How to Get a Habitual Liar out of Your Life for Good

Updated on April 26, 2017
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How Do I Get Rid Of This Habitual Liar?

The guy I was seeing appeared to be normal at the time. We hit it off from the very start. Everything was going well, until I realized that he was pathological liar!

He told me that he was a prominent chef, and that he worked closely with the famous Wolfgang Puck. He said he took the same path as the talented chef, receiving his apprenticeship at L'Oustau de Baumaniere in Provence.

I enjoy cooking as well and I enjoy eating great food too! I found it odd that the guy I dated never offered to cook for me.

I have dated men who enjoyed cooking and they have always offered to cook for me. But the liar that I was seeing, told me that he cooked at some privately owned eatery that only the very elite could dine at. He told me that he was tired of cooking and he'd rather have me cook or we could dine out.

I did not have a problem cooking for him however I noticed that every time we went out, I would get stuck with the bill. Mr. Liar told me that he had lost his wallet on one occasion, and on another event he shared that he had invested in a famous cooking show, and that he was a little tight on cash.

After awhile, I started to get a little suspicious, so I followed him to work one night. I was surprised to find out that the guy I was dating, did work at a restaurant, this much was true. However, it was not an exclusive restaurant for high-class people. He worked at Denny's!!!

I confronted that liar right then and there! He was wearing a stupid white apron and a dumb hair net. I told him never- call me again!

I'm not mad because the guy worked at Denny's, I'm mad because he lied to me! He told me he was going to take me to some nice restaurant that he made up in his head! He told me that he was going to introduce me to Emeril Lagase, Jacques Pepin, and Wolfgang Puck. He lied! And he keeps calling me! And making up more lies! I want him out of my life for good!


They make a mean 'Moon Over My Hammy'


Dealing With The Honest Truth Can Be Heartbreaking

Dear Jamie,

I'm sorry to hear about the habitual liar in your life, however I must say, don't knock Denny's until you try it! Denny's serves a mean 'Moon Over My Hammy'. And I hear that their 'Lumber Jack Meal' is nothing to sneeze at sister.

I know how you must feel. I dated liars in my lifetime as well, and it can be frustrating.

Dealing with the truth can be heartbreaking, due to the fact that you trusted this individual to treasure honesty in your relationship.

Why Do Women Lie?

I dated a woman who lied so much, that I now have trust issues concerning women.

This female liar that I dated told me that she was pregnant with my child. She told me that she/ we were having twins to be exact, I believed her. I had planned on marrying this woman, after all I had feelings for her.

I did what any honest man would have done in my situation and gave her access to my bank account, so that she could purchase items for "our babies". Well...that woman, ended up telling me that she lost the twins in some kind of, "mountain climbing accident".

I was not aware of this because my job kept me on the road often. I felt bad for this woman, until I discovered that she cleaned out my account! I had nothing left!

Eventually I got the truth out of her. The woman I was dating was a complete and utter pop-eyed liar. The fact that this woman continues to call me asking for money, makes me sick to my stomach. I want her out of my life for good.


The Truth About Habitual Liars

Dear Leo,

I think you may be too trusting. You should have asked to see an ultrasound.

The truth about habitual liars is that they prey on honest people.

This is why child predators prey on little kids because they are innocent. Habitual liars seek out adults who carry themselves in a childlike nature.

Hollywood makes appealing movies about liars comical at times, when in reality habitual liars can be dangerous.

Many movie fans enjoyed Jim Carrey's Movie "Liar Liar" .

Liar Liar Official Trailer #1 - Jim Carrey Movie (1997) HD

How to Get a Habitual Liar out of Your Life for Good!

Invite them to church, this is one way to get rid of some liars, but... there are some churches that are filled with liars so that may not work. :(

There is only one way to handle a habitual liar,"STERNLY" discontinue the relationship, for good.

Please feel free to share your liars anonymous stories.


That Lying Dog!

Can These Eyes Lie? Photo of a dog.
Can These Eyes Lie? Photo of a dog. | Source

We All Lie. But...Wow! Some People Lie Constantly!

We all have told a little white lie. However, when fabrication goes too far it can hurt many people.

The Definition of a Habitual Liar: A compulsion to embroider the truth, engage in exaggeration, or tell lies.

Compulsive liar, perpetual liar, and Habitual liar, fall in the same category.

What causes someone to become a straight up liar? Some adults are exposed to lying at an early age. Raised by parents who lie and who have taught their kids to follow suit. As adults get older they may lie for financial gain.

"Quite often the person who has been deceived knows that this type of liar has to a certain extent deluded him or herself and is therefore to be somewhat pitied.A much more troubling group is those who lie a lot — and knowingly — for personal gain. These people may have a diagnosis called antisocial personality disorder, also known as being a sociopath, and often get into scrapes with the law. Lying often gets worse with the passage of time. When you get away with a lie it often impels you to continue your deceptions. Also, liars often find themselves perpetrating more untruths to cover themselves.

We hold different people to different standards when it comes to telling the truth. We expect, for example, less honesty from politicians than from scientists. We have a vision of purity about those who are doing research, while we imagine that politicians will at least shade the truth about themselves in order to get elected.

Why do we dislike liars, especially sociopaths, so much? It’s a matter of trust.

How To Detect A Liar:

  1. Avoidance of eye contact: Usually someone makes eye contact at least half the time they are talking to you. If you notice them avoiding eye contact or looking down during a specific part of a conversation, they may well be lying.
  2. Change of voice: A variation in pitch of voice or rate of speech can be a sign of lying. So can lots of umms and ahhs.
  3. Body language. Turning your body away, covering your face or mouth, a lot of fidgeting of hands or legs can indicate deception.
  4. Contradicting yourself: Making statements that just don’t hold together should make you suspicious. If you lie all the time, even about unimportant things, you are likely to have a problem that will eventually -- if it hasn’t already -- cause you real relationship, financial or legal troubles. Figuring out what is driving you to lie in the first place will help heal this self-destructive behavior. This may mean going into treatment with a therapist to discover why you feel the need to deceive.

" States Dr. Gail Saltz is a psychiatrist with New York Presbyterian Hospital and a regular contributor to “Today"

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    • swilliams profile image

      Emunah La Paz 2 years ago from Arizona

      Hi Judith! There is a case for telling the truth; there is a case for avoiding the scandal; but there is no possible defense for the man who tells the scandal, but does not tell the truth

      - - - G. K. Chesterton

    • profile image

      Judith 2 years ago

      We have a computer hacker who

      Thinks he rules everything

      I was stern with him and now he is set on revenge

    • swilliams profile image

      Emunah La Paz 3 years ago from Arizona

      Hi Janellegems! Thanks for your insightful feedback!

    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 3 years ago from United States

      Excellent hub on liars. I enjoyed the examples you used in relationships and the advice on how to detect a liar. Very useful and helpful.