Raquel Ascension

One thing I find difficult is being able to talk about myself. Mainly about who I feel that I am. Maybe it's because I don't know who I am or maybe it's because I am afraid of who I am. Although, I can tell you that I am creative and I love to create. I've been this way since I was a small child. Writing has always been my most favorite thing to do. It has always come natural to me, words just seem to flow out of my mind with ease.

Right now I am actively pursuing an acting career. That particular door of opportunity opened up to me in the most miraculous way. It was in such a way that I'd be foolish to ignore it. I do believe it will lead me to my ultimate dream: becoming a film writer. Writing will always be where my heart lies.

I do have a horror novel in the works. I consider it my baby. Lately I have been experiencing a drought in my writing. It could be because of stress or perhaps a lack of effort. Either way, I am hoping you all will assist me in igniting that flame I had to start my novel. I am pushing to adapt it into a script by the end of the year.

I have this constant yearning to create. It will not leave me alone and it will not allow me to ignore it. I've decided to embrace the craving. Let it devour me in whatever way it desires.

So, this all goes back to who I am...I am just a girl who seeks to create for the rest of my able-bodied days.