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Natasha Pelati

Natasha is a published poet and writer and worked abroad as an actress too!

Decor, catering and entertainment is what she specialises in and has an events company as well as an artists agency managing entertainers.

She loves testing restaurants and interesting places and has published 3 books of poetry, short stories and fiction novels.

Travel, education, relationships, food, recipes, entertainment and almost everything is what she loves to write and research about.

Psychology is an interest and the study of the mind and human behaviour is something that is of great interest to her.

Restaurants are her thing and has over twenty years of experience. Fixing broken businesses and increasing their profits is what she does well!

Her love for writing and researching has become an adventure and she writes about anything that interests her at the time.

"A very big thank you to my 1 million readers! I appreciate your support and I am so grateful. Thank you and I look forward to new adventures, stories and research for you to read and share!

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