I do

R g on January 20, 2017:

My wife of 20 years left me a few weeks b4 our anniversary. Fell out of love is what she said. I was still in love with her. Besides the obvious, My issue is that we work together and she displays most of the signs on ur list. I ask her and she dismisses it in a hurtful way by saying its just habit. Its a constant and painful reminder of what was. I have to push away this thing I never stopped loving and it isnt easy. Now I find she is dating the guy whith whom I believe was the motivating force behind her decision to leave. I knew it when she ran into him a few years back. I knew it when she had a nervous breakdown that our time had come to an end. It hurts even more now. Sure I am at least partly responsible for the failure of my union. No one deserves this. No one. I feel betrayed and broken.

Tommy on January 18, 2017:

Hi, ive come to ask for help im a little bit lost at the minute. If i may ill give you the back ground on me and my wife, weve been together 13 years and married for 11 but known each other for over 20 years, our marriage has its bad times and this isnt the first time we split up, the last time i drank too much and had the warnings she gave me but carried on and that was the cause of that seperation, we got back together a couple months shy of a year after i sorted myself out and it was her that contacted me with memories and said things didnt feel right us not being together, so we got back together, since then weve had a good marriage. Last august things changed with my wife and she had a bad few months, her nan passed at the end of august which i know hit her harder than she made out, a couple of days later i had to go away with the army on a UN tour so couldnt be there for the funeral as they wouldnt let me go on a later flight so i was away from home so she in effect lost two people. On top of that she was worrying christmas, was working long days, wasnt eating properly, wasnt taking her medication which can cause deppression if not taken properly, she wasnt getting any help at home with housework etc ( have a 20 year old daughter living with her and a 2 year old grandson and my 15 year old son ). The week before i went home i recieved parcels where shed put little scribbles all over about how she loved me this is something shes always done, i had a letter telling me she loved me and i got the text messages about how she hoped id have a good day and how she missed and loved me with a shed load of kisses. I got home mid november for two weeks and sensed something wrong, nicola before i went was a houseproud person and the house was a mess ive never known her to be like that, she looked tired and had lost weight, my daughter told me she wasnt eating and was living off hot chocolate and generally a liquid diet, my wife didnt seem herself and was different, she was quieter, was going out as much as she could ( which was out of character because i struggled to get her out unless it was to the cinema) she had her eyebrow pierced and started dieing her hair crazy colours ( pink, red or purple) she didnt seem like my wife it was like she was completely different. She had an argument with my daughter and afterwards she turned on me and told me it was over no reason other than a hollow she doesnt trust me but couldnt tell me why she didnt. I could see she wasnt herself and normally i would have been a bit more confrontational but could see she didnt need it, this was on day 3 of my r and r, for the remainder of the two weeks i supported her and made home as comfy as i could for her and cooked her meals, sent her to work with sandwiches etc just generally looked after her, her whole personality was different if i asked if she wanted anything like a bath, a hot drink or anything else she would tell me no but if i asked, did it and told her it was there if she wanted it then shed have whatever it was. We slept in the same bed but not intimately and she did snuggle in to me a couple of times which made me a bit confused. Another thing she has started doing is started to lie which is not her character, everything seemed out sync with her, shed say something nice but finish it off with something sharp. Then i went back to cyprus.

Speaking to my daughter she told me my wife was missing me and making comments on the phone about me, this is where it gets confusing my wife knows that im not back home and hasnt mentioned divorce or asked me to collect my belongings, im living with my daughter and had some of my christmas presents off my wife but my daughter said nicola wants me to see me open the others that she made her leave at my wifes, my daughter has told me shes keeping me around for some reason, where it gets really confusing is that she is someone else who is completely different to me and they argue a lot, yes it was bad for me finding out but how i found out was through my daughter who was not happy, then shortly after my wife told me thinking i hadnt been told. My wife had deleted me off face book and whatsapp the day i got back then suddenly she sent me a message on whatsapp two days ago and been talking by text and i get the occasional kiss, not only that but shes recommending favourite dishes that i used to cook for her. I have been supportive and understanding very in both cases but as you can imagine im confused, hence asking for help and any pointers of whats going on.

Ive done my self reflection and given her the reassurance that im not going away any more even though were not together, told her im retraining for a new career this year ( offering stability and commitment) im even trying to give her attention and making her laugh when she messages me, put in a couple of memories and reminding her of her medication but doing it from a standoff position and as a friend as she told me she still wanted to be friends when we broke up, she knows how i feel because i wrote a letter before i went back to cyprus and left it under her mattress for the right but she found it by accident and according to my daughter shes seen her reading it in her car and kept it in her purse, i have no idea what is going on and obviously i want her back regardless of what shes done i know my wife is in there somewhere. Could you help

Valeria Diego on January 14, 2017:

My case is different for i know what Doctor Ehimen did for me this 2017. I was heart broken by my husband because i discovered that he has been cheating on me with his mistress and he filled a divorce on me December last year and i was confused and helpless on what to do. I searched for help around from spiritual helpers but all was to no avail not until i was referred to Doctor Ehimen by a co-worker who told me that he can help me out on my situation. I contacted him and explained to him what am passing through and he said to me that my case is different that if others are complaining about their marriages that mine will be different because i will keep on rejoicing about my marriage as far i have made contact with him. I did all what he told me to do and my husband came back to me within 12 to 16 hours and cancelled the divorce case and we are living in peace and harmony again. You can his E-mail at ( ) or call +1 (914)-517-3229 for more info.

Ryan4567 on December 28, 2016:

hi here

Constance on December 27, 2016:

My boyfriend broke up with me Christmas because he said that his mother told him that she didn't like us doing an long distance realitionship and that he needed someone better for him and I felted very sad. But now we are supposed to be friends but he not texting me back like what the fuck? What I'm supposed cause this is making me really sad

Jeff on December 17, 2016:

Taking back your ex is like having a garage sale and buying your own junk.

Christiaan on September 29, 2016:

My girlfriend broke up with me after 1 year. For me thats a long time. The reason was she wanted to get closer to God and fekt I was holding her back from her Religion. I told her we can both get closer to God together. But she said doesnt love me anymore(all that was 1 week ago) i phoned her today and she said she cant libe without me in her life. But im going to try my hardest to get her back. I love her to much to see her with someone else. Im going to try the no communication. And see how she reacts to that.

sosta on September 16, 2016:

Eish ,I broke up with my ex for no reason until now I don't know wht was the prob ,and she has a new guy am b it jealous but not that much I dd read the article it kept me strong ,thanks

Shawn on August 18, 2016:

LOL this article is full of mind games. Sounds like a great way to treat people. Very pathetic. What ever happen to honesty? Honestly no woman would have a chance with me anyway by being this dis-honest in this article, and playing these types of games. Really what are you people thinking?

connor on August 05, 2016:

if my ex says I'm the only person she trusts and talks to me constantly does she want to get back together?

Daffodils on July 29, 2016:

My bf broke up with me 2 weeks ago and now we no more communication I follow also the no contact rule...but he didn't deleted me to Wechat or imo multimedia communications..Still have a chance he and I will get back together...

tricia tembo on June 27, 2016:

yah these steps rilly works well

victor on April 14, 2016:

After my girlfriend brokeup with me, I begged her and she refused to accept then I let go of her. A week later she called me one night but I didn't pick, then two days later she called me early in the morning that she dreamt about me. she called back again that same morning and still said the same thing. After that some weeks later her friend called me again but I didn't pick. Later I called her and just said hi to her. I don't really understand what they mean?

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