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Sue St. Clair

The story of my life is found in the book Who Stole My Mother? The book is my story of what I went through and how I dealt with the abuse from my (mother?). It took me years to wake up to the abuse and finally do something about it. After marrying, I thought I was away from her. Foolishly, I asked her to live with us (big mistake!). I learned first hand how far people will go to control, abuse, manipulate and make life hell for you. Eventually, I was able to escape. After two arson episodes, years of stalking, being sued for a million dollars, I learned how dangerous it is to care for the elderly and how vulnerable you may be if you provide care. I also learned how the courts and powers of attorney and other legal protections do not work when you are dealing with someone who is evil and has dementia.

You can follow my twitter activities (suestclair) for my latest insights on coping with stalkers, arsonists, emotional vampire and keeping your sanity in such difficult situations. I also share my insights on parenting, dealing with people in general and whatever I am interested in the moment.