7 Reasons Divorce Feels Like a Death

Divorce is one of life's most unexpected and painful experiences one may ever face. It was an unforeseen concept I certainly wasn't prepared for. While I've lived a happy life since starting over, there's also the raw fact my choices made others unhappy and I still grieved the loss.


Loving Yourself Through a Divorce

Most women plan for their wedding day while in grade school. Very few contemplate their divorce. The most important disaster preparedness plan one could devise, must include laughter and self love.


Good Rules to Follow on Online Chats When Married

Has Facebook Social Networking been a catalyst to higher divorce rates? After researching the question posed, it appears to be a resounding YES. Today Facebook boasts of 200 million daily users and simultaneously Google posts reports from the legal community attesting to a statistic that 1 in 5 divorces today have a direct correlation to Facebook social networking relationships.


How to Forget Your Ex-Wife and Move on

We often hear of being haunted by memories of the past. This can seem a bit like some literary device to evoke a malevolent ghostly spirit that somehow animates these memories to cause us pain. With this in mind, how to forget your ex-wife and move...