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Are You Being Smooth Talked?

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Is he just a smooth talker? Or is he sincere?

Is he just a smooth talker? Or is he sincere?

Is He Just a Sweet Talker? Signs of a Smooth Talker

Ladies, have you ever met a man who seemed to know exactly what to say at exactly the right time? Like an expensive glass of Syrah, words flow effortlessly out of his mouth, smooth and tasteful.

When you first started talking to him at a bar, the ease of his voice was intriguing, and his ability to speak with assurance enticed you. This smooth talker left you craving more. For a while, you had been waiting to find a guy who wanted a committed relationship, someone you (assumed) didn't play games. At the moment, everything about this guy seemed perfect.

The more this smooth talker spoke, the more turned on you got, mentally . . . and physically. He had a way of naturally igniting the heat between your legs without even touching you. He seemed to know just how to take your breath away, your body responding to his every word. Sounds like the ideal guy, right? Well, he would be if every other word that came out of his mouth wasn't a line or lie.

A smooth-talker will convince you that he is the perfect guy for you. The major inconvenience is that more than half of the things that come out of his mouth are fabrications. He will tell you that he doesn't play games; however, the biggest game he is playing is with you.

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To him, every desirable woman is a conquest —a trophy to add to his collection. In the beginning, he will act with genuine intentions until he has sex with you, makes a mistake (which doesn't happen often), or until you finally see through his bullshit.

A guy like this knows all the right things to say, all the time . . . which is a very obvious red flag. Don't get me wrong; there are men who are very passionate and speak from their hearts, consistently acting on what they say to show you how they feel. Surprise, surprise, a guy who's a smooth-talker does not.

A smooth talker will never use typical pick-up lines unless he's trying to be funny or make a point to show you how "different" and "sincere" he is compared to other men. He learned how to entice women at an early age.

Growing up, he was probably influenced by his older brothers or bachelor dad, watched romantic movies, and/or read various books on love and relationships. What he learned growing up now manifests itself in the way he seduces vulnerable women. Perfect!

In the end, a smooth talker's goal is to simply talk your panties off by telling you e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g you want to hear. This man knows how to sell himself without the slightest hesitation. Once he has accomplished his goal (if he does), he will smoothly talk his way out of your life. Clearly, this guy has done his homework, and it shows. He has no problem getting women, but it's him wanting to keep them that is the issue.

Unfortunately, a smooth-talker is synonymous with "liar," someone you don't want to get involved with. Ladies, let this guy do his glorious talking, but know when it's time to smoothly move on to the next guy . . . without your panties coming off.

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