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Leah is a happily married mother of two young sons, who are her pride and joy. In addition to being a doctor's wife, Leah is currently enrolled in a PhD in Psychology. Leah still doesn't know "what she wants to be when she grows up" and her career history certainly indicated this pattern. She has taught English at a university, had a 12 year career in information-technology, and finally has settled on becoming a psychologist.

In her spare time, she paints, cooks, writes, and does "family stuff".

Leah has traveled to 22 different countries has developed global concerns based on experiences she had while traveling. She is active in various human rights and environmental organizations. Through her writing, she hopes to create a more gentle world by promoting ideas that are centered around peaceful living, mindfulness, and individual well-being.

But, one word of caution-- Leah is not purely a serious idealist. She also has a raucous sense of humor and occasionally she will publish a hub that is sheerly for humor's sake.

Thank you for reading her hubs and she always welcomes constructive feedback from her readers.