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100+ Ways to Get Revenge on Someone

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In this article, you'll learn over 100 ingenious ways to get revenge on someone. You'll also get some general advice on vengeance.

In this article, you'll learn over 100 ingenious ways to get revenge on someone. You'll also get some general advice on vengeance.

100+ Ways to Seek Revenge

Before we get started on our countdown for 100+ ways to seek revenge, think long and hard about the reason why you want to get revenge. Once you prank someone, your actions cannot be "undone"—prepare for repercussions, be they good or bad.

It is helpful to know if the person you are going to prank can take a joke or not. One way to know if they can take a prank is if they do some of these things themselves. Planning can make or break how much fun you have.

Let's get right down to business to find out distinct ways to get revenge on those who deserve it. In this article, we'll be covering the following 6 major sorts of revenge:

  1. How to Get Revenge Anonymously
  2. How to Get Revenge on an Ex
  3. How to Get Revenge on a Friend
  4. How to Get Revenge on Family
  5. How to Get Revenge at School
  6. How to Get Revenge on a Co-worker

1. How to Get Revenge Anonymously

  • Cyranwrap the person's car.
  • Put wet ink on the inside door handle of their car.
  • Sign them up for every source of spam mail imaginable.
  • Ship them tons of weird, cheap items from China. Aliexpress for the win!
  • Hide something foul-smelling in their car.
  • Drip honey all over their stuff.
  • Leave rude notes under their windshield wipers.
  • Send them a glitter bomb.
  • Send them this nasty surprise!

2. How to Get Revenge on an Ex

  • Put red food coloring in the main water line.
  • Mix super glue in their styling gel.
  • Put something red in the wash with their whites.
  • Put their keys in a glass of water and put it to freeze in the freezer.
  • Spray bad smelling perfume all over their clothes.
  • Move their car (without them knowing) to a totally different spot and make them hunt for it.
  • Got a cat? Empty the dirty cat box in their shower.
  • Put their XBOX out in the rain or snow.
  • Remove their house/apartment key off their key ring when they're not watching and put it in the house.

3. How to Get Revenge on a Friend

  • Fill their car with balloons.
  • Change your friend's phone setting to Spanish or Chinese.
  • Fill their wax warmer with melted crayons.
  • Add a bunch of Nickleback songs to their favorite playlist.
  • Set their alarm to go off at 3 am with a blow horn sound.
  • Hang a bucket of cold water over the entrance of the door. Tie a rope so when the door opens, the bucket flips upside down on them.
  • Put clear tape over a doorway so when they come in, they walk into an invisible wall of tape.
  • Get a mask from any horror movie and scare them when they least expect it.
  • You can even record the scare and post it online.
  • Wire their car horn to their brakes. It's hilarious!

Car Horn Wired to Brake Lights


4. How to Get Revenge on Family

  • Drink directly from every beverage container in the fridge.
  • Put labels with your name on them on everything in the fridge.
  • Hide the remote control.
  • Take the batteries out of the remote control.
  • Hide all the cell phone chargers.
  • Order pepperoni pizza and eat all the pepperonis off the top.
  • Mix the entire collection of DVDs into different cases.
  • Put oil in their hair conditioner.
  • Put lemon juice in the milk.
  • Put salt in the milk.
  • Swap the salt and sugar containers in the pantry.
  • Clog the toilet with toilet paper and old food from the fridge.
  • Upper deck the toilet with canned soup.
  • Replace a light bulb with a super low-watt bulb.

5. How to Get Revenge at School

  • Hide your classmate's homework.
  • Stuff their backpack full of tissues.
  • Drip something sticky onto their chair.
  • Send something embarrassing from their phone.
  • Stick "My Little Pony" stickers all over their locker.
  • Put an empty milk carton in their backpack.
  • Hide their lunchbox from them.
  • Erase their name from their homework.

6. How to Get Revenge on a Co-worker

  • Put post-it notes all over their car.
  • Hide their desk office supplies to another side of the office space.
  • Put all their office supplies in jello.
  • Remove all the stapler refills from the stapler and hide all the refill supplies.
  • Spray adhesive to their keyboard to make it sticky.
  • Prank call their office phone all day, never say a word!

Jim's Pranks Against Dwight in The Office

How to Avoid Vengeful Thoughts and Actions

This may seem like a tangent, but you should always consider the flip side of revenge. These are words of wisdom a mentor once bestowed onto me. Remember that by seeking revenge, you are giving that person "the victee" power over you. Power over your thoughts, over your emotions, and potentially power over your actions.

Instead of honing that energy to seek revenge, hone that energy to make yourself a stronger, smarter, healthier, and more powerful individual. Cultivate something new with that new energy and vigor. Do something special for yourself that you enjoy.

Either way, try to take any negative situation and turn it around to make a positive one. You can take away either the worst or the best part of any situation. You have the power to take control over anything.

Here are my tips to get revenge turn the tables upside down. Turn the focus towards yourself, which is the last thing the victee would anticipate.

  • Do something positive for yourself.
  • Spend time making yourself a stronger, wiser person.
  • Do everything in your power to get that negative person out of your life.
  • Succeed them or surpass them in any given skill.
  • Find a way to take their power away.
  • Surround yourself with better people.
  • Become wealthy and rich.
  • Take the time to invest in your health. Maybe Start exercising or trying a different form of exercise. Take your mind off of them.
  • Lose those extra pesky pounds. Make them jealous of you.
  • Become the one in charge of them.

People who take advantage of you, cheat on you, or whatever the case may be in your situation, simply don't deserve you. It may be best to move on in life and find someone or a group of people much better. You want to find yourself with people moving up in the world, not moving backward.

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