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10 Tips for Breaking up With an Overly Sensitive Boyfriend

Need some advice on dumping your sensitive guy?

Need some advice on dumping your sensitive guy?

How to Break up With a Sensitive or Clingy Guy

When things aren’t going right anymore in what used to be a seemingly perfect relationship, and you just can’t seem to work things out, your best bet is to end things as soon as possible. But how can you go about doing this when you have a boyfriend who is too emotional for his own good? Well, it isn’t easy, but here are ten tips on making it as painless as possible.

1. Set Him up for It

It’s best that he knows something serious will be brought up in your conversation. Perhaps throw him the cliché “we need to talk” sentence. Of course, he may start to worry, but remember that he has a very good reason to.

2. Plan a Time for Your Talk

Don’t just bring up your “we need to talk” line and break up with him in one conversation. After you set him up for the bad news, tell him that you’ll have the conversation next time you see each other. This gives him time to mentally prepare instead of hitting him with it randomly.

3. Don’t Continue to Lead Him on Once You’ve Made up Your Mind to Break up With Him

If you know you’re going to end things, quit sending him those cute little kissy-face texts or saying you miss or love him. This is just one small way for you to hint that your feelings are starting to change. If he brings it up, that is a good time to set him up for the talk.

4. Keep His Feelings in Mind

When you’re irritated with an overly sensitive boyfriend, it’s easy to forget about how he may be feeling. Remember that he more than likely has more emotions than you. So imagine how you would feel if someone you cared about broke up with you, then multiply it by ten. This will help you to be more understanding if he starts to cry or get hysterical.

5. Don’t Start Flirting With Guys Before You Break up With Him

If you begin to show interest in another guy while you are still dating your clingy boyfriend, he will automatically assume you’re breaking up with him to be with someone better than him, even if it isn’t true. However, if you truly are leaving him to be with someone else, keep it private for a while.

6. Make Sure He Knows He Can’t Change Your Mind

There’s nothing more frustrating than someone you don’t want to be with trying to get back together with you. Let him know (in a nice, polite way) that he has absolutely no chance with you anymore. Maybe say something like, “You know that I’ll always care about you as a person, but I can’t see us ever working out as a couple.” Even if you don’t care about him, this will at least keep him from wallowing in self-pity about not being cared about.

7. Be Honest Without Being Brutally Honest

When dealing with an emotional guy, it’s best to sugarcoat all of the rude or mean things you really want to say to him. It is only relatively acceptable to be brutally honest with him if he really is not getting the point.

8. Assure Him That He Is Still a Good Person

Often, an overly sensitive boy will assume he is “unlovable” or something along those lines if a girl he is in love with tells him she doesn’t feel the same way. So if you have a heart, let him know that he will eventually find someone who DOES love him like he loves you.

9. Give Him a Hug and Maybe a Kiss After Your Talk

This is just one final sign of affection after he has lost the girl he loves. Don’t give him a romantic kiss, just one on the cheek so he won’t get confused about your breakup.

10. Leave Once Everything Has Been Said

There is no point in sticking around to hang out once you have broken up and settled everything. He probably will need time to recuperate from your talk and have “alone time.”

There's nothing wrong with being as sensitive as a flower.

There's nothing wrong with being as sensitive as a flower.

Breaking up With a Needy Man

Keeping these ten simple tips in mind will make breaking up a lot easier and give you a place to start if you don’t know how to end things. Of course, keep your speech somewhat simple yet caring.

Hopefully, everything will end up okay, and maybe you can even remain friends. However, it’s often hard to stay just friends with a clingy guy because he’ll always want more.

But remember, even though you may feel bad about hurting his feelings at first, this is for his own good. Maybe he’ll grow up a little and be less clingy in his next relationship. Good luck!

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