7 Steps to Make Your Relationship Last

Updated on November 20, 2017
  1. Do not get too comfortable.

    A lot of times as women, we get comfortable after being with our loved one for some time. During this time we may gain weight, not do our hair every day, walk around in rollers and pajamas, or even stop cleaning up. We must not forget what attracted our men to us. This is how you need to remind him why he chose you in the first place. He still needs to be impressed. Remember when you first met him? You wouldn’t have been caught dead in that ratted bath robe or holy socks! Let’s get back to those days! I am not saying to dress up every day, but give him something to want to look at every morning, noon, and night. Just because we had a couple of kids doesn't mean we have to look like it. This will help you as well. This will remind you who you are, and that you still matter — not just as a wife or mother. Men, this is for you as well! We used to love seeing you dress up and take us out. Every once in a while you should lose the jogging pants and basketball shorts. We need impressing too!

  2. Date night.

    Pick a night that works for both of you. Make sure you have a responsible and reliable babysitter (if you have children). Go out for a couple of hours and enjoy being with each other. It is important you take time and give the attention you and your mate need and deserve. How many times a month you go out is up to you, but I would not make it less than two nights a month. This gives each other something to look forward to and it's really exciting to plan it!

  3. Communication.

    A lot of times, we expect our mate to know what is on our minds. It is wrong for anyone to assume the other know how to read minds. If something is going on you do not like, you need to express your concerns in a compassionate matter. There is nothing better than an understanding between two people. A lot of time just listening to the other is all we need to do. But we actually need to listen and never ignore. Communication after an argument is important too. The next day one of you may apologize, but the reason you are apologizing is important. Being aware of the problem and addressing it is the key to communication and this will work for any relationship.

    Communication is so instrumental to any relationship. It is the only way to discover our likes and dislikes.

  4. Surprises!

    Keep the spice in the relationship with little surprises! These could include a surprise lunch at work, or little notes or quotes that you put somewhere for your love to find. Make a playlist of every song that reminds you of him or her These little thoughtful surprises will forever keep you embedded in their heart and mind.

  5. Spice up your sex life!

    Learn and try different sex positions or have sex in another room! Don’t keep the same routine. Try something you and your partner are comfortable with. Do not let boredom creep into the bedroom!

  6. Get along with Mama!

    Yes I said it. Nothing can put more strain on a relationship than when your partner does not get along with your mother or another family member. Can you imagine how your partner must feel being in the middle of two loved ones, feuding? Try to communicate and set boundaries for difficult family members. Always communicate your feelings. Do not suppress them. You do not want any build up, because that will lead to an emotional explosion either for you or the family member. And we do not want that.

  7. The Golden Rule

    Treat others how you want to be treated. If you want to be treated with love and respect, you have to show love and respect. Don’t be one way and expect your partner to be another.

© 2017 Kenya Averette


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    • lifewithkenya profile image

      Kenya Averette 2 months ago from Detroit, MI

      let me know how it turns out! thanks!

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      Radicah justine 2 months ago

      They are good cos me I have I guy whom we where to meet but he never turned up.but let me try these steps and i see