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How to Choose the Best Gift for Your Girlfriend

My girlfriend and I have a great history of giving each other amazing, thoughtful gifts.

Choosing a gift for someone you care about can be difficult, as I’m sure many will agree. If you are looking for the best present for your girlfriend, then you are in the right place. This post is full of tips directed at helping you find a thoughtful, creative, and romantic gift for your girlfriend, wife, or significant other.

Follow this simple advice and you too can generate clever and thoughtful gift ideas that will pay off.

She had mentioned this lamb weeks before. When I gave it to her, she laughed so hard she cried for two days because she thought it was so cute and she sleeps with it to this day.

She had mentioned this lamb weeks before. When I gave it to her, she laughed so hard she cried for two days because she thought it was so cute and she sleeps with it to this day.

The Six "S" Strategy

A successful gift is more than the item itself, it's the whole experience that you want to be successful.

For example, if you get your girlfriend a stuffed animal and give it to her in a shady motel on the day her car got towed, you can see that she might not have the best overall experience.

Give her that same stuffed animal of a dog after your romantic weekend of dog sledding in the scenic wilderness, then you have just delivered a successful gift that re-enforces great memories and experiences together.

In order to be successful with my gift-giving, I like to use my Six "S" Strategy as an easy way to keep in mind my goals.

What you are trying to achieve with the Six "S" Strategy:

  1. Satisfaction
  2. Surprise
  3. Share
  4. Switch it up
  5. Steps
  6. Success

How to Give Amazing Gifts to Your Girlfriend

As we all should know, every woman is different and it is not as simple as listing the top 5 gifts that guarantee satisfaction. That being said, follow the concepts above and the ideas below to gain the skills to select the best present for your girlfriend.

Remember it's not just about the gift; spend time together and show her you care.

Satisfaction: Remember, you care about this person. Don't get her a gift because you have to. Get her a gift that she will enjoy because you want to. You want to improve her life, make her happy and feel loved.

Surprise her: Not scare, but surprise. Be unexpected, spontaneous. It keeps the relationship alive and exciting. For example, while on a weekend getaway near Valentine's day (which is my birthday and steals some of the attention) we were staying in a hotel and spending all our time together. Instead of breaking away and showing up with flowers, I had previously ordered flowers to the hotel and had the bellboy drop them in our room while we were out. Since we spent the whole weekend together she had no idea I had put together this surprise and was completely shocked and quite happy about it.

Share the experience: Watch your loved one be truly happy and be there for a quality experience. Choose a gift that you can both enjoy. A date to make handmade pottery, cooking class, weekend getaway. Rafting trip, dog sledding, tickets to a concert or show like Cirque du Soleil.

Switch it up: Don't be predictable with exactly when or how you give you gift. Make a note to yourself of when and how you have given previous gifts and try to change things up.

Steps: Follow these steps to decide on a thoughtful gift

  • Listen — Your girlfriend will talk about the things she wants whether it is subconscious or intentional. Pay attention to her and you’ll know exactly what to get her.
  • Give yourself time — Never leave it to the last minute where you will rush the decision. Think about it in advance, it will improve the chances for a good surprise. This being said, pay attention to those gift hints in the two weeks prior to the event (birthday, holiday etc.)
  • Incorporate elements that you know she likes — Her favorite foods, color, animal, activity. Multiple gifts or gifts that cover multiple areas increase your chance of success.

Success!: If you have followed the points above you should be able to find the best present for your girlfriend or significant other.

See the resemblance? Custom presents are usually thoughtful gifts.

See the resemblance? Custom presents are usually thoughtful gifts.


Reward: It’s important to note that this works both ways. When you give thoughtful, great gifts you are more likely to receive amazing, thoughtful gifts in return.

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