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I appreciate good men and I have met many of them. Furthermore, you will know a man is "good" because his actions will tell you so. I am here to teach women how to set some parameters and to acquire some "savvy" in order to attract the right type of man....that is to say, a man who truly cares.

In learning how to understand the dynamics between men and women, it is imperative that we first accept our differences. So, given my life experiences, as well as some statistics to back up my findings, I can help you understand all of that.

I was born the first week of November, in the Mohave Desert (of all places). One year my mother gave me a birthday card that read, "You are not like all the Otters," which pictured a red colored otter among a multitude of same colored otters. Well, I've managed to live up to that "otter" reputation and frankly, it has served me well in the dating world.

I look forward to reading many thoughtful articles from my fellow hubbers. Occasionally, I write about other subjects as the spirit moves me.

Truly....Yves aka Savvy