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4 Ways Christian Women Can Help Promiscuous, Naive Women

MsDora, Certified Christian Counselor, has spent four decades empowering young and adult women to pursue positive, productive womanhood.

Read on to learn 4 important ways to empower and lift up promiscuous and naive women.

Read on to learn 4 important ways to empower and lift up promiscuous and naive women.

Helping Promiscuous Women

It is appropriate for a Christian woman or a trustworthy couple (not a single man) to help another woman understand and improve her moral conduct. So this article is primarily about women helping women to understand the concept of true (positive) womanhood.

We see promiscuous women everywhere—women who don’t seem to have a clue about the consequence of their immoral acts. Sometimes they seem intentionally irresponsible.

We are tempted to judge them and ask in disgust, “When will they ever learn?” We should be more concerned with understanding them, in an effort to help them improve their lives, and uplift the standards of true womanhood.

Who knows why she does what she does?  Who takes the time to understand her?

Who knows why she does what she does? Who takes the time to understand her?

Why Women Are Promiscuous

The WebMD article "Promiscuity Differs by Gender" states that men and women differ in their reasons for promiscuity.

  • While promiscuous men focus on large numbers of partners, promiscuous women prefer quality to quantity.
  • Social positions matter to them.
  • Women, more than men, desire a relationship with their partners.

The reasons women cheat include their needs for emotional fulfillment, also increase in self-esteem and romance (2012 Adultery Survey). Their deep-seated social needs manifest themselves in

  • their search for the affirmation and attachment they lost when their fathers left by death or divorce;
  • frequent changing of partners as a way to retaliate for some kind of abuse dealt to them by a male figure; and
  • their belief that temporary, meaningless one-night stands are the only opportunities for physical closeness that life will ever offer them.

What these women need are defenders, not trial lawyers and judges. The following four was will help us achieve an empowering sisterhood:

  1. Accept her
  2. Help her build self-confidence
  3. Share struggles and victories
  4. Walk with her

1. Accept Her

Personal reflection on the following questions can prepare us to help the promiscuous woman.

  • Can I love her simply because she is a woman whom God made?
  • Do I think that she deserves the same access that I have to the love and grace of our Heavenly Father?
  • Am I unconcerned about what my relationship with her will do to my reputation?

An honest “Yes” to all these questions is a good start.

Whenever we find it difficult to love someone, it is because selfishness and prejudice tell us that the person does not deserve our love. When we learn to love the allegedly undeserving woman, we open our minds to see her as God sees her—a child of His, a woman designed for a special purpose, a sister worthy of our embrace.

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If the promiscuous woman pretends to reject our love at first, it only means that we have not yet earned her trust.

If she is a virgin, like a wall, we will protect her with a silver tower.

But if she is promiscuous, like a swinging door, we will block her door with a cedar bar.

— Song of Solomon 8:9 NLT

If she is a wall, we will decorate her.

If she is a wall, we will decorate her.

2. Help Her Build Self-Confidence

Every woman has strengths. There must be a way to boost the promiscuous woman’s self-worth and make her feel like a valuable part of our sisterhood. Let’s recognize her value, solicit her help and learn whatever we can about her.

If She Is a Wall

As we learn who she is, and what her talents are, we will provide opportunities for her to contribute in the area(s) where she is gifted. We will showcase her assets that are strong (like a wall).

  • Compliment her physique and suggest appropriate fashion styles for her body type.
  • Compliment her voice, assign her something beautiful to read or sing, and teach her to make personal applications.

Her personal growth and ours will result from our sister acts together. Meanwhile, we will overlook most of her mistakes with a smiling, “Remind me to tell you something about that, later.” We will practice patience and tolerance and work on creating an atmosphere that will facilitate her asking questions.

If she is a door we will seclude her while we instill within her some womanhood principles.

If she is a door we will seclude her while we instill within her some womanhood principles.

3. Share Struggles and Victories

Stories are a great teaching tool. It would be helpful for the rest of us to share about the battles we fought and the temptations we overcame. We should be careful to guard against any suggestion that we are better or stronger than she is, or that she detoured farther than we did.

If She Is a Door

A promiscuous woman is like a door, swinging out, allowing one man to make his exit, and immediately swinging in again when she finds somebody new. We want to repair that door to an appropriate open-shut action and install scented panels of love, compassion, and understanding.

We will ask questions rather than make prejudiced statements. For example, “Do you know what made you give in?” will be friendlier than, “You should never give in.” Her answer will give her an opportunity to express her regret and allow us to lead her toward repentance and forgiveness--forgiveness from God and from us, meaning that we will not dangle her mistakes over her head in the future.

The counsel to confess our faults is followed immediately by the counsel to pray for one another that we might be healed and restored. (James 5:16). It leaves no space for gossip or consultations for second and third opinions. We will only share her problem if necessary, with her permission, in our effort to get help that we are incapable of providing.

We will walk (literally and spiritually) and talk with her.

We will walk (literally and spiritually) and talk with her.

4. Walk With Her

We all want to be strong for the promiscuous woman, but we do not want to give the impression that our strength is above her reach. We want her to know that we are striving together as we walk together.

  • We will support and encourage each other in two-way communications—talking and listening.
  • We will establish a system of accountability that allows us to question one another about how and why we do what we do: what we read, what media programs we follow, what boundaries we set in our premarital and marital relationships, and how we stay focused on our purpose.
  • We will treat her like a sister, embracing her selflessly and loving her unconditionally.
  • We will help her create a vision of the joyful, satisfied, responsible woman she can become.
  • We will commit to walking beside her as she continues her journey to healthy womanhood.

Our continual, committed friendship will help to provide the emotional and social satisfaction she craves from her promiscuous interaction with the men. She will learn that physical satisfaction is an anticipated pleasure that is worth the wait. Meanwhile, she will come to realize that she is much more than just a body.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2012 Dora Weithers

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