Sabrina Cameron

Hi, welcome to my page.  I hope that you find articles that can help you through whatever you may be facing.  I'm a 37 year old single mother of a 17 year old son.  I may be relatively young but I have a lot of life experience to share with others in the hopes of having a positive impact on someone's life.  I am a former victim of narcissistic, physical, verbal, and sexual abuse.  I have channeled those horrific times in my life into something that can positively help other people.  I love poetry and music, I believe there is healing power in both and life without them isn't complete.  I enjoy writing and find it to be very therapeutic.  I stand strong in my Christian beliefs and I know that it is Jesus that brought me out of the dark place I once was.  I enjoy watching movies, riding 4 wheelers, going for scenic drives, watching the sunrise and sunset, and the beauty of nature.  I know that things get dark sometimes and it's hard to see the wonderful things that happen every day but I guarantee you, if you take the time to look, you'll find beauty all around you.