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Updated on October 23, 2017
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Scorpio men and dating
Scorpio men and dating | Source

Dating a Scorpio Man

Do you find yourself attracted to Scorpio men? Do you gravitate towards this sign for unexplained reasons?

Are you involved with a Scorpio male who sends mixed signals, like being super passionate one minute and seemingly disconnected the next?

If you have answered yes to these questions, you have come to the right place.

You see, I am a Scorpio man.

In the material that follows, I'm going to share with you several well kept secrets about Scorpio males. Additionally, I will reveal the positive and negative traits of this sign in an unfiltered way.

As you dive deeper into the male Scorpio mind, I'll infuse key insight designed to help you better understand why your man acts the way that he does – which no doubt is frustrating!

Finally, at the end of this page, I'll discuss the hard science behind the Scorpion personality, which is based in astrophysics and not on Greek or Roman mythology.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

First, let’s start with the basic positive and negative traits. These characteristics highlight the “good and bad”.

Scorpio Positive and Negative Traits: Oct 23 - Nov 21

Positive Traits
Negative Traits
Emotionally Distant
Hyper Focused
High Sexual Energy
Overly Sensitive
Typical Traits of Scorpio Man
Scorpion | Source

Positive Traits

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Passionate and Intense

Men that are Scorpios are passionate and intense. As one, however, I can tell you that it is a sword that cuts both ways. When we are in a relationship with you, particularly at the beginning, you will experience our singular, passionate, laser-like focus. When we become intimate, you will experience love making like you never have before. Our sexual energy is palatable, magnetic and at times overwhelming.

Loyal and Intuitive

Guys that are Scorpios are a loyal bunch. When we are in a relationship with you, we are also very intuitive and empathic. Other zodiac signs who are romantically involved with us, however, mistake our cool distance for ambivalence. I can tell you this is simply not true. We will walk over hot coals for you when we are in love but it is a struggle for us at times to show emotions because of other things going on inside (see negative traits).

Curious, Logical & Hyper-Focused

Scorpion men are curious and logical, which can be a positive and negative thing. On the one hand, we have this unique ability to deconstruct a given issue or dilemma, similar to how Spock from Star Trek may approach a certain problem. Our logical nature is often times sparked by the question “What” … meaning what is causing you to behave in the manner that you do. This curiosity and logical nature, as mentioned earlier, can be a double edged sword because when we are hyper-focused on a given problem, we become obsessed to the point that it becomes annoying. We will provoke arguments and fights in a relationship with you in order to find out what you are truly thinking, which is a primary function of our curious nature. Our only tool to move past a given obsession is to find a new one or engage in mindfulness.


Scorpio men are extremely empathic. For reasons that we do not understand, many Scorpio males are able to sense what is going on with you emotionally. In fact, we likely can sense what you are feeling even when we are not in your physical presence. The reason for this is because once we are in love with you, we become hyper-focused on your total person. This ability to be empathic, however, is limited to those whom we are close to. Our logical nature can at times interfere with this ability to be empathic because we tend to over-rationalize and overthink.

Warning: It is important that you know that when we are in a calm place, we are able to read your emotions and do so with freakish accuracy. It is not necessary that you speak in our presence for us to know what is going on inside of you. If you search your memories of your interactions with Scorpion men, you will know this to be true.


Scorpion men are competitive in all things that they commit to. In other words, once we make the decision to partake in a given activity, we are “in it to win it” and are relentless. Like the other traits mentioned here, this can be a blessing and curse. Our competitive nature comes at a cost to our relationships. It is one of the reasons Scorpios are seen to be so distant. It is hard for us to hold the emotions of deep passion and love for you while we try to balance these feelings with our strong desire to “win” at other things in life.


Negative Traits

Scorpio Man Experience

Which negative trait best describes your Scorpio Man Experience?

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Secretive and Mysterious

If you want to spot a Scorpio male, look for the guy who is wearing sunglasses in situations where it doesn’t make sense, like cloudy days or even at night. You can tell you are in the presence of a Scorpion man because when you pass one by, you feel a strong pull that is hard to describe. Many have characterized Scorpion men as “bad boys” because we give off that dangerous yet paradoxically attractive vibe.

Distant and Disconnected

Scorpion men are cursed with being obsessed with a given project or problem solving activity. This can cause many of us to seem emotionally distant, cool and disconnected. For people who initially meet a Scorpion man, it is important that you know this – the guy may at first seem a bit removed because he is trying to tune into your persona.

It takes us time to do this but when we “dial in” to your channel, we do so with pinpoint accuracy. Interference however often happens because of our obsessive nature, which again, causes us to focus on other things.

Manipulative and Resentful

This is perhaps one of our greatest weaknesses. Scorpion men do in fact resort to manipulation, particularly when we are jealous or become resentful. When we are dating you or romantically involved with you, we expect that you make it all about us. This is perhaps a very selfish thing to admit but if you are looking for the real deal on Scorpion men, you just got it.

Warning: If we detect you are looking at other men, which we are able to sense through our empathic abilities, you need to be careful. I say this because we will absolutely sting you and sting you badly. We will make your life miserable and be purposeful in going about this. Think of your experiences with Scorpion men and you will know this to be absolutely true.

Jealous and Overly Sensitive

These characteristics go hand in hand with the previously mentioned traits. When we are committed to you, we become protective of you. And for all of our rational abilities, we have a glitch when it comes to jealousy. In other words, we often find it hard to use the rational side of our brain when we think someone else is interested in you or pursuing you. We are also highly sensitive to criticism, I admit. If truth be told, overly sensitive.

Warning: If you criticize us too harshly, it activates a very ugly side of our personality that causes us to seek out vengeance. This happens through manipulation. We do not like this part of our personality and avoid using it whenever possible. Please do not activate that chip in us because when you do – watch out.

Obsessive and Self-Important

Scorpion men are often accused of being obsessive and even narcissistic (self-important). On some level, this is true. We do become obsessed with a given problem, project or puzzle and will not stop in our pursuit of the solution until it is achieved. This trait however is often confused with being narcissistic.

I can tell you that this is completely false. We have a great well of empathy and sympathy for others and our compassion knows no bounds. It’s just that we tend to obsess over things to the point of being ridiculous. Many of us have a diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder for this reason. And while some of us may seek the spotlight, many more of us shy away from it because it illuminates parts of our personality that we wish to remain cloaked.

Artists Rendition of Scorpio Sky from Pluto
Artists Rendition of Scorpio Sky from Pluto | Source

Tour of Scorpio Constellation

Other Characteristics

  • We generally are good with money and are not the impulsive type when it comes to spending.
  • We obsess over our appearance and have body image issues.
  • We have memories like elephants and can recall the tiniest of details about something that happened long ago– right down to the inflection of your voice and the exact words you spoke.
  • We struggle with trust issues and it takes time for others to win our trust.
  • We are prone to back problems because of our obsessions, which manifest in the form of stress in our lumbar region.
  • We are caretakers, in part, because we are fiercely independent and loath the thought of someone taking care of us.
  • Many of us work in fields like psychology, journalism, healthcare, engineering and finance. All of these fields involve the use of logic, Scorpion strengths.

Moon's Influence on Tides
Moon's Influence on Tides | Source

Why Do Scorpios Have Odd Behaviors?

Scorpio men are perhaps the most misunderstood of the zodiac signs. One minute we can be intently focused on what is going on with you personally and the next moment we can seem distracted and even disconnected.

Here’s why:

Scorpios are influenced at birth by the planets Mars and Pluto. I could give you a bunch of hocus pocus about Greek Gods and “ruling planets” but I’d rather give you the hard science.

When a person is born between October 23 and November 21, they are literally born under what is called a “Scorpion Sky”. This simply means that the plants Mars and Pluto are vertically opposite of one another, each having their own gravitation impact on the planet earth, which is primarily influenced by the sun. Are you with me so far?

If you believe that tides rise and recede as a result of the gravitational pull of the sun, moon and other planets in our solar system then you need to understand that during Scorpion Sky, Mars and Pluto are positioned opposite of one another. This opposite positioning has an influence on all liquids and not just in our oceans. Here, I am talking about the amniotic fluid in the mother’s womb at the time of the male Scorpion’s birth. This astrological positioning both negatively and positively charge the amniotic fluid in the mother’s placenta, thereby creating the unique Scorpion baby.

Scorpios are considered to have a negative polarity because of this positioning. This negative polarity gives Scorpions the passion of the hot planet, mars, and the cool distance of the planetoid Pluto.

Instead of looking at mythology, which cannot be proven in science, let’s turn to astrophysics which can. Take note of the planetary characteristics in comparison to the Scorpion male characteristics. I’ve included a Sky-map as a visual.

Planetary Alignment of Mars and Pluto. Notice how far apart they are.
Planetary Alignment of Mars and Pluto. Notice how far apart they are. | Source

Planetary Characteristics: Mars and Pluto

4th Planet from Sun
9th Planet(oid) from Sun
3rd Planet from Sun
Billions of years ago it once had water and other elements thought to form life. It is therefore considered a “Hot” planet.
Cold, distant planet who orbit is influenced by our sun. It has some gravitational influence on Earth when it is aligned with Mars.
Positively Charged Magnetic Atmosphere
Once had a positively charged atmosphere. Now now has tiny magnetic field
Negatively charges atmosphere
Gravitationally influenced by all planets but during Oct 23 through November 21, hyper-influenced by Mars and Pluto.
Tital pull with Sun most powerful Oct-Nov
Tidal Pull with Sun on Earth post powerful Oct-Nov
Magnetic Sphere is highly charged on earth during this period, influenced by Pluto’s negative polarity in position to Mars and our moon


If you are interested in dating a Scorpion make, get ready for a super wild ride. We will make you feel as if you are the center of the universe while also exhibiting behaviors that may seem, frankly, crazy. What you need to know is that when we are in love with you we are truly in love with you and will remain loyal. Gaining our trust and love however is not easy. Once you are in a relationship with us, we will likely want to take care of you.

The key to a Scorpios heart is patience and understanding. Because of our sensitive nature, we prefer that you phrase any criticism towards us carefully and instead, opt for meaningful, constructive feedback. We respond to feedback in a logical way with an ability to integrate your observations into actions. Our only desire is to please you once we are in love with you. And while we may at times have a wandering eye, our heart is only connected to you.

If you found this helpful, please share with others and particularly other Scorpio men who may need a primer on what is fueling some of their unexplained behavior.

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      • profile image

        S.h 19 hours ago

        Hi i am a Scorpio like wise my baby daddy we are going thru sum hell rite now cause he take talk from ppl

      • profile image

        Ak 3 weeks ago

        I’m a Sagittarius women married to Scorpio. As a free independent sign, I can tell you this relationship is difficult but can work. Most wouldn’t. Scorpio man must allow a sagg freedom & trust, and Sagg must learn to open and honest. It’s worth it though if it works! He’s so dedicated.

      • profile image

        Virgo 2 months ago

        So basically you can have a wondering eye but if you catch your partner looking at another guy you have a problem?

      • profile image

        Nadia mcallister 3 months ago

        I was speaking with a scorpio male who iv know for a lot of yrs getting really well worked up to going for a drink He s going through messy device same as me. And my ex was fed in he doesint text anymore has spoke to me but is very cold i can understand he doesjnt want draged into my dramas d i don't want to be a pest and contact him as I know he line his privacy I really like him and we got on so well could someone give me some advice please xxx

      • profile image

        Desi 3 months ago

        Im a cancer and my husband is a scorpio and I am very happy with him. We are so in love. He is attentive and caring when you really need it and has a great attention to details of things. He tells me he loves me several times everyday. We have been married for 6 months.and dated for like 3 months before that. I've dated terrible scorpios before but you have to remember there are good and bad people in all signs . I felt the article was alright .

      • profile image

        Sweet Sophie 4 months ago

        Im dating a scorps and im a aquarius girl, hes older than me like 10 years, im 27. But he is handsome and well shaped, anyways he likes me very much and hes so subtle but i can very much see all the little signs of sensitive, jealousy, possessiveness and all the above as written. However i think i like it, its just the beginning, It is something exciting.

      • profile image

        Kimberly 5 months ago

        Been dating my scorpio. For 3 months. His kids are out of control his kids mom dont want him with anyone and shes married everyone. Is in between. US. What to do

      • profile image

        AJox 5 months ago

        My Scorpio just hit me with a "I appreciate your concern, (his pet name for me). I'm fine." When I told him it's okay to lean back on me...he's dealing with family issues and he has literally been by my side and so supportive through everything that's hit me for the past 2 years. Did I overstep? How do I fix this? I just said okay and changed the subject, was that enough? I'm a Pisces and hypersensitive to his tone

      • profile image

        Lost in la la land 6 months ago

        Wag your tail not was...

      • profile image

        Lost in la la land 6 months ago

        I've been briefly in relationships with Scorpios and have learnt that they simply don't tell u too many a times they love you like most normal men would so that you was your tail behind them. Also, they do not like doing the chores of the house and often will marry someone who loves them and they can control that's why cancerians are a superb match. Regarding the distance, well they first try to believe it's something real and what they really want, study you while not in contact with you, then act according to your nature so as to make you their love slave. Yes they are highly addictive that's why I prefer keeping then as my bedtime love lust attractions than doing real stuff as it lead to serious relationship only binding free me forever. Oh and yes, Gemini are great compatibility for sexual pleasures but do not enter long terms at all if possible. Yes these people do weigh the monetary gains and mostly you will never realize that due to an advantage of them being the ardent obsessive lover. There are examples even in family where they marry and are almost never happy cause they do it for security and realize their love is elsewhere. Usually they marry one who love them than them being the donkey .....sorry people this is real fact. As realistic it can get

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 6 months ago from Hollywood, CA

        Glad you liked. Thanks for the kind comments.

      • profile image

        Michele 6 months ago

        Spot on! I have been seeing a scorpio man for almost 3 years ( I am Aries) All of what you say is spot on with him as well. He is more of "actions speak louder than words" and won't tell me that he loves me, he knows I love him, but he will NOT say the words to me. He acts so much in love when he is with me but then can turn cold and interested in TV or work or something. I am still around and with him every day... I know if he didn't want me around, he would tell me....but does he LOVE me yet? My whole life revolves around him and yet we have no commitment. I want commitment.....

      • profile image

        Lyss 8 months ago

        I'm a Pisces and my boyfriend is a Scorpio. I've never been more drawn to another person in my whole life. We've only officially been together for 2 months but with him I can really see a future. This article was really helpful to me because he would tell me all these sweet and romantic thing and become very distant. I'm very patient with him because I also am afraid of being burned by love. I feel like he and I have a deep understanding of one another. However sometimes when he becomes distant I do get scared and worried, what should I do about that?

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 9 months ago from Hollywood, CA

        I'm glad you liked. Taurus can be a good match for Scorpio

      • profile image

        Ananya 9 months ago

        I have been with a scorpio guy for last 10 months,I have feelimgs for him,even told him about those but he nevers says anything clearly. After reading this article,I felt like he only wrote this,each n every point what u have said matches with him. Thanx for this article. I m a Taurus girl n I get attracted to him like a iron piece to a magnet,for me,its the sexiest zodiac n he is the sexiest one I will ever find. Thanx love:*:-)

      • profile image

        Jennifer 9 months ago

        pls I need your advice about my Scorpio boyfriend, since he traveled and It's been up to 9 months we haven't seen each other but our communication was okay, video calling and texting everyday until recently he just stop taking my calls or reply to any of my messages... should I move on or should I wait for him? We didn't fight or anything he's going through finical ish. Because I love him so much and I'm scared of losing him.

      • profile image

        Sammy 9 months ago

        Scorpio men are the worst I have to wonder if they have conscience was with one tried to work with show him love and affection help him out financially and he turns around disgrace me for kind deeds showing. I don't like Scorpio men

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 9 months ago from Hollywood, CA

        That's a good question. I'd say yes (mostly).

      • profile image

        Genevieve 9 months ago

        Hey John. Thank you for the informative article. Quick question, would these traits apply to an individual that has their Venus in Scorpio if their sun sign is not?


      • profile image

        Angela 10 months ago

        Aquarius girl here dating a Scorpio man. MAN OOHHH MAN. This guy has swept me off my feet in such a small period of time. We talk on the phone for 5 hours straight, we go to sleep with each other on the phone. (Note that we are grown ups in professional fields)... I just thought the whole speaking on the phone for so long was left back in middle, high school, clearly NOT. Sex is BOMB!! I mean, i like kinky and this guy, i mean is there such thing as "limits" when it comes to having sex with a Scorpio man? NO! And i love it!!! But i must admit he is needy. Needs affection / attention often. Gets SUPERRRR JEALOUS and is VERY PROTECTIVE OF ME... Its sometimes difficult for me since Aqua girls we tend to be more of a free spirit & we like to come and go. But ladies, the Scorpio man will make sure you are okay and not in need of anything. He is always willing, actually, not willing, HE ALWAYS WANTS to step up and be the man. Provide, take care of me, and feel like hes in control... I must admit a lot of times i just agree with him and let him get his way even if i dont fully agree... He is very family oriented and literally started giving me that "wifey treatment" within A WEEK of knowing me... All i can say is im falling for this guy live ive never felt before... We do have our challenges. But i just cant explain how someone can be so much like you, yet so different. Anyhow, he has my heart and us Aqua girls are hard to commit but this guy i can PERFECTLY SEE A FUTURE WITH HIM.♥

      • profile image

        selkiesiren 11 months ago

        Leo woman dating a Scorpio man. I have come to the conclusion that he is an alien hybrid and I am a victim of an alien love bite. So confusing and convoluted, but have to truly say never a dull moment. The bane of dull and mundane never keep my attention. Took a month for the man to ask me out. Became intimate on the second date, at his insistence, I might add. Great in bed, a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. He did not captivate me at all in the post-O period, a 0 on a scale of 1 to 10! This is the bizarre part.... after seemingly enjoying three sexual encounters, he states he tends to feel bad emotionally after sex!? Further stating it has nothing to do with me, it is all about him, but will not offer much further info, as I have found him to be very poor in the communications department, like pulling teeth. Says "no more." Never ever had any complaints before about my performance in bed (well, maybe I am a bit about wanting things my own way), but still I make sure to please who I am with at all costs. I am not selfish, love giving pleasure, especially orally. Anyway, I respect his wishes and just give him space, actually never expecting to hear from him again. About a week later, he texts like nothing is wrong and wants to just meet and talk. I comply, and he is like a different person, very tender, sweet, affectionate...even going as far as to say he loves me! I am completely off balance, thinking I walked into a different dimension or space warp. What is going on with this Scorpio guy? Now, I have not heard from him in a day since the man professed his love over and over! Okay, either the energetic work I did on him wore off, or his implant was recalled and reprogrammed. He's a trip I can tolerate because I like truly like him, feel there is a special vibrational connection between us that could develop into a higher mindscape, but I need some insight to cope or I think I may just go past the outer limits of crazy than I was created to be. Never have I encountered a creature such as this before! Maybe can endure more insults and hurt a bit longer to see where this strange path leads. Interesting, intriguing, provocative....perhaps a nightmare I have not awoken from and am unaware.

      • profile image

        Li'a 12 months ago

        I am a Cancerian woman and have only had one opportunity to date a Scorpion man in my entire life. Last week was my dream come true I thought. We had both been praying for a mate and timing

        seemed to be perfect for the both of us! We live in the same town, but not traveling in the same circle of friends. I'm a retired educator and he's as architect. Now I didn't pray for an architect, but I did ask the Universe for a man that knows how to build. We both expressed our excitement via our telephone conversation. It was last Tuesday, you know Tuesday's are war days, but we wanted to meet. The photos I posted on the website were truly me and only one week old. I had taught school in my area so I posted another zip code to attract men from 100 mile radius. Younger men have always been attracted to me, so I didn't want to date in the area. I really preferred an educated man . I'm not a cheater an he shared that he neither is he. Well I asked my son to take my best friend to the dentist because I had to keep my spa day in order to prepare for this date . I only agreed to Tuesday because he was off today. We discussed that We would run our errands and that I would call him when I was finished. Then we would meet for drinks and hors d'oeuvres at a lounge at the convention center here. I was super excited and I accidentally left my phone at home without realizing it. He called me while I was at the spa and of course I couldn't answer. When I got home I could not find my phone so I try to retrace my steps. I found someone to help me find my phone. When I saw that he had text me asking what's up lady? At 3:00pm I text him and said I'll meet you at 3:45 or 3:50pm, ironed my clothes and off I go. I waited 10 minutes. Then I start texting him pictures of myself to let him know that I was waiting and would wait. But I needed to hear from him! I

        waited 30 minutes, then went home to eat my Vegsn food! I finally reached him at 7:00 pm. Calling every hour leaving a message. Reached him at 7:00 pm and invited him to meet at the Swan Lake park. He said no that he was busy. I said ok and went on my way. I had already decided that he was the one. He called me back at 9 pm. To say " I should have met you with my stupid self". We talked till after 12 midnight and thought that we had gotten everything straight! I sincerely believed that there was something wrong with his phone and I stayed at that. He stated that there was something wrong with my phone obviously however we both went to bed happy. The next morning he had told me that he would call me when he reached the doctors office for his annual appointment. He text me and said good morning, WYD? I told him that my weed eater had messed up on me and he asked me to bring it to the garden and give him the address so that he could meet me over there. What a mistake. We met and I was so excited because he was so tall and slim. I really didn't know what to say so I was kind of quiet. He asked me why was it that I only attended church on Wednesday nights. I said because I'm looking for a new church home and I want to finish out what I started with the youth group and the garden that we were raising. He didn't asked me if my ex-boyfriend attended that church as well? And I think the truthful person that I am said yes! He then asked me to collect the weedeater and let's head to new Boston Road to the lawn more repair place. The other question that he asked me was did he look better on the photos of him or in person. I was so excited just staring at him, his Indian profile that I didn't say anything and he went on to something else, but I wish I had said you looked better in person because he did. He had already told me that he was a sensitive guy, however I did not know exactly what that meant when he said it over the phone. So I got in my truck he got in his truck I went to the right and he went to the left and I never saw him again. I was not aware that he was going to Grace off so fast then mile truck could not even keep up because first of all I had to turn around and go the direction that he was going, but I did try. I thought maybe the phone call that he received was an emergency so I didn't worry about it too much. I sent him an instant messenger text, just around 3:30 PM on Wednesday. He sent me a sticker little heart-shaped balloons with the little squirrel waving at me. However I didn't see it at that time. I was more interested in trying to find out what was the reason that

      • psychologyinfo profile image

        Drew B 12 months ago from Peoria, Illinois

        I've read lots about the Scorpio man but never anything this spot on and real. It's like you let out all of our secrets man!

        I've found Cancer women are great matches for us. They really won't I take up with our crap the claw you when you s step out of line.

        I learned a lot about myself. Thanks!

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 12 months ago from Hollywood, CA

        Thanks for sharing and I hope this material was useful!

      • profile image

        Brigitta Johansen 12 months ago

        lm connected with a scorpio man and understand every single word you wrote and hope my present understanding will improve my relation that is more than weak sometimes

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 12 months ago from Hollywood, CA

        So glad you found helpful!

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 12 months ago from Hollywood, CA

        Glad you liked it!

      • profile image

        Debby Fox 12 months ago

        I don't know if anyone out there can help me. All posts are over 2 yrs old. I am a Sagittarius woman rising sign is Cancer dating a Scorpio make his rising sign is Scorpio. We dated 13 yrs ago . He would tell me every now and then not to get serious. Then one night he told me he loved me while we were making love. I couldn't respond back. One reason is why would he tell me not to get serious but he did. Also, my daughter had gotten herself in a situation and I needed to protect her. I can't remember I'd I told him about this.. We ran into one another April 13 2917 . He called me the next day Good Friday. Things ended like we always did when we use to date and ended in bed. I need to tell him I have never stopped loving him and I couldn't do anything about our relationship back then. That for thirteen yrs I prayed he was safe, he was healthy, and he was happy. I so want to know if there was any chance of rekindling what we lost back then. We have been seeing each other since. If anyone out there can give me any advice I will gladly take it

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 13 months ago from Hollywood, CA

        I am glad you liked the article. I tried to be totally honest about all that appears.

      • profile image

        Rainy 13 months ago

        Hi Mr.Hollywood :) 1st I want to say thanks for sharing your insight! I'm glad I came across this hub.

        Sag Female here I & Scorp met 10 years ago...It seems as though our plans on reuniting have been postponed due to our various personal life circumstances...similar hardships just different seems like a play of hit & miss or almost there...

        But through this decade we've managed to maintain our connection.

        I want to believe that the reason for our separation may be that we were being tested & prepared by the universe, so that we can be ready for union when the time comes.

        I do feel I have learned a lil easier when it comes to these lessons & im waiting for him to catch up. Not wiser but we still both hold a fair amount of stubbornness. Without saying a word, he helps me gain a sense of perspective on my weaknesses & it makes me want to work on them so I can becom better.

        There is a natural understanding between us & I will admit it is nothing like I've had before, As the archer I do love my freedom

        but I love the idea of surrendering that & exchanging it for him more.

        Yesterday we spoke of numbers &

        how we were both seeing a patterns occur within out lives lately,

        Me: 11:11 & 12:34.

        Him: 5,3 & 8/ 5+3=8...

        I guess I can apply the 8 to our birthdays being 8 days apart...

        but I am not sure just yet how or if that has any substantial matter.

        I was online & I have read so much negativity revolving around the partnership of scorp&sagi & I've had 1 past partner being a scorpio that ended bittersweet...(but they can't all be the same).

        then this thought creeped up in my mind that..

        what if time has kept us apart not because of my own optimistic reasoning but because we were apart for a good reason & are not actually meant to be

      • profile image

        lyz1025 13 months ago

        Wow,this is so i know better! my why's were greatly answered and this really made sense..its a lot of help,and i cant be more thankful to the writer JH.

      • profile image

        Vibez 13 months ago

        Beautifully said! Love love love ✌

      • profile image

        Kimberly 14 months ago

        This is totally "on point" !

      • profile image

        Nena 14 months ago

        Dating scorpio 3 yrs now he just told me I LOVE YOU let's see where this goes. Like huh? Not consider to be his girlfriend, like huh?? And of course he keeps his disnants, is been a month haven't seen him, but we text few times a wk. Should I ignored him? I miss him, I feel he doesn't love me. Help.

      • profile image

        Sindy 15 months ago

        I'm Pisces ad my Scorpio does not believe in astrology (strange right) but he actually enjoyed this article.

      • profile image

        Jessica 15 months ago

        Aside from great sex, don't know why anyone would date one long term! They take everything too seriously, can't take any criticism or teasing (but love to give you criticism and little suggestions you never asked for), play manipulative games, try to change your personality then criticize you for "not being yourself", have different shades of extreme moods, super type A personality, will never tell you what's wrong but will expect you to "just know" what's going on with them (but if something's wrong with you, they're too selfish to even notice even though they are supposed to be sensitive and empathetic), highly insecure, kind of feminine, think it's so much fun for you to "figure them out", so they will do stupid and immature things to "keep you guessing". Don't even try to hold their hand in public without asking for permission, overly concerned about what's "appropriate behavior" in public. You better make a good impression to make him look good. Haha, am I missing something? So many not fun things about Scorpio dudes. He probably has a substance abuse problem and anger issues too. Anyway, writing a book here. Gotta go have fun time and awesome sex with my Sagittarius man. Good luck though! -Leo woman

      • profile image

        silverfirefly 15 months ago

        I'm a Sagittarius woman, and I know a Scorpio man. I recognise much of what is listed in the article in this guy I know (who is lovely by the way).

        I have one point to make: no-one can assert something into someone else's life without the other person's co-operation. So no, you can't make my life a misery against my will. Even if I was living with a Scorpio male who has a grudge, there are ways to overcome or deal with it. I can move out, I can use the occult to influence him in order to minimise his sting (I have Jupiter in Scorpio), and a whole host of other tactics I have which all work. Also, anyone attempting to manipulate me will find that I have an uncanny ability to nip that in the bud FAST. ;)

      • profile image

        Karan 15 months ago

        I am a Leo woman dating a Scorpio man and now I finally understand so much by reading your article. Thank you so much for writing this because it explains so much to me why he acts the way he does. You have helped me to understand and to be a lot more patient and not take things so personal. I kept wondering if I did something wrong knowing inside that I didn't. Patience is not a good point for me but I now understand that I have to work harder at being more patient and things will be so much better.

      • Vallin profile image

        Vallin 15 months ago from Atlanta, GA

        OOOH...add Neptune-ASC-Venus [in SCO--YES };)!]-Mercury la Moriganna for my Dyon-Orphic Orgasmo-Death Mix and stir 'til trouble ensues.


        (Moon in TAU, too: Om-nom-nom!)

      • profile image 15 months ago

        Encina Scorpio for about 6 months now and I've run a lot if they don't like to talk about their feelings. But the last few times I have been with him he has told me that I am awesome and that I drive him absolutely crazy in that I bring out the good & the bad in him and he says he loves everything about me. If he always has me stare deep into his eyes and he smiles really big as he's doing it. And every once in a while he'll say something. An hour we reply with what kind of a question is that? And your reply they're supposed to get when is that other girls do but it doesn't make me mad it just think it's an odd question and that kind of throws me off too cuz it's like does he want me to get angry? And as far as sex goes he says I wear him out. And that I am beautiful. I like to know does he truly mean all this cuz I am crazy about him too before I start thinking with my heart instead of my head. Could someone please help

      • profile image

        Pisces girl 16 months ago

        I find this article great, BUT there's definitely mystery in it. You didn't exposed it all (: and at some parts I didn't understood how things connected to each other.

        I am reading this in order to know and understand more of my Scorpio partner. By reading all comments I see there's a lot of confusion around them. I must state that I have dated so far with three Scorpios. Two of them were born on October and they were open and sharing. Now I am with my Scorpio partner for about 3 years and he was born in November and he is much more "Scorpio" like.

        We been together for 3 years and STILL getting to know each other.

        Both water signs, both have trust issues and both suspicious both reserved. and I always get the feeling from him that he wait for me to make the first moves and then he will follow. In his own time of course.

        It's hard for me to reach out to him because I don't want to get hurt or be disappointed.

        But I guess as him fixed and controlling and I flexible- I must make thr first moves, he challenging me to get out of my shell for him, something I never done for anyone else (not even my previous Scorpios. He wins them by far..) He won't give up. He wants me to reach first.

        Our sexual life is basically on hold because no one wants to make the first move.

        Our potential together is SUBLIME. We barely speak about what really in our hearts because we both so damn reserved and mysterious (like- I never want other to know what I feel) but we have such s strong telepathic connection.

        Scorpio and Pisces - highly recommended!

      • profile image

        16 months ago

        Im dating a Scorpio man, i gotta say i want to dump him for his lack of detail. Thinks Valentine's is just another day, im all about being sweet and cuddly and he is with me as well. But when it comes to him showing it immediately, heck no. He's also very good at debating lol he won't keep his mouth shut. Always has an answer for everything and to me it comes off as rude!! I feel like he's my friend; that's why i allowed the relationship to flourish. But everytime i tr6 to state something that id wrong to me, he feels like he does things wrong. And all I try to do is state my feelings towards the matter. As an Aries , im honest and straight up. So im aware i may have to watch my words at times =) but is there any advice to make an Aries woman and Scorpio man work. A big part of me wants to say bye, but another tiny part wants to give it a shot. Even tho he drives me crazy

      • Elisabeth Marg profile image

        Elisabeth Marg 16 months ago

        Can you please help me? I'm genuinely confused about a Scorpio male. So we've been seeing each other for about 3 months now, and it has been amazing. He lives further away so we talked a lot through phone calls and texts, almost every day. He even said he wanted to marry me, and that he loved me and all. Pretty intense, huh? But, now, I haven't heard from him in almost two weeks! It went from hot to cold. What should I do? leave him alone? Give him space? wait for him to come back? Please help! I'm not experienced with Scorpio males.

        This article has made things definitely clearer already.

        Thank you!

        Elisabeth (A virgo girl)

      • profile image

        Shyanne 16 months ago

        I am an Aries & trying to get w a Scorpio ;)

      • profile image

        Orangeslice 16 months ago

        My son is a Scorpio & had his heart broken & hasn't moved on. He can't trust again hasn't even dated in a few years. It was the love of his life & they were engaged to be married. He hasnt had a serious GF in over 5 yrs. Starts to talk to a girl but it doesnt seem to work out. Think maybe the trust thing is pushing them away. how can he switch to using his good traits again?

      • profile image

        Jam 17 months ago

        Is it true that scorpio man likely to sacrifice his love over his needs (Money & material things?)

      • profile image

        Jao 17 months ago

        is it true that scorpio man will choose money over his love? Should I say he follows his mind before his heart?

      • profile image

        Capricorn Woman 17 months ago

        Are there some Scorpio men that cheat on their spouses/girlfriends?

      • profile image

        maca 17 months ago

        I am dating a Scorpio guy and am (almost ;-) ) nuts about him. Thanks for sharing. Very valuable information! Really helps! Xx

      • profile image

        Tina 17 months ago

        This has been a dead on ringer for what I've been going through the last two years. Allot of things have come into play and certain things which you've touched on have explained reactions clearly, since I hadn't gotten any from him.

        I thank you for being so brutally honest. We may actually have a fighting chance. I a loving way.

      • profile image

        Rach 17 months ago

        Scorpions are hard to get that's for sure. But I find that everything is driven by fear. Fear of losing you ...fear of getting you...fear of being rejected....fear of being abandoned...fear of being humiliated....fear of failure....fear of commitment.... You get the picture. They are the most contrary people you will meet with a dash of double standards. But I love em, they are such a mixed bag you never know what you will get. I admire their self control and will power it is amazing. And that cool detachment makes me wild, brings out the hunter prey thing in any female (roar hehe).

      • profile image

        Rach 17 months ago

        Aaauugghh! Scorpio men are so deliciously infuriating. (Me pisces by the way). This scorp guy that I adore and crave drives me crazy and he IS crazy. But as a pisces I know myself and if he wasn't so complicated I would have got bored and be like NEXT..... Because once I work a guy out completely it's more depths to reach. Scorpio the endless mystery ..yum.

      • profile image

        hana 18 months ago

        what do you say about the fact that I attracted (& I was attracted )4 men all born on 9th November?

      • profile image

        Lina 19 months ago

        Hello! I've been craving for a scorpio since the first day he has talked to me. I am also a scorpio and his behaviour seems really weird to me. He tells me one day " you look so pretty today" and we talk like 5 minutes, then we do not talk like a week or 2. Then, we go out with our friends ( we are collegues) and he always sits next to me. Like always. I don't know how he always gets near me, but he manages somehow. The thing is, we barely talk when we go out. The only things that he tells me are like " you look so good" and we are both aware that we like each other. I am trying my best to manage somehow to talk to him, and I usually don't do that. We have like tons in common but we just don't talk. I have never craved someone so much and I would like to know if I should let things be, or Should I just talk to him. But, as I am a scorpio too, I find myself in him somehow and I somehow understand the mechanism but I would love to know if he talks to me because he is interested or just like that. Because his behaviour is described by you perfectly.: once he seems interesred then total silence. By the way, your article is the best I have ever read!! Thanks !

      • profile image

        Linda 19 months ago

        This fits my Scorpio perfectly even in our 60s. Been dating 14 months and all of this fits. Helps me to deal with him better.

      • profile image

        Diane 19 months ago

        My scorpio ex had a hard time being emotionally vulnerable. Even being together for a while he still did not want to open up.

      • profile image

        Desiree 20 months ago

        This is right on the dot , I'm with a Scorpio man and I'm so in love with him. I found all of this to be true about him,but seeing the signs of when he is in love with you totally match him and makes it all the better. I'm a Leo woman and odds are usually said that we aren't compatible ,but we are so intensely in love. I will say there's never a boring point in our relationship whether we are in a heated argument or heated elsewhere ;) it's literally the best thing ever. I find it fairly easy once you understand and have a open mind about them. I love my Scorpio to death. (strong emphasis on death) lol xoxox

      • profile image

        Jacky 20 months ago

        Hey, so i recently met a Scorpio male at bww on a Sunday, and we hit it off. Things seemed to be going great. We hung out that following week about every day. Even went dancing and then the next day we hung out 1 on 1. Last time I saw him was Tuesday its Saturday now.

        Seems like he got distant out of nowhere. We've texted a little here and there. But idk what should I be thinking?

      • profile image

        Prashant 20 months ago

        Hi I am a Scorpio male and what you have described totally matches.

        A Gemini girl is in love with me.

        I searched a lot through astrological site about compatibility and came to a conclusion that it will be a "bumpy ride on smooth road" . That's why I am not taking any forward move in this relationship. Will you please suggest me something?

      • profile image

        Van 21 months ago

        Learned a lot about this sign...thanks dont know how to retrack criticisms I have answered him to with regards self image...he asked me about...he is distant now as a result dont know what to do n now focusing on a friend for lust or love I dont know n am confused why pick a friend to begin with to spite me or what

      • profile image

        MSMello 22 months ago

        Actually i'm Aquarian myself, and i'm truly liking a scorpio... But i do sometimes drive him away cause i'm too curious and often ask about his personal life and past, so... LOL.

      • profile image

        charm88 22 months ago

        What do you mean "at times have a wandering eye"? My boyfriend is a Scorpio and I sometimes speculate that he cheats.I dont want to get into details, but im pretty sure about it actually. How can he proclaim that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and then go out and cheat. What could be behind that?

      • profile image

        KVB 2 years ago

        I loved your write up. It gives an insight to the most misunderstood part of a Scorpio. Thanks for taking the time.

      • profile image

        lovelace 2 years ago

        Does a scorpion and a cancerian match well enough for each other..

      • profile image

        lovelace 2 years ago

        Does a scorpion and a cancerian match well enough for each other..

      • profile image

        JMS 2 years ago

        I was married to a Scorpio for 40 years, and he is gone now. We really had a wonderful soulmate relationship. He was the most wonderful loving husband, father and lover. I will always love this man and the way he showed love was so intense he has been unforgettable in my mind. I'll never forget my Raymond, but I have grieved for 10 years and now I am ready to move on. I have realized there is still room for another soulmate relationship in my life and still keep memories of my late husband and keep both in the right perspective. Your study of a Scorpio man, was to a T of my husband. He cherished me to his dying breath and I was so glad we found each other early in life. We were 15 years old and 2 weeks after we met he told me he had a premonition that we were going to get married someday.......... not really something I could handle at such a young age, but we married 3 years later........ he passed at 55 from many complications from the Vietnam war. We married 16 days before he went to Vietnam which he DID come home and that first year probably gave us the strength in our marriage to tackle anything life passed our way. We had our fights, disagreements, etc, but he made a pact to never attach each other with those horrible degrading words that really linger and hurt, that sometimes get in the way of resolutions. By the way, he was a Scorpio and I am a Leo.......... figure the odds, I guess we were the exception to the rule.

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 2 years ago from Hollywood, CA

        Thanks for the response. Yes - it's focused on males because that's a specific zodiac bit of information people search for. It's not overly focused on males but instead exclusively focused on males. I do respect where you are coming from though.

      • Kagi MariJade profile image

        Kagi MariJade 2 years ago

        These traits aren't limited to male Scorpios - I'm a non-binary, AFAB meaning I am neither/both genders, and share most or all of these characteristics as well. To some extent, a Scorpio is just a Scorpio. But well done for laying it out with such clarity, even with the overly heteronormative focus.

      • profile image

        mikeydcarroll67 3 years ago

        I would say that some of these are fairly accurate. Thanks for writing this!

      • profile image

        Jess 3 years ago

        This is so spot on!!! My love is a scorpio male and he has totally captivated me and captured my heart! There is no one else for me :)

        -Aries woman who adores her Scorpio man

      • venusianmoon profile image

        venusianmoon 3 years ago

        Nice article you have written. Many of the characteristics listed here rings very true.

        I am in love with mine for over 2 years. A wild ride is an understatement of what we went through. A Scorpio man is both heaven & hell

        The one that I am seeing has 3 personal planets in Scorpio - Sun, Venus, and Merc. Possibly Moon, but am not sure on his birth time. Although he seems cool and collected most of the time, I see the sweetest and softest heart behind those eyes. A glance in his eyes makes him fidget. I can truly see and feel his emotions in his eyes. I think it is cute to say the least - makes me want to comfort him more.

        I will summarize my story as short as possible ..

        ANY advice given here is very much appreciated :)

        We dated for 6 mos - he pursued me passionately and I became his quickly. Things moved forward faster than I expected, 4 months into dating, he offered me his house keys so I can come to his place whenever I want to. Within those times we have dated, he has not express a single word as to how he felt about me or where I stood with him. It bothered me so much that he does not communicate as much as I would like him to. Even though, I fell in love with him... I over looked all of the flaws and began to see the soft side of him. The little things he does for me, the way he protect his inner circle... the unspoken connection we had was amazing. And of course, the physical intimacy between the two of us is electric and intense. Both of us runs on high levels of passion. Then one day, things fell between us. He left me hanging to dry alone - without an explanation. He said to me, I want to let you know that I thought about this for a very long time. You will not be happy with me. The heart break that followed after that ... was unbearable. I had no clue that my feelings ran so deep for him. Shortly after, he started to date another chick, but he continued to seek me. He will message me to check up on me. Asking me if I am okay. We continued to see each other and I can not stop the intimacy as I was in love with this man. Foolish of me because I have only created a bigger wound to heal in myself. I stopped seeing him for 2 months to focus on ME and heal spiritually though things are unresolved between us.

        He became single last Fall and we reconnected again. He opened up for the first time and said he cares very much for me and not having me in his life is NOT a choice. Things felt refreshing, like we are getting to know each other all over again. We will have dinners and work out together... it felt sweet and I can feel that he has feelings for me in the last 3 years. He is always affectionate with me. When I run, he chases hard. Things are going nicely right now.. but at times I just don't know where this is headed. I have been very patient for the last 2+ years. He has his moods and I am very understanding and patient with him because I love him. BUT... I just don't know what he wants and this is why I am with holding sex from him for half a year now until I see real effort.

        Can you tell me how I should handle this situation? Does this man want more with me?

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 3 years ago from Hollywood, CA

        Glad you shared! Scorpio relationships can be tuff!!!

      • profile image

        universe mind 3 years ago

        What you have said is so true. I'm 42 and I didn't know about these things because I was in a confining environment. I'm going to make up for that. I'm in a bad relationship and I found out that my partner is a scorpio moon and I also am a scorpio moon. I'm stuck in it for now. I just wanted to express myself

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 3 years ago from Hollywood, CA


      • manatita44 profile image

        manatita44 3 years ago from london

        Quite a different kind of article, and very informative. Probably good for the ladies, I guess. Well written and researched with some experience there as well.

      • profile image

        Confused777 3 years ago

        Thx mister Hollywood :) appreciate ur advice.

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 3 years ago from Hollywood, CA

        Have you tried to contact him? Was there an argument that happened? How long were you dating?

      • profile image

        badets 3 years ago

        My bf is scorpio his last message to me is i love you so much hon and thanks for everything and after that its been 3 days that his not calling or texting... emails zero..... does he still love me? Or do i need to wait for him?... i love him and worried but he does not respond to my call text and emails... i'm very confused right now...

      • aerospacefan profile image

        John M 3 years ago from Chicago

        Scorpio males are interesting for sure and the females even more interesting. Absolutely true that Scorpios are easy to spot - always wearing sunglasses lol

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 3 years ago from Hollywood, CA

        Hi, Christiansweta - yep, your man sounds like a Scorpio for sure! He'll love you forever and take care of you. The possessive and manipulative stuff is the ugly part of our sign. Lol. Thanks for stopping by!

      • christiansweta profile image

        Sweeta 3 years ago

        Your post about a scorpio male is perfect. My husband is scorpion and I am surprised that everything you have posted fits into his personality. I am gemini and its very hard to blend sometimes. But I must say he is extremely loyal, hard-working and a perfect husband. However, he is possessive and manipulating at the same time.

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 3 years ago from Hollywood, CA

        It is hard to say. My best advice is to be yourself and not get involved with trying to match his behaviors. Scorpios (like most people) will respond to you when it feels authentic and real. Hope this response helps!

      • profile image

        Confused777 3 years ago

        Ty. There is no one in particular he just asked in general if I was going to start dating BC he knows I want to find love and an looking to explore relationship w someone in general. I wanted to explore things with him but he's not in that place right now. He asked me to be patient but the prob is I don't now how he really feels, he won't come out and say it and I don't want to risk getting hurt either. Scorpios. Should I act distant too? Should I play hard to get? Act aloof like him? Tell him I'm sorry and I won't date others if that's what he wants? Ug the mind games....if i only knew how he really felt than I would be fine w being patient. Just don't want to waste time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 3 years ago from Hollywood, CA

        I can't say for sure but I do not think it was a mistake to tell this to him Ty. Better to be honest than conceal the truth. Scorpios are very good at knowing when someone is lying. He probably sensed you were thinking of dating someone else some time ago.

      • profile image

        Confused777 3 years ago

        I am a Taurus female dating a scorpio male. He is so confusing. What the hell does it mean when he gets so distant ? He seemed all about it then got really distant. I told him I don't like feeling stuck and asked him politely if he could just tell me how he feels, that it's ok either way. He says cares abt me but he's afraid of getting hurt and jumping in too fast and doesn't know what he wants. He recently got his heart broken about five months ago when he was in only a three month relationship. So we haven't been intimate for a couple of weeks and he's been so distant. Drives me nuts. We are buds and living together which has complicated things. I have been a great friend to him: incredibly loyal and giving. So then he asks me of I'm going to start dating other ppl. I said well I don't know what u really feel or want. I'm trying to respect ur wants and needs at same time take care of mine. I told him I'm looking to explore a relationship w someone and that I know he's not in that place right now. Was this a mistake to tell him? I don't want/need the label with him bit I want to feel that he is into us, like before. I'm at a loss. Lil help pls :-). Ty.

      • aerospacefan profile image

        John M 3 years ago from Chicago

        Excellent description of the Scorpio male. Describes my personality to a T!

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 3 years ago from Hollywood, CA

        Thanks, Amanda. I am glad what I have here was accurate! Ha:)!

      • Amanda Holzinger profile image

        Cocky Mommy 3 years ago from New Jersey

        I've dated scorpio's before and this fits them to a T! Their positive traits are GREAT. Unfortunately the negative traits don't click well with my Leo (lioness) rawrrr! haha. Great hub and very informative!

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 3 years ago from Hollywood, CA

        Hi, PJ,

        Thanks for sharing - I like your insight!

      • profile image

        Pj 3 years ago

        I feel like the positives and negatives of being a Scorpio man are intensified or lessened based on one's moon sign. I know this because I've done a good deal of research on moon signs and compatibility.

        Scorpio Sun

        Aquarius Moon

        Taurus Rising

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 3 years ago from Hollywood, CA

        Hi, Jean!

        Love what you wrote here. So funny you mention Spock because I have been told the same thing. Just yesterday a Scorpio I met also said he had been told this. I can imagine you are very close to your son by the way. Cancers and Scorpios can be a good mix with parents and kids from all that I know (and now confirmed by you!)

      • Jean Bakula profile image

        Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey

        It's wonderful to read such an in depth study (could anyone but a Scorpio do that)? from someone who actually knows their astrology. My 26 year old son exhibits many of the traits you describe, having a Scorpio Sun and Moon. Of course, being Mom, I wouldn't be privy to some of the others. He is extremely sensitive, and since I'm Cancer, making us both water signs, on the rare occasions we argue, then we both cry. My husband used to tell us we were both crazy! But then he can turn around and almost seem cold when he makes a decision, and I have accused him of acting like Mr. Spock.

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 3 years ago from Hollywood, CA

        Thanks, LL Fugate and Jen. Glad you liked.

      • LL Fugate profile image

        LL Fugate 3 years ago from Central Virginia

        This is all perfectly true!

      • profile image

        Jen 3 years ago

        You pegged my boyfriend. You scorpions are so hot by the way!

      • misterhollywood profile image

        John Hollywood 3 years ago from Hollywood, CA

        Glad you liked it Luis! Thanks for stopping by.

      • profile image

        Luis 3 years ago

        So amazing you hit it on the money !!!


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      ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
      Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)