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How to Make Your Husband Jealous

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How to make your husband jealous.

How to make your husband jealous.

Are you wondering how you can make your husband feel jealous? In my first marriage (before I realized I was with someone that just wasn't worth my time), I wanted to make my husband jealous because I thought that would show me he actually cared about me. I wanted him to be in love with me, and I felt like he took me for granted. While the things I list below work, I finally took a step back and I learned that I might be better off just rethinking my relationship entirely. Love and commitment are choices and what you put into a relationship should be reciprocated if it's really a healthy relationship.

If you found this article, you might also be in a situation where you are in an otherwise good relationship, but the excitement has faded or you find your significant other just isn't noticing you. Good relationships also have their challenges. Maybe your husband isn’t spending enough time with you, is forgetting your anniversary, or is giving someone else attention. In this article, we’ll talk about how to reel his attention back in once and for all. This is all you need to know about how to make your husband jealous.

Will Making My Husband Jealous Work?

No, this may not be the most mature way of handling things, but these tips will surely get him to notice you in no time. Whether he’s been distant, distracted, or just plain mean and inconsiderate, it’s time to put first. These tips can work for any relationship really, just make sure what you’re doing is for the right reasons. All actions have repercussions but maybe it’s time his actions have repercussions...right?

1. Don’t give your husband your free time.

Independence is sexy, and an independent woman takes the show. Women grow up learning that it’s their duty to nurture, to be selfless, to give, give, give, and then, perhaps, take. Although this is all done out of love, you end up leaving yourself depleted. Maybe this means forgetting to do your hair in the morning, wearing clothes that haven’t been ironed, missing your daily workout—whatever it is that is being tossed to the wayside, get yourself back.

Treat yourself first.

Stop prioritizing his requests and prioritize you. The minute you stop picking up his strewn socks and washing his laundry as if you were put on this Earth to do it, the minute he will start to get suspicious that something is up. Love and hate are strong words - but ambivalence is the death of any relationship. The minute he starts feeling your ambivalence is the minute he should wake up.

Join a social group and make some friends.

Join a social group and make some friends.

2. Go out and meet other people.

It’s time to meet other people. You need to get out there and do your thing, hang out with friends, make friends, join a group, join a club, and simply go socialize. Even if you’re an introvert, consider joining a group of like-minded people. Okay so a lot of us are busy working full-time...well, reserve one hour every Thursday for your wine club. Reserve one Friday night for a women’s pole dance class. Whatever it is that is going to enlighten your life, do it.

We recommend for joining a group of like-minded individuals. This site literally hosts activities for people with all kinds of interests. Got a good group of friends? Start coordinating a ladies’ night every 3rd week of the month. Not into socializing? Join a cinema club and go watch a movie. Just get busy and get gone.

3. Be ambivalent when he wants your affection.

As mentioned before, ambivalence is the death of a relationship. The words “love” and “hate” are fueled with passion, but ambivalence gets the message across. Say he calls you to let you know he’ll be back home late from work but you left your phone in the bedroom and took a bath instead. By doing this, you never acknowledge his stab at communication...that’s ambivalence.

How can I pretend not to care?

Ambivalence could be missing his adult basketball game and saying you forgot because you were busy gardening. Ambivalence could mean scheduling a trip for yourself—a mini getaway—during a weekend he was expecting you to show up as his plus one to his work buddy’s BBQ. Whatever it is that would make you come across as ambivalent, e.g., not making his favorite meal on the weekend, get started now.

4. Get hot and glammed up and look your best.

Yes, all ladies have the potential to get hot and glow up. Did you know that “hot” comes in all shapes and sizes? Yes, you heard it right, being “hot” is undefinable. So whatever it is that you need to do to get hot, whether it’s waxing your bikini region, joining a pilates class to get more flexible, getting your brows done, getting your hair highlighted, getting a massage (you know, just to put a year back on your life), or even a little botox here and there, go get it, ladies.

It doesn’t matter what you look like now...whether you’ve been mourning your post-pregnancy weight gain or wish you had a cute butt, whatever...just go get dressed up in the way you know best and look your hottest. He’s not going to know what hit him.

Chang our look to be exciting.

Chang our look to be exciting.

5. Flirt with someone without cheating.

A little flirting never hurt anyone. Sure, it hurts feelings and there is such a thing as an emotional affair with another, but if you’re simply walking into a coffee shop with your husband or boyfriend or significant other and giving a smile to the cute barista at the counter, you’re in the clear. Sometimes it takes other people noticing you to get noticed by your significant other. They may suddenly snap out of their haze and realize the woman in front of them is a great catch. Yeah, so get to it. Order a glass of wine and give a sultry look to the server.

How to flirt without cheating

Go get your tires changed and tell your husband how nice the guy at the counter was giving you a discount and fast service. He’s going to start scratching his head wondering just how nice that customer service rep was. Or, schedule a massage with a male masseuse. Your husband doesn’t need to know that maybe your favorite masseuse has a husband himself and you two talk about all of your relationship woes as he works out your, let the imagination run wild.

Go out with the girls.

Go out with the girls.

6. Show interest in something else, like social media.

In the age of online and mobile dating, connections typically happen digitally first. Whether that’s via Tinder, Whatsapp, Facebook, OkCupid, or, the possibilities of forming a connection are endless. Rather than giving your husband the usual cuddle and snuggle, sit up in bed or go leave the room and engage in screen time. He doesn’t need to know that you’re secretly shopping for bras, shoes, etc., or watching Outlander on your iPad—let his imagination do the wondering. The blue glow across your smiling face is going to send his curiosity into a tizzy. Who is she talking to after all?

Watch something steamy.

Watch something steamy.

7. Watch something steamy and get his attention.

With the age of Netflix, Hulu, and all kinds of streaming devices at the tip of our fingers, we have the opportunity to watch all of our favorite celebrities, actors, and actresses at the click or press of a button. So, here’s what you are going to do. You are going to find that raunchy television show (you know, with all the good scenes), and you’re going to watch it on your big TV.

At some point, it’s going to be hard for your husband not to notice the scenes with your favorite actor shirtless and looking hot. He won’t be able to tune out the romance and seduction that is taking place on the screen in front of you. He may even start to ask, what’s gotten into her? Just let it happen...let him wonder.

8. Do something sensual and draw your husband in.

Yes, ladies. Get out your crystals and unblock your sacral chakra to get those sensual juices flowing. It’s time wake up your body. It’s time to get your sexy back. In order to feel sexy, you need to move in such a way to train the body back into its sensuality. We all have it in us, sometimes we just forget.

Nowadays, women can choose from sweaty pilates classes that focus on the pelvic floor, pole classes that focus on fitness, belly dancing classes that work out the core, and even mellow activities like yoga to unlock the hips - all of these activities will get your creative juices flowing. In order to be attractive, you need to be totally in your body. Not to mention, the endorphins you get from exercise are a major stress reliever.

Consider going to a marriage counselor.

Consider going to a marriage counselor.

9. Go to a marriage counselor.

This is the most mature suggestion of all if you are considering how you can make your husband jealous and get him to notice you once and for all. If your relationship is truly on the rocks, you should consider seeing a counselor—like a couple’s therapist, or maybe even an intimacy counselor if it’s an intimacy problem. Maybe it simply comes down to the fact that you need to build up your self-esteem.

If this is the case, get a good life coach or work with a healer or your pastor - whomever it is that you feel will solve your relationship woes. If all else fails, have a sit-down and talk to your husband about what’s going on. Maybe they don’t realize they’ve been neglecting you. Sometimes, honesty and healthy communication is key.

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