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Learn Tricks for How to Make Your Ex Jealous

You Can Have Someone Other Than Your Ex

Make your ex jealous by being happy after a tragic breakup. Don't make emotional trauma ruin you, and get your life back on track!

Make your ex jealous by being happy after a tragic breakup. Don't make emotional trauma ruin you, and get your life back on track!

Individuals handle breakups differently. If ever you decide to make an ex jealous, make sure you are being rational and clear-headed about it. Do not allow your emotions to get in the way.

Below, you will find several techniques that may prove helpful in making your ex jealous.

Keep Your Distance

The first step is to cut communication. Avoid making phone calls, sending text messages, or e-mailing. No chatting and no visits. Give both yourselves some time to process and to let your situation sink in; at the same time, learn to get over bitter feelings if there are any.

After then, after several weeks, for example, you may invite him or her for a drink or lunch. Assure your ex that you only want to spend a few moments of friendly and courteous discussion and that you are not about to go out on a date.

By the time you will meet to catch up on things, you can bring a little something. It should be small but with sentimental value—but not the kind that brings back romantic memories. Your goal is to remind him or her of your friendship and all the fun times you had together. Your want to remain subtle as you try to make your ex miss you.

Leave the Past behind

As you spend another time together as friends, show him or her that you are having a wonderful time. Never bring up any emotional issues regarding your break up or about what happened between you two. You are likely to make your ex feels jealous if he or she sees that you are content and stable with your life.

End your meeting with a non-committal attitude. Never make any commitments or promises to see each other again. If your ex asks for it, just be polite but do not commit. You can say "maybe" or ""not sure."

The Green-Eyed Monster

As a follow-up step, let your ex see you in the company of another man or woman. Seeing you with someone else will sure make him or her feel jealous.

Since you're already meeting to catch up, perhaps choose a place where an attractive friend works or arrange to hang out with some nearby afterward where your ex may see you both on his or her way out.

Another method is to spend some time with somebody whom your ex knows but not really close with—an acquaintance, for example. Do not spend time with someone whom he or she is very close with, or else your ex will feel betrayed, angry, and self-righteous, and pissed off instead of jealous.

Spending time with other people does not mean that you need to jump into another relationship immediately. You may date around if you like, but don't make it seem as though you're in a new relationship if you are not. Just knowing and seeing you having fun with your being "free" is enough to make your ex jealous and drive him or her crazy. Isn't this what you want to happen?

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Moreover, every time you see your ex nearby, laugh considerably. Show him or her that you are extremely happy. Project a different kind of confidence that you never showed before. But always remember not to act or appear that you are too easy to get. Play it cool and confidently.


Also, make it a point to accomplish something positive. Focus on your work and be better at it. Be successful in other aspects especially those which mean a lot to you. Upon knowing this, your ex will be happy for you while at the same time, jealous because he or she is not at your side to share your triumphs with you.

However you want to make an ex jealous, do not try anything foolish such as a one-night stand. Never try something that is off the chain or could yield long-term damages and lifetime regrets. Go ahead and make your ex jealous, but only to the point where no one is hurt in the process, yourself especially.

Covert Jealousy

Jealousy—Does Your Ex Want You Back Now?

If your tactics have worked, then you might have the option of getting him or her back. Is your ex sending you hints that she might want you back? Does it seem that she is interested in spending some time with you? Are you two still attracted to each other? It's perfectly okay to be hopeful that there is a chance, but you need to have a clear signal so that you don't embarrass yourself. Are you pondering, "Does she want me back?" This article will go over some things you need to look out for.

Your Best Option

These are common signs that your ex might want you back. But even though you do have a second chance, you should still be wary and not rush into getting back with your ex. The best strategy is to play a little bit hard-to-get, which will increase your desireability. If you rush into things, it will most likely result in your ex backing away from you. Odds are that playing hard-to-get is what caused your ex to want to get back together with you in the first place.

A Glimmer of Hope

After a breakup, it is perfectly normal for both people to miss each other. You can also share the same feeling of wanting to get back together. These feelings happen most frequently with couples who have had a connection of a year of longer. Your ex is missing you because of all the joyful memories you have made together as a couple. However, there are always a few other feelings involved, like past mistake and regrets. If you are thinking about getting your ex back, then it's possible he or she is thinking the exact same thing.

A Word of Caution

What you have to remember is that sometimes after a breakup, your ex might be showing interest just to play games. He or she may seem sincere, but it could just be a silly game. You have to be very sure about your ex's intentions because she may be passing the time with you while she is waiting for another guy to come her way. And to top it all off, your ex may see this as a chance to get revenge for some perceived wrong from the past. This is the main reason why guys should be careful when their ex hints at getting back together after a breakup.

In sum, you are playing this game to drive your ex crazy, not the other way around. If you find yourself asking, "Does my ex want me back?" ask yourself if you really want him or her back, and wait to make sure that your ex is sincere.

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daniel dalton (author) from USA on August 31, 2009:

@ NNathanielStock

Thanks so much for your comments. I don't wish for anyone to play games with people's emotions but this hub was made from my own personal journey and hopefully might help someone out there.

I agree that this is a bit childish, but on a personal note, most of these tips are part of hte process of trying to recoup own own happiness WITHOUT the ex.

For example, no contact rule does help control urges to communicate with your ex. This also can help avoid the "cyberstalking" issue, that I and others can avoid.

Also, I suggest trying to stay positive despite what you are feeling. There will come a point when you no longer have to desire to make your ex jealous and can be free to find happiness from within.

NNathanielStock from peoria,il on August 31, 2009:

I think its childish to make your ex jealous remember it could be yourself the next time, so would you want this done to yourself.

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