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How Do I Deal With a Bromance: Advice for Women

Do Not Belittle the Bromance

Men need other men. Thus, the bromance.

This is a fact that women in committed relationships sometimes don't get. Women often think they can provide the same fulfillment men get from relationships with other men. In other words, men should minimize the time they spend with their male friends. Instead, they should spend it with their woman.

Women falsely believe that if they don't, it signifies weakness. Somehow, it's a symbol of a flawed relationship. This is simply not true. The more women understand the importance of male friendships and the bromance, the healthier their relationship will be.

To help you out, this article gives 5 tips for surviving a bromance, as well as 4 signs that your worries over the bromance might be warranted.

Tips for Surviving a Bromance

The following 5 tips are sure to help any worried woman understand the value of the bromance and thus survive it.

1. Take It as a Compliment

You should not try to be all things to your man. And what if your man is in a bromance? Should you bone up on your football? IO start figuring how to play Gears of War on the Xbox? If so, you're going about it all wrong. Your man is with you because of who you are as a woman. He's not there because of how similar you are to his friends.

Take it as a compliment! He wants to compartmentalize these things. That's what guys do. Bros are for certain activities and women are for other activities. If you start behaving too much like one of the guys, he'll drop you. You don't need to dominate his attention. Doing so may make you less appealing, not more.

2. Be Supportive

Don't guilt-trip your man into hanging out with you instead of hanging with his bros. Instead, give him his space and fully support his bromance. Say things like: "I understand you need to hang out with your bros." Say: "Have a good time." Don't say: "I wish we did everything together." Trust me, you don't wish that. Do you really want to sit around drinking beers, belching, and farting? Lo, thou are woman!

3. Lay Down Some Ground Rules

Explain your expectations. If your man loves his bromance, let him be free! But also explain what you will tolerate and what you won't. Men like sports. You should encourage your man to watch football at his bro's house. If you're pitching a fit, then you have an issue, not him. Think of it this way. He's out of the house!

However, if the bromance is taking up increasing amounts of your man's time, do convey your expectations. Let him tell you how he wants to spend his time and see what he does. And definitely tell him what you need. Communication is key! If the six hours he's supposed to spend with his bro turns into twenty, then have a talk.

4. Make Friends With His Bro

Another smart thing you can do is get your man's bro on your side. Meet him. Invite them to do bro things at your place. Be nice and open. You might be surprised to learn that a bro is very likely to back you up.

When your man starts spending too much time away, a good bro will look out for his bro. If your relationship is solid and the bro knows this, he's not going to let his bro screw it up. If you're cool, a good bro will see that.

5. Have Girlfriends

By having girlfriends, you can occupy your time the same way your man does: with friends. Don't be afraid to turn the tables. If the bromance is interfering with your life, make sure that you have the opportunity to show him what it feels like.

Ideally, this shouldn't be some kind of passive-aggressive thing where you're leaving your man to cook his own dinner every night while you're out partying, but it's not a bad idea to go out some nights and let your man make his own dinner or put the kids to bed by himself or whatever.

He'll quickly understand that in order to hang out with one's friends, one's partner is going to have a bit more burden. That's a two-way street.

Them's some Bro's.

Them's some Bro's.

When Your Worries Are Warranted

Surviving a bromance means being able to recognize when certain activities have pushed the boundaries of normal, bromantic behavior. Look for these things and put an end to them before the bromance becomes more important than your relationship.

1. Your "Date Night" is Spoiled By Some Bromantic Activity

Let's say you and your man have made plans and your man doesn't show up. This is unacceptable behavior whether it's a bromance, a romance, or just a friendship.

However, if you've made plans, specific plans, to do the horizontal dance, and your man blows you off because he's hanging out with a bro having a beer or playing "Dance Fever" on his bro's new Kinect, then something is wrong.

Give him a chance to make it up to you, but if he doesn't, something is really wrong. A man should never forget a nookie plan.

2. Bromantic Hours Gradually Increase

A healthy bromance and healthy bromantic activity provide balance, so it should generally be planned and predictable. Your man should be spending a predictable number of hours per week in his bromance.

If he's got a special activity planned with his bro, he should tell you. However, the amount of time spent in the bromance starts increasing and gradually interfering in your relationship with your man, you'll need to find out why.

3. Your Man Comes Home Smelling Funny

If your man says he's out drinking with the guys, he should smell like beer. If he says he's drinking with the guys and he comes back smelling like perfume and has lipstick on his collar, then he's lying about something. Guys can flirt without looking like they got in a wreck on a modeling runway.

If your guy comes home this way, then he unconsciously wants you to know he's got a problem with you. Or perhaps it's conscious. Regardless, you need to have a talk.

4. You Are Friendless

Imbalance in any relationship is usually a bad thing, but few people get this one sometimes. If your significant other has lots of friends and you have none, that's a recipe for disaster. If he's out with his buddies and you're always at home watching the clock in anticipation of his return, you're in trouble.

Don't rely on your man to be your buddy as well as your lover. Yes, these are great things, but because a bro needs other bros, he's going to get a certain amount of satisfaction that way while you're getting none. It's not healthy.

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