Four Simple Gifts That Can Win Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Updated on December 20, 2016
How to win back your ex-girlfriend.
How to win back your ex-girlfriend. | Source

“How can I win my ex-girlfriend back?”

The question haunts the minds of most heartbroken guys. One solution is to give her gifts. The ones in this list are not the usual chocolates, flowers, or diamonds. In fact, these are just simple, yet important actions. Here are the four gifts that can successfully win your girlfriend back.

1: Silence

The first rule to any breakup is to give your ex some quiet time. Give her the gift of silence and promise not to communicate with her for at least three weeks. Breakups, especially those that did not end well, are more emotionally draining than you would think. Provide yourselves some quiet time to breathe, calm down, and think things over.

Having some time apart can help cool your head and emotions. In addition, it even gave me adequate time to think about efficient ways of winning her back

2: Understanding

No girl will ever take you back if you do not understand what happened. Take a step back and think about what went wrong and why she left you. Have a little trip to memory lane and look for some signs, hints, or things that you said that led to your breakup. If you have an understanding about what happened before, you can take the necessary steps to bring her back.

3: Friendship and Casual Meet-ups

Seeing each other months or years after your breakup can be a very overwhelming experience. There might be a lot of changes in her appearance and behavior that are hard to take in. However, keep your cool and maintain a very casual tone, as though you were hanging out with a friend. Being too grand or flashy will make her feel that you are trying too much to impress her.

By keeping a very light, and friendly mood, you will make her feel more comfortable. This will also help remove the idea that you are only sexually interested in her. Remind her of the person that she first fell in love with, not the jerk whom she left.

4: Self-Improvement

We all understand the extreme pain of losing someone important, and you really need some time to dwell on sad feelings. However, you need to learn how to stand up and move on. Most girls love to see self-improvement and dislike desperate men who are clingy and needy. If you discovered that your bad attitude contributed to the breakup, change your ways.

Learn to keep your emotions in check and find a way to live without her. Go out to watch a movie, meet with old friends, and find a productive hobby that will keep your mind off the breakup. It also helps to hit the gym and improve your physique. The next time you meet with your ex-girlfriend, you will be so irresistible that she will be willing to come back to you soon.

To Wrap Things up

These are just a handful of gifts that can help you win your ex-girlfriend back. Not all of them may be tangible, but they are still effective ways to mend your relationship with her. Always remember to stay true to your feelings, but never fight for your love—love takes two, so the most you can do is give her what she needs. If you have other ideas to make the plan more successful, feel free to share them in the comments section.


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      deo ely jack 5 weeks ago

      what should I do for my girlfriend. I love her a lot but she has more than 8 other guys

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      mccart 16 months ago

      hi here

    • Attikos profile image

      Attikos 4 years ago from East Cackalacky

      Oh, for Pete's sake. If she doesn't want you, screw her. Well, not literally, of course, but let it go. Get out there and get yourself another one. Or two. Or three. The world is full of girls.