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Sarah Marie Wallenfang

I'm Sarah Marie, a full-time marketer of dental supplies and part-time copywriter. I've been a writer for longer than I can remember and am only becoming more obsessed with the power of written (or typed) words as time goes on. Sorry, but despite what all the current research says, I will never rather watch a video than read an article. (Actually, not sorry.)

As someone who may be (read: definitely is) an introvert at heart, writing has always been my most natural form of communication, so I've grown quite skilled at taking words and making them beautiful, educational, persuasive, sarcastic, intelligent, humorous, etc.

I write about what I know and love--namely, how to write exciting and moving content/articles/stories. It's just what I do.

However, I'll throw a few other topics in, as well. After all, I love dogs almost as much as I love writing (sometimes more if I have writer's block). And food. And volunteering. And books (duh).

I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts with anyone and everyone who takes the time to read them. And to learning a few new things along the way.