How to Stop Texting Someone

Updated on June 20, 2016
How do I stop texting someone?
How do I stop texting someone? | Source

Did you ever find yourself in the middle of a text message conversation, and realize you are sending about 90% of the messages, while the other person sends you one-word answers or simple emoticons, or doesn't reply at all?

Chances are that you have a crush on the person you are communicating with, and you are aware that they don't return your feelings. You don't want to really stop messaging them, but you know that is really the only healthy solution. Here is how to stop texting someone.

Amanda's Story

Amanda, a college junior from San Antonio, TX., is having a hard time letting go of her relationship with Chad, a senior at the same college. They were in love, went out for two years, and they text messaged each other all the time between their dates. The communication was perfect until it came to a screeching halt with no warning.

"Chad met with me one afternoon during the Spring semester and told me that he couldn't see me anymore because he was going to marry his girlfriend from high school after graduation. I was floored. I mean, I never heard of him talk about this old girlfriend or anything. And I spent the last two years with him. I felt so cheated. Shouldn't I have been the one he was marrying?

"Our perfect little life together was over, and I found it so hard to just go cold-turkey because Chad was a part of me. So I left him text messages the evening after he broke it off with me, and for days after.

"I pretended I wanted to be friends with him and asked if he wanted to hang out. At first he said 'thanks,' but that he'd be busy, so I'd change the date, and he wouldn't reply. I would text him good morning, and just ... nothing. It took me a long time to get over this, especially considering how he just left me hanging in every way."

What happened with Amanda, unfortunately, is very typical in the world of love and dating. You think everything is going along well, and sometimes it is, and then faster than you can hit the send button, they are gone from your life. And they won't see you, answer your calls, and will barely reply to your text messages, if at all.

How do I stop texting someone?
How do I stop texting someone? | Source

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So why do we keep text messaging someone who doesn't reply?

  • We have emotionally invested in the person. It is always hard to lose an investment.

  • As human beings we are inclined to want to "fix" things, to make it all go right. The problem is that the other person's version of what is "right" is different from yours.

  • We are addicted to the feeling the other person gave us. Love and lust are addictive emotions. When the source of those feelings is stripped away, we go into withdrawal and try to do everything we can to get that person back, to even out our chemistry again.

How to Stop Texting Someone

  • Write down on a piece of paper what you are really feeling inside whenever you are inclined to send a text message. Maybe's it's "I miss Danielle so much. I really want to see her." Even if you have to write it a hundred times to yourself, do so, just don't show it to anyone. Then shred that papers and throw them away.

  • Play your favorite sport. The old adage is true. Exercise does help. Play some basketball, tennis, or take a kickboxing class to release your emotions, aggressions, and pain.

  • Let an expert advise you. In TextAppeal - For Girls!: The Ultimate Texting Guide, the author gives you specific tips on when to stop texting the person on the other end of your keypad, and how you can use this absence of texting to your dating advantage.

  • Meet with your friends. You might not feel like it, but trying going out with them -- to the movies, to the bookstore, to go dancing at a club. Sometimes nothing makes you feel better than being around the people who do want to be around you and communicate with you.

  • Go on a little adventure. Nothing takes you out of yourself and stops you from dwelling on unrequited feelings better than travel. Even if it is just to a city a few hours away, check out some surroundings you have never been to before, and feel your world open up for you again.

In the end, to stop texting someone, realize that people who crush your heart are not worthy of your attention. Spend your time around those that make your life better. And one day that right texter will come along!

How to Stop Texting Someone
How to Stop Texting Someone | Source


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