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100 Signs That He Is Over You

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Need some signs that it is time to move on?

Need some signs that it is time to move on?

100 Signs a Man Is Done With You

There are a million signs that someone is over you or just flat out done with you. I know it’s not the most fun subject in the entire world, and I’ve definitely compiled a list together of some of the most extreme examples.

If there’s any kind of abuse, you should not put up with it, and it’s time to walk out the door yourself. There is someone out there who will treat you right and who is good to your heart, so if you are worried that no one will love you and you should just put up with his misgivings — know that there’s someone out there who is caring.

Sometimes in a relationship, things become boring and predictable. Try to think ahead before jumping into a relationship. If you want something that is sustainable, and you should because it has way more benefits, then you need to consider what is your end game.

There is a whole universe of prospects, and someone who complements you is out there, and maybe you need to do more for yourself before you get into a relationship like travel the world, get an education, or learn a new instrument. Take the following with a grain of salt. If you’re finding yourself seeing a lot of your man on this list, then high tail it out and stop associating with the loser.

The following is a comprehensive list of things someone may be doing that point toward a lack of energy coming your way. Remember, people have other things to concentrate on besides a relationship, so he may like you but have other priorities to work out. These things are complicated, albeit frustrating, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find somebody who is a good match for you.

100 Signs He’s Over You

  1. He has deleted/blocked you off Facebook. This is a definite sure sign he has moved on.
  2. He gives back all the things that are related to you whether gifts or reminders. He’s cleaning up his past and doesn’t want those parts anymore.
  3. He deletes your phone number and no longer responds to texts from you. Not even a one-word text. He doesn’t want to communicate with you anymore.
  4. He doesn’t try to impress you anymore. He lets everything hang out in the open, and perhaps even more aggressively than normal.
  5. He talks to your friends but not you.
  6. He has a serious girlfriend and doesn’t make any move to talk to you as a friend or otherwise.
  7. He won’t be caught dead at the same old hangouts that he used to go with you.
  8. He no longer greets you or says goodbye. He doesn’t engage in conversation with you at a party. No hugs. No charm. Dead.
  9. He doesn’t tell you about important things that happen in his life like he used to, whether the death of a family member, that he got a new pet, etc.
  10. He does whatever you told him that you hate, smoking, drinking, gambling, etc.
  11. He doesn’t invite you to any events that include him, especially his birthday.
  12. Instead of actually meeting up with you, he cancels on you every single time.
  13. He deliberately forgets basic information about you that he should know, such as how many siblings you have, what major you had in college, and what is your natural hair color.
  14. He doesn’t care about your emotions, there are no conversations, he just takes you straight to bed.
  15. He has another cellphone that you are not allowed to look through and he says it is for business. (It’s another woman.)
  16. He disappears randomly and doesn’t tell you what’s up.
  17. Not only your friends, but his friends warn you that he is no good.
  18. He doesn’t make time for you, but he knows the entire schedule of his favorite sports team. You two don’t make any plans anymore.
  19. If you moved in with him, there’s no romance but just acting like roommates.
  20. He returns all your letters. They're all unopened.
  21. He only calls you to get money off you.
  22. He is only using you for your assets whether your car, a room to stay and sleep, food, etc.
  23. He sees your sister more than you.
  24. He calls you ugly, unattractive, fat, mangy, etc.
  25. He only sees you on one day of the week. He probably uses the other days to see another woman.
  26. You move and he says he can’t do long distance.
  27. He moves overseas and you never hear from him even though he has internet access and a phone plan. Being in the military is different.
  28. He doesn’t speak with you for over a month.
  29. You find yourself saying that most of the stuff he is doing is BS.
  30. You find gifts at his house from another woman that are inappropriate.
  31. He goes out frequently to questionable places such as strip clubs, etc.
  32. He hits you.
  33. He takes advantage of you physically.
  34. He hits one of your friends.
  35. He leaves you stranded somewhere.
  36. He constantly refers to and compares you to his ex-girlfriend who he clearly still loves.
  37. He doesn’t show up to any of the important events of your life such as graduation.
  38. He says flat out it is over.
  39. He moves out all your things to the yard. He changes the locks.
  40. He tells you he is too busy. He never hangs out with you.
  41. He tells you he can’t handle a serious commitment.
  42. He tells you he only wants you as a friend.
  43. He tells you he is better off without you.
  44. You find him at parties or strolling downtown with other people. He doesn’t invite you to things.
  45. He has a bonfire destroying all the notes you gave him.
  46. He refuses to reminisce about the times you had together.
  47. He no longer touches you.
  48. He tells you he finds you boring.
  49. He destroys some of your own things intentionally.
  50. He never makes any attempts to be with you.
  51. He deletes all pictures of you off his Facebook.
  52. He sends you nasty, mean, inappropriate texts.
  53. He spends all his time at work and doesn’t know you exist.
  54. He spends more time with another woman.
  55. For the most part, he is bored and uninterested in you.
  56. He encourages you to date other guys.
  57. He tries to hook you up with one of his friends.
  58. He doesn’t laugh at anything funny you do.
  59. His path doesn’t include you; literally, he will walk around you as though you are invisible.
  60. It’s too time-consuming to stop for five minutes to say hello and chit-chat.
  61. He has a criminal history that’s caught up with him.
  62. He writes songs about how much he hates you.
  63. He uses the word “hate” in regards to you.
  64. He and his guy friends sit around talking about how much they dislike you.
  65. He never answers your phone calls.
  66. He changes his life so that he doesn’t have to run into you, even though he has the same class, job, etc.
  67. He moves out all his belongings from the apartment you share.
  68. He moves out with one of the pets.
  69. He positively refers to another woman and never compliments you.
  70. He has a voodoo doll of you. There are pins in it!
  71. He tells you that he sees no future with you.
  72. He doesn’t care if he ruins things of yours to get his purpose done, such as using a nice dress to do an oil change.
  73. He doesn’t do anything when you’re sick. He wouldn’t even visit the hospital.
  74. He sells your stuff to make money.
  75. He doesn’t know your name.
  76. He refuses to meet your family or friends.
  77. He is married to someone else.
  78. You are aware that he is engaging in having sex with other women and you are hoping he’ll eventually only do it with you.
  79. He is a married man WITH KIDS.
  80. He placed a restraining order on you.
  81. He doesn’t invite you to see his family or friends.
  82. He avoids talking about a breakup but does the actions of one anyway.
  83. He blackmails you into a relationship.
  84. He uses your credit cards and can’t be found.
  85. He is suing you.
  86. He talks to you about how attractive your friend is but doesn’t compliment you… ever.
  87. He turns his Twitter or other social media into a hate machine about you.
  88. He asks for your engagement ring or other pricey items back.
  89. He gives your old engagement ring to another woman.
  90. He cuts out not only you but all your friends and family.
  91. When you look at him, he only makes repulsed or neutral facial expressions at you.
  92. He only complains about the relationship. He doesn’t enjoy it.
  93. He goes into another room when you enter a room.
  94. He doesn’t care about his bathroom habits when around you.
  95. He tells you that his family disapproves of you.
  96. He tells you that he is too smart for you.
  97. He doesn’t like that you have different religious beliefs.
  98. He’s too unforgiving that you crashed his car.
  99. He calls you mean names.
  100. He locks you in a room. (AHHH!)

How to Know When a Guy Is Done With You

So what should you do? Get over him. This could be a breakthrough for you. There are men in this world who will take romance seriously and are not going to take a relationship as an opportunity to be as selfish as possible.

If you are in an abusive relationship, JUST GET OUT. HE ISN’T WORTH IT. This may be easier said than done, but you need to be with someone who will treat you right, and staying with someone who is only going to treat you like a piece of crap is going to hurt your self-esteem.

Go be yourself. Find your passion and drive, and if it is your desire — the right kind of man will appear.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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