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Sheila Varga Szabo

Sheila's roots begin in a small LA suburb known as Hawthorne, CA. As a child, she spent countless hours teaching herself art in different mediums, and found that creative writing was a natural talent.

Her creativity blossomed in high school clubs, including Pep Squad, CSF, and Diaconians. By her senior year, Sheila was the spirited school mascot, and received the Artistic Excellence Award in the Congressional Arts Competition.

While attending El Camino College, Sheila's passion for art, writing, and humanity began to emerge. Majoring in art, journalism, psychology and creative writing, she honed her skills as writer and illustrator for the college newspaper, The Warwhoop. She received Honorable Mention for a Critical Review at the JACC State Conference in 1991. During this time, Sheila also entered the "Miss Hawthorne Scholarship Pageant" to help pay for her education, and received the honor of becoming 2nd Runner-Up and Most Photogenic.

Sheila's ebooks, The Story of Daddy Longlegs (author and illustrator), and Real Ghost Stories And Strange Encounters are available on She is currently a School Office Manager, but she moonlights her creativity by sometimes instructing art or freelance writing. Her articles appeared on and CBS local Los Angeles. She enjoys sharing humorous stories as a blogger and ghostwriter for dating and relationship coaches, but her own self-help book about single life is in the final stages of production.

Sheila loves dancing (mostly in her car), music, cooking, wine-tasting, bonfires, and spending time with those she loves. She's an ENFJ who sees potential in others and motivates them to be the best they can achieve. She treats everyone as her equal, and strives to see the world a better place.