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How to Heal and Move On from a Broken Heart

Updated on November 18, 2014

The Pain of Lost Love

Love is a magic word, and our world is colorful and full of happiness as long as it lasts. But sadly, not all loves end in marriage, and those that do don't all last forever. The breakup of relationships has become all too common in this modern society. People may fall in love and out of love just as easily. When we truly love somebody and that love is not reciprocated, we may feel it's the end of the world. We lose interest in our work; we alienate ourselves from friends and family and sink into abject depression.

As painful as heartbreak can be, do not lose hope! With a little effort and some time, you can overcome your sadness and find love again. Here are some steps you can use to regain your confidence and move on from the lost that you lost.

If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.

— David Harkins

Step 1: Allow Yourself to Grieve

You may feel angry with yourself for the overwhelming sadness you are feeling, but it’s important to be gentle with yourself and accept your emotions. You loved a person from the bottom of your heart and you thought that your love would last forever. Then one day, the person you loved left you, possibly for another man or woman. You feel betrayed by someone you trusted. The grief you feel for your relationship, for your lost love, and for the future you imagined is very real. As with any grief, the only way to survive is to allow yourself to experience it fully in order to pass through to the other side.

Allowing yourself to grieve your relationship does not mean you should wallow in sadness or let yourself despair. It only means that you should accept the emotions you're feeling. Acknowledge that, logical or not, the pain and anger you feel are a necessary part of healing. You have experienced a loss. You can only move on by facing the emotions that come with it.

Step 2: Confide in a Friend

One of the best ways to work through your sadness is to share your feelings with an understanding friend. If you bottle up your sadness within you, it will fester and cause you pain for a long time. Telling your feelings to a close friend or near one will soothe your aching heart and remind you that you aren't alone. Often, a friend or family member will have been through a similar experience and have thoughts to share. No matter what, a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, and thoughtful companionship can go a long way in helping you process your feelings and move on from heartbreak.

Confide in a friend.
Confide in a friend.

Step 3: Redirect Your Energy

Losing a relationship will leave an gap in your life. All of the time and energy you previously spent on the relationship now has no outlet. This can leave you feeling restless and empty. If you focus that energy on something else, either by throwing yourself into your work, or devoting time to friendship or family, you can start to fill that space.

This can be an opportunity to focus your emotional energy on something you're passionate about, or to create a new passion. Is there a work project or creative project you've wanted to do but didn't have time? Friends you've been wanting to spend time with? Family you've been meaning to visit? Keep yourself from brooding by concentrating on something important. Soon, you may feel that your priorities have changed, and that the loss that once overwhelmed you has diminished.

Devote time to friendship, family, or a new passion.
Devote time to friendship, family, or a new passion.

Step 4: Focus on the Positive

Chances are, there were things in your relationship that made you unhappy even before it ended. In some ways, you can feel lucky that the relationship ended before it went further, and that you didn't commit your life to a person capable of breaking your heart and hurting you the way this person has.

Despite the emotional loss, you've learned a lot from this relationship. You've allowed yourself to be vulnerable with someone. Now that you have time to process what happened, you can begin to understand how this person treated you and how you responded to it. You can use this time to teach yourself that you don't deserve to be treated that way! Use this time to remember that. Learn how to love yourself the way you deserve to be loved.

Step 5. Spend Time on Your Hobbies

Do you have hobbies you are zealous about? If you do, now you have time to devote to them, and spending time doing activities you enjoy will cheer you up and distract you from your sadness. If you don't have any hobbies, then it's probably time you picked some up.

Maybe you like to go fishing, or you've been wanting to learn how to cook. You could go on bike rides or walks, read books you've been wanting to read, even learn an instrument or take an art class. Some hobbies are expensive, but many can be done cheaply or even for free. These fun activities will help you enjoy your new freedom and remember to enjoy your life.

Spend some time on your hobbies
Spend some time on your hobbies

Step 6. Go on Vacation

Sometimes the best cure for a big life change is just to get away from it all. If you can manage it, try take a break and go on a vacation. The change in environment will help you forget your torn feelings, and you'll have a welcome relief from seeing things that remind you of your ex. You can start to replace some of your sadness with good memories: of seeing a new landscape, of spending time with friends, or even just relaxing on your own. This is a time for you to pamper yourself, to extend the kind of love and thoughtfulness to yourself that you need to heal. Sip on a cool drink and read a book on the beach, or hike through a beautiful forest. Go to museums, or explore a city you've never seen.

Go on a vacation and pamper yourself.
Go on a vacation and pamper yourself.

Step 7. Surround Yourself with Loved Ones

Do not be alone, as loneliness can aggravate your feelings. Be with your friends or someone who cares for you. You friends or family can cheer you up and provide sympathy when you need it. When you spend time with friends, you don't have to worry about loneliness, and they won't judge you for your feelings.

Step 8: Keep Your Distance

The best plan is to avoid your old love altogether: don't talk, don't text, maintain complete radio silence so that you have time to process your feelings and get used to life without the relationship. Sometimes, though, seeing your ex is unavoidable. Chances are, you live near each other, have friends in common, or even go to the same school. If you do see your old love, be cool! Maintain your dignity and do not show your emotions. Show the person that you, too, have moved on and are doing absolutely fine without them.

If you do see your ex, keep cool and don't engage!
If you do see your ex, keep cool and don't engage!

Step 9: Try Not to Dwell

Break ups are incredibly painful. If you keep talking about the love that has left you, you can get overwhelmed by the pain and not give yourself a chance to move forward and find better things. As important as grieving the loss, is knowing when to let it go and start trying to focus on the future instead of the past. Remember what you've learned from this relationship, and use that knowledge to find something better in the future.

Real love: you feel it, you see it, and you show it. But fake love is just words.

Step 10. Don't Give Up on Love

Don’t let your experience make you lose faith in love as a whole. Do not feel that there is no true love and become cynical, as if you do so you will not be able to discern true love when it comes your way. You must keep faith that the right person is out there for you, the one who will care for you and treat you with the kindness you treat them.

Someone who would leave you or treat you badly does not deserve your true love and loyalty, and if you let a bad experience color your whole life, that experience will continue to hurt you unnecessarily. Instead of wasting your life for a love that is fickle and not true, be prepared to meet a true love, one who will stand by you in times of trouble, hold your hand when you are down, wipe your tears and live together till death do you part.

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    • ram 3 years ago

      I am loving a girl from last 3 year's. She also loves me a lot.. but i don't wt happened I saw her with park with some other guy.. I round and round her for 10 min's but she doesn't at least give a smile or take a look at me.. she simply enjoying with new one... and not at all caring me

    • Kumar Puttakokkula 3 years ago

      Love is a great feeling...............

    • bhumika 3 years ago

      love is hurt bt real love is god,

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 3 years ago from chennai

      bhumika, real love is really god.

    • sam 3 years ago

      Its very tough to come back to normal life after a break up. But If they really don't need us let them go friends, let them live their life...but at the end of the day have to face the same thing they have done to us...hope time will definitely heel our pain..god bless you all

    • buju 3 years ago

      Love is gud feel...I to loved a girl..wonderful women..but she left me and came back she said the truth and we stood 8 months after tat incident..any ways I am human with feelings we fought to the core..I use to tell her to go out of my life but I didn't later on she went can't take it..she hates me to the core..but I didn't..tried a lot to get her back but it didn't happen.....

    • kallappa mangal 3 years ago

      Dear friends

      I have been loving a girl science 8 years.each together loving lot but recently my love has broken up due to their psrents not accepted our love .so she said me to forget and don't try to call r text pls don't distrub me..finally she changed her number .i loved her truly snd still am suffering lot with remembering i am losing all confident itd feel like to nithing in life without her..pls tell me the solution its my mail

    • nesh 2 years ago

      i have the same prob like kallappa mangal...she is my world.....but i don't know how how to overcum it...plz help me... my email

    • haji 2 years ago

      Time will heal everything so don't keep depressed that always kills our present.I know its more pain full am experiencing the same thing from a boy..we will get our life settled as god decision.nothing s going to happen from our worries.lets try to concentrate n our work..we have more responsibilities to finish ..loving and tkng cr of our family free ..they r not d only person in this world our family and free has done more things and more love than our lovable one..try to concentrate on other good memories of our child hood days of us..keep head on or mothers lap and ask her to say our childhd days..u WL frgt all or sorrows and try to erase did depression.all wounds will heals surely. BT some of them leave some scar hope n god and time

    • Priya 2 years ago

      Am Priya, i too was happy with my guy...but now its all over...Day before yesterday he said GDBYE to me...Before 4months we had a strong fight and in that anger i told getlost to him...On the same day i lost my mother..She was sick and hospitalised and my fate she passed away..Really i became alone...Understanding my mercy situation,he came back to my life with same love n care...i believed him...we had silly childish fights in between which made our love beautiful...we had sex many times...Day b4 yesterday i had a call from him,our conversation turned into a fight...He started to tell about that old fight...and told he was knowingly cheating me these days for what i told b4 that 4months...Now he don't want me...I tried to make him understand about my love...But he is not interested to hear my words...he was just cheating me..but i believed him a lot..Now he is not msgng me/ calling me...I don't know wat 2 do...Even i thought of suicide...Am not getting concentration in my work...Now am trying to 4get those days...but am not sure whether i can...i don't have a mother even to share my pain...let god shows me a way to get rid from this hurt...

    • Priya 2 years ago

      Thank You for ur support Haji...But,if i stay here i will go mad...i loved him that much..his memories are disturbing my am trying for a transfer from here...

    • haji 2 years ago

      K priya takcare..

    • deepu 2 years ago

      I am so naughty guy .i did not went to college so many days and passed days with my friends even I font no the subjects names and even my class mates names .but one day I was forced to go college by my parents .so I went to college 2periods passed out but 3period is very interesting and I got attracted by a girl.from then I started going college daily for month passed out .then I decieded to propose my love i go on tried to propose her but on one final day I proposed her she was shocked and went very fastly I to approached and said it's a request but not a order she said no. For 1minute I was shocked and my heart was broken for first time.

    • garry 2 years ago

      My love loves someone else. M feelin depresed n always thinks abt her.. oh god i feel cry..

    • Priya 2 years ago

      Friends.....He is back...Wat should i do????

    • harsha 2 years ago

      Priya make sure that he wont leave you again r else its waste of time getting back wid him again bcoz it hurts more than before where i am experiencing it now trust me...

    • Swara 2 years ago

      Priya i think u shld nt gt back into this relationship coz ur relationship wont last forever.... This is reality n u hv 2 accept....

    • aaaaaaa 2 years ago

      its so hurting when you go away from a person whom you loved so much for the reason that person is a saddist.......

    • nanhi 2 years ago

      I m in love with smone in my relation.

    • pavan 2 years ago

      When love fails try to achieve something and earn money that love will surely come back

    • devil balaji 2 years ago

      I loved a girl nick name GHOST .i had loved her then myself she also agreed my love but now girls parents are not agreeing my love and they making to marry another guy .... sooo for this give me solution pls

    • joel jose 2 years ago

      my name is joel jose. I had a lover... I gave a lot of love to her.. But i didn't know she had a lover before loved me. One day she told about her old lover. And she bestow the request. I have love with you. But i can't forget my old lover. You can decide to love me.. I told to her. You ought to either love me nor break away from me... But she left me in after few days ago i can't forget her. What should i do?

    • sam 2 years ago

      I love a girl from the bottom of my heart during my she also love after 4yrs she went to delhi for preparatio during her preparation she ignore me day by day and one day she informed me that she committed with a other guy through a phn cl and hanging what shuold i do,i can't think how i forget is impossible for me to do so...i became mad i see hw to proceed in becomes hell for me without her....i love her so much i can't live without her,god plz help me.......

    • Jack 2 years ago

      I loved someone not knowing she wont reciprocate same feelings towards me. she used me to satisfy her financial needs while she is in India, she never called or messaged me the moment she went abroad, but my bloody heart still keeps loving her. i don't know what has happened to me i am feeling depressed & lonely no concentration on work and completely lost...God please help me , i dont want to take my life.. i want to live for my parents..

    • Atif 2 years ago

      My name is atif age 19.. I was also in true love with my baby from past 6year.. She is 7 year senior to me, she also loved me lot like her own baby she was mad in love.. I already know that we can't stay lifelong with each other because of our age gap and caste.. By seeing her love for me every second i was getting fear.. She got marry 2years back, now she have one baby also but still she is thinking about me and not caring about her future.. She was awesome beautiful girl in world, but I can't she her face now she is totally changed by thinking about me.. Im leaving for her happy.. Im not happy everyday im suffering.. I can't concentrate on my studies, family, friends or anything.. I prayed to god lot for her but she is not happy.. Now i'm totally helpless, everyday in crying.. My heart is ful of pain...............

    • rahul 2 years ago

      My soul is confused. I am just trying to find a solution which will change me as I was before falling in love with that girl. Hope she will understand my feelings one day. "Love" what a confusing matter it is!! Please help me if anyone feels my situation!! :-(

    • kashini 2 years ago

      HI bro............ dont set youself into confusion if your love true means one day magic will happen. If that girl didnt response you , dont waste your time and happiness bro.......

    • tai 2 years ago

      i love my boy friend very much ... i thought he is my life but now for his family situation he is not talking to me ... i can understand his situation but by the way he should understand me that how far i love him ... he never forgot me i know but still my life is him .. i love her mom too ... but i am happy that for his mom he is avoiding me now ... but i will wait for him and i am for u ... soon you will come to me and we will be true lovers forever and we live our life together ... i believe god ... he will give me the solution ...

    • meharin 2 years ago

      Plz help me my lover married another girl.. I can't delieve it ..I am so depressed ..I saw my life is end

    • saifu 2 years ago

      I love my Cathuma very much..she also love me.l can feel the real love from my Cathuma bt now god break our love

      God pls back my Cathuma to me

    • santhosh 2 years ago

      Am also in a horrible situation my heart SHAMLA got married last week but i can't tolerate that now am living with the help of is hell girls are ghosts

    • AMAR 2 years ago

      Today I am feeling great because I am going to meet my x GF, after long struggle I got contact and spoke in Phone( one year gap). due to some reasons we dint married . I feel this will be our last meeting .But still my love is eternal.......


    • sakshinair 2 years ago

      hi ia

    • sakshinair 2 years ago

      hi iam

    • sakshinair 2 years ago

      Hi iam sakshi nair I met a dis guy vinod 2yrs back at my work place and I worked with him only for 2months but I started developing feelings for him but I never told him as I knew he likes me only as a frnd nd it hurts wen u say u luv dem and u don't get to hear it back...but after 1yr he called me Askin for a gal's num as he had got her marriage proposal I gave him her num....but it hurts me now thinking I should have told him once..I dunno ll nvr b able to com out of dis somewhr I feel he knew about my feelings....iam afraid ll NVR b able to love someone again did pain will never fade....

    • nutan 2 years ago

      i was in relation with my girl for 4 & 1/2 years. We used to make love all the time but i don't know what had happened, she suddenly moved to dubai and she was completely changed, started ignoring me after going there. she made new relation with unknown person far away from our place and started making video and voice calls with that person. But still im waiting for my girl to come back to me and live happy :'(

    • Indu 2 years ago

      love will make us happy if we get a good person or else it will end up with pain. pain for us and not for them.

      after i read all your messages, i also like to share my love break up.

      me and my guy was in love for past 7 years, we both were sincere but till he was with me. he went to goa for job and changed a lot. got more friends, girls and boys. all those were good looking. so i think he avoided me. and now he has avoided me completely. just because am not good looking he left me. Now am alone here. just because he does not like me talking to other boys, going out with my friends (friends in the sense my best and close friends and not boys, they are girls) i left everything for him but now he left me. It pains a lot.

      and it pains more when i see him everyday coz i work in his company. he went to goa earned money, started a company. my mistake is i left my previous company just like that were i got more opportunities.

      really money changes a person more.

      if any of you people can suggest me how to overcome from this and have a peaceful life. please do help me so that i can at least have a peaceful life with my broken heart.

    • Bhulakshmik9 2 years ago

      Indu be practical achieve something That makes u r family members feel proud of u :-) Good Girl Concentrate on it :-)

    • Indu 2 years ago

      But lakshmi, you know i could not concentrate. he is enjoying before me, chatting around and having fun. a lot of fun. but i could not even think of anything of it.

    • VIshwa 2 years ago

      Hi Sam,

      Having lost in love twice, I am saying this. You did not love anyone. In fact a part of you that you are loving. The state that occurs in you that you are so attached to. Probably only person you will and should trust on loving you is your mother. Rest all are in some sense associated with subtle expectations. Think about this deeply you will understand what I mean. So, calm down nothing will happen to you my friend. Time will heal... honestly, it is easy to say such things. I have been through these things... almost took 3 years to get over the first one and the second one is taking time, in fact the second one was tougher. Though I did not see her close to two years still unable to forget her. Its hard my friend... but trust me you will do fine and soon you will realize this... too. If it happened this way.. means it was ought to go this way. Peace!

    • vani 2 years ago

      I donor know Y guys will love,care in beginning days of relation but not when days passing.

      In my case of happened same ,I received lots of love,caring but afterafter passing of day ,no love ,no caring.only scolding,getting angry.please tell me friends Y guys will do like this.

    • anjali 2 years ago

      Love z fake

    • anjali 2 years ago

      I love a guy..v vr frnzz earlier, n dn frnshp chngd to love .v know each other since 8 years.n it had been from d last 2 years v get comitted...

      Earlier before my commitment n expression of d feeling he used to say many things...lyk he vl NVR leave me,he vl b vd me forever,n he vl love me...

      N blindly I followed him...n I realised d truth lies in d saying love z blind..v always remained loyal to each other.......................but he z "mummaz boy"n more then D's he z "sister's younger brother"n even more then D's he z "mama of her sister's 3 daughters"..............

      Guys he z so busy in these relations dat he left me...I understand every relation z important n unique in its own way but u know he compromised me always in all this...

      I don't demand time,care,affection,love ,money from me..I just asked him to get good job so dt v can gt settled..but all in vain ..he z so insensitive DT he don't HV tym for studies n think about future...

      Guys m very embarrassed by this...

      M a single child of my parents n I wanted him to live at my home after our marriage..

      He have one sister married vd 3 daughters n husband living at his house since she got married..n he also have one younger brother..n dy can look after his parents...

      N I said him v vl go to his house to meet d family often n m not saying him to leave his family..his sister z too living at his home vd her family ...

      So what's wrong guys if I told him to live vD my parents at my home...

      M I wrong ?

      Vt should I do?

      Vy girl HV to compromise?

      Vy is he not understanding VN it comes to his sister part?

      Guyys plz help me...

      I love him n due to his thinking I m in regret...

    • sandy 23 months ago

      same problem as kallapa mangal!

    • dsp 23 months ago

      Once I loved a girl (House owner daughter) and she is also loved me but she got married with another person now she is in my next house, she didn't having any feeling about me. She is living very very happily with her husband. Now I am not talking with her but I don't no how to forget her I always trying to forget her but her face is coming in front of me My heart is squeezing every day. I have no another option to vacate the house. So friends please give your suggestion how to get out from my past life.

    • Bhulakshmi K 23 months ago

      Hi Friends ,

      This Love is just a Feeling after-all a feeling causing this much Pain and time consuming Please Friends God Gave us Brain to think and act Wisely OK Don't be studious for a feeling which is making us Zero from a 100% being a human :-( U People surely will have responsibilities at least Full fill that Please as a Human being please realize Strengths of us and create a new world . Indu Sorry I am not Logged in for long that's why i have not answered :-( Sorry Friend .

    • shan 23 months ago

      Dear friends, if we need to forget a person whom we loved a lot, first of all u need to forgive him or her...All are human beings mistakes will happen...Delete all memories of particular person even mail id, phone number...Block the person from social medias like facebook etc...Spend more time with your family and friends...Don't go to the places which you have spend with your ex will recollect ur memories with your partner...Don't make him or her jealous with any other will not work, just wasting time....And we can't change the past....

    • nani 23 months ago

      Friends, don't get depressed. Take life as a challenge, all of u r struggling to forgive your past. all u people have energy nd intelligence to do anything. Don't do any wrong towards ur ex to show ur pain. If u show ur anger on them it steal your energy. Just be calm nd spend ur life like a saint. Therby after sometime u definitely heal urself. Meanwhile u set a goal nd start working on it. Always dream ur goal, strive to achieve it. U will have a fantastic feelng after u achieve something. Put ur efforts on things that u can control friends.

    • nani 23 months ago

      I am just out the cage. So much struggled to get heal. Starting new life after 2 years. I definitely crack my goal within one year.

    • nani 23 months ago

      Friends I am just out of my feelings nd started a new life to achieve my goal. I definitely crack my goal within one year.

      All the best for u also.

    • Shanu 23 months ago

      Have anybody seen your ex with their new partner..If so, what was your feeling at that time? And how did you overcome it?

    • arsha 23 months ago

      I had a realtionship of 2years and he left me one day....i am brutaly cheated by him and it was very difficult for me to forget him... After a longa time about 3 montgs ago i met a guy and we fell in love and i trust him and loves me very much bt for the past ten days he was avoiding me and i found him a relationship with another girl... So i stopped contacting him... I m tottaly depressed and hav no sleep, no foood.... And hav no close frds to share.... I am suffering a lot.... How can i get over this?

    • Bhulakshmik9 23 months ago

      Have everything like food , sleep , and Daily activities on time then in 24 hours u will be allocated minimum 4 hours , Practice Yoga in that If u concentrate u will get new energy and u r time will be well utilized in youtube Download something you like to see , and buy any new technical devise or any thing new and learn it . So many things are there in this world which you don't know learn those . In this billions of people are there how their days are going each and every one only concentrating on Love NO right , so friends Love is only part of life apart from that so many things are there in this world concentrate on which you most like search in google what you like most and Practice those. All the best Friends Don't waste your time on the feeling which is in every one make your self as unique Take care friends :-)

    • Shankarshrinivas 22 months ago

      I am in love with a grl for last two months but all of sudden she is avoiding me from a week fearing of others but i am suffering from her

      I don't. Know how to convince her pls suggest

      My mail id is

    • dd 22 months ago

      Love is true but people are not true in love they are totally different fall in love and after enjoyment. Before they consider only that girl after dating and meeting etc., they consider parents and caste community relation not that girl.

    • 22 months ago

      Thank you

    • dhamukkp 21 months ago

      I feel good after read your article .

    • aaa 21 months ago

      love is just fake.... i tried everything but... nothing happened i just remained sad everytime.............. love is bullshet he betrayed me.... i will never do this mistake again and i will advive others toooo..... there is no true love in this world............. LOVE BUT A FUCK.....

    • Kranthi 20 months ago

      m Kranthi nd I love a girl since 6yrs v were true in our love girls parents also accepted our love but one day after so long time she saw my mom at image nd she saw dat my mom has psoriasis nd now she want to leave me because my mom have psoriasis .. Now she is ready to leave me but she is msgin me she is telling dat I shld talk to her like a friend even if she get married ! My heart is broken I cried a a lot for my mom not for my love bcs she is my mom she may have any thing but I love a lot ! Shall I talk to my gf or no ? Because after my marriage I dnt have hopes dat she wil look after my mom as m son i shld look after my mom in da future .. Before marriage only my gf is telling about my mom so I lost hopes on her dat she wil look at my mom ...

      Pls answer me shall I continue wid her or i shld forget my gf nd go to arranged marry who wil care my mom

    • reet 20 months ago

      Iam in relationship from 5 years nd in me and between my partner fighting is creating on small reasons nd he say plzzz leave me . He say daily plzzz leave me so i am not do any txt or call from that day but iam not forget him . Today iam loved him so much ... so plssss frnds give me suggestions what i can do?....

    • maggie 20 months ago

      really love is great , my girl left me with no reason ............. its really hurts a lot... i have done evry thing for her but she avoids me finally, she left me...

    • Ashwini 19 months ago

      Hi frands I love one boy but he chested me.he lost he married onther girl.but he never thought me.but now I am very hurt I feel very is poissent is not true don't follow i t

    • muralikrishnan 19 months ago

      my Gf start ignore me.................i am very depressed and sad..........i cried, begged,doubt,scold and fight her to get back but she didn't understand my feelings. after few weeks i relaxed myself and start thinking where and how went wrong......i came to know i did terrible mistakes by doing all above activities . women's are soft in nature. we should respect her feelings usually boys wont.... we both made mistakes . i don't what to hut her by pin point her mistakes so, i listed down my mistakes and try to fix with her but she is not ready to apologize me......finally she cut off all communication and she broke-up with me. i love her truly still thinking of her all days. i remember all our good days. i completely forgot the bad fights. recently i came to know she has new BF. i am again frustrated and sad.after a week i realize and feel happy for her and wish her. still i love her and i have all good memories with me.

      love is great either you win or loss......true love is always great.......

      sorry for my bad English.

    • ronak 18 months ago

      I have lost her 6 years back but still loving her...

    • Bhulakshmik9 18 months ago

      Dear friends , Love created by Humans if its giving Happiness continue it is not think once and lit friends life is very very small why u waste time to think which is not giving any more happiness , Life is beautiful don't waste your time and feelings if it is not works leave , relax search for happiness enjoy the life for 100% who the hell are they to make u sorrow, disappointment and all bad emotions. Be Positive have Positive emotions , All the best Friends Be happy Brothers and Sisters we have to be always in a place of giving not taking be Happy I wish all u r sorrow ends and Be happy from this moment u all will be happy rit i know u all will be Happy :-)

    • pinkey 18 months ago

      Hey just hurt me.. n ma feelingS n ma 6 years love...

    • Ajay 18 months ago

      I lov my jaan alot...i never even wished bad to others...she says tat only if her parent hav S for my proposal den she has a S for me...she is my relative too...i hav gone mad now...her image...Woh god...kills me...i really loved her from sanctum of my heart...her msgs...tat she text me...n her parents dnt want me to b her lufepartner...n i dnt know even tat der is any space for me in her heart or not

      ..i m scared...she just say tat if her parent say S ten S if not "i wnt even look back to u SRY"....i really lov her alot...i wanna kil myself...i dnt wanna liv any more.. She is my only hope...pls pray for my lov Frnds...i dnt hav any lust...i really lov my jaan alot

    • satya 18 months ago

      Iam too trying to cme out.....frm 1yr of love....

    • 18 months ago

      wowww! she forgets everything in one second.... how could it happens..

      is she not a human.... she simply said that she doesn't need me... she said live and let live.... ha ha ha....

      truth is whole world move into dark ... am scared of thinking about tomorrow... without her......

      but one day she will realise who is better.... how much i love her..

      oh god... love is a pain.... handle with care.... select the right partner otherwise our world is like a dark room....

      i realise one truth, that there is so much tears in my eyes... sometimes it is going like a waterfall.... i don't want to remember her but my heart ....

    • mk 17 months ago

      yes i try to forget her but i cant, my heart is paining,,,,so much tears in my eyes....i did some mistakes i ask her to apologizes but she rejects me...i am very depressed and feeling bad...i done my best to recover my love but she left me...

    • abhi 17 months ago

      I met a woman in a train she was looking young but was married and had a daughter child.she was from Rajasthan. At first she wore a pallu on her face. But when the train started leaving, she remover her pallu and one could see her face now! I liked her the way she looked, fair, thin, young! She had a daughter may 2 years old! I thought it's wrong to see a married woman with love! I ignored but later I saw her again and this time she looked at me and I had an neat pure eye contact with her I looked straight at her eyes without looking somewhere. Later on same things continued! I felt deeply an attraction or love towards her thinking that this is wrong!during night I kept looking at her again and again without letting anyone know! Next day I got off and she too became sad that I was going to drop off! I miss her a lot from my bottom of the heart and I pray for married life ! Does she miss me? All of this was 4 days ago! I really wanted to see her but she is married and I worry about her! Can anyone help me with some motivation? Plz reply ..

    • Your friend Jay.. 17 months ago

      Dear friends...I hv read almost all posts here. More or less I am also in same conditions.. Don't worry friends.. If the love is true, surely it will come back. Don't try to fill your mind with negative thoughts. I know its very easy to tell this. But just try to think of other peoples, suffering. Orphan children, Peoples suffering from deadly diseases, peoples who are not getting food at least one time in a day. Children who lost their entire family due to war or terror.... When you think all these your lost love was nothing compare to all these. When your ex girl's/Boys face comes to your mind, just try to imagine the face of a child who is thinking about his lost parents. .. .. you will realize that your lost love is nothing in front of his painful memories... friends.. your life is not ended here. You an do a lot of things for this world. You are not alone. Come on guys.. bring back the smile on your face...make the future yours. ....... Your friend.. Jay

    • MK 17 months ago

      Hi JAI..

      What you are said is completely true. i am in the same situation. i am trying my best to recover but i can't. time only heals all. hope the best for our future.


    • ayabonga 16 months ago

      I just broke up with my girlfrnd I dont knw what I have done wrong shes angry and upset I just dont know what to say it hurts when someone you love mostly doesnt see the effort you are putting in your relationship but its fine I cant force her to love me....i'll just have to find the love I know I deserve thats all thank you

    • Anandh 14 months ago

      I loved a girl more than 584 days . but actually its one sided love. We speaked just 16 minanand after that she gave me a letter. At that time I thought it was love. Actually I used the great energy of love. I succed alot in these 584 days in all fields studies, sports, all extra curricular activities.after that I try to speak with her but I can't . yesterday I got a. Chance to speak. I try to tell my love . but she says I'm loving one person. Actually its my fault . but its hurt more . but I'm sure I won't give up in my life.

    • Anandh 14 months ago

      Friends I read many of stories they were more hurting than my life. But I believe in god & me. I'm sure I'll recover from this failure. I would like to share my thought which may useful for you.. ANTICIPATION IS BETTER THAN REALISATION . I spend 584 days in anticipation. So I acquired many energy from that. Because its my dream here I'm the king ... I won't lose in my dreams... I'M LIVING IN THE ANTICIPATION THAT INSPIRES ME TO DO GREAT THINGS. I'm going to live with her thoughts. I decided that my lover want to live in my heart not in real life. But don't forget that LOVE IS GREAT ENERGY. pls don't waste that. I loved truly one day she will realize my love. She will realizes my love at that she will come to me I know. I'm having confidence no body can replace my part in her life. I'm having confident that any other person will not make her happy than me. No one replace me . I'll wait forever it's my pleasure to spend my whole life with my true love.

    • Rabadi profile image

      14 months ago from New York

      I enjoyed reading this hub and passed this along to a good friend of mine who is going through a bad breakup. Thank you for posting this, check out my hubs when you have a chance. I am now following you. Keep up the great work!

    • Akshay 11 months ago

      Hi frinds, I loved one of my colleague like anything. We were best friends, we used to share our personal problems. She was not aware that I love her. One day I told her that I like her. From that onwards she is not speaking properly, I told her, if she doesn't like me it's ok but at least don't leave my friendship. But now it's all over, she talks with me like a just friend. It hurts me lot. I need my friend back I don't know how to convince her. Please help me. I need your suggestions.

    • Prabakaran 9 months ago

      Hi Friends, I loved my girlfriend like madly.In fact she already got married and divorced in a 5 months time. even though i accepted everything and respected her feelings and emotions all the time.I had never asked her past also.we both had loved for more than 2 years,but suddenly she is telling we will separate now.i don't know what to do . I accepted everything in her life for that what lesson she had taught me now.Dear girls please understand all the boys are not where can i search my life. fir her only i rapidly grown in my life. i got a job with good salary package. now she left me and went like this. kindly help me what to do...........

    • Rahul 8 months ago has to move on...even after every thing if you can still be gentle...then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean!

    • Priya 6 months ago

      HI, am a widow.. 32 yrs old. in my office of the colleague proposed and i accepted. the guy is 3yrs younger than me. also he had one girl in his life but now their love relationship broken. he told all these thing before itself. we both love each other.. but one fine day i found he still talks with the ex girl friend chat.. calls.. video calls.. when i asked about he dint give proper reply.. but he says without am he will die...

      but am confused.. wheather this person will be with me life long or he will leave me very soon...

      plz give some.. suggestion

    • Bunny 5 months ago

      I love a girl who is 3 years elder than me and she is my best friend as well. She is loving someone else. I know my love is going to failure when I started loving her but I am unable to stop it. I have many reasons to stop loving her but I am not able to do that. I am loving again and again everytime I am with her. She also knows that I am loving her. I decided to love her my life time and to give her what ever makes her happy. She is my Angel Ghost.

    • paul geno 5 months ago

      love is painful

    • jiku 5 months ago

      i too loved a guy who was close to moi heart.. i cant never ever forget him.. today is the day all get finalise!!!!!! ,he tryed his maximum but unfortunatly our parents puts a barrier b/w us.. told to forget everythg we had.. i cant delete all from my memory.. lovesssss him soo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.................. plzzz come back for me da.... i cant leave without u ...i dnt knw abt moi future since u was it ...... i dont knw how i will overcome this pain ... with broken heart signing off ..

    • Vijay. 4 months ago

      Everybody saying is right, I love her soo much but finally, she did not stand for me bcoz she really likes her religion, not me... love is apart from religion. I have scarified my religion even she not like me. I truly love her I can't overcome. Some other thoughts are coming.

    • ammu 3 months ago

      y parents are giving more importance to their religions , you not for the happiness of their own children... always thinking about that 4 people , 4 people will ask some thing, 4 people will tell some thing... y parents are not telling to that 4 peoples " you 4 people are not important to me only my children's happiness is important..... "

      Some of the true love broke only by the parents.... whatever ... parents should be strong their children's happiness.

    • zia 2 months ago

      Love is just a fake....just they use it for smetimes and throws out when thy dnt need.....i loved a boy for more than 6 years and finally after long struggle,we paln to marry with parents wishes.....and now he throws me out for no reason....its really a painful thing to forget him.....i loved him a lot as nobody will do .......really its getting hurt.dono wat to do?

    • Sonu 2 months ago

      my girlfriend left me because iam not rich..(hari priya achalla)

    • pushparaj 2 months ago

      last month i braked with her. i loved her 3 years but he gave most bloody pain for me i cant able to forget her. daily evening iam became mad with her, felling alone, suffering , thinking about my sweet memories it killing me. i don't know i want to do please anyone help me. this is my mail id. thank u.

    • vvv 2 months ago

      missing her very badly .. my love my vvv went away from my life. to start a new life with another guy. i know all are my mistake only becoz of me she have to do that.. i didint hear her voice when we were happy... but right now in her absence in my life makes my life something i cant tell.. not feeling to goahead in my life.... missing her every moment and crying for her. i know i will never get her back.. but still waiting for her.. bcoz i know she also loves me a lot ....

    • Veera 4 weeks ago

      What worked best for me:


      I narrate my experience as briefly as possible:

      I have a failed love - may be one sided but I am not sure.

      That girl was my neighbor. We studied a common subject and I could help her little bit. I never even would have known her if it was not for her mom who introduced her to me. The relationship had grown strong over an year or so. That is when bad luck hit me. I had to leave the city due to my family circumstances (I lost my mom back in my home, about 1000 miles away). Before leaving I told her about the love I feel. She was slightly shy at first but came back and said that she accepted it. I did not tell anybody else as both our families are conservative south Indians. I went back home but the girl's memory came back repeatedly and I met with a traffic accident that got me bed-ridden for one year or so. I was mentally so confused / depressed with my mom's death, missing best friend, a career that I could not even begin due to accident and above all feeling like an orphan(family sent me out as i was not earning!). As soon as I got better I went and saw her at home. In my kind of confused mind, I opened the topic right in front of their family (that was mistake). All of them reacted very negatively. I was shocked! I could not understand what happened. The only source of love / life felt like slipping away! I thought about it more and more. I tried to speak to her but no success. In the meantime, I got an excellent opportunity to work in USA. I was convinced it was the family that is stopping her as they want her to marry her cousin. So I was going to tell her 'let us move to USA so we can be away and in course of time our families would accept us'. Never got a chance to tell that. One day a friend of mine told me that she was married to her cousin.

      I lost interest in life and turned spiritual and tried like things listed in this article. Nothing would heal my heart.

      BUT THIS ONE WORKED: I got married to another girl. Initially I refused to do, thinking love is not worthwhile - at least in my case. But some good people changed my mind. My wife is no match at all to my first love (in my opinion). But still I love her infinitely and she reciprocates it. We have brilliant kids. They achieved great on studies, extra-curricular activities and found 100% scholarships in prestigious universities. I am sure they will get well settled. My wife did a great job in giving them good moral lessons and teaching survival skills.

      Now, the old memory does not hurt me as bad.


    • Clinto 9 days ago

      Just for the sake of her parents happiness... My long 6 years love... I gave up... First I thought I can... But now its becoming worse day by day... Sadness swallowing me... Each and every seconds are yet a reminder of her... Iam trying but I can't... Pls help.. me

    • Raghu Varun profile image

      Raghu Varun 8 days ago

      we were in relationship for 6years....we truly loved each ...these 6years was the best thing in our life...recently her parents rejected me due to inter caste...they fixed a marriage for her....i know that their parents were always their 1st priority....they were poor n their parents worked very hard to bring her to this position(working as TCS employee now) n their frnds convinced her that she has to move on with parents choosen guy....marriage was fixed which is after 3months...i was in touch with her bcoz i was not able to stay away with her all of a sudden....then she tried to convince me to move on....she had started chating with him,....i felt very jealous so i hacked her watsapp chat(i know i did wrong thing) that chat she was trying to impress him,she became very very close to him,i just cant believe my eyes how fast she had fast she can move on from me n attached to that guy....such a quick change of emotional feelings,i was in one end she was crying alot for me at nights(its true )but other end she was trying to impress him very much by making jokes,(not adultary jokes)but she was saying tht she is very happy to accept him as her husband(i was shocked to see tht) possible for a girl to carry two emotions at one time ??plz suggest me would b my pleasure if u help me....if possible i want to talk to u personally to share my feelings....i just need a person to share with...i m sharing my feeling with frnds but cant say abt whatsapp chat hacking,how she behaved with him....i cant make her bad before my frnds....she is really really very good person....plz chat with me madam if possible....its my request madam....

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