Men to Avoid: Messed Up Guys Who Will Mess Up Your Life

Updated on December 19, 2016
10 Types of Men to Avoid: Messed up Guys that Will Mess Up Your Life
10 Types of Men to Avoid: Messed up Guys that Will Mess Up Your Life

To navigate the sometimes dangerous terrain of the dating world, you need a dose of medicine to prevent yourself from getting poisoned.

Here is a list of the 10 Types of Men to Avoid. These messed up guys will mess up your life! Investing time in becoming attached or interested in them will be deleterious to your emotional self or physical health.

Some are scummy, some are stupid, but all are poisonous to your well-being. Note: your mama was probably right!

Look instead for the type of man who will always stand by your side and help you when you're down and out, not look to hurt you.

A sweet woman like yourself should turn and run if you see any men like this coming your way or already in your life. Trust us, it's not you. It's him.

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10 Types of Men to Avoid

1. The Man Who Fathers Children Without Marriage. Unlike a divorced man, he somehow managed to like a woman or many women enough to get them pregnant, but not enough to marry them. This type of guy not only sends clear signals that he is not the marrying kind, but also not the kind of father who believes he should live with his children to rear them properly throughout life. If you get involved with this guy, your life will be an instant soap opera of nagging women, torn children, court dates, and child support. Don't throw your life away.

2. Mister Drugs. He either sells them, abuses them, or creates them. The plethora of problems that comes with this kind of man is painful from the get-go. This type of individual will usually lack ethics, morality, or self-control. You can easily put yourself in danger by association. This man could also have behavioral issues when he is high or low that could put your life at risk. Mister Drugs might never be a man you can lean on to do the right thing. If he is in rehab or recovering, wish him luck, but similarly stay away. Once someone has been involved with illegal drug use their reliability will always be iffy.

3. The Man Who Never Has a Job. I don't mean a man who has been laid off six months or even a year, I mean a guy who simply can't hold a job more than a few weeks or is never able to snag one in the first place. He probably doesn't even look for work at all. Any man you date should have a strong work ethic. A guy cannot hold his share of the load up if he has no way to pay for it all.

4. The Abusive Man. This guy is a hitter or makes an emotional wreck out of women. He has NO relationship promise and could endanger your life. He is quite possibly a sociopath or psychopath. Of all types of men to avoid, this is the biggest one.

5. The Guy That Stops Texting You. You like a guy and you start sending each other messages -- then one day suddenly he stops replying to your texts. This guy is not the one for you and emotional investment in him will fall through.

6. The Guy Who Asks You to Pay His Rent. Any man who relies on a woman to pay for his rent, groceries, buy him clothes, etc., barring any unforeseen medical issues or accidents, is a user of women. A man that can't support himself cannot support you in any way whatsoever.

7. The Cruel or Brutally "Honest" Man. Not too long after you start dating this guy, or perhaps after sleeping with him too soon, he becomes a total jerk. He tells you what he doesn't like about you, insults you, and verbally throws you to the wolves. These men are also sometimes deemed sociopaths. These messed up guys have an over-inflated sense of ego and entitlement.

8. The Man who Keeps You Outside of His Circle. He won't introduce you to anyone he knows and doesn't allude to it ever happening. Men who are leading a double life often do this. He might only be interested in having sex with you, already be married, be secretly bisexual, or have another trick up his sleeve. Don't stick around to find out.

9. The Sex-only Guy. From the first or second day you talk to him he alludes to sex. He only spends time with you if you can hook up or have sex. He also is reluctant to make any gestures of courtship at all. He seems hesitant to take you to dinner anywhere, though he might take you to the movies because he can grab at you in the dark. This man is entirely selfish, has no real interest in you, and having a sexual relationship with him will never lead to anything serious. He jumps from woman to woman, playing the same game over and over. He could also be deemed "The STD Guy."

10. The Man Who Doesn't Follow Through. He either doesn't call you when he said he would, declines to meet you for an arranged date, stops e-mailing or texting you, or even leaves you stranded in the middle of a date. A man who doesn't follow through is telling you he isn't interested in you and that he also is incredibly rude and ungentlemanly.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

  • What is the best time to sleep with a guy for the first time?

    When you're married.

  • I love a man who does not follow through. What should I do?

    If by this you mean he doesn't show up for dates, doesn't keep important promises, etc., then you will want to look elsewhere for a good man. A man who doesn't follow through is not prioritizing you in his life.


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