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Signs He Is Bringing Out the Best in You

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Learn how to recognize if your relationship is bringing out the best in you or not.

Learn how to recognize if your relationship is bringing out the best in you or not.

Relationships should bring out the best in you, not the worst! Often, when we get into relationships, we can become so wrapped up in the excitement of having a relationship that we either forgo our own happiness or don't realize if we are still as happy as we were in the beginning—until we start discussing our relationship with friends.

A lot of people love to talk about their feelings. We will talk with a friend, a group of friends, the people we work with, or our family members about our relationships—including all the ups and the downs.

When you first meet a guy, you might boast about how great he is—in the beginning, most relationships are great. As issues arise (because they will) that make you unhappy, you will talk about those things with your friends to have some sort of understanding or advice on what to do. But do you actually listen to yourself or to the advice of your friends and loved ones?

Signs He's Bringing Out the Best in You

  • When you talk about him, it's mostly positive.
  • You smile when you are with him.
  • He calms you down when you are upset.
  • You feel more alive with him.
  • You feel sexier around him.
  • You feel more organized.
  • You feel motivated.
  • You see the world in a better light.
  • You feel inspired.
  • You feel balanced.

Learn to Recognize the Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Are you able to recognize if you are truly a better person when you are with him? Or are you telling yourself a fable to keep yourself from reentering the single world again, believing that anyone is better than no one? And, if this is not the case, are you willing to do something to change your situation?

When you are dating a guy who is creating more stress, tears, and anger in your life instead of smiles, there should come a point where you realize that it's time to reevaluate if you are still a better person with him than you are without. You owe it to yourself.

Don't Continue to Be With Someone Who Makes You Unhappy

If you find yourself continuously complaining about your man and relationship, that's probably a huge red flag that he is not bringing out the best version of you, and he, therefore, may not be the right guy for you. Wake up! Why continue to be with a guy who makes you unhappy to the point that you complain more than praise? You are saying all the things that make you unhappy—out loud—to those who will listen, but you're not doing anything to change the situation. Really? Think about it.

After six months or more, you'll reach the enlightenment part of a relationship where you understand how you actually feel when you are with that person. Take the time to get to know someone by spending significant quality time together before you proclaim your love. Wait until the honeymoon stage starts to lessen and then ask yourself—do you still like him? Why? And, more importantly, does he make you happy and is he bringing out the best in you?

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Being a better person when you are with him means that you feel supported, valued, loved and that you also have the utmost respect and trust for one another.

If you find yourself complaining about a relationship more than praising it, it may be time to reevaluate.

If you find yourself complaining about a relationship more than praising it, it may be time to reevaluate.

Signs He's Not Good for You

  • You are frustrated or stressed out often.
  • You are angry or depressed.
  • You begin to lack confidence in yourself.
  • You have doubts and concerns about the relationship.
  • You're neurotic.
  • You don't trust him when you are not with him.
  • You second guess what he tells you.
  • You have more sad times than happy times.
  • You complain about him a lot.
  • He brings out the crazy in you.

Everyone Around You Already Knows

Who doesn't like to feel great when she is in a healthy, happy, and secure relationship? Unfortunately, not all relationships are meant to last forever, and there are men who reflect this by bringing out the worst in you. When this happens, it will be obvious to everyone around you.

I have a friend who tells me with certainty that she loves her boyfriend, but when I question her about how he disrespects her, cheats on her, and continually lies to her, she still tells me that she feels love. Her inability to truly love herself has made her delusional when it comes to the meaning of love. Poor girl.

When my friend is not with her boyfriend, she will call me crying and complaining about his infidelity. Do you blame her? She has not only snooped through his things—computer, social media, phone and entire house—she has also spied on him. Do you think he is bringing out the best in her?

Of course, there will be moments when things aren't perfect—it's a relationship—but how you treat each other and handle those moments is the real test. Being a better person when you are with your significant other means that you are not only happier, but you also feel safe and emotionally stronger when you are together.

Learn to be the best version of yourself, by yourself.

Learn to be the best version of yourself, by yourself.

Learn to Be the Best Version of You

Life is too short to hold onto a relationship that creates more negativity than positivity. If he isn't bringing out the best in you—and inspiring you to be a better person—then why stay in the relationship?

Learn to be the best version of you by yourself. Only then will you recognize when someone is bringing out the worst in you. When you are striving to be the best you, you will seek that positive energy in a significant other. It's simple: He is not the best if he's bringing out your worst.

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