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10 Songs to Help You Get Over a Breakup (and Feel Fab!)

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Turn on the speakers and get over your breakup with these songs!

Turn on the speakers and get over your breakup with these songs!

10 Songs That’ll Make You Feel Like a Badass After a Breakup

Though the only thing that will genuinely get you over a breakup is time, you still deserve to feel like the strong, beautiful, amazing, fabulous woman that you are. With that in mind, here’s a list of 10 songs that will make you feel powerful and strong and feminine and kick-ass!

So crank up the stereo, dance around, and let the fierceness course through you!


Badass Breakup Songs

  1. "How to Be a Heartbreaker" —Marina and the Diamonds
  2. "She's Not Me" —Lana Del Rey
  3. "Maneater" —Nelly Furtado
  4. "Bad Girls" —M.I.A
  5. "Irreplaceable" —Beyonce
  6. "Bulletproof" —La Roux
  7. "Esta Noche" —Azelia Banks
  8. "I Love It" —Icona Pop
  9. "Marry the Night" —Lady Gaga
  10. "Handle Me" —Robyn

1. "How to Be a Heartbreaker" —Marina and the Diamonds

This is a fun, upbeat song to get you feeling ready to move on to your next boy toy! Form an orderly line around the porch, boys!

"We'll get him falling for a stranger, a player saying I l-l-l-love you."

2. “She’s Not Me” —Lana Del Rey

I adore Lana but figured her music was too low-key for her to have a solid breakup anthem. Man, was I wrong! This song will have you feeling criminally vengeful and bad-ass in no time!

P.S. Don't let yourself be fooled by the slow beginning... it picks up at 0:25!

"Is she your ride or die, b**tch?"

3. "Maneater" —Nelly Furtado

Continuing right along with the "vamp" theme, this is a bit of an oldie, but it'll still have you feeling fine and in charge like nobody's business.

"You either want to be with me or be me."

4. "Bad Girls" —M.I.A.

I can't go on enough about how much I love this lady! She is the epitome of femme radness, and this song is the perfect anthem to remind you that you are running things, girl. Incidentally, it also doubles as really great cruising music (trust me).

"My chain hits my chest when I'm bangin' on the dashboard, my chain hits my chest when I'm bangin' on the radio."

5. "Irreplaceable" —Beyoncé

Let's be honest, this song is on everyone's breakup list, but how could it not be? Beyoncé is far too fierce to resist including in this list.

"To the left, to the left!"

6. “Bulletproof” —La Roux

La Roux strikes a balance between fierceness and passive-aggression so perfectly that this song is an absolute break-up staple.

"D-d-do your dirty words come out to play when you are hurt? There's certain things that should be left unsaid."

7. “Esta Noche” —Azealia Banks

Another example of femme badassery, Azealia, will have you feeling fab in no time. This song starts off slow and smooth at first, but when she breaks it down at 1:10, you will not be able to suppress your attitude.

P.S. This tune also offers some choice lyrics for smack-talking his new girl!

"Here with your man, hand on my hip, a bad b**ch do it like this."

8. “I Love It” —Icona Pop

This song is on the radio currently, and its catchy, contagious Euro-pop beat will have you dancing around and lipsyncing with wild abandon!

"I crashed my car into the bridge! I don't care!"

9. "Marry the Night" —Lady Gaga

This has got to be one of the best inspirational power ballads around. When you've spent hours crying over that jerk, and you're ready to stop being sad and start getting fierce, play this song!

"I'm a warrior queen, live passionately tonight!"

10. "Handle Me" —Robyn

Ugh, guys are so immature. If this describes your last breakup, then this song is for you! Robyn wishes her guy would grow the heck up, too.

P.S. The line "you’re a selfish narcissistic psycho-freaking boot-licking Nazi creep” feels mighty good.

"No matter how you act with them, you can't handle me."

You won't be sad for long after blasting these songs.

You won't be sad for long after blasting these songs.

The Best Breakup Songs!

It’s important to remember that getting dumped does not make you ugly or bad or undesirable or unlovable. There are always unique and particular circumstances surrounding every break-up, but it still takes two to end a relationship (usually), and so it is not your fault.

You are fabulous and gorgeous and smart and funny and amazing. Given time you’ll believe all those things again, and you can tell your ex to go stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!

For now, I hope these songs will give you the boost that you need!

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