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I've always been drawn to creating things. Whether it's bringing pictures to life with words, or putting sound and life into a moving picture, the joy comes when you step back and watch as your creation breathes in a life of it's own.

I'm one to think beyond more than just what's on the surface. I love hearing stories and telling my own stories threw my experiences. Many of my projects carry an underlying meaning to how they were created. Some carry on the emotions I've felt while others tell the stories of wonder and excitement I dream about.

I thrive within a group, enjoying the company of others, but I also enjoy working on my own personal projects where I can express my emotions and experiences without anyone's opinion mattering to me. I'm continuously working on projects that inspire me. Creating is what really makes me feel like I'm breathing.

I graduated from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in 3D Animation. However, a lot of techniques such as editing, cinematography, web design and others are self taught. I enjoy exploring different topics that interest me and tweaking things until I know how they work. I'd rather push all the buttons in a program than follow a simple walkthrough.