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The Should I Go or Should I Stay? Relationship Checklist

Dr. Billy Kidd researched romantic relationships for 15 years. He held focus groups in various cities across the nation.

It's the age-old question: Should I go or should I stay? This checklist will give you a reasonable second opinion about whether you should hold on and try to make it work, or whether you should leave.

The Checklist

Study each statement and think about how it applies to your relationship. Then, mark each one true [T] or false [F].

  1. I trust my partner.
  2. I consider my partner to be one of my friends.
  3. I would say my partner generally thinks about me without getting angry or jealous.
  4. I can talk about my ideas without my partner trying to shatter my dreams.
  5. Sometimes it feels rewarding just to be together.
  6. When I think about our relationship, I generally don’t get angry or jealous.
  7. My partner usually doesn’t criticize the way I spend money.
  8. Sometimes my partner looks excited when we meet.
  9. My partner is OK with discussing his or her personal problems with me.
  10. When I talk about my sexual needs, my partner usually gets it.
  11. I sometimes enjoy helping my partner.
  12. We have occasionally tried out new things when we are in bed.
  13. I can kick back, relax, and talk freely with my partner about the events of my day.
  14. I am generally satisfied when sex is over.
  15. I usually think my partner does OK when it comes to spending money.
  16. My partner often seems to be content after we have had sex.
  17. My partner can kick back and relax when I’m around.
  18. I don’t gossip all over town about our relationship.
  19. Rather than holding it inside, my partner generally talks to me if there is a problem.
  20. After I get angry with my partner, I am able to cool off and let it go.
  21. My partner generally forgives my mistakes rather than constantly reminding me of them.
  22. We occasionally have our differences, but we don’t call each other names or fight in public.
  23. My partner seems to want me to achieve my goals.
  24. I can discuss my personal problems with my partner without it becoming a big hassle.
  25. My partner generally loosens up after talking to me about stressful events.
  26. My partner will generally help me when I really need assistance.
  27. I don’t feel isolated, anxious, or depressed because of our relationship.
  28. It’s important to me that my partner succeeds in life.
  29. I would do it all over again because it’s hard to imagine being without my partner.

Getting Your Score

Count up the number of times you answered "True" to the statements above. The score you get will give you sober thoughts about the state of your relationship.

ScoreWhat It Means


Great! Your partner's a keeper.


OK. Discuss this questionnaire with your partner.


Troubled. Counseling could make it better if your partner is willing to go.


Not Really Worth It. Get ready for the breakup.


What Relationship? It's time to go.

Should I Stay in the Relationship?

If your relationship falls in the Great category, you're in luck. You made it this far! You two probably already have what it takes to communicate with each other in a healthy way when problems arise.

If your score fell into the OK category, don't fret. Though you and your partner have many strengths, you might want to work on your relationship to bring more excitement and meaning into your lives.

Choose a good time and talk things over with your partner. Start working on one thing at a time and build from there. Remember, no relationship is perfect—there will be times of happiness, times of hardship, and even times where it's just okay. Even if you have some issues, it's worth working together to resolve whatever problems you may have. That is, if your partner is willing. Remember, however, that you cannot make your partner change. If your partner refuses to work on the relationship with you, it may be time to leave.

Most people who are seeking relationship help have scores that fall into the Troubled category. But what does it mean to have a troubled relationship, and how can you fix it?

Your relationship probably has its beautiful moments, but you have some things that are constantly troubling you. Maybe your partner doesn't listen to you when you talk, or maybe your partner doesn't like the way you spend money. Whatever the problems are, there are steps you and your partner can take to patch things up.

This may not work, however, because your partner is likely stuck in the role he or she plays in the relationship. But try to save the relationship anyway. Just do not over invest in it such that you are the only one working on changing it. When that is the case, it's time to leave.

Should I Leave the Relationship?

What it means if your score fell into the Not Really Worth It or What Relationship categories., Maybe your current romantic relationship might be a big hassle. Maybe you have picked a partner who creates stressful and chaotic situations. If you feel that to be true, go alone to a relationship counselor or psychologist and take the list above with you. Use this chance to learn more about yourself and to enhance the meaning of your own life. It’s time for you to work on you!

It is possible that the Checklist gave you enthusiasm about leaving your partner. Just be careful. If you are married and have children. Remember to think about them first before you make any big changes. Whatever your situation, it’s important to realize that it takes two people to create a great relationship. You cannot change it and make it exciting and meaningful without your partner onboard.

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If you’re actually getting ready to cut your partner loose, here’s something to think about: You don’t have to put someone down or scold them in order to go. You can just leave and move on.

When ending a relationship—whether it went on for many years or was for just a few months—you should try to be respectful of your soon-to-be-ex and be honest with him or her. Consider setting aside a time to talk in person and let your partner know of your decision in a direct manner. Try not to insult, blame or belittle them. Instead, use "I" statements and explain how you are feeling.

Afterward, your partner will surely have something to say. Listen to him or her respectfully, but don't take back your decision. You decided to break up with him or her for a reason. Don't get caught up in the heat of the moment and take your partner back. Typically, your partner will either get angry and blame you or softly give you a plea to stay, saying how he or she is going to change Of course, you can avoid all this by simply leaving.

What If You Want to Stay Regardless of a Low Positive Score?

1. Recognize the problem areas.

Use the checklist above to help you identify in what areas your relationship could use some help. Avoid thinking about the nitty-gritty details and focus on the bigger picture. What would you like your partner to work on, and what are some areas that you can work on yourself?

2. Take the time to think about how you feel.

Don't blow your fuse at your partner because you've suddenly understood a problem area. Take a bit of time to think about what it is that you want. It can help you see the situation in a different light and sort out your thoughts. This will help you avoid being over heated and miscommunicating when you hash things out with your partner.

3. Communicate your thoughts.

Don't go to bed angry. Setting aside a specific amount of time for you and your partner to talk your problems through.

Remember, you don't want to come off as pointing fingers concerning faults in your partner's character; this is not a blame game. Start each point by saying "I feel that..." or "I think..." then state what you think or how you feel. This lets your partner know that you are not blaming him or her for everything.

4. Listen to your partner.

A relationship is a two-way street. Make sure you listen to how your partner feels and how he or she thinks. Try to practice "objective listening"—this means listening to what your partner is saying without interpreting it with your own feelings. Focus on the words being used and do not influence them with your thoughts. It's important to be able to see things from your partner's point of view. Try saying, "what I hear you saying is that..." then say in your own words what you think you partner said. Then ask for your partner to respond.

5. Keep the love alive.

You don't want your whole relationship to turn negative—it's still in a salvageable place. Continue to make an effort to show how much you love your partner. Give your partner compliments and little gifts. Take him or her out on a romantic date, text sweet messages, or do something special for your partner. Together explore new things. If possible take a vacation to somewhere the two of you have not been before.

6. Consider speaking to a relationship counselor.

If you and your partner cannot talk about your problems without getting angry and heated, it might be time to bring in a mediator to help you sort out your problems. Couples therapy can help you two understand each other's point of view and work together towards solving your problems.

If you want to keep the relationship, please keep searching for ways to simplify, dignify, and enhance your romantic relationship. We all have ways in which we can improve and there's help everywhere. So don't stop now.

Whatever you do, remember that we are born to love and have relationships. It's instinctual. However, sometimes people who were mistreated while growing up take bad habits with them into their love lives. This is why generations of families are dysfunctional. With all the information available today, people do not have to go on making the mistakes their parents made. You can get help, move on, and stop having disastrous relationships.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 Dr Billy Kidd


Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on June 19, 2020:

Jordan, the first thing you must realize is that your boyfriend will not change. He will always try to have you stop having your friends as a support group.

When he says "It's not right for a woman," he's mind is caught up in thinking the man in a relationship is the one in charge. It's quite macho for a man in the 21st century to act this way.

You say you cannot imagine life with another person. Well, how could you when this man is causing you so much stress. Causing stress is the old way of getting a woman to obey. Under constant stress a woman cannot think straight. You would need to be single for a while to let this go and then find a man who likes your friends and family.

You say you love him. Well first of all you need to tell him that you do not want to hear any more negative comments about your friends and family. After all, sometimes that's all we have to help us hang on to reality.

What kind of love do you have for him. He does not treat you like family. Right? Do you feel rewarded sometimes to be around him? Are you two really friends and can sit back and chill together? These are deal breakers. Think about them.

It is not relevant that you have been with him for 4 years. If you were to leave the relationship, you would see it as a learning experience.

Jordan on June 17, 2020:

Hey! I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years my friends and mum don’t like him, he always try’s to find a way to argue with me if I go on a night out and he moans about things I wear. He’s allowed to do things but if i were to do the same thing he doesn’t agree it’s not right for a ‘woman’ to do so. He thinks my friends are bad people and that they have a bad name for them selves I’m not like my friends but I love them i feel like he doesn’t want me to have them. He always brings up the past before we ever knew each other and try’s to bring me down. I don’t know why I’m so in love with him I’m heartbroken whenever we fall out but I know he’s not good for me but I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else I don’t want to lose him. When we’re together we really do get on we have a laugh he’s really nice and helps me out so much. Just in a shit situation.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on April 28, 2020:

Arrihanna, Figure out what you really want then just leave. There is no need for one last argument. You've grown up but you partner never did. Speaking of relationships, you really do not have one with this guy.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on April 28, 2020:

Watch how other couples interact. Many are very relaxed because they are friends. Friends do not hold grudges or keep score about when the other was wrong (in their eyes). That is what you need.

Don't stick around for the next hit. Get a vision of what you really want. It will never include this guy.

You do not have to have one last argument to try to put him in his place. Just go.

Arrihanna Andrewin 18yrs... on April 28, 2020:

Hi. I've been reading and reading. And i do relate to many that i have read. I've been in my relationship for the past 5 yrs. I have a 1year old daughter. My relationship is very very abusive. And i tried to leave but i don't know why i can't. I argue almost everyday with my partner. We both get mad easily. And he doesn't hesitate to hit. I'm really suffering from abuses......Emotionally, Physically.

Emmanuella Amisah on December 23, 2019:

Hello Hangsang I am in love with a guy that is in relationship with another lady and the fact is he did told to me about the other lady but then the lady was treating him badly but out of pithiness I found myself in love with him I know he love and respect my feelings because he has putting his relationship into a risk of losing his girlfriend if she is not ready to accept me but now the other lady is going through stress because of me and I wish to leave the relationship but I don't wanna hurt the guy's feelings,please help me with your advice

Mary on November 25, 2019:

Hello Dr Kidd,

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on May 28, 2019:

Hello hangsang!

"I show a lot of care and pay attention to him. But i dont see the same from him."

This quote from your letter describes what you want and are not getting. Of course you argue. You two have different versions of love for one another. Those differences make you two unfriendly at times.

"We always argue and i feel ignored by him." This tells me you are tired of being ignored. There is nothing easy that would make him change this. There is little you could do either.

So, let's say I found myself lost emotionally in this type of non functional relationship. On a good day for me I'd call a psychologist or family therapist. I'd go in alone and learn more about myself and my poor choices. I'd remember that it takes two to argue. I would want to know what makes me stay in such a non functional relationship.

Maybe your school has free counseling. Or if you have insurance, see what therapist can take it. Borrow money if you have to. You do have problems just like your relationship has problems.

What I'm saying here is that you need to work on yourself first. If you do that you will eventually know what to do with this mess you are in.

It sounds to me like it's time to decide whether you want to take being ignored or want to be free to grow without this relationship hanging you up.

So work on getting through school and work on yourself. Stop focusing on this relationship for 30 days while you clear your head out.

You may rebel at me for my answer. That would mean you are defensive about being criticized. That's a natural thing--to hold on whatever you've got that keeps you going from day to day. But listen, you deserve better.

--Dr Billy

hangsang on May 28, 2019:

I have a boyfriend. we have been together for 2 years. We always argue and i feel ignored by him. I get angry easily and sometimes i overreact but when theres nothing wrong between us we have fun together a lot. I make him laugh and he makes me too,we go different places and do things together. I make plans for weekends. But sometimes he doesnt answer me or he doesnt come next to me he deosnt back up for me at school or when i have a bad day he doesnt try to make it better. I feel bad. He does mistakes and he keeps saying hes sorry and i always say instead of being sorry think about it and find a way to solve and i say if u want i can help u. Sometimes i come to a point that i hit him. When we are about to end he feels really bad but tryies nothing he feels down but just sits and looks at floor. Its always me who make our relationship up. I feel tired like exhaustive. He always wants to touch me like hug and kiss. He always wants to be close and meet up but i dont like touching and being touched that much. I have an important exam so i cannot meet up him frequently. I dont want to end and i know there are things that i should fix like my anger. I know he loves and he cares about me but he cannot show. what should i do? I love him too and i have fun,feel happy when im with him but he always does something that hurts me he realizes it later. I dont want to feel like that. I show alot of care and pay attention to him. But i dont see the same from him. I say everything to him that i wote here. He feels bad and says that he is sorry. He says he will hold himself this week and things like that. We have arguments everyday but can be happy at the same day. What should i do?

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on May 02, 2019:

Charles 84,

You stay in this relationship because of your partner's mental problems. If that is really important, you would get your partner to a psychiatrist...Let me emphasize--psychiatrist. If she already has one, it sounds like it is not working. And she needs to see a new one.

Yet you say nothing about what is wrong with the relationship. Is it her mental health problems?

Charlie84 on May 01, 2019:

Hi again, I only just came back to this page to find your reply to me. I am still in the relationship and I still have doubts, which I guess says everything... But that doesn't mean I don't care about her.

I'm so afraid of hurting her so badly, particularly because she only ever been kind and loving toward me. She also suffers from anxiety and depression and she doesnt really have a strong support network around her. I guess this is one of the reasons I'm afraid to break up with her. I am so afraid that shes just going to have to deal with this alone. In a perfect world, we could be friends and I could stay by her side and help her through it, but we all know thats ridiculous and sticking around would make it 1,000,000 times harder.

I've never had to break up with someone before (not like this)... does anyone have any advice for me?

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on March 28, 2019:

Hello chinyere,

I know this is a confusing time for you. Do you think you can afford childcare as a single mom? It would seem you can because you supported your partner for four years.

Sure he is going to protest you leaving--he's had it easy, not working and all.

You shouldn't have to continually make sacrifices for a relationship. The big one here is that you do not love him the way you used to. That will never come back. That's over. And it doesn't sound like you feel rewarded to be around him, either. That's the other half of being in love.

Emotional blackmail--that's a deal breaker.

See if you can move on. Take your time and stop listening to his begging you to stay. You and he are no longer compatible.

Dr. Billy Kidd

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on March 28, 2019:

Good for you, Nickolas!

chinyere on March 28, 2019:

Hello Dr Kidd,

i have been in a relationship for 4yrs plus. he's been a great guy to me and our 1yr son. he has been out of job for the better part of the 4 yrs and only just got something doing now. i make a lot of sacrifices frot the relationship to work and i thing he is alos faithful too. but recently i found out that i dont love him like i used too maybe because i think he is a bit selfish and thinks more of himself than us(baby and i ) i also feel he blackmails me emotionaly too. i told him i wanted out of the relationship cos am not so happy but he begged me and since then i have been having a divided thoughts. please help me

Nicholas Foy from Washington (WA) on March 28, 2019:

Hey Dr Bill

I have been single since 9yrs now and due to the trauma of my last marriage, i have been afraid of having another one. But after going through your relationship guides here. I am rejuvenated and I think I need to be loved again. I can't wait to find that very one person that strongly believe on the same philosophy of true love that says ''one man one woman and anything short of that is lost''

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on March 15, 2019:

Hello "unsure about intuition versus fear",

You scored a 24! And that is with a potential partner. This could develop into something great if you slow down and give it time to develop.

You say you are second guessing yourself. Well, of course, many people do at this stage of a relationship.

If he is a person whom you can confide in, then there is great potential. You do not need a philosopher king to have a good romantic partner. Everything cannot match up perfectly, and that's why people talk things over--not solve the problems of the universe.

He's a sensitive man and such men take time to develop their emotional responsiveness.

Go for it!

unsure about intuition versus fear on March 14, 2019:

Hi Dr Kidd:

Thank you for this resource. I am in my thirties, scored 24 with someone with whom I am not yet in a relationship but it is headed that way. I do not know whether to continue in it. It has been moving kind of fast. A few things have me concerned; one is the 29th question, answer was no. That alone concerned me. I felt the answer may have been yes just a few days ago. But I have had a hard time recently and through it I have not felt like I have a rock with whom I can vent but also come up with solutions. That realization quickly seemed to propel out of a romantic stupor. I do not want to throw away a relationship with a wonderful person. I no longer think I can have one person be everything to me- confidant, sexual partner, problem solver, activity partner-but I do have that tendency to unconsciously want everything in a partner. I am concerned I need a more "alpha" type of person who is more alpha than I (kind of alpha myself) in order to just relax into the relationship-In both life and in the bedroom. But I don't know if my "picking" is off- since i am single in my thirties. It is hard not to second guess myself. He has not taken the lead in multiple areas, and I feel like he is very sensitive. I am not totally comfortable telling him about any of these concerns- esp in the bedroom. I don't know why-he is amazing and such a catch and his sensitivity surprises me. The other areas it revealed were that -sometimes I am concerned we don't have deep, philosophical conversations-intellectual stimulation is important to me. He supports me and lets me vent but I like to problem solve-he does not offer ideas or much concrete. He does not overly complain about things, but I try to offer solutions to his situations and it does not seem to be something he necessarily wants to take action on. Maybe he just did not like the ideas though-which is totally fair, but I did not clearly get that impression. I do feel he has a hard time sharing his feelings with me.

I really hope you can shed some light on what I maybe should be looking for, if it is not this relationship. If it potentially is, how I can just stop second guessing it. Thank you!

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on March 08, 2019:

Grace, do not live in the past any longer. What you and he had will not return. You said it all when you said he approaches the relationship intellectually and you approach it emotionally. Don't settle for someone who will never understand your type of love. After all, you started a new life when you signed up for the PhD. Go with it and discover what the future may bring you. Do not compromise. The relationship is over in all reality.

Grace on March 08, 2019:

Hi, I am 26 PHD candidate and started my study aboard last year October. I have a five year relationship with my ex and broke up and get back to each other for 3 times, I come back the first time, he come back for nearest twice. To be honest, we really admire each other and feel we are precious of friends feeling and kick back and relax feeling when we are together. We have different kind of personality, which actual contribute to our grow up, too. However, it can also come along with negative influence because he is kind of rationality and I am more emotional. His cold, may be calm, feedback sometimes hurt me. We tried a lot for each other to fit each other, and progress between us can also be seen. However, it is tired. Last year, I began my study aboard, our relationship just facing a multi-national challenge, I thought he may still love me because he usually tell me he don't need as much company as me, and I would be a more charming and independent Woman which he would like more. However, we just didn't contact each other as I was so tired because I meet the problems here and crashed out in front of him. He said OMG, I can not stand you crying on the phone. I was really hurt and decided not to contact him, even if he leave me a message, which is a terrible suggestion to point out my fault. I don't think it is my fault but I don't want to argue with him any more, I only need a comfort word the moment I am crashed down. After two weeks, he heard my grandma passed by from my friend and call me, but I was depressed and want to give up and he agreed. Another 3 months passed, I still feel I love him, I don't know whether it is my fault that didn't know how to cherish a person. I still feel sad if he is not the person I will marry in the future. I come back to him last week, he reject me. He said our problem is not whether we love each other or not, but we are not the person we are looking forward to, we keep trying to shape each other to be the person, and I am too emotional to make this decision for get back together, we will break up again. But I want to have a try and want to make progress with him, I thougth I am learning how to love a person and inclusive his imperfect personality, but he is already give up and not the person who proposed me last year any more. I can understand his change his feeling of giving up, because I also have that moment. But I don't know whether I should go on to wait or just let it go.Whether I should confirm him or just accept the results. The moment I want to give up the opportunity of other possibility to marry him after we broke up is only because of the emotion, such like don't want to lose, or really love him? I already wrote a long letter to him, and explain my motivation, and even want to go back to him after 4 years study aboard, but he just said he has no idea about 4 years later, as for my long letter after the call, he didn't feed back. I can understand renewal our relationship for such a long distance with two countries is not a smart choice, but what should I do? give up ?

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on January 10, 2019:

Hello bfuller,

You're in a tough spot. But it is common. You're afraid you would hurt your husband's feelings. But he does not seem to care about your feelings. He puts you in a stress cycle: arguing or not talking. This raises anti-stress hormones. After a while constant stress will affect a person's health. And you're already there.

You two are not compatible, yet you seem to love him. Think about this. There are five variables to romantic love. The in-love/feel rewarded feeling; the romantic sexual feeling; the kick back and be good friends feeling; the family feeling; and the care about the other's goals/being helpful when asked feeling.

These blend together in various ways to make up how one romantically loves another. You do not feel rewarded when you see him or just knowing he's there for you; if he's doing porn you probably don't have a bonding sexual experience with him; you can't kick back and relax with him like two buddies so you're not good friends; you may care about his future and maybe want to help him. So it seems you're just hanging on because you care about hurting him and you worry about his future.

Listen. His pot and alcohol problem is his problem, not yours. Stop being his bail-out person (codependent) and stop supporting his habits. He could buy his own car. You have to break this cycle of supporting his weed/alcohol/porn habits.

It is common for a woman to have her head to say "NO" and her feelings say "Yes." In that situation it's always better to go with what your head tells you. I mean, like you're already sick because of this relationship. Get out or he will eventually bring you down to his level.

Forget about his feelings. That's just something he'll have to deal with. The man is a disaster. You sound like you're head is still attached. Get out not for the sake of you and your child.

bfuller on January 09, 2019:

Hello! I have been spending a lot of time trying to convince myself to stay in a relationship I am not happy in. I know everyone has there faults and I also have many. I am 38 and my bf whom with I share a child is 35. We have been together 6 years. I have been working hard to save money and every time i get a little ahead he needs a bail out.He is constantly struggling for money though he make a lot more that me. He always juggles and pays bills late. What infuriates me is he never has money but always has alcohol and weed. Every time I bring it up he gets mad a says I'm never happy and always attacking him. We are fussing all the time over this. He has some sexual things that i question, watching gay porn, and he seems unhappy.We are either arguing or not talking and it has become a vicious cycle.I do love him very much.I know he loves me too. I worry about hurting him. I worry that he has nothing lives in my house, drives my car.He does have some good qualities but they are over shadowed by the bad. My head tells me i am a fool but my heart says keep going.. I feel so lost! My health is going down hill because all of the stress and worry is making me sick.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on January 07, 2019:

Charlie 84

I'm sorry my response took so long. I wasn't notified that you commented. Dashingscorpio said that compatibility beats compromise.

Think about this: Are you two compatible? I'd say no. That's because you have different goals and nothing substantial to talk about.

Wish I had something positive to say. But this relationship won't last. There is no common ground.

Charlie84 on December 27, 2018:

Hi, I'm 24 and in my first real, long-term relationship. I have dated a lot in the past but I've never met anyone I wanted to settle down with.

I've been in this new relationship for just over a year and honestly I've had doubts about it for a long time but I don't know if these are valid doubts or if I'm too inexperienced at monogamy or if I'm looking for problems because perhaps I'm afraid of commitment.

My girlfriend is so kind and caring towards me and I am to her, we always say I love you and I miss you (almost too much) and we always compliment each other... the problem is... we don't really have any deep conversations... and we don't really have anything in common aside from a love of food. I'm a huge extrovert and I get my energy from being around people and talking about everything, She is clearly an introvert but even with me she doesn't say much unless she is complaining about her job. I feel like I have to really pull information out of her if there is something I want to know.

one of the things that is always on my mind, is how different we are. She wants to work hard at her job, earn money and have a good life that way. I on the other hand want to travel, I want to live in many different countries.. I don't ever really see myself settling down in one place.

We have an amazing physical connection... which is great but its obvious that as soon as we leave the house that we don't have much to talk about or to do. When we go out for a meal I generally get quite anxious because I feel like we should be talking about something...

I don't know what to do... any advice would be fantastic

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on November 08, 2018:

You're not stupid, selahbela. You got sucked in by a liar. You should forget all your feelings for him. He's just a loser.

Make a clean break. I suggest over the phone because he is violence prone. Narrow the reason down to something clear and quick. For instance, "I don't love you anymore." Or, "You and I are too different to be together." Don't let him argue. Stick to your point and then say goodbye.

You have a hard choice. If you go through with the pregnancy you'll be reminded of him for years. I don't know where you live. But in many places a RU486 pill is available for an abortion--if you're between 5-10 weeks pregnant (before it's really a child). I know this is hard to hear, but think about it. The pill is taken at home.

Can you really raise a child by yourself right now? It's a hard choice and I hope I have not offended you.

selahbela on November 08, 2018:

I'm wondering if anyone could give me some guidance.

Basic facts: I'm 29, female. Boyfriend is 41, male.

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 6 months. We started as a casual hook-up, he "caught feelings" much faster than I did. Originally I tried to keep it logical and straightforward, "this is just sex and we both know it" kind of attitude. I was convinced he was just spinning the "soulmates" line so fast and dropping the L word because he was convinced I needed to hear those things to keep me around. The sex was great, so that was really unnecessary. However, over time, I started to develop feelings as well. We decided that we would become exclusive. That same week, he was calling a coworker at 3am for a booty call. He didn't know I had already blocked her number on his phone. It's the only reason he didn't cheat at the time. A pattern of behavior began to emerge: when we would have serious arguments he would seek the attention of other women. He is a self professed player, so none of this really surprises me in retrospect. He uses women like a security blanket. For comfort. The way I use food. Anyway. We found out about a month ago that I was pregnant. Again, that same week, he left his phone in my car when I dropped him off at home (that's right: he lives with his mom and has no car because he crashed it drinking and driving) and of course being the insecure, jealous and now paranoid woman I am, I went through the phone. Found he had made plans with another woman to go on a date that weekend. I called her and had a pleasant chat, i explained who I was, she said nothing had happened between them yet, they had just talked a few times. He got her number at work and said he wanted to get to know her better. Logically, I know that these are all just his ways of letting me know he isn't ready for a serious relationship, he's not really interested in me, and he's still looking for something better. He claims that he doesn't know why he did it, why he got her number. But ever since I haven't been able to trust him at all. Every text noise makes me cringe, every time he touches his phone in my presence - my skin crawls. I started demanding to see the phone. Even tracked him with Google accounts to see if he was where he said he was (spoiler, he lied! ...a lot!) I know that's not healthy.

You may wonder why I assumed he was lying in the beginning when he said he loved me, and why I question it even now. He's an obsessive compulsive liar, it's like he MUST lie. When we first started up he told me he worked at a blood donation center. He was lying. He would tell elaborate stories about his supposed day at work, and honestly most of the time he was just at home drinking and playing Xbox. He said his lawyer told him to maintain appearances to look good for court, which obviously means like through your teeth about employment, I guess? The court date came and went with little fanfare, he didn't even have to go, charges dropped. So I don't buy that excuse. I just don't get why he'd like about that.

Reading this you must think me very stupid or desperate to stay as long as I have and I would answer, perhaps. He is slick as a can of oil and can sweet talk his way out of just about any situation. Very charming. Very manipulative.

Last week we got into a physical altercation over his phone, and refusal to stop smoking and drinking and he slammed me into a brick wall. I was 7 weeks at the time, and I ended up going to jail because the police were called and I was determined to be the primary aggressor. I've never been arrested up to this point in my life. I tried severing contact with him after I got out but found myself too weak. I kept imagining us as a family with the baby, him getting his life together and being the man I need him to be. But now, just a week later, I find myself sick of him. I hate his voice, his presence, his excuses, his lies. Luckily we don't live together and I can have some space when I want it because he can't drive over here and harass me.

My request for guidance is basically, I know he's a piece of shit: he doesn't love me, probably only is trying to make this work due to the baby, and that I need to end it for good. If he does love me, it's way less than he loves himself, booze and his xbox. The problem is I have used the break up card too many times and now he doesn't take it seriously.

How on Earth do I initiate a clean break up with someone I'm expecting a child with?

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on October 29, 2018:

Hello Hannah,

I'm glad I could help.

Weather you are "innocent or guilty" doesn't matter. What matters is that you are not happy in this relationship. Make up your mind and tell your partner exactly what's bothering you.

Dwell on it and find the main reason that bothers you. Like, "I'm just not in-love with you any more."

Hope all goes well,

--Dr. Kidd

Hannah H on October 29, 2018:

Dear Dr. Kidd,

Thank you so much for listening to my deepest thoughts and share with me all the tips and tricks. It means a lot to me.

The only thing I would say is that I am not totally innocent, I always think that if I had treat all those indifference and problems wholeheartedly and find a way to use our joint effort better to tackle those problems, things should have turn out differently.

Thank you so much Dr. Kidd


Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on October 27, 2018:

Hello Hannah!

What Guilt? You are the innocent party here.

Vows? That was a different time and place. Everything has changed.

Lack of respect for your partner? This is really a deal breaker and negates the vows you have taken and the guilt you feel.

If I was you, I would talk to people who have taken the initiative to get out of a dysfunctional marriage. Believe me, most all go through these feelings of guilt and fear of cutting the ties to a long term partner.

I know it's hard to break the news the you're unhappy in your marriage--especially to those people who think all is well with you. But you've got to start talking about this thing.

I know there is an urge to stay in a dysfunctional relationship that lots of people have. They tell themselves: Maybe if I give my partner another year things will work out. But no. Things just feel worse.

I admit it takes a strong motivator for calling it quits with someone you've known for years. But if there is no love and respect, the time has come to part.

Hannah H on October 27, 2018:

Hello Dr. Kidd,

Thank you so so much for your prompt reply this means so much to me.

All the negative thoughts were on my mind for such a long period of time. At some points I really hesitate what I'm doing and why I still let myself to stay at such a bad position that I actually don't want it. After being together all these years I am unwilling to accept my husband as he is and as his family is. This thing is... Although I no longer love him, I feel responsible for the vows we made when we get married. I think this is the only things that really keeping me here is guilt. The more time goes time, the more I begin to dislike my husband and his behavior. When I am about to be around him, I get an empty feeling. The fact is I would love to leave but feel too hooked and addicted to the relationship, primary reason is the long time we have been together and also because we are married. There are no major conflicts and fights between us, however, my respect for my partner is practically gone. I want to want our relationship to continue but I cannot say that I do want it to continue. Feeling very indifferent towards my other half that I have little motivation to try and work things out. I cannot understand why I put myself into this difficult position. Can I get some advice from you Dr. Kidd? I really want to clear my mind and get out of the blue.

Thank you so much.


Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on October 26, 2018:

Hello Hannah!

It sounds like you've just about had enough of being controlled by your partner. You've "lost your power" in this relationship.

You feel you and your partner are not in sync. I agree. But this spoiling your vacations is nuts. Vacations are a time for couples to travel and explore new situations and environments.

You have to decide: Do I want to settle for this? Or do I have too many needs that are not being met?

Remember, your partner is not going to change. He came from a dysfunctional family, like your mum said. This leaves the weight on your shoulders to change your life--if that is what you need. Maybe you should go for a fresh start. Other people do it. You could too.

--Dr. Kidd

Hannah H on October 26, 2018:

Hi Dr. Kidd

I scored a fair score at 18

although I am feeling lost at the moment, I have been in a relationship for almost 13 years of which 4 and a half year married. I am currently 33 and my husband is 37. There are two major reasons drive me to hesitate whether I should keep the marriage on-going, first one is the way we value and the way to spend money, my husband spend money very consciously which is a good thing so we work towards the common goal of buying an apartment. But he is reluctant to really spend money on me, not a travel not any surprised gifts and he has no idea of treating meals for my family. I'd say he is not generous at all.

We usually argue a lot when we travel abroad, mainly because we cannot align on the expenses goals. Literally we let my husband to be in control of money keeper and he decide the way of expenses during travels. However, when it comes to very limited budget for hotels and meals, then I become upset and have a upset face. I know this is really bad but I just cant' help as I have an image in my mind that he is super discipline on money spending which makes me feel we are not sync and going different directions.

The above also related to his relationship with my family. My husband does not have the initiative to talk to my family aka my mum and my brother. I have always encourage him to feel more relaxed at my home and got to get into some conversations with my mum and brother. But it just didn't happen over these 4.5 years of marriage. Not just not to interact but he just say hi and bye literally. When I talk to him about this weird situation then he just pissed me off by saying that he is tired. I am regret that I didn't manage the big family relationship well when we were dating, they didn't see each other often. Maybe this is the reason why the relationship between them just didn't work well. This is also based on my mum's idea that he is from a broken family and his character is not sociable enough to be good enough to take care of me.

Quite a lot of time that I feel like I didn't give it a good thought about how to manage our marriage before we got married. Cause these all years I just want a stable relationship and didn't think clearly if I am happy. I don't want to hurt him but part of me really want to get a fresh start of my life cause it's been so hard at times to get along well with my husband and also, the big family relationship.

Can I get some advice from you Dr Kidd? I will be really grateful about it.

Thank you so much


Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on October 21, 2018:

Hello vivianphan!

If you do not feel like being your boyfriend's caretaker, get out of the relationship. But if you do not mind baby sitting your partner, stay in. This will of course go on for years.

vivianphan on October 21, 2018:

I scored a 28 on the test.

I am 20 years old and my boyfriend is 19. I understand we are young and relationships this early in your life typically falter. However, my boyfriend and I have a lot in common. We listen to the same music, we have a very similar sense of humor, and we are both adventurers. We both are impulsive thinkers and have the same mindset and values when it comes to being in a relationship. He notices when I am upset, even if I do not mention it.

I love him and he loves me, but all of my friends think I am "too good" for him. I've also had a few of his friends tell me that as well. "Too good" in the sense that on paper, he doesn't seem like such a great guy. He was in rehab for a while, he has mental issues, and he has a lot of tattoos. I do not mind any of this, because he treats me very well and he is one of the sweetest guys I've ever met. How lightly should I take the advice of my friends?

I am thinking of breaking up with him because he smokes a lot of weed and drinks a lot of alcohol. I do not have a problem with this morally, but I am in university and I am not sure if I should surround myself with someone who is under the influence so often. He is not in school at the moment, but he is studying to get his high school diploma.

One of my best friends is a guy and he often gets jealous of him a lot, which is understandable, but I specified early in the relationship I am not one to get jealous easily and I expected him to do the same. I will not get jealous unless he gives me a reason to be.

I have a car and he does not. I drive him and his friends around quite a bit. Typically, this bothers people, but it only bothers me sometimes when I've been driving all day. They are all gracious about it and make sure to say "please" and "thank you" or buy me food every once in a while. I'm not sure if this is a problem, but a lot of my friends tell me to make a note of it. He also doesn't have a lot of money so I buy food for him very often, but he isn't able to return the favor very often. He makes sure I know he is grateful for my actions though.

I believe I have been spending too much time with him and my friends miss me. I live with three other people and our friend group is mixed pretty evenly with guys and girls. When I try to spend time with my friends at my apartment instead of interacting with them my boyfriend goes up to my room and waits for me. Since he is in my room, I don't want him to be lonely so I spend time in my room with him whilst my friends are downstairs. I spend a lot of time with his friends, also a mixed guy/girl group, and all of us get along just fine.

I am not sure what to do. I've never met anyone like him. He is nice and patient with me when I am upset. He stops at nothing to make sure I am feeling okay. We are attracted to each other physically and we compliment each other all the time. I know he would do anything for me, but a lot of people are telling me he is not enough for me. I'm not sure what I should do or what I should be looking for.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on October 09, 2018:

Hello Cassidy,

Jealousy has many factors that are learned while growing up. It then becomes the most tragic of all parts of a relationship.

Don't let your boyfriend monitor your phone and website. That just empowers him more and makes him more demanding.

You cannot change your boyfriend, as you've already found out.

If I was in your position, I would start backing out of this dysfunctional mess.

Dr. Billy

Cassidy on October 09, 2018:

I scored a 20 on the test but...

I realize that there are a lot of conflicts in our relationship. Granted I'm 16 and he's about to turn 17, I do know this will be something people see as "too young" or so on. He tends to get extremely jealous. A LOT. I have given him reasons not to, and I realize the consequences, but he tries to gain it back and I try to help and let him do what he wants to to get through it. I can see he genuinely does want it to work, but he struggles terribly. When we are together, the first thing he does is pick up my phone. I trust him 100% I have no reason not to. I'm his first serious relationship, for his others have been off and on. He finds retailers and salespersons that call me, and automatically thinks it's someone I'm having relations with. Its gone on from once a month to once a week. From once a week to a day. Now he looks for things and constantly asks "Who was it?" If he hears my phone go off, and it could be and email or a game alert, and his only reply is "You could just be saying that." This has all gone way to far and it isn't healthy for either of us.He makes me really happy, and we have spoke about this multiple times. It's a reoccurring conflict (as well as our only conflict, ever) and he tends to keep things bottled up but always swears to me nothing is wrong. He has called me names out of instinct in an arguement but also kind of hurts my feelings. He says things as a joke, but they hurt after time and I have told him about it and he does try with all his heart, but he's said it on accident and it would make me believe that it was true for a short moment. He says he wants to be with me and he does care. He's everything I want and this is his only big flaw that I won't accept. I've deleted all social media, let him delete people off my contacts that I had past relations with (I tend to get along with my past exes because we both understand that we would be better as friends) that I quit talking to years ago, and I let him ask his questions and look for his things and go on. His father was never around, and would only pop up when he needed money. My boyfriend has sworn to himself, God, and his family that he wouldn't be that kind of man, and he will accept the fact that it where he came from but he won't continue it. He lives in a home where he is the only male, but he sees his uncle frequently. (His mom, his sister, and his grandmother.) His grandmother runs everything, his sister won't do anything,refuses to ever move out and she's 19 and his mom constantly works to keep everything together. His mothers relationships with men haven't been too great either. My boyfriend does his best to help when possible, sometimes working two jobs but he can never balance school too. The only person he ever was close to emotionally had a tragic accident at work and didn't make it. As you can see, we talk about a lot of things and our problems together, but he won't ever tell me what's wrong with him. (Please understand the difference) I try to give him the benefit of the doubt, as he is everything I've ever wanted and I confide in him, but it's gone really far but we both only want to make it work and fix it together. Is there anything we can do or anything we can try to gain back the trust that's been lost?

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on September 26, 2018:

Rowan, Hello!

You need to examine yourself.

Ask why I would help this person who will not change and will be in a crises for years to come?

What drives you to be jealous?

Why are you afraid to end this frustrating relationship?

Open your heart and try to love yourself more and discover what your true needs are.

You surely do not need this man.

Sorry about my bluntness. But it's time to start working on finding what you need to do to meet the challenges of the post-graduate world.

Dr Billy

Rowan on September 25, 2018:

Dr. Kidd,

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 8 months. I'm in love with him, and I love him, it's the same for him. But... we've been having problems for...weeks and really months now. (and I scored about a 13 on your website) I feel like it's gotten worse since I moved to finish school and now we are in a very long distance relationship and are unable to see each other until probably December. We're both 22, I graduate in May, and I am going to need to make some serious decisions where I will move, where I will work, etc whereas he once again has failed a year and will be in school for at least another three years because of a case of severe panic attack disorder where for a long time he was unable to attend classes and function normally, except that since starting our relationship he has started to feel much better. Some of the problems now are that I am extremely jealous, I feel like I cannot 100% trust him, especially when he is around girls and his female friends, I feel like I can never tell him how I feel and what problems I think we have without him freaking out and getting stressed out and wanting to avoid the subject, even recently he said that yes we are in a serious relationship and that he wants to see where the future will lead us but that he is unable to say that we will be together forever because he is still young and he wouldn't even want to think about marriage for another eight years and to not expect that he's put a ring on me in the next couple of years. He has a really hard time talking about the future, even talking about the near future as in three months from now. He has feelings for me, he loves me, he cares about me, but I wonder whether I should stay in this relationship or not especially when he says that talking about staying together forever is "a scary thing to think about". He even had a female best friend for years who eventually abandoned him when he got sick and eventually stopped talking to him and it seems as if he cares way too much about her even when it is obvious that she doesn't care at all about him, and they even had nicknames for one another "man of my life" "woman of my life" that apparently "meant nothing" when he ended up still using it after we had already been dating for a couple weeks. I was getting more and more aggravated by this girl whom he hasnt seen in over a year because it was like he couldn't let go of her and finally I put down my foot and said it was either me and her and that he had to choose which one to keep in his life especially since he kept saying that he didn't care at all about her and so I said that in that case he shouldn't have any problem cutting all ties with her on social media and via text since they hadnt exchanged any words as in texts since 6-7 months ago and so he threw a huge fit and eventually afterwards promised me that this one girl would disappear completely from his life but also said that I didn't deserve him doing this for me, although it has been me who has been there for him these past 8 months while he's been going through his mental health crisis, his various problems with school, appartment, etc. I have been there for him every day, I have supported him and cared about him, tried to help him and encourage him, have done nothing to make him jealous etc. I know that my own extreme jealousy and controlling nature are my own bad qualities and that I need to work on them but I cant help but ask myself what is the point of me continuing in this relationship if he doesn't know if he wants me for the long run. I would want to be able to move in with him in about another year or so, but at this point I'm not even sure what his answer would be. Sometimes I wonder if it's just the fact that his present and future are so uncertain and because hes under a lot of stress because of school and his mental health and not that he's uncertain of me. But I don't want to, for example, be with him for another year or 5 and then have him say that in fact I'm not the one for him. I'd be left feeling that I have wasted my time and life for him. I feel so hopeless and desperate, and I just don't know what to do. Without him I would feel brokenhearted and extremely hopeless and sad. I just want our relationship to advance and to not argue every single day over the phone and to not stress out every single time he leaves his house, sees his friends, goes to school, etc. I know he loves me and I dont doubt that and he has done a lot for me but I think I love him much more than he loves me and I am willing to sacrifice a lot more than he would for me although he vehemently disagrees that I love him more than he loves me... Is this relationship worth it ? How do I/we make this work?

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on September 14, 2018:

Pauline, hello!

The biggest relationship problem is the woman you are working for. She wants to keep this relationship ugly. That's her relationship style.

The tears and the pain you feel so often can only be resolved by quitting this job. Yes, it will be a very painful breakup with the horses. But it's better to go through that. At least you'll be in charge.

I've had horses, and yes, they are like dogs that one gets attached to. But I still suggest you move on with your life.

--Dr. Billy Kidd

Pauline Eichner on September 13, 2018:

Dear Dr Kidd,

I have a relationship of a different kind but I feel like you are the right person to give me advice on this and it is still fitting for the test.

I've been caring for a horse (his name is champ) for the past 5 years that is now very old and sick. We trust each other a lot and we know each other very well.

I love him with all my heart but sometimes I am scared that I've just convinced myself that I love him that much because i am afraid of change.

I don't get a lot out of this relationship because i cannot do anything with him anymore because of his arthritis. We only go on walks together that usually have some very short moments of enjoyment for me, tho.

I do not believe that he owes me anything or that I should want anything more from him at this point than just his company.

I do enjoy his company a lot, being with him feels like home and familiarity.

There is a big problem, though.

His owner is very abusive towards me. One day she showers me with love, the next day she gets very angry with me for small mistakes.

just now she accused me of lying that i saw he was lame so i could get out of going on a walk with him.

She doesn't trust me at all.

She has people spy on me regularly that report back to her exactly what I've done and when I've done it while I'm at the stable and she has the ability to watch me through cameras that are set up at the arena.

i also care for another one of her horses but i honestly really hate that one.

Whenever I'm at the stable I cry several times and this has been normal for at least 2-3 years now. I don't enjoy anything about being there besides some very short and fleeting moments with champ.

But i also know that the owner will never EVER let me see champ again if i quit or even just change anything about our arrangement.

I will probably move away early next year and if i stay in this arrangement tis then i could probably still visit him but i think the mental breakdowns that i have every time I'm there (twice a week) might not be worth it.

Do you think it is worth staying in this relationship? Do you think I really love champ? Is it worth putting up with all of this?

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on September 04, 2018:


You are having the typical problems teenagers have as they move into adulthood. This is a confusing time for a lot of young adults.

In school you will find people like yourself who want to discuss the deeper aspects of life.

As I see it, your number one priority is the study of neurology and neuroscience. I've done this, and I could not do both having a stormy relationship that interrupted my thoughts and do neurological studies at the same time. Therefore, you would not be an "asshole" for ignoring this young man.

Your second priority is establishing a social support group. If it is possible, find people in your classes to work with on problems together.

And remember, you're on a road to discovery. Don't let anything hold you back!

Dr. Billy Kidd

Brandon Caudillo on September 03, 2018:

Hey Dr. Kidd,

I need some advice.

I have been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for 2 months now and things have been very unstable.

I met him at my high school during the first days of June. We flirted with each other for weeks before beginning to date, but then I graduated. I went off to New York to study neurology and neuroscience while my boyfriend stayed in California. I also recently turned 18 while my boyfriend is going to turn 16 in 4 months.

Before leaving, I asked him if we wanted to be in a relationship, despite having to go off to college in New York. He said yes and I agreed to endeavor in our experiment.

However, I am currently lost.

I noticed that while I spent my final days in high school, I found myself being perpetually annoyed by his persistent lack of focus and constant mental fixation on a video game we both played. The only thing he wanted to talk about was leveling up in this video game while I wanted to talk about more deeper, philosophical conversations.

This made me feel that we were incompatible despite respecting and loving each other through the long distance process. When we spent time together in school, we would be funny and joke around. I feel that he never got to see the more relevant side of me that is more focused on reality and questioning the world. I spend a lot of my time excavating tough problems and/or being creative in numerous projects. This largely differs from his perspective that I'm a socialite who keeps things simple. I'm pretty complicated and like complexity in things I do.

I found myself getting bored of our conversations during the summer long distance because all he wanted to talk about was the video game. When I wanted to discuss my day or other things I was interested in, he would largely seem uninterested. I recently discovered he's interested in science and can talk hours on that, but he suppressed this interest to fit in with his friends. Aside from talking science, it frustrates me when he doesn't pay attention and at times can be really immature. I could be trying to explain something to him when he goes off on a tangent, completely forgetting what I was saying.

It's also important to note that he has ADHD and is 15 while I am 18 and have MDD and GAD. I am medicated as he is too, but we both have our moments when we get moody and can't control what we say or do.

In large part, my frustrations came about from long distance and not being able to see him. It felt so much more exhilarating to talk to him in person than over the phone where things are lost in translation. I took the quiz and nearly got a perfect score (subtracting the sex questions out, though). In short, I feel lost because I know the things that annoy me about him are related to his age and disorder, but I don't want to be an asshole and leave because I can't handle them. Also, I want to be able to communicate about other things, but it's a lot harder for him to focus on the phone and therefore I get angry. What do I do?


Brandon Caudillo

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on September 03, 2018:

Hello Lella,

You are relying on a decision you made at 14. That’s when you narrowed your young love down to one man. But now you have entered what is called “transitional adulthood.” That’s the stage of going from a teenager to an adult. Sometimes it takes 5 or more years to feel like an adult.

Right now, you’re holding yourself back by playing mother to your high school boyfriend. He has no interest in growing up. This leaves you emotional and sad. That’s because you’ve accepted your new life stage, moving into full adulthood. And he hasn’t. Now he’s holding you back. But you want to break out of this teenage relationship and explore all the possibilities! He doesn’t want you to. Mothering is all he wants from you. Be honest with yourself, you really are tired of this whole thing.

This stage of life brings new questions. You need to make a list of what you want to achieve in college. Are you studying the right things? Or is it time to find a more fitting major?

Now stop for a minute and think about this: being afraid you’ll never find some one as good as him is just an excuse for doing nothing. I hope this doesn’t upset you, but you’ve only had this one boyfriend. Now is the time to discover who you are and work on your goals. It’s a waste to and energy to hold onto this dysfunctional relationship.

I realize it seems like I’m asking a lot from you. But all young adults are facing the same thing.

Leila on September 03, 2018:

Hi dr. Kidd

I scored a pretty high score...

although I am feeling lost at the moment, I have been in a relationship for almost 4 years. I am currently 18 and my boyfriend is 19. we went to the same I high school and we were always on and off during that time because I was always unsure.... although he means the world to me and I love him more than myself. he is perfect, he is caring, he is sweet he is everything I could ask for. But now that we are in college and work together and are majoring in the same major, I feel so emotional and sad. I keep feeling as if I am always there to push him to always want him reach his goals to want him to succeed to make him happy. he is very inconsiderate at times. I have to wake him up for work I have to pick him up to go to school. I feel like a parent rather than his girlfriend. I get to work late due to the fact that he really doesn't care much for being early to work when in fact I do. I just feel like there is so much for me to do, to experience with my life and being with him holds me back so much. I love him! everything about him I am more than myself with him I feel as If can be anything I want to with him. his family is great, his parents. everything is perfect. but Ive always felt like even though we are so similar we are so different at the same time. ive grown tired and even though ive talked to him and he apologizes he never truly makes a change. I just I feel like if I leave I won't ever find someone like him again. someone that I can be myself around that knows me for who I am. I just feel like I am depending to much on him to be happy and to succeed. I don't know why im feeling like this.

Beca on August 25, 2018:

Hi Dr. Kidd

Thank you very much for your fast advice

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on August 24, 2018:


I held discussion groups about romance with young adults. Once I asked why I hadn't heard the word "commitment" so far in our 90 minutes of discussing it. One participant yelped back, "Commitment to what? Waiting 5 years for my boyfriend to grow up?

That's where you are at. Why waste 5 years trying to change yourself to accommodate your partner?

Plus, people go through changes when starting college. It often gets a person to face some hard realities.

Your hard realities include stop trying to change yourself to accommodate your partner. That's all wrong. It shows you two are not compatible.

He argues and he hit you. That's a deal breaker.

It's time to look at your future at college. Will your degree lead to a job? Will you need a masters degree? And a bunch of other things.

Call it quits with your non compatible partner. Go forth without this relationship distorting your thinking about who your are. Set yourself free.

Dr. Billy Kidd

Beca on August 24, 2018:

Hi Dr. Kidd

I scored quite high on the test, but im still very uncertain. We've been having a rough time lately. I used to think we will move in together, I imagined my life with him. He's 23 and I'm 19. My problem is that he still lives at home, and it doesnt look like he's going to move out yet. He could have done it multiple times, but always found something that was more important. Also, I can't think of him as a manly man, usually I'm in charge in the relationship. I really loved and adored him before all of this, I don't know what have changed...It's like the certainty have gone. Altough, I'm not perfect either. True, he is not very independent, manly, he can be very stubborn and hard to put up with. But I can be very critical and agressive. There was a time when I hit him as well. We had serious problems with sex, and he didnt want it as much as I am. He sometimes turn me down even halfway. I felt ashamed, and cried a lot. I really regretted everything I've done wrong, I changed so much thanks to him, and my efforts, but we seem to run the same cycles over and over again. I try my best to make things right altough I don't have much faith in this recently. The arguments, lack of passion and effort....It seems everything falls apart. Im going to college this September, and we won't have as much time together aswe used to have. Could you please give me some advice on what do to?

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on August 22, 2018:


You're tired to being with a romantic partner who does not love you. You are also tired of playing the role of the perfect partner.

Do not wait any longer. Get out. Some day you'll get over your anger about his not loving you.

Get single and someone will come your way. Remember, a man must be able to look you in the eye and discus his feelings or he is not the right person to start a new relationship with.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on August 21, 2018:

Hello A, stop overthinking this. You are lucky. You can watch her grow and be proud of her when she does.

If the relationship is going as well as you say it is, consider yourself lucky.

Just be careful you don't slip into jealousy as she changes and your relationship changes over time. Remember also that you have more growing up to do too.

May you find wisdom in all of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A on August 21, 2018:

Hi Dr. Kidd,

I scored very high on this test, but I still have questions about my relationship. Both of us are kind, empathetic, respectful and caring towards other people and each other. I'm 31 and she's 21. We both are in nontraditional fields--I'm a musician and she is a ballet dancer. She's very smart, driven, and passionate. She does have quite a bit of life experience having already travelled to other countries and worked as a professional dancer. However, sometimes I feel that she's quite insecure about herself and that our age dynamic might perpetuate that. She is still immature in some ways, though I think she's self-aware enough to know that.

I know that she will blossom into an amazing person, but sometimes I feel that she might need to do some of this discover some things about herself on her own. I sometimes also wonder if I was with someone closer to my own age would give me more perspective about life, etc. But at the same time I know that she will grow in great ways and I don't want to lose her for that reason. We are very happy when we're together the vast majority of the time, but when we're apart I sometimes worry about how right the relationship is.

Do you have any advice?


Emily on August 16, 2018:


While I scored quite high, couldn't fault our relationship, people around think we are a perfect couple. Though, we are going through a breakup now.

We've been in a relationship almost three years, but he cannot say he loves me, avoids any conversation about feelings, our relationship or the future.

By no means I didn't try to pressure him.

If there is no love, what is the point of relationship? To wait another three years in hopes he will love me?

I'm in my early thirties and very introverted.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on August 09, 2018:

Confused, your partner isn't interested in marriage. And it sounds like you're not happy with your this situation.

Time spent together should have some joyful moments. It doesn't matter how many years a person has put into a relationship. Sometimes we just have to let it go when we're not happy.

You and he argue and he thinks he's always right. This singles out a non compatibility issue.

Don't be afraid about being single at 50. Many do it and it brings some new things and enjoyment, as well as emotional growth.

Take Care,

Dr. Billy Kidd

confused on August 09, 2018:

I have been in a relationship coming up on 12 yrs. He has been previously married and I have not. We both turned 50 this yr. I planned for a year to go on vacation for our 10 yr. dating anniversary in hopes that he would propose. Well it was a disaster. He brought a second hand ring but never gave it to me. He lamely put it under a napkin at dinner the day after we got back and no real effort into it. We had set a date of Nov this year however he never talks about it so I didn't go through with save the date invites. The conversation came up about going on vacation to Vegas or somewhere to tie the knot this year but I feel he doesn't really want to. I feel its out of obligation. I don't know what to do. When I try to talk to him he's very defensive and I always end up being in the wrong. We do have love and desire for eachother but we have not really progressed financially or emotionally over the course of 10 yrs. We have a good routine down, but don't do alot socially together. We hardly ever laugh, he doesn't really have a good sense of humor and takes everything literally. I guess I have already answered my own question.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on July 13, 2018:


It appears that you need to start looking for a new arrangement. Contact me if you'd like to discuss it. The contact button is in the left hand corner at the top of this article.

Elsa Wood on July 13, 2018:

i have 13 points

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on July 03, 2018:


Correspond with me directly by using the Contact Author button at the left hand corner at the top of this article. It's right next to my picture.

SimplyMe on July 02, 2018:

How can I chat with u privately? My story is like no other n right now I need some advice from a person who is not my friend. F-37y-Married 11y-boyfriend 3y- short sum n must make a decision in two days time is of the essence. Plz help :-(

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on July 02, 2018:


You are feeling the pain of a broken relationship.

You must muster your courage, lose your fears, and find a support group to get you through these sad times. You need female friends to say "yes" to the changes you might envision.

Stop worrying about finding another mate. I know a woman who was restricted to an electric wheelchair. She found a wonderful, kind loving man. They were married and are happy together.

Stop worrying about what your families will think when you leave this man. Let's face it: He doesn't care about you anymore. And you tried your best. No person should have to put up with a partner who gets angry all the time. You've given all you got now it's time to focus your energies on yourself..

Your immediate need is to move out or tell him it's time for him to leave. He probably won't understand. He just doesn't get this.

--Dr. Kidd

Ram on July 02, 2018:

Dr Kidd,

This article is exactly what I needed at the moment and this couldn't be more relatable. I scored 16 but most of it were related to my thoughts about my partner and our relationship. We are together for 5 years but the last two have been very different. He just changed to the point that I have few to no recollection of who he was when I first met him. Despite these changes, I tried to cope up and continued to do my best to keep it together. I would relive the same arrangement from our past unforgettable dates to the next ones, I would ask him out to his favorite restaurant every now and then, I would surprise him with simple little things but I just couldn't see any results. He would distant himself and would say that these kind of stuff are more of a "new lovers" thing and are not appropriate for us - which I don't agree. These simple things are often overlooked but usually make a difference in the long run.

Before reading your article, I listed down the reasons why I should leave him and I'm surprised that the list just goes on and on; he doesn't trusts me with his personal struggles, he wouldn't sleep with me for months, he shows no interest when I bring marriage and kids into the discussion, he gets angry for the simplest things and won't talk to me for days, and I can barely feel his excitement anymore of being with me at the end of the day. For fairness' sake, I also tried to list down the reasons why not and I only came up with two; one being the length of our relationship and the good memories we've had and the other is our familiarity with each other's family.

With what I shared so far, I guess it is pretty obvious that I should get going but I am really scared about the gravity of pain I would surely get once I lose him. I also fear not finding someone else ever again. I am the kind of person who can and is willing to endure as much pain and sacrifice for the one I love but at the same time, I do acknowledge the fact that everything has an ending, good or bad. Your thoughts on this will be highly appreciated. XX

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on April 21, 2018:


I was not notified about your post like what usually happens automatically. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

Being in-love is selecting one person to be with. This is a instinctual reaction. The in-love obsessive phase passes in about 3 to 6 months.

You're not in-love with this person. Rather you probably have either feelings of friendship where you treat each other as good friends. Or you feel like family. Or maybe you do not.

You have to live in the present. Right now you feel ambivalent. That may never go away. You need to back off and slow down. Do not make decisions on a whim. This is someone you care about, true. But if you're feeling ambivalent this is no time to try and move the relationship forward and deeper.

TooAmbivalent on April 13, 2018:

Dr Kidd,

Thanks for the great article. I score high with my bf of one year (26-27), but I'm concerned that the reason is more because we are both caring, mature, well-adjusted adults rather than the strength of our love for each other, and it's really hard for me to know whether to stay together. I haven't had that stage of falling in love with him (I have with a couple exes), but I do think we are compatible and we do love each other. I'm worried that I will always have these feelings of ambivalence and feel like I 'missed out' on falling in love with my life partner if we move forward together. What should I do? If I break up with him I might miss out on a life with an amazing person, but if I stay with him I feel like I might be plagued with these doubts and uncertainties for the rest of my life.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on April 07, 2018:


That is an amazing story!

helen shawn on April 06, 2018:

After being in relationship with him for 3 years,he broke up with me, I did everything possible to bring him back but all was in vain, I wanted him back so much because of the love I have for him, I begged him with everything, I made promises but he refused. I explained my problem to someone online and she suggested that I should rather contact a spell caster that could help me cast a spell to bring him back but I am the type that never believed in spell, I had no choice than to try it, I mailed the spell caster, and he told me there was no problem that everything will be okay before three days, that my ex will return to me before three days, he cast the spell and surprisingly in the second day, it was around 4pm. My ex called me, I was so surprised, I answered the call and all he said was that he was so sorry for everything that happened, that he wanted me to return to him, that he loves me so much. I was so happy and went to him, that was how we started living together happily again. Since then, I have made promise that anybody I know that have a relationship problem, I would be of help to such person by referring him or her to the only real and powerful spell caster who helped me with my own problem and who is different from all other ones out there. Anybody who need his help, should contact his email, DROGBEMUDIANSPELLHOME@GMAIL.COM.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on April 06, 2018:


When someone says constantly that you stress him out, don't feel guilty. You are not responsible for his feelings, he is. If he sulks in his room and skips work, you both need some space, some time apart.

I say that for many reasons. He needs to deal with his own depression and you can't help him much on that. When desire and sexuality are gone, romance fades away.

Don't think he is going to suddenly come around. Where his head is at it would take a long time to change.

Maybe it's time for you to get a condo again for yourself. You need time on your own to figure out what you feel, what your career goals are, what kind of partner you really want. He is not cutting it right now and may never be the man you really want--the husband and caring father


Remember--you cannot change him. So think about what you said, that you have basically given up your life. It's time to be on your own and find your life again. Only then can you think about continuing your relationship with him.

Dr. Kidd

weirdvibes on April 06, 2018:

Dear Dr. Kidd

Thank you so much for your blog. I love reading.

I scored 17 which seems right for what I am going through with my bf. Although a lot of the important questions I answered ‘T’ to however most of the sexual questions I answered ‘F’. We have been together for 1.5 years and I have always been a lot more sexual and affectionate that him. Recently we moved in together and I moved across the country to a new job, living in a huge house and having room-mates coming from owning my own condo living alone and basically giving up my life. Over and over I have tried to communicate that I need more intimate time together and we came up with a compromise and it (once again) was not happening. Along with this I decided after many complaints and discomfort that I could not deal with having roommates and I told him I was going to move out if we didn't get rid of them. He said that we could live alone and I felt excited.

Recently he got a terrible cold and our basement flooded at the same time and now needs total reconstruction. He decided to start sleeping in another room (we also struggle to sleep together being both light sleepers which is a whole other issue). He started getting very frustrated, depressed (rightfully so) and complaining about how he doesn’t have any time to do his own thing, ever. My advice was to stop committing to so much and that he brings these issues on himself when he could easily simplify his life in many ways. Not the flooding, but he seems to ALWAYS have something on the go making him too busy to be affectionate or really stressed out.

On the weekend I felt really frustrated and very upset and drank A LOT of wine and was very drunk (not the first time). I broke down screaming and crying and hit him multiple times across his body, said nasty things to him how he is a terrible sexual partner, would be an awful father and husband because if he can’t handle things now, how could he handle being a father! he said nasty things back and I broke up with him (second time doing this). The next day I regretted the entire thing feeling totally guilty and horrible. (I got very defensive during that fight and only slightly believe some of the things I said).

After a long conversation we decided to take some space and he has been sleeping in a separate room and missing days of work, playing video games and clearly quite depressed. He says I am the one to stress him out and that I am the reason I don’t get sex as often as I want because I am a stress in his life and nagger and he can never make me happy because I will always find something new to complain about or drop all my emotions on him. I am now after everything taking most of the blame. I am trying to lighten things up, move forward but he just stays in this room most of the time depressed. I am so confused as to what to do so I am just leaving him alone to sulk in his man-cave. Is this a recipe for disaster and should I be leaving him or do I continue to work on making things better? It should be exciting moving in together, help!

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on March 27, 2018:

Hello CL,

Yes you should feel confused, sad, grief stricken, hurt, and angry. Your boyfriend has made his emotional/work problems your problems. And that's no fun because you never know when he's going to break down again.

You have to understand your boyfriend has a serious mental illness. Better communication between you and him is not going to make your problems go away.

If I was you, I would break it off for a set period of time. That would give you some space to feel the freedom to work on your own issues and see what life is like without this madness. I know you don't want to hear that but you need a break from this craziness. Your boyfriend doesn't seem to understand that the stressors in your relationship all relate to him.

I say this knowing that you cannot help him straighten his life out. He needs a psychiatrist. Medications and talk therapy with a psychologist go hand in hand some times.

My concern is with you. You really need a break for this madness. It has you all stressed out and your relationship is not going to be fulfilling until you both are more relaxed.

Dr Kidd

CL on March 27, 2018:

Dear Dr Kidd,

Thank you for this great article, I'm currently going through a tough patch in my relationship and it really helped give some perspective.

However, I'm still feeling confused and would really like your thoughts on what I'm going through.

I've been with my boyfriend for about 18 months. We score high on your questionnaire. However, the past 6 months have been really rough, and it started when my partner graduated from medical school and started working. Work has been really really tough for him with long hours and overnight shifts. One month into his job, he was diagnosed with MDD with symptoms of anxiety. He could hardly bring himself to go to work and he often felt like quitting. He eventually took a three month break, during which he got better, but when he resumed his work again things just starting deteriorating. He's been seeing a psychologist very regularly, and while he's trying to change, progress is slow and sometimes it seems like we're back to square one.

I feel like his troubles with work has really affected our relationship, because it has been a large source of unhappines in my life. People around me tell me that it's because I love him that I hurt so much to see him struggle, but the hurt is real and intense for me. Perhaps it is also because of my perspectives of his troubles. I view them as a symptom of poor stress management and low resiliency in the face of adversity (because his mom tells me he struggled similarly in a previous episode before he met me, and also because many people go through the first few years of being a doctor without struggling as much). With this perspective, sometimes I really worry about our future and how he might react to future stresses. Which only adds to my grief and confusion over whether I should stay in this relationship.

In addition, we very recently argued over a small matter. I left the house to get some space, but I made the mistake of not telling him I was leaving. He saw it as a rejection and he started to feel like he could never make me happy (I'm not very sure what exactly he was feeling, but this is my idea). In his desperation/anger, he tried to take his own life.

He is physically fine right now, but yesterday he suggested taking a break from our relationship. He felt like he couldn't deal with the stress of our relationship in addition to his work. From my side, I actually don't agree with this point. I feel like the troubles in our relationship are very solvable with good communication, but I wanted to respect his choice so I agreed to the break.

This is also actually not the first time that he self-harmed. He previously threw himself down the stairs during work. After that, he felt so guilty over his actions that he broke up with me over the phone. He called the next day to apologise and we got back together. I was very hurt by his actions, so we spoke about this issue with the therapist and he agreed not to take our relationship so lightly again.

And right now, I'm feeling a mixture of many emotions. Sadness over the loss. Anger over the unfairness (I feel like he does not value our relationship as much as I do, and that he does not appreciate the things I do for him). Confusion over whether to stay in the relationship etc.

Thank you for reading, if you have the time, I will really appreciate your thoughts on this.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on March 04, 2018:


Many adults just don't feel the urge to take a relationship to the next level right away. They often feel like they are not fully an adult. Adulthood no longer has a set path or plan. It's subjective now. That's because it takes so much more time to feel one can take on the responsibilities of living together or getting married.

You sound like you've had enough waiting. But don't feel alone. Even people living together feel uncertain about the future. It's a brave new world of love for so many people.

So his hesitation may be about how he feels about himself and not about how he feels about you.

Alice on March 04, 2018:

I've scored very high, about 27-28, however one of the F's was I often feel depressed about our relationship.

We are in a relationship more than two years, he is amazing, caring person and love him very much. However he wants to keep things as they are, doesn't want to bring our relationship to next level, as moving in together, marrying, creating fallmily. The idea of leaving him breaks my heart, but I don't see an other option.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on February 27, 2018:


You need to heal, with her or without her. You need to be with family and friends right now. Don’t run back to her, not when you’re hurting so much. It might only get worse. Try for a day not to dwell on your relationship. You’ve got to give your heart a break.

She holds all the aces in this relationship as it currently stands. One day she wants to get together, and the next day she is unsure and wants to be alone. She’s in a flip-flop mood. To be with her now would only hurt you more.

Your partner has a lot of things to sort out. This will take time. She also must be honest with you about why she left you in the first place. Regrettably, you have to wait until she is done sorting and invites you back.

You just want to disappear, you say. Then do it a day at a time and wait for her to text you. And don’t let the 4 years you’ve been with her be the deciding factor. The time we spend in a relationship is always a learning experience. And maybe you have some sorting to do too.

Garrick Watson on February 27, 2018:

My girlfriend, after nearly four years of being in a committed relationship, felt dissatisfied enough that she started talking to and eventually left me for a guy she had only known for two months online. I really loved her and was, of course, devastated. She was my first date, my first kiss, my first time, my first real love. Since then she left the guy, and has been on and off with me over text for the past 3 weeks. Unfortunately when this all happened I attempted suicide and had to fly out to Mississippi to be with people who cared about and would take care of me, so I can no longer physically see her. She promised she wouldn't leave again, but has repeatedly been telling me she's "Unsure" and thinks she wants to be alone. She says she loves me and cares for me, and I'm offering her a sound future, the one she had asked me for in the first place. But she still seems unsatisfied with it, to the point of the only reason I found this site is because she was reading your forum. She repeatedly tells me she still loves and cares about me, and wants to be with me. And for me, she ranked extremely high, getting a perfect score on the above questionnaire. I'm unsure of what I should do, I care for her so much, more than I've ever loved anyone else, but she's jerking me around like a yoyo and i'm unsure of how to proceed. I want to be there for her, I want to take care of and love her, but I'm just not sure my heart can hold up. I've tried to communicate this with her repeatedly and she continues to reassure me it won't happen again each time, but then she's right back to being unsure and discontent. I know it's because I can't get her out here right now, and a text relationship isnt fulfilling, but I just have no possible way to fly her out for at least a month. How do I deal with this situation, how can I possibly keep her happy? I continue to pay her as much attention as I possible can, calling and skyping her, but even though she's happy during the video calls right afterwards she's even worse than she was before.

I just want to disappear, I feel so useless and used but she's still my best case scenario as far as I can see, I've spent a lot of my life on her and don't want to give up just because she's making a couple of mistakes in the present...

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on February 09, 2018:


Your post leaves a lot of questions for me.

When you say you would not do it again, does that mean it just was not worth it? No great memories? Little satisfaction today? You look back with regret?

Are you staying in the relationship because you do not think you can find someone better?

You say that desire has left you. What changed? Can you figure that out? Is it you that has changed or is it your partner or both of you that has changed? If that is it, remember partnerships take work to get through the changes.

That leaves me wondering if you have any desire for women in general.

You say you do not care much if your partner succeeds or not. Does that mean you do not care about what her goals are? Or have the two of you stopped communicating and you do not know what she desires in here life and her hope for you are?

Remember, love and desire are actions. They propel us. If we do not keep up with it, we are in danger of losing it.

As advice goes: you two would benefit from a vacation together where you explore something new. I say that because it sounds like you are going through the same old paces, with no new life coming into the relationship.

You also might get a blood check to see if your testosterone level has dropped.

I kind of get the feeling you want to leave this relationship. Do you want to live alone? The fact remains that regardless of what I say or what you do, some relationships have a time limit.

If it were me, I would put some effort into communicating with my partner. And I'd take an interesting trip together. I'd also join a fitness center and work out. That raises ones desire for life and love.

I'm left wondering if you are bored with her or with your life in general.

I hope this gives you some new thoughts that might lead to new actions. I cannot say whether it is time to get up and move on.

Dr. Billy Kidd

Andrew on February 08, 2018:

Dr. Kidd,

I really appreciate that you continue to log on and answer questions. You also answer with genuine care. Thank you

I scored very high. 27 out of 30, but I seem to have chosen [F] for the most important ones. I get a little depressed sometimes because our relationship, it honestly isn't too important that my partner succeeds, and I wouldn't do it all over again.

On paper she is fantastic and I can't really complain. I guess my attraction to her has faded? I want someone new, but I feel it will be highly unlikely for me to find another person that will fulfill the criteria like she does.

I'm not even sure what to ask. Stick through it, shes worth it? It's an issue I need to work out? Attraction is attraction and if its gone, its gone?

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on February 05, 2018:


There are two stages to being in-love. The first is when you select a partner as the One and Only. That passes within 18 months. It’s a hormonal thing, both for men and women. Then in-love changes to feeling rewarded sometimes about being with your partner. And a person sometimes feels excited to see one’s partner—like when you meet someone coming in on a flight at an airport.

If the partners did not move into the second stage of being in-love, the romance of partnership withers away. So people stop thinking about exploring the world together—doing new things together. Or doing romantic things. Nor do they care too much about one another’s future. That may be because the two of you do not feel like a family in a good way. You know, feel secure around each other. And you don’t kick back and relax together like two good friends. So the romantic things don’t come up.

Remember, you cannot suddenly get your partner to move out of the relationship habits he has gotten into. So you probably have to take the partnership as it is or let it go.

emily foster on February 05, 2018:

I scored a 18. My boyfriend and I have been together 4 years and we have a two year old.we argue all the time. He is emotionally detached but he says he loves me. Sometimes I feel like he is just with me until he finds someone else. When I tell him these things he says im acting insecure and I have noting to worry about. But he is never romantic with me and doesnt really go out of his way to make me feel special. I love him and I don't want to leave but I also dint anna waste my youth on someone who doesnt really love me.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on February 03, 2018:


After you read my previous post maybe look at my article: Romance Without The Drama at

It explains the 5 independent feelings that create the way we love our partners. You are stuck on number 5: caring for your partner's future and fulfillment of his or her goals.

I've met people who have no goals, but I do not understand them. It may be a way (or defense mechanism) to deal with today's you're-on-your-own society. Maybe your partner cares about you meeting your goals. Maybe he could under stand that one of your goals is to have a partner who works to fulfill his or her dreams. Maybe not. One of your goals is to have a goal-oriented partner. I'm sorry to say that this may be a deal breaker for you.

And believe me, you are not spoiled. Women today do not settle for a partner as easily as they used to.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on February 02, 2018:


It sounds like your boyfriend does not have the same drive for success as you have. Have you discussed this with him?

I do not understand how someone can work hard but not have any goals to further his career. But that's because I'm goal oriented.

Maybe ask him about his goals. If he says "no, l don't have any", ask him "why not?"--since he is working hard anyway. If the conversation gets this far, ask him about possible, achievable goals. You know, "trouble shoot" it with him.

And then again, maybe he is too young or immature to understand: It's become a goal oriented world.

What about fulfilling his dreams? Doesn't he have any?

I'll think about this a little more, and get back to you if there is something I missed.

TooSpoiled?? on February 01, 2018:

I scored REALLY high. only 4 falses and even one one them was not really 100% false. He is just a great boyfriend, that loves me above everything, treats me great, is honest, loving and kind. Why am I not happy? I focus & get annoyed over little stupid things. And even though he is sometimes out of line and we fight, he usually just wants to apologize eventually and get back to being in love. His lack of goals and business drive are frustrating although he works super hard, he's not interested in advancing and thinks material wealth is unimportant. I'm not materialistic but its hard to feel safe about growing old with someone that only wants to do ok.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on January 11, 2018:

Hello xxx,

He probably needs professional anger management training. It often works.

Tell him that this is the end. If he hits you one more time you are leaving for good.

Personally, I think you've taken enough abuse. I would go now. But the decision is up to you.

Just remember, once more and you're leaving for good. Let him know you are very serious.

xxxx on January 10, 2018:

He hit me many times before in fight and after each time he apologized and said will change. When I tried to leave he said he will change. I see he puts effort in changing himself. But usually fails. And realizes after.

I told him I want to leave but he begged me for 1 last chance.

How much time should I wait before i conclude anything

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on January 09, 2018:

Tootsieandnick52, you need to talk to your partner about his lack of communicating with you. Perhaps, couple's counseling would help.

Also, it's possible he can't relax around you, doesn't feel like a family, doesn't feel rewarded sometimes just to be with you, and doesn't care about your future. That's the stuff of the second stage of in-love love.

Dr Billy

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on January 09, 2018:

Tootsieandnick52, you need to talk to your partner about how you feel. Perhaps couple's counseling would help.

There is also a chance he is not in-love with you anymore. I'm talking about the second stage of in-love. That's where partners relax around each other, feel rewarded sometimes just to be around each other, feel like family, and care about each other's future.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on January 08, 2018:

First, it would be best if you talk to him about not communicating with you. Tell him how you feel. If he says he has nothing to say, remind him that you're in a relationship. Happy couples share their thoughts.

Second, true social anxiety is a mental health issue. People with it are afraid in public and they often withdrawal. Find out if there is any place where he feels comfortable. If he has the real social anxiety, he could be helped by a psychiatrist.

Was there a time when the two of you did communicate. If so, tell him you want to go there again.

If I have more thoughts, I'll let you know.

tootsieandnick52 on January 08, 2018:

only complain I have is that he has social anxiety and is very quiet at time. he doesnt communiciate unless i initiate....makes me feel insecure....not sure what to do

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on January 05, 2018:

Shandia, yes being in-love can really hurt. When a person is dumped especially. This hurt happens because with in-love love a person has selected someone as the one and only among all the possible people. When that person leaves, it triggers an unconscious feeling that the person has died. That conflicts with the fact that the person is still alive and simply doesn't want you around no more. This creates an emotion mind funk.

In today's world, people generally go through 2 or 3 of these. And like the song says, "The first cut is the deepest.

Shandia on January 05, 2018:

Love hurts

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on December 18, 2017:

Anyone who wants ideas about a complex relationship can click on the "contact author" above. That way you can say more via an email to me.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on December 18, 2017:

Latrice, yes you must take care of your needs. So it was a good decision to leave your boyfriend.

Stop thinking about it. Don't dwell on him. Make peace with your losing your mother. If it lingers, talk to some one about it.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on December 18, 2017:

Synthia, it took 12 days for me to be notified about your post to me. Sorry.

If you know in your heart that your partner does not love you--it's time to leave for good.

He will never change, not for you. It is his Love Style that stops him for doing anything else. What he does is a life long habit and way of living.

Go. Don't Worry about him. He'll carry on.

LaTrice from Las Vegas, NV on December 17, 2017:

I just finished writing down the answers from the checklist and scored four points. I made the right decision by ending the relationship with my ex-boyfriend, because my needs were being neglected. It's a shame that he wasn't emotionally available when my mom passed away five months ago. I'm unable to forgive him for all of the heart ache that he put me through.

I'm not going to lower my standards anymore. Those days are officially over.

This is an excellent and informative article. Thank you so much for sharing, Dr. Kidd.

Synthia on December 05, 2017:

What would you suggest In a situation where.. I got a 4 and the only t's were some things that i do, but they werent full t's i just moreso fell to that side than the other. And ive tried to leave multiple times over the coarse of 3 years, I've been in this relationship for 8, and just don't feel.. loved I guess. Do you have any advice as to go about this? By me trying to leave and not being able to, I mean it's as if I'm not aloud to, because when I do they threaten themselves and I don't know what to do because I do care, but I also know I'm waiting my life caring for someone who obviously doesn't love me...

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on May 22, 2017:

Swasp, thanks for the ideas in your comment.

swasp on May 21, 2017:

I find your checklist to be quite helpful towards my issues at hand but quite moving towards your on point analysis of character and the choices made.

Thank you for doing this.

Ebonny from UK on February 04, 2017:

A great read. I like that you emphasised that there doesn't have to be masses of destructive drama and that a person can choose to simply leave without additional, unnecessary negativity.

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on January 30, 2017:

Thanks, k,nn!

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on February 11, 2015:

Buddy, sorry it took so long to respond. But your kind response did not come up on my comments list until now.

This post follows scientific guidelines. That's why it looks honest. I wrote what the research said, putting it into a checklist format. So, it's not about me. So many writers are really writing about what they think, coming from their past romantic experiences. This is quite different, following not what I think but what I learned from the research on romantic relationships.

Thanks again.

Buddy on December 14, 2014:

I was struck by the honsety of your posting

Dr Billy Kidd (author) from Sydney, Australia on October 18, 2014:

Thanks, crissalina! Yes, sometimes we have to walk away from a relationship.

crissalina on October 18, 2014:

relationships have to bring out the best in us. staying in a relationship that doesn't offer emotional support, satisfaction can have a strong negative impact on how you perceive yourself. sometimes it's better to walk away eve if hurts. great advice dr. kidd

Derrick Bennett on August 26, 2012:

Great hub, relationship is helping each become even more happy than they already are

Carla Dominique from Philippines on August 21, 2012:

I'll try applying some in my situation. thanks for sharing.

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